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I know a popular BH6 headcanon is Hiro naming his future son "Tadashi" but I personally headcanon if Hiro were to have a daughter instead, he'd name her "Cassidy" in honor of Aunt Cass who raised him like a mother

ok first of all I LOVE the idea of Hiro having a daughter. And CASSIDY OMG THAT’S SO CUTE I LOVE IT!!!

I can just picture Hiro letting Cassidy paint his nails and having tea parties with her. He teaches her about robotics and how to absolutely destroy everyone in Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart. He invents these special markers that work like dry-erase markers on Baymax’s vinyl exterior so that Cassidy can basically use Baymax as her own walking canvas (which Baymax enjoys thoroughly, as it raises her endorphins). 

Aunt Cass cries so much when Hiro tells her his daughter’s name. She’s so excited that she finally picks up a book on parenting so she can be the absolute BEST great aunt/grandma the world has ever seen. She teaches Cassidy how to cook and spoils her rotten with toys and trips to Disneyland.

The Nerd Squad all adore Cassidy, too, so she is basically the most loved child ever <3

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Can you write jikook where jimin is school nerd w/ glasses and always hung low his head. And jungkook is school kingka but they never meet bc theyre different year, and partially bc jimin never look front when he's walking only in class till one day jungkook saw jimin face accidentally, and instantly fall in love bc even tho he's bad boy he low key like cute things and jimin one of that. But jimin doesn't like bad boy, but jungkook persistant and trying very hard to win Jimin heart.

OH MY GOD SWEET MOUSSY THANK YOU FOR THIS CUUUUUTE REQUEST UGH I HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH WRITING THIS!! ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ *screams* I’m so sorry for making you wait… Also, idk how my bad boy!Kookie turned out, but still, I hope that you’ll like it~~ ♥

Ttile: Why are you shaking up my heart?
Pairing: Jikook
Fandom: BTS-fandom / A.R.M.Y.
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 4k+
Warning: swearing~ ^^
Summary: Jimin finds out that this Kookie is not as tough as he assumed.

Nobody knows that Jeon Jeongguk has a secret. Nobody knows, and that’s more than okay for him because it’s called ’secret’ for a reason.

Jeongguk is creeping alongside the school’s brick wall and stops at the corner. He looks around carefully, and when concludes that there is no one nearby, he takes a tiny can from the pocket of his backpack, and crouches.

“Hey~ Hey, come out!” He whispers and nervously looks around again. “It’s just me, I brought you— Oh, here you are!”

A fond smile spreads across Jeongguk’s features and his dark eyes soften. A tiny cat with ginger fur crawls out of a bush and greets the boy with a happy, short “meow”. The cat runs to Jeongguk who pets its head and scratches its back.

“There you go, I brought you something to eat,” Jeongguk says while skillfully opening the can of cat food with a can opener. “I hope you like this flavour, it’s mackerel.”

He puts the can on the ground and the cat immediately flings over to it, sniffing and nibbling a little before finally burrowing its face in the can.

“So cute,” Jeongguk chuckles when, after finishing the food, the cat places one little paw on his knee and meows again. He caresses the silky fur and the cat rubs its face against his hand. “Now I have to go because that fucking Min gave me detention. Teachers are pain in the ass, you know,” he comments with a grimace. The cat looks at him with big, curious eyes and curls its tail while meowing and playfully slapping the chain on Jeongguk’s ripped, black jeans.

“I can’t believe that I’m talking to a cat,” Jeongguk sighs and stands up. He is sneaking alongside the wall again and looks back when hears light footsteps following him. He hisses at the cat behind him, but it doesn’t move. Jeongguk sighs heavily again, picks up the slender body and takes the cat back, next to the can of cat food. He bends down to pet the ginger fur one last time, and smiles when sees that the cat is tapping the empty can with his tiny, pink nose.

“Cute,” he giggles before turning away and heading towards the school gate.

