SLFL Riverbend Cincinnati

• The soundcheck/ticket process is very disorganized so beware. It didn’t seem like they had an actual system to it and people weren’t happy. It started raining and I felt bad for a lot of people because they were standing in this huge line for the soundcheck stand to pick up their packages and it was a full-on downpour. I ended up coming back because I needed to change and get ready.

- I had 20 minutes to get ready and four people complimented me on my makeup and one girl even got out of the pizza line to tell me that she could see my highlight from that far away and that it looked really good so that was really sweet.

• Ashton answered most of the questions during soundcheck. Michael answered a few and Calum did a couple. Luke didn’t say much of anything. In fact, Luke seemed to be in kind of a mood.

• Ashton said something about how they don’t like when people dab at their concerts and then Michael dabbed and said it would just encourage us more to do it. Michael went on and on about Drake too.

• They were all in basketball shorts and T-shirts and hats, except for Ashton, during soundcheck, the latter was wearing black skinny jeans and a black shirt.

• The person going around for the questions only really picked people from the front, sides, and back two rows. Anyone in the middle didn’t really get to ask.

• Calum’s favorite childhood memory is apparently when he broke his arm trying to play on the clothesline when he was really young? Michael’s was when he broke his arm when he jumped off a trampoline trying to impress girls (he was 6).

• At some point one of the sound guys gave Ashton a hot dog and he put it in the mic stand and then Luke took it but left it on the stage??

• Hey Violet was less than stellar and the only people really standing for them were sections 100-200 (right next to the stage). Everyone else was sitting.

• One Ok Rock was amazing and I didn’t feel cool enough to be listening to them TBH. One of their guitarists was shirtless the entire time too.

• I should note that where I was sitting with my friend, I could see the side door to the stage that the bands use to go in and out and there’s tents and trailers behind the fence (that’s mostly blocked off with tarps and stuff). During Hey Violet and before One Ok Rock I saw Michael go in and out a couple of times and I saw Calum go out but I didn’t see him come back. There’s not much you can see TBH since it’s blocked so much but I could tell by seeing their tattoos. The girls in the seats behind me said they saw Luke. Ashton didn’t come out of the door at all.

• Michael made me cry four different times during the entire show and it made me really emotional and the fact that I was sitting on his side made me even more emotional.

• There were about three solid minutes before JBH that Michael stood there without the other boys and he was looking at different parts of the crowd and taking out his earpieces and stepping back from the mic, at one point we all started chanting his name and you could see him smile.

• There was some kind of project that was supposed to happen but never did (between What I Like About You and the encore).

• They played If You Don’t Know and Out Of My Limit during soundcheck. They played Disconnected during the actual show (which I thought they killed but I guess not).

• There was a part in the show where Luke was saying something but everyone was screaming too loud for me to hear what he was saying so?

• There were rumors that A and C were there and they were, my friend has A on snapchat (to keep tabs I guess lmao) and she was there, the roof of the venue is very distinctive and the way she had the camera aimed you could see it. Later I heard that a few girls met them after the show (even though I don’t know why because why tf would you want to meet them).

• There was a little boy who has a sign that said “I want to be Ashton when I grow up” and when they noticed it, Ashton (I think) asked why he didn’t want to be Michael when he grew up and a lot of people screamed.

• Come to think of it, anytime they really mentioned Michael it made the crowd get really loud.

• They played SKH and SLSP for their encore.

There’s probably more that I’m leaving out but that’s what stood out the most.


You can play these game on your browser! (On both game, you will earn BP / CP to unlock their outfits)

Osomatsu black factory game : Link to play

(a bit of guide for the game: 1 / 2 / 3 )

Pleasing Totoko-chan : Link to play

Source 1 / Source 2 

On “Pleasing Totoko-chan”, you need to give Totoko the correct gift. I suggest you to “explore” at the game menu, since it’s helpful.

on the picture that shown they being punched, there a Pink & Blue button.

Pink button icon is “gift”, while Blue button icon is “trash bin”

Pink button is to give Totoko the correct gift, while Blue button to throw away the wrong gift.

By the way, there an easy mode to hard mode. By choosing the easy mode, the matsu will give 2 gifts only, correct & wrong gift. 

While in hard mode, you can earn lots of points to unlock their outfit really quick.