You see this!! This is how Haru looked at Makoto when Makoto made this expression after Haru just fainted and woke up. Throughout the movie Haru didn’t really have any expression but whenever Makoto was making a different expression besides his smiley lovely face, Haru would show some sort of expression on his face. It just shows how much impact Makoto has on Haru & I just need them to get married already and be happy together forever!! I can’t get enough of them!!

while re-watching vld
  • Hunk on screen:*says something about Voltron*
  • My dad:*from another room* VOLTRON??? waiT- *crash, rushes in* Is this - man I used to watch this!
  • Me:yea they revamped it.
  • dad:*stares at the screen for a good minute*
  • dad:DUDE.
  • *sits with me and watches entire season*
Twenty One Pilots

I’m seeing twenty one pilots in exactly eight days. Eight.
And I thought about what that meant today and started crying tears of happiness because I realized what this meant.
I bought my tickets over a year ago for this day. On this day, I realized I will see Tyler and Josh in person. I will see Tyler’s smile in person and I will see Josh’s pink hair and I will hear their voices, in person. It will be unlike any thing in the world that I will ever experience because I will see my the two people who saved my life. And I will hear the lyrics that kept me going. It’s not a small thing. It will be the best day of my life.
Eight days couldn’t pass any slower than these will.