Jeon Jeongguk is not a bad person, he is not evil or the Satan itself (as some of his classmates like referring to him) – no, he is just a little hot-headed and angry. Angry, almost always – at the whole world because it seems that the whole world hates him and is against him. Angry at the teachers because all they do is worshipping his older brother, who graduated two years ago (“Jeonghyun was a straight-A-student, talented at arts and sports as well, the captain of the football-team, student council president, and an obedient and good child – and you, Jeon Jeongguk, why are you nothing like him?!”). Angry at his parents because all they care about is Jeonghyun (“Your brother went to college, he is so ambitious and hard-working! Why couldn’t you be like him?!”), and even though Jeongguk’s grades are really good (except at math), they are never good enough.
Jeongguk is just never good enough.

At some point, Jeongguk started to convince himself that he doesn’t care anymore. He doesn’t care about comparisons and expectations, doesn’t need attention from his parents, and doesn’t want to hear praises. He convinced himself, and from that time, he started to act rebellious, searching for only fun at school.

And today Mr. Min Yoongi gave him detention because he painted a graffiti on the bathroom’s mirror. (Fuck you, Mr. Min, you can’t appreciate what true art is.) Detentions are usually really boring, but Jeongguk thinks that it still worth it, because someone took a photo of the graffiti before it was washed, the photo went viral and Jeongguk could feel his ego growing when someone called it ’the joke of the century’.

Jeongguk steps into the room and shortly nods towards Mr. Kim Seokjin as a greeting. He throws himself on a chair and reluctantly reaches for his backpack to take his homework from it when the teacher suddenly speaks.

“Sit five seats apart, Jeon.”

Jeongguk looks up, confused, and that’s when notices another boy next to him. Oh. Maybe detention won’t be that boring today. Jeongguk grins and doesn’t move.

“What’s your name?” He asks the boy who flinches at the voice and stares at him surprisedly.

“Kim Taehyung,” he replies and his voice is so low, it doesn’t fit his boyish face.

“No talking!” Mr. Kim barks at them and Taehyung quickly focuses on his homework again. “And I said five seats apart!”

Jeongguk ignores the teacher and asks, “Why are you here, Taehyung-sshi?”

“Jeon Jeongguk, I swear to god that one more word and I’ll—” the teacher starts but he has no chance to explain what he would do because the door opens and another boy appears.

Jeongguk has never believed in love at first sight. But the boy who walks in is so glorious, so ridiculously cute that his heart starts pounding against his ribcage as if it would want to jump out of his chest, and heat washes over his entire body from the toes to the very tips of his ears.

Jeongguk – despite his reputation – likes cute things. Like, for example cats. Or baby birds, or an onesie with bunny ears. And this boy is the goddamn fucking epitome of cuteness; the sweetest creature he has ever had the pleasure of viewing in his life.

The boy’s round, chubby cheeks are flushed and his ginger hair is messy. He looks so small in the baggy, fluffy hoodie he wears, and only the tips of his fingers are visible because of his sweater paws. Weird, strange feeling wakes in Jeongguk’s belly, it’s hot and overwhelming. The desire of protecting this tiny, huggable boy with all his adorableness and innocence is so strong, it makes Jeongguk’s legs feel like jelly.

“I’m sorry for being late but I had to help to Mr. Jung,” Ridiculously Cute Boy mumbles with an apologizing bow.

Even his voice is so damn cute, high-pitched, melodic and smooth. Jeongguk can feel his mouth drying and throat tightening.

“Fine, whatever,” Kim Seokjin shrugs but there is an indulgent, barely visible smile on his lips. “What’s your name?”

“Park Jimin.”

“Okay, Park, sit down five seats apart the others and be quiet.”

Park Jimin? So that’s the name of this angelic fluffball. Jeongguk stares at him while furrowing his brows, because it sounds so familiar…
Oh. Oh right, he remembers: last week he smashed the glass of the school’s trophy cabinet in the hall (it was an accident, okay?), and one of his punishments was to clean all the trophies and glue the broken ones. And there was three trophy with the name ’Park Jimin’ on it; one for science and two for mathematics competitions. He remembers clearly of these trophies because he suffered with gluing them for almost a hour.

Tch, mathematics and science competition? What a nerd, Jeongguk snorts, while checking out Park Jimin in his puffy hoodie and glasses again.
But all of his contempt flies out the window immediately when Park Jimin smiles at Taehyung and oh god, Jeongguk feels whipped. Because Jimin’s smile makes his insides melt and it’s so blinding as if someone would suddenly put the freaking sun into the middle of the classroom. Jimin’s smile lights up Jeongguk’s whole existence, every color somehow feels brighter and the world is a peaceful and wonderful place for a moment.

