Wrapped Up (Heechul)

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Request: Maybe just some Weekly Idol or knowing bros. Could you please do a weekly idol or knowing bros where you surprise Heechul on set with your guys daughter and he just cuddles her the whole time and gives her most of the attention and the other people there are sorta making fun of him for being wrapped around her finger

G/N: group name

“You like my bag?” you joked to your group mates as you came over in a school uniform and your one year old daughter, Hyena strapped securely in her over priced baby carrier as your husband refused to get a cheaper one to carry around his precious daughter in. Her mouth was occupied by a pacifier and she was busy looking around everything curiously.

 “You look like a teen mom” your leader Geumsuk told you “gah” you shoved her lightly “who has the diaper bag?” you asked as your maknae Inhye turned around and revealed the designer diaper bag on her back as you smiled largely giving thumbs up. Your 8 member group was making a comeback for the first time in 6 years. Your group had amazingly been at this for about 18 years as you guys did individually do things in the past 6 years but only took pictures together mainly. Obviously a lot has changed since you were 16 but you guys were happy to be back at your passions together again. You offered a smile as you got the signal to get ready to come onto set. You let out a sigh as you guys soon made your way towards the class room.


Your group leader slid the door open and Heechul instantly sat up straight as he recognized her with ease. You walked in awkwardly as you didn’t want to ruin the surprise on your back of course the camera could see the little one on your back on one side but the other side you just looked like you were walking silly for laughs. You held the straps tightly as you stood in the front of the room smiling “hello guys” Geumsuk spoke calmly as everyone made a sound. “Let me introduce our group, we are G/N. We are normally a 8 member group but today we have a 9th member” she comments as all of soon do a side pose and stick your hands out. Hyena saw this and she decided to do the same thing making the moment more perfect. 

“Ah look at her” Hodong comments as Heechul was already out of his seat. “Where are you going?” your rapper Sojeong asked as he was soon behind you guys. You made a face as you stood still allowing Heechul to undo your little one from your back. As he soon came out from behind you holding his prized daughter “this is my child. I made this” he comments proudly as he moved close to the camera. She was the perfect she looked like the two of you mixed together but of course her features leaned more towards her father’s than yours. She smiled behind her pacifier as Heechul laid his head on her’s “I predicted this” you comment out loud as Heechul soon made his way over to his seat with his daughter. 

“You guys were a big deal in the late 90′s before and after your debut”  Soogeun comments as you all nod. “I remember not being able to go anywhere without hearing you guys-” “stop making us sound so old” Inhye told them all. “What brought you guys to a halt?” Youngchul asked “my marriage and child” Sojeong spoke “then Y/N got in a relationship with Heechul. Geumsuk got engaged” “life got in the way” you told them as they nodded.

“I’m amazed you haven’t said anything smart yet Heechul” one of the other girls in your group spoke as he looked up “what?” he asked as he was distracted by his baby girl. “Y/N” Kyunghoon called as you looked at him “is Heechul a good father?” he asked as Heechul looked up at you for your answer “I think he’s a good dad, just way too much at times” you comment as Heechul made a sound “this is the quietest he’s been in a long time” Janghoon comments as Heechul simply rolled his eyes as he really couldn’t deny he wouldn’t be as playful as normal because of Hyena being here, the pair were practically inseparable and cuddling at the moment as you guys soon moved to seats to continue.


Each group member went up to do the Guess about Me segment before it was your turn. You had a plan to embarrass your husband slightly but also just wanted to be interesting for the group. “So as you know, Heechul and I have a child” you state first “Heechul doesn’t seem to be aware of this but what member of Super Junior does Hyena love the most?” you asked “it’s her father” Heechul straight up says “it’s gotta be me. She’s too young to like men” he continued “are they really cute together?” “oh my gosh they are so cute together” you continue “I’m going to kill whoever it is then” Heechul continued as he rested his hand onto the back of Hyena’s head as he looked down at her. 

“He’s so protective” Hodong comments as eyes were on the scene of Heechul and his daughter. You and Heechul began a stared sown as he was trying to figure out who his daughter loved so much “Leeteuk” Heechul says as you shook your head no. “Donghae” he continued as the others were sitting there listening to him list off each member of the Super Junior wanting to know who his daughter loved. “Yesung?” he says as you smiled right at him. “She loves his face. She touches his face so much when he comes over” you tell as your husband’s face was tense. “Calm down man” Kyunghoon teased Heechul as he sent you a glare while you gave him your charming smile before moving on to your next question.

“After Heechul and I had our daughter, he became even pickier with products. How much did he spend on a single diaper bag for our daughter?” you asked as your maknae lifted the bag high up. “1,000″ Janghoon calls “if he spent that I would have divorced him” you say as Heechul chuckled bringing your daughter closer to him making sure she was comfortable on him. “He spent more on her the whole 13 months she’s been on this Earth than he has on me” you tell them as they soon were on him again about being too much for her. He agreed 100% patting little Hyena bum as she was nearly sleeping in his arms “we have many designer clothing for her but Heechul spent $280 on that bag right there” you say pointing to it “what?” your leader asked as she looked at the cartooned patterned bag “you spoil her too much” your leader told him “I want the best for her” he told everyone. “My socks cost less than her’s too” you tell them as she had designer baby socks that Heechul proudly showed off. 


