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ok so what about househusband steve chatting with his pinterest friends and they start on celebrity crushes and all the moms are gushing over captain america and steve is like "haha yeah he's cute... i could drown in his eyes and his skin is so soft and when he smiles i get goosebumps and i want to lick his cheekbones" and his friends are like... ok pinterest user capshusband tone it down a bit

jgkldsjgdlksjgdslkj oh my God bonus points if they dont even Know who steve is??? like theyre all “oooh babe ur s/o better watch out for cap next time he’s in town ;)” and steve is just like. oh bridget. u dont even know. im fucking your celebrity crush to sleep Every Night

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my mum works at my school as a portuguese teacher (im from portugal waddup we're europe buds) so everytime i do something even remotely suspicious she knows it the milisecond after it happened, so everytime i see the staff watching over what im doing i try to make the weirdest stuff so they gotta be like mrs. Magalhães she just.... started singing bohemian rhapsody with full passion and winked at me should i be worried? my mum is just growing sick of it

oh MY G O D 
i dont even know what to say h oneslty i

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hello! im a huge fan of your work and you really inspire me a lot. i was wondering if i could have your permission to lightly reference your work? i promise not to post any of my drawings that are referenced. i'm trying to find a style that suits me. i know any referencing from other artists isnt helpful but for me it helps me with inspiration! im completely find if you dont want me to :)

Hi there! I’m really glad that you like my work and it means a lot to me that I inspire you oh gosh ;;

Go ahead! Feel free to reference from my work if you find it helpful. I don’t mind if people post the referenced works online either. (Honestly you guys can even show them to me because I would love to see how other people interpret what I’ve done.)

I know referencing other people’s work is a taboo subject on the internet but people seem to forget that we all started out by referencing from animated films or cartoons when we first started drawing. I mean, master studies is just a fancy term for “referencing from other people’s work”.

Obviously it’s important to learn from real life but sometimes seeing how other people draw it makes it actually “click”. About 70% of the things I’ve learned, I’ve learned by looking at how someone else has done it.

Sorry for giving such a long answer to such a simple question but I’ve wanted to talk about this for a while and your ask was the perfect opportunity :>

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name: maisie/mikey
nickname: mais
gender: pretty boy
height: 5″4 5″5 if im feeling opimistic 
hogwarts house: ravenclaw
time right now: about 2pm
average hours of sleep: 7-8? it’ll probably plummet when school starts tho
lucky numbers: i dont really have any, 7 maybe?
last thing i googled: google drive how fascinating 
last song i listened to: Radio Free Europe // R.E.M 
blankets i sleep with: a quilt, add a blanket if its cold
dream trip: some countries in europe, a little europe tour, or canada
dream job: fuck actually knows right now something in neurology? failing that a photographer maybe
what i’m wearing right now: an mcr tshirt and black jeans (i always manage to unintentioally choose the most emo outfits oh my god im even wearing smudgy eyeliner) 
posts: 7,500 ish
what i post about: erm aesthetic, text posts i like, interests, what even is a theme lol
why did you get tumblr: i saw a load of ‘funny’ tumblr screenshots on pinterest and it all went downhill from there
why did you pick your username: i like space and i like gargoyles, i might change it tho

i tag @fabulouslyluckypenguin@georgian-llamas@vtimid@feargoth​ and @superweirdbookgirl if you want to :D

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i graduate last year with a radiography bachelor and everything was ok, i had an education, ready to start adult life? wrong. i dont enjoy radiography. it bores me. i like it, but i dont wanna do it for the rest of my life. everybody else expects me to even if they say "oh, you can always change". but nobody thinks of a 24 year old changing her education now?? that's too soon. so i feel so stuck in this. what i really want to do? i dont know. psychology, psychiatry (cont.)

write, something that opens my mind and is in my interest. something where i feel like i can help the world - but also sort of gain fame for myself (i know, im a little vain). but i just feel so stuck in routine as well and i hate routine. i really dont want routine. it super sucks. ; _ ; and now i just feel like i wanna hide away under a blanket until everything resolves itself. except it wont unless i make a conscious choice, a choice im scared to make. (ok, i also lied, i know this can can be found in my chart somewhere. my reactions to this is … very typical me, lol.) but i just … yeah. i never knew education and occupation would cause me this much headache. >.<

Oh, hon, you can always change. Obviously there might be practical road blocks like the costs of being a student vs the benefits of having a full-time career, but I promise that age or the expectations of others doesn’t matter like…at all…when it comes to starting over. Will you really care about any of that when you’re 80 and proud of the life you’ve lived?