What the fuck.

Jeongguk feels utterly and completely whipped. How he had never seen this gorgeous hottie before? He assumes that Jimin is an upperclassman and that’s why they did not notice each other until now.

Jimin sits down and takes off his glasses to clean them, and sucks his plump lips in. Jeongguk’s eyes widen because he is suddenly gets hit with the urge of running his tongue over those lips and kissing the breath out of Jimin.

“Jeon Jeongguk, do your homework,” Mr. Kim warns him, his tone is raspy with hidden anger.

Jimin’s head jerks up at the name and shyly, warily glances in Jeongguk’s direction.

When their eyes meet, Jimin’s cheeks turn rosy under Jeongguk’s intense glare and blinks furiously while looking away.

Sparkles running up and down his spine, and Jeongguk smirks.
Jimin is cute, so freaking tooth-rotting cute.

“There are things I would rather do instead of homework,” he licks his chapped bottom lip, his eyes are following Jimin’s movements. Jimin swallows hard and nervously cleans his glasses with those soft, petite hands of his, the afternoon sunshine paints a golden halo around his figure. It’s so pretty that it seems unearthly.

“Jeongguk, if you don’t want Saturday detentions, then I recommend you to shut the hell up and start your homework. Right now!” Mr. Kim shouts while slapping the table. Jeongguk curses under his breath and tears his gaze away from Jimin.

Park Jimin is might the epitome of cuteness but Saturday detentions are the epitome of hell and all the torture in the world, so Jeongguk – even though his hands are gripping the pen so tight that his knuckles turn white – tries to focus on his goddamn homework and not on that how nice and sharp Jimin’s jawline is.

Jimin rolls his shoulders and a soft sigh leaves his mouth while the hot water flows down his body, the tired and tense muscles slowly start to relax.

He still feels Jeon Jeongguk’s piercing gaze on himself, and doesn’t understand the situation, not at all. Today was the first time he saw him, that little punk. It’s not like he didn’t know who Jeon Jeongguk was before – no, there was no one in the entire school who didn’t know that name. Jeongguk was famous – or more like, infamous. A sophomore with an ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude, bad behaviour and surprisingly good grades. There are rumors about people got beaten up by Jeongguk and were hospitalized. There are rumors about that Jeongguk once set fire to principal Kim Namjoon’s office and that’s why the walls are sooty in some places. There are rumors about one teacher, Bang Sihyuk, that in truth, he is not retired but was hit by Jeongguk’s motorcycle. But of course, these are just rumors, Jimin thought.

Until today. Because today when he walked into the classroom where the detention was, he saw Jeon Jeongguk in person and – and yes, that kid was no joke. From the corner of his eye, Jimin studied Jeongguk (he wouldn’t have dared to openly stare), he wore ripped skinny jeans and chains, a plain white shirt, black leather jacket and a red beanie. It was pretty normal, moreover, if Jimin wants to be completely honest with himself, he even found Jeongguk sexy.

But his stare
His stare was terrifying.

Jeongguk’s whole presence was dangerous, as if he would eat puppies for breakfast every day and listen to nothing but Linkin Park; and there was something in his stare, flames and predatory hunger what frightened Jimin when their eyes met. He scanned him like a piece of meat, ready to devour him alive.
Jimin, even though he is standing in the shower now, shivers at the memory.

Ever since he moved to the capital, everyone constantly made fun of him because of his ‘country’ dialect. Also, it turned out that being good at math and science is not cool, it’s more like, ’nerdy’, so Jimin quickly learned not to look anyone directly in the eye, because it seemed that city-kids like to pick a fight for no good reason (“What are ya lookin’ at? Huh?! Peasant loser, answer me or I’ll beat ya up!”). The last thing Jimin wanted was the attention of the school’s delinquent, Jeon Jeongguk.

Jimin sighs heavily and closes the tap. He shouldn’t care about Jeon Jeongguk, because he probably (hopefully) had already forgotten such an average guy like Jimin. Tomorrow will surely be quiet and calm, like usual.