Through out the filming, when your daughter was waking up more Heechul and her shared real cute moment. She stood up in his lap and kissed him or would make a sound while he was talking and he would tell her something like “yeah?” “I know” “Is that right?” before going back to his comments. She giggled when attention was on her and made sure she was leaving a good impression on everyone which she was. It was very different from when she wasn’t with him. But the best part to you was when he called you “honey” and was teased about it because he was embarrassed that he said that while recording. Once the filing was over he received genuine comments about his parenting as they were being truthful about his parenting skills as he really was very great dad. 

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Okay, random idea...

A story where humans are really weird for liking other alien species. Not like in a cross-species romance sort of thing (though that too), it’s just that we legitimately find every other race in the universe cute and they have no idea how to deal with it. Like, some aliens are coming in for a delegation, and they are scaley motherf***ers with claws, teeth and everything, and they start to apologize for their appearance (because most other species they encounter are freaked out by them) and then one of the human interns starts squealing because there’s a baby dinosaur hiding behind his mommy (because mommy’s scarier so he feels safer).

Like, we as a species have an incredible fascination with other species’s children and how cute they are. Like these people understand wanting to eat smaller things because they look tasty but they have never encountered nutjobs who want to cradle the little guys with hedgehog spines on them. They have no frame of reference for our obsession with alien children.

They’re like “uh, are you alright?” “Oh my gosh they’re so cute!!!” “I was…unaware that humans had external eggs…” “oh, we don’t, but oh my gosh they’re so cute I can feel their little legs kicking!” “Okay…”

And of course, once earth realizes that some other species have overpopulation problems, almost immediately someone proposes an interspecies adoption program which is approved with near unanimous approval by Earth-gov which kind of freaks out everyone else because literally nobody had even considered it (and despite the fact that humans are one of the most colonization obsessive peoples because they have their own overpopulation problems). Not because they opposed it morally, but because some of these guys breath pure nitrogen, and others exude cyanide from their pores so they don’t think we’ll handle it well. But they figure, why not, and they start it, but earthlings are the only ones who actually receive children because everyone else is a little too wary of adult earthlings to deal with their offspring.

That’s how earth becomes just inundated with tons of species of aliens and every visitor to earth is just astounded by the diversity. Like, a human couple is just walking around with a 6'2 Karalaxian named Bob who they keep refusing to get ice cream because he misbehaved in the store.

cute couple things — p.p.

summary : extended dating peter would include… ft. a bunch of random thoughts i had about peter being a cute soft boyfriend !!!

