Adventure Time - You Forgot Your Floaties (Sneak Peek)


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One of Miller’s ground rules was to avoid any throwbacks to the earlier films. But the storyboard team stumbled on one iconic piece that was irresistible—the original leather jacket Mel Gibson wore in “The Road Warrior.” Once that surfaced, they re-imagined the iconic jacket and shoulder pads to conceptualize a new but resonant piece for Hardy’s Max.

From there, Beavan collaborated with Hardy to develop and style the Road Warrior. “Tom came in with a huge amount of his own ideas,” she relates. “We got together masses of stuff and put together the look that, of course, he loses immediately. But the idea is that he will regain it over the course of the movie.”

Beavan also collaborated extensively with Charlize Theron to hand-select and create Furiosa’s worn white top, slouch leather trousers, and the body armor that stretches across her midsection, harnessed by horizontal bands of leather belts. The outfit would reflect the character’s basic needs—comfortable, utilitarian, formidable, and not restrictive in a fight. Furiosa has lost part of her left arm, and wears a mechanical arm crafted from salvage materials by Australian artist Matt Boug. “Furiosa’s arm is a perfect example of imbuing found objects with artistry,” Miller surmises. “You can see spanners, crankshafts, parts of car engines. There’s a small motor on it from a toy airplane, which she uses to pump up the hydraulics should she need extra power.”

Vanderwalt also imbued the Imperator with a patina of status, noting, “The highest ranking Imperators covered their foreheads with black grease and used metal and mineral dust to highlight it.”

As for Immortan’s War Boys, their bodies are a canvas where each individual paints, carves or wears his or her beliefs, origins and status. Gibson offers, “Masks are a status symbol, scars tell your past and position, clothes identify your rank—whether you’re a driver, lancer, or if you have nothing, the little that you do have is very, very important and worthy of expression.