Next morning Jeongguk walks in the direction of the school gate with impressive bags under his eyes. It’s all thanks to Park Jimin and his goddamn cuteness; he tossed and turned around his bed all night, thinking about Jimin’s smile and Jimin’s shortness and Jimin’s tiny hands and JiminJiminJiminJimin.

Jeongguk rubs his eyes and curses when realizes that his mind was so full of Jimin that he forgot to buy cat food today. He is already late for class, and Mr. Min will give his third detention this week for it, but who cares – Jeongguk turns on his heels and hurriedly heads towards the parking lot. Yeah, education is important but starving kittens are important and cute, so Jeongguk chooses the latter without hesitation.

It’s lunch break when he finally enters the school. Yesterday, after he went home, he’s done some research about Park Jimin (and totally not saved Jimin’s every single profile picture from Facebook), so that he knows which class the older boy belongs to. He goes to the classroom with quick, confident steps, and walks to Jimin, who is converses with one of his classmates.

“Sorry for interrupting you, but Jiminie comes with me now,” he states while pushing the surprised classmate away and grabbing Jimin’s slender wrist.

Jeongguk can feel all eyes on them as he drags the weakly protesting Jimin out of the room, and he allows himself a smug smirk because hell yeah, just look at us and keep in mind that Jimin is mine from now on.

“Wh-where are we going?” Jimin asks in a small voice what makes Jeongguk’s skin tingle in pleasure.

“Rooftop,” he replies briefly. While climbing the stairs, he barely can fight down a wide smile because Jimin’s wrist feels so tiny and cute in his hand, and Jimin’s skin is so milky and warm against his palm.

Rooftop? The word whirls in Jimin’s mind, the horror makes his limbs numb and his brain dull. Rumors say that Jeon Jeongguk takes his victims to the rooftop and beats them there. Jimin shudders and a soft whimper leaves his mouth. What if Jeongguk will punch and kick him? He is so tall and broad, even his grip is so strong, Jimin has no chance against him. What did he do what infuriated Jeongguk? They have never even talked! The panic rises in Jimin’s chest and presses the oxygen out of his lungs.

When Jeongguk lets go of his wrist and stops, face to face with him, Jimin swallows and looks up sheepishly. His delicate fingers are trembling, hidden beneath the sleeves of his light blue hoodie; he wets and bites in his plush, full bottom lip, and Jeongguk follows the motion with hunger clearly written all over his face.

Too cute, the most adorable sight he has ever set his eyes on. Jeongguk suddenly feels shy and weird, excited and awkward at the same time. For a moment, breath and words catch in his throat.

But he is Jeon Jeongguk, damnit, so he steels himself and stares right into Jimin’s eyes. (God, Jeongguk gets lost in those sparkly eyes, and Jimin’s eyelashes are so thick and long, he wants to kiss every single one of them.)

“Jimin-hyung, go out with me,” he asks, no, commands, full of confidence because he is used to that everyone obeys him without question. (Because everyone knows that contradict Jeon Jeongguk has pretty painful consequences.)

Jimin gapes at him with a shocked expression. “Wha-what?!”

“I said, go out with me,” Jeongguk repeats, light blush colours his face. “Please,” he adds softly, as a second thought.

“No!” It bursts out Jimin so loudly it startles both of them.

“And why not?” Jeongguk looks genuinely astonished.

“B-because I— I don’t even know you, w-what the heck,” Jimin stutters, horrified because his own actions. He doesn’t even understand what in the earth is happening here but Jeongguk will definitely kill him now…

Heck,” Jeongguk echoes with an amused smile. Jimin is seriously too fucking cute. I want him to be mine so bad, he thinks, and can feel the adrenaline pumping even faster in his veins. Jeongguk hates rejection but somehow in this case, it’s a challenge. And Jeongguk loves challenges, he loves to win them. “I don’t give up easily, Jimin-hyung,” he cups the boy’s face with his hand and caresses his soft cheek with his thumb. “And sooner or later, I always get what I want.”

“Yah! D-don’t treat me like some freaking medal or something, Jeon Jeongguk!” Jimin is so confused by the unexpected turn that he forgets how afraid he was only a few minutes ago. “Also, you are younger than me! Don’t boss me around!” Jimin slaps Jeongguk’s hand away and stares angrily at him. The younger wants to chuckle because Jimin is as intimidating as a puppy.

“Then a date? Would you go out on a date with me?”