  • reads your favorite books and memorizes lines from them that he can sneak into conversations to make you smile :)
  • it’s v hard for him to not look at you when he’s with you he just always wants to be looking at your face
    • “it’s, like, really hard to stop staring at you”
    • “huh?”
    • “you’re so pretty i can’t stop looking wow”
  • lights up !!!! when you walk into a room even if he’s just seen you two minutes ago and you were only in the bathroom for like a second
  • kisses you all of your face whenever he can just infinite amounts of kisses pressed across your cheeks and your nose and your eyelids 
  • he doesn’t really do nicknames like he’s not a darling sort of person
  • if he’s gonna call you anything it’ll probably be babe/baby/pretty girl or something of that sort
  •  (i started the pretty girl trend on the low don’t @ me)
  • sometimes you call him bro and he gets so offended 
    • “listen,,, peter,,, bro,,,,”
    • y/NNNN i’m not bro!!!!!!”
    • “k bro”
    • “you’re the worst” 
  • his face resembles that of a disgruntled pouty kitten whenever you call him bro
  • in school he taps his cheek lightly while facing away from you until you give him a kiss there and does that periodically throughout the day until MJ throws a pencil at him
    • “peter enough she’s kissed you like fifty times in the past twenty minutes haven’t you had enough”
    • “it’s never enough”
  • hands down gives the best hugs ever!!!! sweetest, softest, warmest hugs that you never wanna leave and they leave you a blushy mess for hours
  • nerd who tells you that you’re prettier than any star in the sky
  • will fight for your honor even if it means getting punched in the nose by one of flash’s bigger friends because flash won’t take on peter himself
    • “fuck peter why would you even call flash a giant dick??? like i know he is one but why would you ever you know his friend is like some sort of mutant tree”
    • “he said your butt was nice i can’t just let that sort of comment slide babe it’s unacceptable”
  • always knows he can rant to you about science bc you actually listen!!! and you care!! and you ask questions and you make him SO HAPPy!!
  • asks for permission to do everything
    • “hey would it be cool if i held your hand right now”
    • “yes of course”
    • “oh awesome!”
  • you send him selfies and his replies vary but they’re usually along the lines of
    • “oh my gosh you’re so cute i’m coming over”
    • “i love you you angel let me kiss you tomorrow”
    • “wow i have a real liFE ethereal as the love of my life i love the world”
  • sends a goodnight/goodmorning text every day with each heart emoji he can find 
  • his entire recently used section is just different colored hearts and rainbows and sparkles because he uses emojis obnoxiously
  • he’s convinced that the worst thing in the world is having to leave you after a long day of hanging out on a saturday or something
  • will 10/10 complain for hours to may about going home because he’s not with you anymore and he’s clingy
  • you’re his best friend and he’s not afraid to scream about it
    • “my best friend is dating me!!!!!!! i’m so lucky i love them so much” 
    • “peter we know”
    • “well now you know just a little extra all right?”
  • wishes you were able to fall asleep in his arms more often but you’re still young and he’s like oh well we have forever to do that
  • you insult each other all the time basically but??? you both love it banter is everything
      • “penis parKER flash is clever tbh”
      • “you’re such a little shit i’m actually going to fight you”
      • “seriously i dare you put your fists up now”
  • if you post a selfie and he doesn’t like it right away you’ll text him seven times in a row hinting that he should go like and comment 
  • texts at four am about random conspiracy theories or weird facts that only you two would find interesting 
  • shoulders = pillows on the train/bus most of the time
  • he is such a slut for having his hair played with ngl
  • it makes him so happy n calm he could lie like that, with your fingers just raking through his hair, for hours on end
  • he’s never felt more at home than when you’re sitting with him at his kitchen table eating mushy mac and cheese that he tried to make himself because may wasn’t home to help him out as you playfully make fun of him for ruining pasta
  • listens to ed sheeran songs with you because he’s an ed lover honestly and every song makes him think of you
  • hand massages when you’re cramping up after long tests or in class essays that leave you super stressed n anxious (fuck u ruby thx for the idea that murdered me n my soft spirit)
  • knows how to settle you nerves better than anyone else and vice versa
  • puts his hands on your cheeks before he kisses you 
  • you always joke about spidey in class and no one gets what you’re saying but he does and freaks out
    • “that’s a sticky situation”
    • “y/n” 
    • “don’t worry i found that on the web
    • y/n
    • “do you think spiders are men
    • “oh my gOD”
  • he doesn’t care at all if you take one of his sweaters or all of his sweaters he just gives zero fucks you could take them all and he’d love you for it 
    • “here take this one too”
    • “peter i have too many and it’s almost april”
    • “but you’d look so cute in this one” then he pouts and you’re a goner
  • peter writes you tiny notes in class that are his weird thoughts and ramblings and feelings but you save them all and put them in a memory box
    • there was one and it said here’s a concept : you have a bright future ahead of you, and i’m there. i like that concept.
      • you did, too
  • watches every cheesy romantic movie on netflix with you not just because you want to, but because he does too and he can’t help it that’s just how it is 
  • matching ugly christmas sweaters at christmastime because peter parker is an annoying headass and refuseS to go anywhere without one during the holiday season and if he’s wearing one he’s making you match
  • super spidey strength allows him to give you piggy back rides all throughout manhattan when you guys head to the city 
  • makes you kiss him in the rain even though there’s water up your nose and your hair is matted to your forehead 
  • one text makes your heart go !!!!!!!!! because that’s your boy!!!!! and you love him so much because he’s a lovely beautiful person that deserves the world !!!!!
  • making out is rarely super fast n intense like it’s still intense but you go slowly and you can make out for hours without a c are in the world
  • makes sure his hair looks nice before he goes out on a date with you
  • tells you that he loves you and that he’s happy you’re a part of his life as often as he can manage 
  • just wants to love you unconditionally forever
  • texts you at 11:11 every night and says something cheesy as fuck like “you’re my wish tonight babe” or “11:11 is always for you” and sometimes he’ll @ you on snap and you’re like wow we’re That couple 
  • but honestly???? you don’t care that much he’s so cute
  • knows your order at every restaurant/fast food chain/coffee shop imaginable and if he happens to pass by a mcdonalds or dunkin donuts while he’s swinging around queens he tries to pick something up for you 
  • you love his eyes you could probably get lost in them they’re gorgeous
    • “peter your eyes are so lovely i hate you”
    • “aw i love you more babe you say the sweetest things to me”
  • you think his smile is the prettiest thing ever
  • and when his face scrunches up when he’s super happY???? amazing you kiss him immediately everywhere and he gets so flustered and he giggles and tries to squirm away but not really
  • cause he loves it
  • and he loveS YOU
  • i love my boyfriend goodnight to all

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Domestic Feysand part whatever
  • Rhys: Look, Feyre! I got you a puppy!
  • Feyre: Oh my god! Rhys!
  • Feyre: *talking to puppy* oh my gosh you're so cute!!
  • Rhys: *mumbling* well,
  • Feyre: *to puppy* Who's the most handsome boy? You are! Yes, you are!
  • Rhys: *louder* Feyre darling, I'M your mate-
  • Feyre: *not noticing Rhys* YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE LITTLE BOY IN THE
  • Rhys: *snatching the puppy away* Yes, I think I better take him back now.

