Have you guys been singing all your songs together at home?

JD: Oh yeah!
GG: Oh yeah, we’ve had no choice. Our son, our eldest son, actually really loves hearing the recording of our duet.
JD: I know, but he makes me feel really self-conscious.
GG: Why?
JD: Because every time I start singing he goes, “Ha ha ha! That’s daddy’s voice!”
GG: [Laughs]
JD: And I’m like, “OK great, Oliver. Thanks. Thanks for the support, bud.”


Hey there! I’m doing a follow forever because I just hit 600+ followers! 

I’d like to thank everyone who’s following me for being there. I truly appreciate it and it means A LOT to me! I really, really, really want to thank you all for your support, your comments, reblogs, likes, your hilarious tags and for your asks. Your brighten up my days and I just plain love you all!

I also want to say a huge thank you to everybody that makes my dash look so damn wonderful every time I log in. Gifs, edits, text, meta, fics, news, memes… You guys are amazing, so thanks for making my time here be so entertaining, inspiring and beautiful!

So, in celebration of this milestone, here’s a “tiny” list of all the blogs I’m following. All of them are pretty awesome, so check them out!

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cinderellasfella  asked:

Oh my god, I LOVE how you set up the Scheherazade reference there! I can just hear it in the middle of their bickering, "Oh, brilliant idea there, Jafar! How long do you think I can put it off, 10 nights? 100? 1001? Will you listen to yourself, for heaven's sake?!" Fantastic stuff :D

That’s exactly how I see it too! I’m glad you like it, I was so excited to tell the Aladdin tale our way, especially after the show really screwed up some great potential.