Don’t You Leave Me Brokenhearted Tonight

A/N: i legit never thought i’d do a series, but I feel a newfound inspiration to do so. i’ve been singing brokenhearted by karmin all fucking week so this whole idea came to me from that and thinking about drugs’ abilities & here i am writing somethin’ out of it

so strap on ya socks, grab some snacks & tuck yourself in bc my writing sucks but i want people to read anyways :)

WC: 1.7k

enjoy!! x

P A R T  O N E

Lights in deep shades of purples and reds. Solo cups littered along the carpet that was bound to reek of beer and vodka by the end of the night. A pop song of sorts coming from the stereo speakers in the farthest corner of the living area. This night was hell-bound for disaster. The marijuana wafting through the thick cold air wasn’t much welcomed to my nose, but I’m no stick in the mud. A—borderline overwhelming stench—wasn’t gonna hinder my good time.

I didn’t stress and breakdown in tears of anger everyday these past two weeks to turn my ass around. I wanted to at least try to enjoy the party. “I promise, it won’t be that bad.” Mani assured me, slathering her lips in a cherry red lipstick from her makeup vanity. I believed her. As my bestfriend since 6th grade, she’s never steered me into anything that would kill me. Get me grounded? All the time. Make me question the safety of our friendship? Depends on the severity. However, she’s always proven that she was someone I’d love having by my side.

With never dragging me into the dark side, she was right. The party was in full swing—or at least I assume it is—and I’m still not broken or passed out on a couch somewhere while two teenagers eat each others’ throats out beside me. I guess tonight can’t be that bad.

I scamper into a tiny overpopulated makeshift kitchen to find a drink, seeing cans and 2 liter bottles of sodas, untouched Solo cups of assorted colors and sizes, bottles upon bottles of liquor, and a large punch bowl full of crushed ice occupying the counter tops. Thank god. Vodka won’t be my only option. I could possible be the DD tonight. The last thing I need is a totaled car and hospital bills racking up past my tuition.

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“My name may be cool but I’ll make you warm.” Fuckingdieingohmygod

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