You can play these game on your browser! (On both game, you will earn BP / CP to unlock their outfits)

Osomatsu black factory game : Link to play

(a bit of guide for the game: 1 / 2 / 3 )

Pleasing Totoko-chan : Link to play

Source 1 / Source 2 

On “Pleasing Totoko-chan”, you need to give Totoko the correct gift. I suggest you to “explore” at the game menu, since it’s helpful.

on the picture that shown they being punched, there a Pink & Blue button.

Pink button icon is “gift”, while Blue button icon is “trash bin”

Pink button is to give Totoko the correct gift, while Blue button to throw away the wrong gift.

By the way, there an easy mode to hard mode. By choosing the easy mode, the matsu will give 2 gifts only, correct & wrong gift. 

While in hard mode, you can earn lots of points to unlock their outfit really quick.