Did I just hallucinate?? This is official?? And absolutely adorable??

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What do you think Eddie thinks when Richie starts to grow his hair out and it gets super curly (headcannon)

-um he loves it ??

-he finally has leverage cause now he can yank on richies hair when he wants attention

-they could be sitting watching a movie or sitting somewhere with the other losers and richie is leaning back in eddies lap and eddie is just playing with his hair and richie loves it

-he can totally call richie a wet mop now when richie comes out of the water with his hair soaked

-richie is talking to someone when eddie simply walks over and removes a strand of hair from his eye or somewhere else on his face cause dammit richie how does that not bother you??

-beverly one day comes up with braided hair and eddie teases richie about braiding his hair but then later he and beverly are sitting behind richie while beverly teaches eddie how to braid hair

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imagine ennoshita trying to do a bday party for his s/o but fell asleep in the deco box and when s/o found him all tangled in bow and ribbons s/o would be like 'BEST GIFT EVER' aND ENNOSHITA IS THE BEST GIFT EVER okay im done

that’s … adorable

i doodled this in like five minutes bcs the idea of it was HILARIOUS to me for some reason bless u


ben platt as zoe murphy and laura dreyfuss as evan hansen aka the single greatest thing i’ve ever seen in my entire life, submitted by @strawberrydaydreams


YOOoooOOOo support BgA !!! xD