Okay but guys, some (sibling) Amanda/Lucien bonding after Lucien also gets accepted to Horne Institute for the Arts (he’s actually, surprisingly, really good at painting):

  • the first time Amanda’s roommate meets Lucien, she walks into their dorm room to find him passed out on Amanda’s bed. The poor roommate has no idea what to do, so she texts Amanda like “there’s a guy in your bed”. And Amanda replies almost immediately that “Oh, yeah, that’s Lucien. His roommate kicked him out to have sex, so he needed somewhere to crash. Don’t worry, he’s harmless.” That calms the roommate down a bit, but she doesn’t want to accidentally wake him, so she gathers her homework and goes to work on it in the common room.
  • the next day, Amanda’s friends are all giggling and gossiping about her cute “boyfriend.” And when Amanda overhears, she’s just kinda really confused like “…I don’t have a boyfriend???” And when her friends bring up Lucien, the look of utter disgust that crosses her face has them all in stitches. “He’s my little brother,” she corrects, and the conversation immediately goes from “oh my gosh your boyfriend is so cute” to “PLEASE LET ME DATE YOUR LITTLE BROTHER”
  • Lucien is absolutely terrible at making friends, so he spends the first month or so hanging around at Amanda’s dorm. He becomes such a constant presence there that half of the residents there are convinced he lives there as well and that he just tends to forget his keys a lot, and most of them will let him in if they see him standing outside.
  • Lucien will totally skip classes to make the 14 hour drive back to Maple Bay with Amanda on the anniversary of Alex’s death so that she can visit his grave. Their parents don’t exactly approve of it, but they don’t say no either.
  • Amanda does kickboxing. So when she finds out that Lucien’s new boyfriend is cheating on him, she lands that bitch in the hospital. Lucien protests that he could totally have done it himself, but Amanda insists that it’s her duty as an older sister.
  • Amanda is pretty popular with the guys in her classes, but most of them are scared away when they see her with Lucien or any of his friends (who all adore this dangerous, spunky little ball of fiery wrath). In the end, she actually ends up dating one of Lucien’s friends who likes to act all badass and punk, but gets adorably flustered whenever he’s around her and likes to buy her flowers and stuff, and probably asks Lucien if he’s okay with it before asking Amanda out because he may have a crush on Amanda but Lucien’s friendship is important to him too.
  • The two of them totally invite their friends over to their place for like a week or two of summer break. Damien and MC promptly adopt all of them.
Tom Dating A Cat Person:
  • A/N: Requested

  • At first Tom didn’t realise that you were a cat lover, he had automatically assumed you’d be a dog person

  • “Oh my gosh Tom look! She’s so cute!”

  • “Oh no, god no. We are not getting a cat”

  • “But baby…”

  • Convincing him to get a cat with you from the shelter

  • “Tessa isn’t going to like this…”

  • “Are you kidding?! She’ll love it”

  • Tom getting jealous when you give the cat more attention than him

  • He didn’t like the cat and the cat didn’t like him

  • It wouldn’t take Tom long to notice the cat pillow you’d placed on the couch

  • “I can’t decide if i hate the pillow more or the actual cat itself”

  • “Hey! Don’t talk that way about Captain”

  • “I still can’t believe you called that thing Captain…”

  • He’d mention his dislike for cats in an interview and you’d think it was the funniest thing ever

  • Buying him cat socks for his birthday as a joke

  • He’d lowkey think your love for cats was adorable but would never admit it to you

  • Sending him pictures of cute cats on instagram and snapchat

  • Okay but.. You’d buy this really ugly cat sweater to annoy him and he’d just get really frustrated

  • “Cmon Darling, this isn’t funny anymore”

  • “Oh but Tommy it is funny”

  • Your ringtone would be cats meowing and it’d drive him up the walls sometimes

  • Okay but one day you caught captain crawl up on his chest and fall asleep there and Tom didn’t dare to move her… it was the cutest thing ever

  • Of course you had to take a photo and post it on instagram

  • Having heated debates on weather Cats or Dogs were better

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Tapu Cocoa Fixes Everything

This is a oneshot about Guzma helping one of his grunts go back to sleep after having an anxiety attack. In summary: Guzdad is best dad.

PS: Not a self-insert fic, but I obviously had to give the grunt a name. Sorry, I didn’t see an option to insert a ‘read more’ link!

The halls of the mansion in Po Town were normally quiet at this hour, but tonight was a different story. Tara stumbled around in the darkness, trying to regain control of her breathing. This was the worst attack she’d had in a long time. It felt like something was clawing at her insides, at her lungs, threatening to rip the air right out of her windpipe – and her heart wouldn’t stop racing. She couldn’t calm herself down by simply thinking calming thoughts. Sleep was impossible when her anxiety was this bad, so she had resigned herself to stumbling around the hallways of the mansion in the middle of the night, hoping – praying – that forcing herself to move would relax her enough to go to sleep.

But the more she wandered around hyperventilating, the worse the feeling of panic welling up inside of her became. She felt like her body was a volcano of emotions, about to physically erupt, and if she didn’t figure out what to do soon she knew she would break down. It had happened before a lot, in the days prior to her joining Team Skull. Lately with how busy she had been, doing missions with her teammates, she’d been able to keep the attacks at bay. Until now.

She could already tell her eyes were starting to well up with hopeless tears. Her limbs were shaking and practically about to give out. And the panic just kept growing louder and louder, a chorus of monsters shouting inside her skull, drowning out everything else…

“Tea! Roserade tea,” Tara said suddenly. In the midst of the worst moment of her despair, she had remembered something Plumeria had once said as they’d shuffled back into Po Town one night after a particularly exhausting mission. ‘I’m going to go and make a cup of Roserade tea. It calms my nerves.’