“N-no way!” Jimin says in a shaky voice, ready to flee.

Jeongguk frowns and with a sudden move, he slams his hand against the fence that surrounds the rooftop, pinning Jimin to it. He leans over the shocked older boy, pressing him against the fence. Jimin is trapped; Jeongguk, with his nose piercing and black ear-gauges, is towering over him with a scary, agressive look. He will probably kill me now, Jimin thinks as he closes his eyes and flinches in fear.

“Give me a chance, hyung,” Jeongguk whispers against Jimin’s lips, his breath is hot on the sensitive skin. Jimin’s eyes snap open, his heart hammers in his throat. He is too damn close!

Jeongguk’s fingers are drawing ticklingly soft circles on his neck and Jimin feels something unbearably hot pooling low in his stomach.

“T-the bell!” He sputters when hears the ringing. “I– I’m sorry, Jeongguk-ah b-but, uh, lunch break is over and—”

“Who cares?” Jeongguk asks with a mischievous grin.

“M-me!” Jimin looks at him through his lashes, bold and vulnerable at the same time, and Jeongguk finds him irresistible. “I care about lessons. And, I think that you should, too.”

Jeongguk laughs. “Then you would go on a date with me?”

Jimin fixes his eyes on the tips of his shoes. “Maybe,” he says after a while, voice barely audible. Then he slightly pushes Jeongguk away and walks hurriedly towards the stairs.

Jeongguk’s eyes feast on Jimin’s disappearing form, there is a goofy, bright smile on his face, and thinks that maybe he is in love.

Next morning, Jimin finds a red rose tucked into the slit of his locker. He shakes his head with a ghost of a smile on his lips, because this is from Jeon Jeongguk for sure, and who would have thought that Jeon Jeongguk is actually quite the romantic type?

“Do you like it?” Said Jeon Jeongguk’s voice comes from behind his back and Jimin turns away to face him.

“Y-yeah,” he nods coyly.

“It’s yours,” Jeongguk flashes an achingly attractive smile at him, as he leans on the lockers lazily. “So in return, be mine, Jimin.”

No, Jimin was wrong. Jeon Jeongguk is not romantic at all, despite his big, doe eyes and adorable bunny teeth, he is just a rough and possessive asshole. Also, rude and disrespectful.

“That’s Jimin-hyung for you,” Jimin pouts and his pink, pursed lips draw Jeongguk’s attention to them.

Sweet and stunning, Jeongguk thinks as he shamelessly tracing his gaze over Jimin’s body. Radiating cuteness and purity, begging to be hugged and kissed and marked.

Electric sparks are running down his spine and he needs all his self-control not to jump on Jimin in the middle of the shcool’s hallway.

“Okay then, Jimin-hyung,” he grins at him with dazzling eyes, his voice is husky with lust. “What about the date?”

“Keep dreaming,” Jimin shrugs and leaves him alone.

Jeongguk lets the older walk away and looks after him with furrowed brows. But his expression softens and a small smirk appears on his lips when notices his rose between Jimin’s tiny, cute, cute fingers.

His phone rings and the cat immediately runs away. Jeongguk grits his teeth while looking at the number flashing on the screen. He sighs and picks it up.

“Hey, Gukie!”

“Hey, hyung,” he says softly, something bittersweet feeling tightens his chest.

His older brother, the perfect, the inimitable, the one and only – Jeongguk envies him and admires him at the same time. He is (unknowingly) the reason all of Jeongguk’s problems, and still, he is the one who cares about Jeongguk the most.

“I don’t have much time, Jeonggukie, I just wanted to hear your voice,” Jeongguk can hear that his brother is smiling.

“I’m fine,” he coughs, the tightness in his chest is suffocating. “Hey, hyung, can I ask you something?”

“Of course!”

“I— I guess I like someone,” Jeongguk begins and his brother immediately starts whooing and cooing.

“Awwww, my little brother is in love? I can’t believe it, oh my god!”

“So, as I said, uh, I like someone and want to impress hi— that person,” Jeongguk continues, ignoring his brother’s cheerful sounds. “What should I do, hyung?”

“Well, I guess you should just be yourself,” Jeonghyun advises thoughtfully. “Show them a side of you that you’ve never shown anyone else. Show them your true colors.”

