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Title: Silly little wonder, all but fonder.
Description: Imagine a world where a lover’s touch is your biggest wonder.
Setting: Canon of course I mean duh. Okay, post Alvarez arc
Rating: Just pure fluff. Rlly. Just. Fluff.
Word count: 1583
Word pages: 3
A/N: this is the first time I ever post anything for the Fairy Tail fandom that I’ve written, and second time I post anything I’ve written at all on tumblr, so I kinda feel like hurling, saying that I’m trusting you guys a lot so pls be nice. Also what is english grammar, i’m so sorry I struggle so much especially with present and past tense, and I also feel like I should apologize for how messy my writing is, but thats just
how it is
I guess


Juvia is the type to notice things quickly; especially when it comes to Gray, which really isn’t that surprising. Juvia has never given it any second thought, except maybe starting to take her thoughts with a grain of salt, soon learning that she could be quick to misinterpret situations.

So when she starts noticing that Gray is always touching her, one way or another, she decides not to give it much thought.

Especially given the situations the war with Alvarez had put them in, believing it was Gray just needing comfort after several traumatizing moments.

And she’d be lying if she said it wasn’t a delight; if she denied the small squirm her heart made whenever Gray spots her in a room, making his way toward her, even mid conversation. Sometimes he wouldn’t even truly greet her, just silently fold an arm around her or make a careful touch to the back of her hand.

Whenever they were sitting together at tables, he’d go for the seat next to her; squirming his way in if there isn’t space, grazing the tip of her knee with his, or silently learn against her, shoulders brushing and hands intertwining.

It had surprised Juvia greatly at first – she never really taken Gray as one that enjoys pda, and as time process, it doesn’t really seem to be the case either. She had been flustered to begin with, being used to be the one to make the first move and not him. But she had silently turned away her head, hiding away her blush; it had felt like a dear secret that everyone could see, one everyone acknowledged, but not out loud.

Gray seemed to gravitate towards her, as if it’s the most natural thing in the world and never had it been any different.

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The answer to the great question of life, the universe and everything, is forty-two.

-Deep Thought, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Happy 42nd Birthday Misha!


Pretty anime boys.

Throwing everything into one post and finishing other stuff.
Backgrounds? What backgrounds.


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Today, I could’ve ended up shipped somewhere or inside a body bag, cold and lifeless. 

I took this picture @ the Vito Cruz station before this particular event, which pretty much endangered my life, occurred. 

From Vito Cruz station, I took the LRT to Pedro Gil, cause my family was @ Robinson’s Place. Yes, I came from school. Accidentally met up with my friend, Zaira and also saw Carla A! I went to the University Mall to get Tia’s huge clipboard. She was nice enough to give it to me for free! Thanks, Tia

Anyway, when I got to Pedro Gil and I was about to cross the street and walk straight to the mall… This guy started talking to me. He said he was part of the medical lab bla bla bla, and I told him that I’m not interested. He pretty much begged that I go with him to the clinic, so that I can have this voucher that entitles me to a free medical check-up. It will give him points, apparently. He also said that I don’t have to pay anything. Just show up in their clinic for a bit and he’ll never bother me again. 

So, okay. I thought I should help this guy out and it will only take awhile anyway. And yes… I like helping people out. It’s some kind of a curse sometimes. 

Basically, we started walking towards this “clinic,” which was… oh… like a station away. He said that it was RIGHT THERE. Yeah, right. I walked from Pedro Gil station to Quirino. WTF, man. Let me remind you that I was also carrying a huge and heavy clipboard, which could kill someone or at least knock them off balance if I use it as a weapon. I kinda felt invincible then… 

…. but, not for long…. 

When we got to this “clinic,” I was appalled by the fact that the clinic looked like a HOTEL. The lobby was nicely furnished, AND the guy said that we had to go upstairs using the elevator. 

That time… I backed out. I went like… Okay, this is EXTREMELY FISHY, so I’m not going with you upstairs. I’m sorry if you don’t get your points/commission, but I don’t know you and I’m not going inside a hotel elevator with you. Goodbye. And then I ran off, not looking back. 

I just kept on walking till I reached Pedro Gil and went straight to Robinson’s Ermita. By that time, my right arm was strained and my fingers were already showing a rather ugly shade of purple. 

I am honestly more annoyed than scared. Is that weird? Like, on the way there I kept on asking if the clinic’s near and he kept pointing and saying that it’s there and IT WASN’T. 

My family got pretty angry at me. They kept saying I was stupid for following that guy and that they know how I like helping people out, but I shouldn’t trust anyone I don’t know bla bla bla. 

I wish my whole family was there when I told my tita about what happened. At least I won’t need to re-tell the story like 5x and hear how stupid I was like 20-30x. -___- 

Never again. :/

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IMAGINE ONE DAY MAX TRIES SO HARD TO GET DAVID TO SNAP AND AFTER MANY FAILED ATTEMPts, Max blurts out at him, "WHY DON'T YOU JUST BREAK ALREADY? What's wrong with you?!" And David just stares at him for a short while with a small smile but (1/2?)

indifference in his eyes then says, “What if I told you that I was the same you when I was your age? What if I said that I snapped longer ago than you think?” And Max goes silent, not sure of what to say next. (2/2)

Oh my god…

That`s it, I`m quitting. That`s IT I`M QUITTING, I`M FREAKING QUITTING, OH MY GOD!

This would have so much weight, do you realize that? David`s cracked already, that would mean he`s actually done right? But he`s still going, he still tries and my heart is actually pulsing right now, because oh my gosh this is making me cry, there are tears… I can`t add to this, I don`t know what.

Guys… David is cracked… he`s already done and he`s still pushing on and on, and Max is pushing him and the whole camp is pushing him and he still tries. I`m speechless, stop hurting him, please… I just can`t… if this becomes canon I`m throwing you all into a ditch, I swear to god…

I’m trying to play Undertale…


that’s all I have to say right now. I’m trying the pacifist route - and I wont play it again for the genocide. Fuck that.
I’ll write down my exact thoughts after the end of the game. The final impression.