Clinging to that thought as her last line of defense, Tara made a mad dash for the kitchen.

When she got there, she didn’t even bother to be quiet. Slapping her hand against the light switch, she fumbled to turn it on. Although there wasn’t electricity functioning all throughout Po Town, they’d managed to get it working in the kitchen, thanks to an old generator that had been found in one of the abandoned houses. With enough light to see by, Tara ran to the cupboard and fished out a pot with a slightly rusted handle, filled it with water from the sink, and set it on the stovetop. She turned the knob to high, lighting a gas flame underneath the pot of water. Then she quickly climbed up onto the countertop in order to reach the cupboard where she knew Plumeria kept her stash of tea. It was supposed to be a secret, but it was rather hard to keep food stashes a secret when you lived with fifty-something teenagers. In no time Tara found the green and pink box of Roserade tea hiding behind a half empty tapu cocoa tin.

‘Sorry, Plumeria,’ Tara thought guiltily, ‘But I’ll buy you some more.’

Just as she had grabbed the tea and hopped down from the counter, the last person she would ever want to have catch her sneaking around the mansion at night spoke up.

“Kid,” said Guzma, “What the hell are you doing?”

Tara froze on the spot. She was almost too scared to turn around, already knowing the shocked and furious expression that was sure to be on her boss’s face. Of all the people to catch her doing this, it just had to be him.

Cursing herself for having the worst luck in the world, Tara cringed as she turned her head slightly to look over her shoulder. Guzma was standing in the doorway, wearing socks and his usual street clothes minus the hoodie and sunglasses. His hair was also more of a mess than usual, having just got out of bed – not that he ever bothered to comb it. He didn’t look the least bit tired, though. He was just standing there staring at Tara in bewilderment, too stunned to decide whether he should yell at her or not. The situation might have been funny had Tara not been so terrified.

“Uh…I couldn’t sleep!” she said, squeaking out the first excuse she could think of.

“Uh huh…” Guzma blinked. “So you came down here to steal Plumeria’s stuff?”

“Um…” Tara quickly shut the cupboard and hopped back down to the floor. “I just…thought some tea might help me sleep,” she explained, shame-faced. She found herself utterly relieved that she hadn’t had the idea of sneaking any of Guzma’s tapu cocoa. If he’d caught her doing that, it would have been a very different story.

“Oh. That bad, huh? You got insomnia or somethin’?”

Now it was Tara’s turn to be confused. She never had been very good with big words. “What’s insomnia?”

“It’s…” Guzma scratched the back of his head. “Ah, nevermind, kid. You should just go back to…” Pausing mid-sentence, Guzma’s eyes narrowed. “What’s up with your hands?”

Tara had been too flustered with trying to come up with something to say to notice, but her hands were still shaking rather violently.

“Ah,” was all she could say before her eyes started welling up with tears again.

Being the intimidating, freakishly tall gang leader that he was, Guzma prided himself on being able to handle a lot of things. But if there was one thing he couldn’t handle, it was tears.

“Er…okay, hang on there, kid. Stop, uh…stop cryin’…” he stuttered, looking like he wanted to do something but had no idea what would help. Crying grunts were Plumeria’s department. His was deciding punishments for people who messed up on missions and giving the occasional fist bump when he was in a good mood.

But as much as Tara wanted to, she couldn’t stop the tears from coming. And the fact that she was breaking down in front of her boss of all people just made her feel even worse. She had never told a single soul about her anxiety, figuring it was sure to be something that would disqualify her from being on the team. Imagine if she should have an attack during an important mission? It hadn’t been so hard to hide it from everyone, but now her walls had come crumbling down – and with it, her hope for remaining a part of Team Skull. And for that she kept on crying, sure that she was about to be kicked out for sheer incompetence at being human.

Meanwhile, Guzma was panicking for different reasons.

“Um…! Ah, shoot. Arceus, why’d I come downstairs…” he muttered to himself. “Okay, just…sit down, yeah? Over…over there,” he said, pointing to the nearest chair. “I’ll…uh, yeah. Just sit down.”

Sniffling, but no longer in hysterics, Tara sat down in the chair and stared at the floor through her tears, feeling numb. She wasn’t paying attention to what Guzma was doing, but she could hear a lot of commotion going on as he opened and closed different cupboards, rummaging through them. The time always passed by excruciatingly slowly during one of her attacks, and this time was no different. It felt like an eternity before she heard her boss speak to her again.

“Here,” he said.

Looking up, Tara saw that he was standing right in front of her, holding out a mug of steaming tapu cocoa.

She blinked in surprise. She had been expecting to get chewed out for sneaking around the mansion and stealing food. Instead, she was getting a mug of hot chocolate. From her boss.

“You don’t have any weird allergies or anything, right?” Guzma asked awkwardly as she hesitated. “Cause I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to make Plumes’s fancy tea.”

Tara responded quickly. “No! It’s okay. Thank you.” She carefully took the mug, and the warmth from the drink immediately started warming her hands. Now that she was getting a better look at it, she saw that there were also a few marshmallows floating at the top of the mug.