“You think that will work?” Jeongguk asks uncertainly.

“Sincerity always works, trust me,” Jeonghyun chuckles. “And tell me, how is this ‘person’ looks like? I’m so curious!”

“Well, uh, when he smiles, he looks like the human embodiment of sunshine and his eyes turn into crescents. He is really charming,” Jeongguk says dreamily, forgetting about the pronouns.

“He?” Jeonghyun echoes in a flat tone and Jeongguk feels as if ice-cold water would wash him over.

“Uh,” he starts, horrified, but his brother interrupts him.

“It’s okay,” he informs Jeongguk and his voice is so tender, it makes Jeongguk’s heart melt. “It’s okay,” his brother repeats. “I have long been suspected that you are not straight and it’s not a big deal, really. I find the way you are talking about that guy very cute! So, good luck, Gukie~ Mom and Dad don’t know about him, right?”

“No,” Jeongguk admits. No, but they wouldn’t care, even if I told them, because I’m not you, he adds internally.

“You really are persistent,” Jimin wonders about Jeongguk’s stubbornness as the younger drags him out from the school at lunch break. “Why do you want to date me this much?”

“’Cause you are a pocket-sized ball of cuteness,” Jeongguk answers immediately while tightening his grip around Jimin’s wrist.

Jimin’s face flushes into a deep shade of red. “Yah! S-stop joking with m-my heigth,” he stutters, suddenly feeling his knees weak. “Where are we going, by the way?”

Jeongguk leads him towards the parking lot where his motorcycle is, but before they reach it, he suddenly turns left and walks alongside the shcool’s brick wall.

“I’ll show you a secret of mine, Jimin-hyung,” Jeongguk smiles at the older boy and Jimin’s heart skips a beat, because holy Jesus, Jeon Jeongguk’s shy smile might could cure cancer.

Jeongguk is nervous, because he has dignity, manhood, pride and reputation – and showing his secret could crush these in the blink of an eye. He glances at Jimin’s curious and confused (and cute, so fucking cutecutecute) face, takes a deep breath, and crouches. He takes a can of cat food and the can opener from the pocket of his backpack, and calls the cat.

“Chimchim~ Hey, it’s me~ Don’t be afraid, I brought you food,” he whispers with reddening ears and heating face.

The cat meows and wriggles out of the bush. Jimin gasps but stays silent. He watches as Jeongguk pets Chimchim and then feeds it.

“Chimchim?” He asks with lifted eyebrows. “That’s the name of the cat, really?”

“I heard Kim Taehyung calling you like that and I thought, it’s c-cute,” Jeongguk avoids his gaze and his face looks like a tomato. There is nothing devil-ish in him right now, Jimin thinks with a wide grin.

“Sure,” he giggles, nose scrunching adorably. “It really is cute.”

He studies Jeongguk’s genuinely happy and affectionate expression as the younger boy gently plays with the purring Chimchim. The cat arches into Jeongguk’s hand and nuzzles his nose into his palm while waving its long tail around.

Jimin’s face breaks into a huge smile as he makes a decision.

“Jeongguk-ah,” he speaks, voice laced with mirth. “If you would still go on a date with me, then I’m accepting it.”

Jeongguk’s head jerks up in surprise and joy, his whole face brightens up. “Really?!”

“Yeah,” Jimin smiles at him fondly. “But only if I choose the place where we will go.”

“Okay!” Jeongguk exclaims excitedly, and wordlessly worships his brother and his brother’s wonderful advices.

Jimin chuckles while bending down and gingerly stroking the cat behind its ears. Yes, he might finds Jeon Jeongguk’s annoyingly handsome face and leather jacket and piercings sexy. But he thinks, he is might be a bit more interested in Jeongguk’s cute side.

He assumes, that the recently opened cat café across the street will be a perfect venue for their first date.

