“…I had stolen a whole sackful of apples one night, and by no means ordinary apples, but apples of the very best sort. It was the fear of the moment that made me seek refuge in this story–inventing and telling stories came naturally to me.”

“Whether my crime was stealing or lying–(hadn’t I sworn a false oath by God and everything that was sacred?)–was immaterial. My sin was not specifically this or that but consisted of having shaken hands with the devil. Why had I gone along?”

- Demian ; Hermann Hesse

marius-pont-de-bercy  asked:

I'VE JUST HAD THE MOST HORRIFIC AU IDEA AND I NEED YOU TO WRITE IT THANK YOU What if Cosette isn't in the woods when Valjean arrives in Montfermeuil? What if he goes straight to the inn, and the Thénardiers pass Éponine off as Cosette because A.) he's rich- that becomes evident- and Mme. Thénardier can't bear to let Cosette be raised like a little princess, out of spite, and B.) because they're the same age, and C.) because Cosette is basically a servant and it's sort of working out for them?


I think Madame Thénardier loves her eldest, in her own way sure, but she does. And she knows the inn isn’t going well and that sooner or later, they’re going to have to find a plan B. So when Valjean rolls around, she find a way to A) suck a bit of his money out and B) get her daughter a better future. She won’t have the money Fantine used to send anymore, since she’s dead, but it’s not like Cosette costs them much. She actually costs less than Eponine!

Plus, Eponine makes a convincing Cosette, she doesn’t want to leave her parents, making Valjean believe that the Thénardiers did take good care of her, but a glare from Madame soon calms her down. She’ll do as she’s told and she leaves with Valjean.

Years pass and Eponine is a bit lost, identity wise. She responds to “Cosette” as if it were her own name now. She fond of her Papa. She grows up loved and cherished and never talks of the Thénardiers.

Cosette grows up too, as well as you could imagine growing up around the Thénardiers can be. But she’s still the light. They haven’t managed to corrupt her, they haven’t gotten to her. She grew up with a mind of steel and a kindness of silver, both strong and soft, cunning and caring, though she doesn’t show it. She takes care of Gavroche like her own brother, and his brothers too

So when all the shebang met again in Paris, the outcome is VERY DIFFERENT. Eponine grew up kind. She used to be mean with Cosette as a child, but Valjean taught her better ways. So when she sees Cosette, what has become of her and what her parents are really like, she takes the poor thing in (along with her brothers OH MY GOD I HAVE BROTHERS). Explaining it all to Valjean hurts, but the teaching of Bishop Myriel are still here. Wasn’t he forgiven before? Hasn’t /HE/ lied about his identity? Who is he to cast the first stone?

Long story short : Eponine help Cosette recovering from all the abuse she’s been through, helps her dress, Eponine doesn’t fall mad in love with Marius because she’s not in need for light and affection with all the care she’s recceived growing up. Cosette does fall in love with him, so does Marius. Barricade night still happens though

“Slap me on the [butt]?” Oshie volunteered. “Nothing. Just getting the boys going.“

“We switch it up, depending on how we played last game,” Latta said. “It depends. If we played good last game, we just give him a little tap, just to get him going a bit.”

“Depending on the day,” Wilson agreed. “If we think he needs it or not.

—  Actual quotes from an actual article from the Washington Post, Why teammates whack T.J. Oshie’s butt, and other Caps mysteries revealed