Guzma looked relieved. “Good. This stuff always used to help me calm down. Especially when…” His voice trailed off at the end, and a distant sort of look entered his eyes. “Never mind,” he finished abruptly. “So, uh…you wanna tell me what’s wrong, kid? What was it, a nightmare?”

Shaking her head as she sipped the cocoa, Tara replied, “No. I hadn’t even gotten to sleep yet. It was…”

As much as she wanted to just say it, she didn’t know if she could bring herself to. After months of keeping her weakness a secret, was she really about to just confess to it?

Guzma leaned against the wall next to her chair with his arms folded across his chest. He watched her carefully, but didn’t probe her to say anything. Eventually Tara opened back up again.

“…I don’t know why I get these attacks,” she said quietly, staring at the floor. “I just…panic. For no reason. And it keeps me from doing things that I want to do…” She bit her lip and hurriedly took another sip of cocoa. As the sweet warmth tickled the back of her throat, she felt herself relax again. “I know it’s all in my head. But that doesn’t stop it from feeling so real.”

Guzma didn’t say anything for a minute. Even though Tara hadn’t come out and called it by its name, he was familiar enough with anxiety himself to be able to tell what she had been trying to say.

“So how long’s this been going on?” he asked.

Tara shrugged. “As long as I can remember, I guess.” She swirled the cocoa around in slow circles, watching as the marshmallows melted into the liquid. Then she gulped, looked up, and asked nervously, “Am I going to get kicked off the team?”

For a moment Guzma just stared at her blankly. Then he laughed and said, “For what? Being human? Are you for real right now?”

“But I…I just thought…”

“You thought you weren’t good enough for the team just ‘cause you’ve got weaknesses and aren’t some emotionless robot?” Guzma laughed again. “Give me a break! And I thought Gladion took life too seriously!”

Tara might have felt a bit hurt that she was being laughed at, but she was too relieved that she was definitely not in danger of losing her status as a member of Team Skull to care too much about that. All the same, she was still confused.

“But…with my anxiety attacks I can’t fight as well as other people, or train Pokemon, or…”

“Who told you that?” her boss interrupted.

“…Well, no one, I guess. Just me.”

“Ha!” Guzma grinned. “There, you admitted it. You’re the only one that’s standing in your way. Sometimes you’ve just gotta be brave enough to kick your own butt into gear, is all. No one else is gonna do it for you.”

Tara could see the truth in his words, but the nagging doubtfulness that dwelled at the back of her mind began to rear its ugly head. “I know. It just seems like other people just have a better handle on their lives than I do.”

“Pfft, I doubt it. You wanna know a secret, kid? Everybody in the whole world is going crazy, and they’re all just doing their best to hide it from everybody else. Everyone makes a professional career out of hiding their own demons.” He smirked as he added, “But the smart people don’t hide ‘em. They use ‘em to get even stronger.”

Once more, Tara’s hands started shaking slightly, and with them the cocoa mug. Luckily she had already drank most of it, so it wasn’t in any danger of spilling.

“But how do I do that?” she questioned, wiping her sleeve across her tear-stained face. “How am I supposed to use my weaknesses to get stronger instead of letting them beat me all the time?”

“Well, by being too stubborn to quit, for starters,” Guzma answered absentmindedly, inspecting his fingernails. “As long as you keep going you’re bound to get somewhere eventually.”

“…But what if it’s not where I wanted to go?”

Guzma simply shrugged. “Doesn’t matter. Goin’ where you need to go is more important than going where you want to go.” He glanced at her mug. “You done with that?”

Tara handed him the now empty mug. Even with his back to her as he walked to the sink, her boss kept on talking.

“Nobody can help you face your own demons, y’know. You’re gonna have to figure out how to do that yourself. But luckily, you don’t need anybody to believe in you.”

By now Tara had stopped shaking, and her eyes had stopped welling up with tears. “I…don’t?” she asked, puzzled.

“Nope,” Guzma returned to where he had been standing earlier and leaned against the wall again, slouching forward a little with his hands in his pockets. He wasn’t looking at her as he spoke this time, but was instead staring at the far wall through half-closed eyes. He chuckled humorlessly. “You think anybody believed in me, a scrawny kid with a team full of nothing but bugs, back when I was doin’ that stupid island trial? No.” His eyes flickered back to meet Tara’s, and this time there was fire in them. “You don’t need anybody to believe in you, kid. Not ever. You don’t need anybody’s permission to be somebody. No matter how many demons you’ve got.” Then he smirked and pointed to himself as he added smugly, “And trust me, I’ve got more of those than you’ll ever have! So there.”

He was talking about having weaknesses as if it were some sort of contest to see who had the most, and Tara couldn’t help but laugh. They stared at each other for a bit longer than was comfortable, and Guzma coughed awkwardly as he looked away, rubbing the back of his neck.

“So, uh…you feelin’ tired yet? ‘Cause if you don’t go back to bed soon somebody else is bound to wander in here with all this noise, and I ain’t makin’ anybody any more cocoa. I’m runnin’ out as it is.”

Tara smiled. “Yeah. I think I’ll be able to sleep now…thanks, boss.”