Well, I got curious and drew up your chart…

Capricorn Sun, a Capricorn ego…you revere tradition, rely heavily on the public perception, and fear breaking out and doing your own thing just by nature. Of course you’d be having this concern !!

Libra Moon, a Libran emotional center…I’ve got that, too…we’re concerned with pleasing others more than pleasing ourselves, for we rarely know what we want. The only thing we consistently desire is seeing our loved ones happy and smiling, so that’s what we try to do.

But with a Sagittarius Mercury and Mars, both your communication planet and action planet are curious, hungry intellectuals who won’t be satisfied with a boring, typical life. You crave experience and adventure and knowledge, you want to be enlightened. Psychology satisfies that need to keep digging and finding things out that you have within you.

Aquarius Saturn…the planet that rules life lessons is in the sign of making radical change and doing what you believe in no matter how it looks to others. It’s natural that you’d be struggling with this at this age…you’ve already sensed that this isn’t the person you need to be.

Your North Node, the point in the sky that tells us what fulfills us, is retrograde in Capricorn in the 8th house. This means that you need to turn these energies… ambitious, determined, wise, conservative, resourceful, responsible…inward, toward yourself where these areas of life are concerned… transformation, sexuality, death, change, renewal, inheritance, addiction, the money and resources of others, and your attitude toward all of these things.

So…if it makes you feel better, your struggles make total sense within the context of your birth chart. Astrology is here to catch you and help you get to where you want to be by telling you the reasons you’re feeling and acting the way you are and hopefully giving you the tools, self-love, and courage you need to make a positive change. And we’re here, too! <3

My brother vs history

okay so we were revising SG history for his upcoming exam tmr and this happened:

Me: /talks about maritime trade and how the Chinese empire was keeping the South-East Asian seas ‘free’ of bandits for their interest/

Me: So during this time (12th - 14th century I think) the Chinese empire, was-


Me: what

Brother: oh wait wRONG DYNASTY /starts laughing/


(when revision was over)

Brother: Yea it was something like minho dynasty

Me: …

Brother: Wait no, wrong again


Much much later

Brother: mino?

Me: no

Brother: dangit

August 23, '16

Today was kinda intense but really good. I wokeup with Ting and I went upstairs to work and totally fell back asleep on the couch because im really really good at my job. Ting left and she seemed super upset but wouldnt tell me why which is fine but unusual. I kinda felt numb all day. Not good, not bad. My brain started acting dumb and i felt mediocre. But on another note i put stuff up my BUTT today for the first time ever and wow i dont even know what the fuck I was doing with my life before. I started with a small lil vibrator then put in my new dildo Daddy picked out. I was really surprised how well I took it? Like i almost came multiple times. Oh & this morning Daddy had me fill up a big glass of toilet water and drink it for him. And let me say honestly that was some refreshing cold water actually but im also gross so….
After I fucked my butt i was gonna do it again but little space hit me hard. Im really happy I can have a Daddy who doesnt seem to have an expectation of what my little should be. When Im little im still very much dark, fucked up but in a cuter Tim Burton kind of way not my typical torture porn way. The other day he said he’d read me scary stories before bed and help me feed the monsters under the bed. It reminded me of memories how my mom used to sing Enter Sandman to me before bed. and its just nice to not have to be all super cute and girly and whatever when you’re little. Im too creepy for that. Right now Im laying in bed and probably gonna look up pictutes of Michael Myers cause I just loooove to torture myself. And im super stoked to stick stuff up my butt for the rest of my life. ♡

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FAVORITE FANDOM: the raven cycle fandom! and the foxhole court fandom!

LANGUAGES YOU SPEAK: english, baby french, even less italian

FAVORITE FILM OF 2016: deadpool. 



  1. demons- imagine dragons
  2. is there somewhere- halsey
  3. wild- troye sivan ft. alessia cara

LAST THING YOU BOUGHT ONLINE: i dont buy things online so starbucks? idk

ANY PHOBIAS OR FEARS?: oh sweet jesus you do not want to start that

HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS DESCRIBE YOU?: sarcastic, kind of a shit but sort of okay



IF YOU HAD MONEY TO SPARE WHAT WOULD YOU BUY FIRST?: everything. fucking hell i have no impulse control

TAG TEN PEOPLE YOU’D LIKE TO GET TO KNOW BETTER: @obviouscaptain @apollowned @andillwriteyouatragedy @swingingliveaway and anyone else who wants to!! ily