Thank you really, really much for reading this! :3
Also, my request box is open. Please give me requests, prompts, starter lines, or whatever else you want. English is not my first language, so I might be a little slow but I’ll try my best to fulfill them~ ❤❤

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I feel like after getting his body back, Asriel wouldn't be able to stop moving his arms because it's like. Holy shit?? chARA LOOK I HAVE ARMS NOW LOOK WHAT I CAN DO WITH MY AMAZING ARMS FRISK LOOK, I CAN HIGH FIVE YOU-- OHH I CAN PL AY WITH YOUR HAI




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i'm sorry (you can totally ignore, if you want) but do you know some light, heartwarming taekook fics? :)



And Suddenly You’re All I Need and My Love Is Carried To You By My Feet by JemKay - if you hear a wounded kitten crying in the distance? that’s me. 

you’re the bright side of everday (me without you just isn’t the same) by piryohae - i found this recently and STILL NOT OVER IT NEVER GONNA BE OVER IT

merry christmas, darling by atechamcham - this is just… just… so cute and wonderful and beautiful and brilliant T___T I CRY

the curious case of the wolf in the nighttime by gacrux - this one’s a little sweetly sad but its just SO SWEET??? i can’t with it i can’t <3  it’s the very definition of heartwarming. 

blurb: skincare with dan and phil

okay so with DAN you’d be in their huge bathroom and you’d have opened your toiletries bag onto the counter and there’s like thirty different tubes and bottles and this asshole just dives for the pore strips bc it’s the only thing he recognizes so you use them and he yells when you pull his off and then he’s like “okay make my face smooth as a baby’s butt i literally want my face to feel like a child’s bare ass” and ur like ok howell im just gonna exfoliate like three layers of skin off before i can start

PHIL would be so cute tho you’d have put all your products on the counter in the order you used them and he’d be inspecting them like “this is like a science experiment oh my god there are MULTIPLE CLEANSERS what does oil based mean” and he makes you put everything on his face and he’s got that dopey face on when he closes his eyes so u just kiss his lil nose b4 applying the serum

(Sorry bad quality it’s the only one I have on my new phone) THIS MY DOG HIS NAME IS DOUG. He’s 4yrs old, 100lbs and he is v sweet but v stubborn (probably a Taurus – BULLdog).

(you don’t have to post this btw I just wanted to show you an unsolicited picture of my dog lmao).


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oh my god calling them eggs means going balls deep would become laying your eggs w


im gonna lay my eggs in some girls :3c

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How do u think Harry would react if like in winter u needed a ride but didn't ask him for one so u walk home from the bus stop and he scolds u like a mom and keeps u warm

AAAAAH I can picture it so easily.

You walk in, shivering, and have a hard time closing the door because the wind is so strong.  Harry sits on the couch with the TV on low, mindlessly scrolling through his phone.  He looks up and frowns instantly, seeing your red nose and your frozen cheeks and your shivering little body.  “Y/n, oh my god, did you walk here?”

“Y-yeah,” you stammer through clattering teeth.  “I d-did but it’s fine.  I’m f-f-fine.”

He stands with a smirk, sharking his head.  “You’re not fine.  Why didn’t you ask me for a ride?”  He finds it cute how you’re still just standing there, not taking off your coat, hat, scarf, mittens, etc. because you’re so damn cold.

“I didn’t wanna b-bother you…” You say, shivering.  “It’s not that bad outs-side.”

He walks to you and holds you at arms length.  “Oh, it’s not?”  When you don’t say anything he laughs, pulling you into him to kiss your forehead and wrap his arms around you.  “Don’t ever think that you’re a bother to me.  You understand?  You’re not.  You could never be.  I’d rather come get you ANY day than have you freeze to death or catch pneumonia or something.”  He pulls away and smiles down at you.  “Lets get a fire started and we can work on warming you up, mm?”

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so me and my bf have been together for almost 5 months and one time we were messing around a bit and all of a sudden he puts his hand on my chin and brings my face to his and just stares at me smiling. I asked "what?" and he said "you're so beautiful, and I hope you know I appreciate you and the time we spend together." I got so happy and we cuddles for a good 30 minutes. 😊

oh my god this is too cute

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Harry drinking wine is my favourite concept

Mmm yes all fancy with his little wine glass.  Twirling it around, sniffing it, and tasting it.  But that boy would get drunk pretty quick, I’d guess.  And he’d be such a drunk cutie, hanging all over you and kissing your cheeks.  Saying, “I love you so much baby.”  And the worst part is, his already pink lips would be stained from the wine (if it was red) and his little tongue would be purple and he would look so cute and childlike, but also incredibly sexy all in one.  Oh my GOD I love him.