Shrugging again, Guzma just said, “Sure, whatever, kid.” As Tara happily headed towards the doorway he added one last comment. “And hey, don’t come back here again tryin’ to steal from Plumeria! ‘Cause I’m gonna tell her you found out where her stash is.”

“I won’t!” Tara waved. “I don’t think I’ll need it anymore.”

She walked out, leaving Guzma to ponder over his own thoughts – at least until he heard another familiar voice just outside in the hallway.

“Couldn’t sleep, Tara?”

“Oh! Sorry, Plumeria!”

After a few moments of conversation, Tara headed back to her room, and Plumeria walked into the kitchen with one eyebrow raised and a knowing smile.

“So you’ll share your tapu cocoa with a scared little girl who can’t sleep, but you never share it with your second in command, huh? I see how it is.”

Guzma blanched. “Wha…how long were you standing out there?!”

“Long enough. I didn’t want to interrupt.” Plumeria smiled again. “The hated boss who beats you down and beats you down and never lets up, huh?”

“Sh…shut up!”

Storming past her, Guzma muttered something about going back to bed before anybody else tried to steal the rest of his tapu cocoa from him, disappearing into the hall. But not before Plumeria had caught a glimpse of the slightest trace of an embarrassed blush on his cheeks.

“Sure, G,” Plumeria chuckled to herself, turning on the sink to properly wash Tara’s mug. “Whatever you say.”

I heard that someone likes vulkins, so I wanted to draw you some indulgent fluff, if you don’t mind!

I’ve also been wanting to say that I’m impressed with how kind you are.
Hope you catch some smiles today!

nuuUUUUHHH oh my gosh it’s so cute! they all look so dang adorable and the colours are SO SOFT and SO CUTE and just let me snooze next to the skelebros kthxbai

thank you so much, this is so good and it makes me so happy! thank you! ;w;

Boyfriend Samuel
  • cheeky
  • he’s a child but he acts like he’s grown most of the time
  • like smh sit down
  • would tell you cheesy pickup lines all the time just to make you flustered and for his pure entertainment
  • “are you from mcdonald’s because i’m lovin it ;)”
  • selfies, selfies, and more selfies
  • aesthetic couple selfies, to be exact
  • “y/n, come take a selfie with me!~” samuel would whine
  • when you refuse, samuel would sneak up from behind you and carry you all the way to bed and snuggle you, kissing you all over your face for a punishment
  • a lovely punishment that you don’t mind
  • and then sneak in an off-guard of you
  • “oh my gosh, my baby looks so cute in this!” samuel squeals as he stares at the off-guard of you in absolute adoration
  • would climb up a tree and fall off your balcony sneak into your room at night just to cuddle with you
  • great listener
  • always finds weird ways to cheer you up
  • like stick chopsticks up his nose
  • or dance to i.o.i songs
  • literally just anything random, he’ll do it just to make you happy
  • did i mention that he has a hUGE thing for your laugh and smile?
  • well, he does, and he LOVES and also LIVES to see your smile and hear your laugh
  • he once filmed a recording of you laughing and set it as his ringtone
  • loves to talk
  • literally
  • he never shuts up
  • you’d have to pull him into a kiss to shut him up
  • burrito dates
  • confident in himself 25/8
  • loves showing you off

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BTS reaction: their innocent girlfriend getting startled by them accidentally swearing in front of her.

minlii requested:

Can I request a BTS reaction to accidently swearing in front of their girlfriend and she quickly clasps her small hand on their mouth and forms an ‘o’ shape with her mouth? Like she was startled to hear swear words because she’s innocent? Thank you😇💙


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Jin wouldn’t be one to swear a lot. And even if he does it he would swear quietly, knowing that you don’t like it. But when he notices expression and realizes that you heard him he would start apologizing and smile at how innocent you are. 

“Shit…” He mumbled under his breath. “Oh, I’m so sorry, jagi! I didn’t think you were listening!”


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Yoongi cusses a lot. So ever since you told him that you don’t like it when people swear around you he was trying not to swear….at least in front of you.

One afternoon you decided to visit him at the studio, but just as you walked in you heard him yell:

“Fucking hell!”

You stood at the door, frozen, with a shocked expression on your face. When Yoongi turned around and saw you he mumbled a quiet:

“Aww…I’m sorry baby…”

And started giggling uncontrollably at how cute you were.


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Hoseok was sitting on the couch in your living room, reading something on his phone, when without realizing, shocked by whatever he was reading he mumbled a quiet:

“For fuck’s sake!”

You were just walking into the room, but after you heard him say that you immediately froze and covered your small mouth in shock. When he noticed you he started laughing at your shocked expression and came over to you wrapping his arms over your small figure and kissing your forehead.

“Oh my gosh, jagi! You’re so cute and innocent that it actually hurts!” He said still laughing.


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Just like Yoongi, Namjoon swears a lot. But he would still try not to do it in front of you, because he knew exactly how innocent you are and that you don’t like it when people swear around you.  

But one day he just couldn’t hold in his frustration over something and started yelling swear word after swear word, completely forgetting that you were in the house with him. And when he saw you standing by the door, looking absolutely startled by what he just said, he was actually kind of embarrassed. 

