Secrets and Spies, Truths and Lies (7/10)

Summary:  CIA hacker Emma Swan is paired up with MI6 agents Liam and Killian Jones on a dangerous mission to track down an ex-spy who’s hunting and killing agents from both countries.  She thinks she has all the information they need to catch the defector, but sometimes the past is buried where even her expert computer skills can’t uncover.

A/N:   I promised you action, I hope this delivers!  Things are going to move quickly from now on, so grab a buddy, hang on, and enjoy the ride!

Header credit:  the brilliantly fabulous @shady-swan-jones

Rated:  M, for violence, blood, and dark memories

Word count:  ~ 5,900 (~40,200 total)

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Lucky Seven

“Come on, Emma,” Emma muttered quietly to herself, leaving the sink running as she glared at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, water running down her face.  “What the hell are you so scared of?”

She had woken early, unable to sleep much while worrying about the final stage of the case - so many problems with not enough answers.  The code still had too many issues; it was proving easier to build it from scratch than try to fix it any further.  Gold was still out there, somewhere in Sydney, maybe actively plotting against another of her fellow agents in the field somewhere, maybe just lying low for a bit after his last murder three weeks before.  Killian could still get worse again, his wound not even close to being healed, and the bullet was still trapped somewhere inside him.

Overall, the mission was still far from a guaranteed success.

Liam had gotten up about an hour ago, surprised to find her already awake.  After checking in with headquarters, he’d stepped out to pick up breakfast and more medical supplies for their trip to Australia.  She stared at the scrolling lines of programming on her laptop after he left, trying to figure out how to make it all work any way she could, her confidence slowly returning with each new routine she inserted easily into the coding.

But when Killian had begun to stir in his bed, her immediate impulse was to hide.  She’d ducked into the small hotel bathroom, started the shower as she sat on the closed toilet seat, waiting, thinking, deciding.  She didn’t want to face him, not after everything he’d told her about his scars, not after everything she’d told him about her own.  It was almost as if they’d been too honest with each other, and she felt as if she was laid bare before him, she was sure he would probably feel the same around her.

Oh, God, she groaned inwardly, washing her face for the fourth time, hoping the cool water would wash away some of her embarrassment.  She had never revealed so much of herself at once, never let it gush out like that, not even when angry.  Hell, it took nearly four months with Graham until she could admit to him that she’d grown up in the foster system!  How had Killian gotten so much out of her - and by being an ass, no less - after only knowing her for a few days?

And why, deep down, didn’t she mind that he knew?

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About the sleeping curse

I made this post yesterday (kind of a rough post of some ideas I was having after filming), and while thinking if I should have Cheerios or an apple with almond butter for breakfast (I still haven’t decided yet), something occurred to me.

I pointed out last week or 2 weeks ago that unless there’s a change in the airing schedule that 6x05, Street Rats, is set to air on October 23rd which so happens to be Emma’s birthday. 

I even thought the Spa set up was something her family did for her where they send her to relax for the day. Here’s your mani/pedi, your Swedish massage, your mud bath, and whatever else.

But my thought this morning regarding Emma’s birthday is how another Disney princess was put under the sleeping curse as revenge against her parents on her own birthday. And we know the EQ is after Snow and Emma was also mentioned as being part of her vendetta. 

We don’t even know whether they will be mentioning Emma’s birthday at all in the episode, so this speculation might end up being complete rubbish, but I’m thinking that it might also turn out to be a significant parallel. 

Just thought I’d throw this in the ring this morning.