“Oh…H-hi, jagi! I promise that I didn’t say…what you think I said!”


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This boy! He found your shocked expression to be so cute that he constantly swears in front of you on purpose. 

Every time he sees you freeze and clasp your small hands on your mouth, he can’t help but start giggling and showering you with kisses, apologizing for saying what he said.

“I’m sorry, baby, but you’re so cute I just can’t help myself!”


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When Tae first saw your reaction after he accidentally swore in front of you he couldn’t hold in his  excitement over how cute you were. 

He always loved how small and innocent you are, so seeing you react like that to him accidentally swearing made his heart flutter. He started giggling, pulled you in his lap and started making comments about how small, cute and innocent you are.

“Jagi! You’re so cute! I love you!”


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Jungkook started swearing at the TV, really annoyed by the decisions the main character in the movie you were watching was making. You immediately sat up and looked at him with a shocked expression.

“What’s wrong [Y/N]?” he asked concerned. When you didn’t answer he realized what cause you t look at him like that.

“Awww…Jagi….” He chuckled, “Is it because I was swearing at the TV?”

You nodded, your eyes still wide.

“You’re so cute!” He said laughing and wrapped an arm around you.

The Last Wish
  • Geralt: *sees Yennefer without high heels for the first time*
  • Geralt: Oh my gosh, you're so... CUTE!
  • Yennefer: What?
  • Geralt: You're like an angry little slice of pie!
  • *Later*:
  • Yennefer: You have to pay, Geralt of Rivia. For your insolence, for the cold way you look at me, for the eyes which fish for every detail. But most important of all, because you called me CUTE!
squip doodle fic!!

i hope u like this! its a really cute idk… ngl

You’ve never really had to think about why you draw on yourself.

It just happens, usually. You don’t consciously pick up a pen, but you’ll look down suddenly and realize that there’s a galaxy or a field of flowers etched in ink on your arm. You don’t exactly mind; doodles are easy to wash off and, in an emergency, easy to cover up.

While it is sometimes mindless, you find the habit comforting, too. If you’re upset or hurt, unable to get to the words that you need, unable to even think properly, you’ll scribble over your thigh under the table. The weight of the pen’s tip on your skin keeps you grounded. It reminds you that you’re here, that you’re real. You rely on the pen, on its power over you.

Needless to say, you’re a bit surprised the first time that you lazily doodle and your Squip asks you, “What are you doing?”

“Just drawing,” you answer, too quickly. No one ever asks you about this unless they’re planning to yell at you, so you’re ready. Your pen now hovers above a multitude of geometric patterns. You keep your eyes downcast, looking anywhere but at your Squip. “Sorry- I’ll stop.”

“Your remorse is unnecessary,” they respond matter-of-factly. “I am simply… confused… as to why this is how you spend your time.”


“Oh,” you say, for lack of anything else. You look up at your Squip, surprised. They still have that confused look of their face. “I guess it just… feels nice? And I like that it’s inconsequential.” Hesitantly, you turn back to the dodecahedron your pen was in the middle of.

“You do this for the sensation that it gives you?” they ask as they continue to watch you.

Absently, you nod.

“That seems… harmless.”

A moment passes. Not an uncomfortable one, but one of silence just the same. You let the smoothness of the ink glide across you, no longer worried for what your Squip might think.

“Y/N,” they say suddenly. The word is slow, calculated. Now, you regard them fully. As you look into their eyes, you can see that their pupils are blurry. From experience you know that this means they’re loading. Hm.


They hold out a hand with the same slow movement. With (now high definition) pupils, they glance down at your pen. “May I?”

You stare for a moment, not comprehending. By the time your brain works out what they’re asking, the pen is already in their hand. Your breath catches in your throat as your fingers brush, lingering just a moment longer than necessary.

Noting your confusion (and, well, being inside your brain), your Squip explains, “My objective is to improve your life. Research indicates that positive stimulus would certainly contribute to that, so, ah. I believe it is my job to make you feel, as you say… nice.” They turn the pen around in their hands a few times. As you look closer, you can see that their cheeks are emitting a bright blue blush. You can’t control the smile that your mouth stretches into as you reposition your body so they can draw on you.

You feel your thigh jolt a little as your Squip makes contact with it; you aren’t used to feeling anyone touch it but yourself. You force yourself to relax, letting out a breath that rattles through you. Your Squip’s hand covers most of the drawing that it’s making, but you can see a few crudely-drawn lightning bolts peeking through. Aw, how cute, but what’s that in the middle-?

“Stop looking,” they tease, though you catch the slight anxiety in their voice. Obliging, you turn your gaze to your carpet. A few minutes pass as you let the feeling of the pen hold you in place. Whatever your Squip is drawing, it must be detailed because of the slow, gentle way that the pen movement.

Finally, they take a breath (or simulate one, at least). “Alright,” they say with a smile you can practically hear. “You can look.” As you turn your gaze to your thigh, unsure what to expect, your heart warms at a rapid rate. Between tiny motifs and symbols, there’s-

You start to laugh.

“Did you seriously just sign your name?”

 ~ Oh my gosh this is so cute holy shit. I love this so much ahhhhh-