HOLY SHIT someone from my work died bevause they were smoking a cigarette and the cherry blew against her hair and she had a lot of hairspray on and her head went up in flames. That’s so horrible and I literally smoke with a head full of hair spray all the fucking time. oh my god. That sounds like the most terrifying death

You’re Never Gonna Lose Me

Request: Hey, this is my first request and sorry for my english is so bad oh my god. This idea popped in my head, maybe a bucky x reader where she is an avenger and they have a crush on each other, but during a mission against HYDRA she get intoxicated/poisoned and Bucky is totally terrified of lose her because she probably won’t survive?

Warnings: Swearing, violence, idk

Word Count: 2,405

A/N: Thanks to the anon that requested. Sorry it wasn’t exactly like your request. Anyway idk if you guys have noticed but I curse A LOT. So sorry about that. Also Tangled was on while I was writing this, and I love that movie so… Anyway send requests/feedback here.

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Omg that domestic AU. I can imagine little Lena taking Jack and Gabriel to open house and one of the other kids starts crying because it's not fair how she gets TWO dads also little Lucio coming home crying because kids at school made fun of and pulled his hair. Gabriel becomes 100% ready to punch a child

oh my GOD!!!!! gabe glares at the teacher throughout the entire parent-teacher meeting just DARING her to say something bad about his children. jack is like, honey, chill.

but jack cant say shit because the moment he hears about lucio getting bullied, he fucking marches over to each of the kids houses and just THROWS DOWN. WITH WORDS, NOT FISTS, BUT HE MIGHT AS WELL HAVE BEEN PUNCHING. he terrifies the families to the point gabe is sure the fear will be passed down for generations. gabe has never been more in love.

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oh my god babe so you mentioned how Warren's s/o reacts when he calls her a dirty slut, BUT I'LL DO YOU ONE BETTER, ALRIGHT SO SHE'S ALL "EXCUSE YOU WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST CALL ME" and he goes from big tough dom back to loving baby birb in like 0.2 seconds like "baby i'm sorry i didn't mean it i'm so sorry babydoll please" and she's looking up at him all confused and still slightly offended and he's peppering kisses all over her face and whimpering because he's so terrified he hurt her


warren loves his s/o and doesn’t wanna hurt her ever 

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Felix. Felix I've had a thought. The law is you can't use elevators during a fire, so I asked my wheelchair using mum recently what she would do if there was a fire in a building and she wasn't on ground level. She has to wait around for a fireman to get her. So, so, my thought is. Where are my firemen Erik fics??? The mall is burning down and Charles is stuck on the third floor where is fireman Erik coming to his rescue oh my god

A) seriously???? i just assumed that wheelchair-users were the only ones who could use elevators in a fire?  that’s so terrifying oh my god!!!

i just did some quick reading on this and the legal stuff about fire evacuation procedures for disabled people (uk) basically boils down to “figure it out for yourselves”.  i mean, logistically, it is impossible to account for all buildings and all disabled people, but man did they even try x x x

B) !!! and yes !!! i can imagine charles getting prickly about how terrible and unprepared this public building is for wheelchair-users during a fire evacuation and taking it out on erik.

“what are you saying, there’s no fire evacuation lift?”

“i’m very sorry, sir, but could you please come with me to the stairs, where my colleague and i will assist you-”

“for a public building that serves hundreds of customers a day, you’d think that their evacuation procedure for wheelchair-users would be a little more thought-out”

“please, sir, i know this is technically a drill, but could you please-”

“i have a right mind to just let the flames take me and hope that my death will tender some compassion for disabled people in our society”

“sir, could you please just… wait. in your scenario, wouldn’t i also die in the fire?”

“… i suppose you’re right.  alright, mister fireman. no one shall die today except my pride. carry me down the stairs, won’t you?”

“uh, sure.”

in the background, erik’s colleague, alex summers, stifles a laugh.

This woman came in with a large return, no receipt, AND an even larger return so it was taking a while, and of course she had to come in at a shift change so it was very messy up front… the shitty manager just HAD to walk by during this time and decided I was too slow, so she decides to “help” by basically doing everything for me

And now I’m having a panic attack in the bathroom because I’m terrified I’m going to get yelled at later and possibly written up for all of this and the only two thoughts going through my head is “oh my gods I can’t breathe” and “if I quit now she can’t yell at me later” :) :) :)

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Oh my god, Obi-Wan as Izumi, that's perfect. But the idea of Rex being ishvalan, but in the army... Just. Reminds me of Major Miles, who reminds me of Fort Briggs. And Olivier Armstrong. I don't even know who to have as her because she's just so perfect as herself she's so beautiful

I would never think of replacing terrifying sword bae.

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(Maybe Ventress? Idk man.)

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Oh my God I just read your link to that Rumple and Belle spoiler post and my favorite response is one of them saying that they are character assassinating Belle because she...wants to protect her baby and might be mad at Rumple for being the Dark One again. Seriously? Also the 'he hasn't done anything wrong' response was slightly terrifying - what have they been watching?

Well it was pointed out that no one hates poor DimBelle more than DumBellers….

BTW, they’re also convinced there will be a “custody battle” over the Unfortunate Embryo….because, again, they can’t seem to fathom that SB (and this show) does not function like whatever landlocked suburb they inhabit (see previously posts interpreting everyone living like cube employees in tract homes). 

First off, the courts don’t really seem to have any particular authority in SB….you’re married until you say you’re not, then you’re divorced. So I tend to imagine possession is 10 tenths of the law, here. 

Secondly, Goldemorte’s the biggest thug in town, so unless Hyde’s somehow gained power in that capacity (doesn’t sound like it), pretty sure local law and officers of the court (Emma, Charmz, Regina and now, Hook—with the Fairies as social workers) would probably award sole custody to Belle and not even visitation to Scaly

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this all sounds terrifying oh my god BUT IM SO SURE SHE GOT ASPHYXIATED NOW HOLY SHIT!!! MAYBE HUNG!! do u know if there was beta testing for her?

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My mom is really sick and she's too old to be sick like this like she'll be 60 in May and this really can't be happening because my dad is disabled he can barely walk without tripping over his feet and he doesn't have a job because of that my mom is the only one with a job I'm only 15 I have no way to help my family but I'm terrified every day that it might be one of their lasts and oh my god what am I supposed to do I'm a freaking child what am I supposed to do

Oh my Darling…my heart goes out to your whole family. That is a really rough situation. Please remember you’re not alone, you’re never alone. People are around you to help guide and support, you need only to reach for them. Not only that, but others have been in a low place like this with people they love and they have made it out, they have, even if a little worse for wear. They survived and were stronger because of it and I know you will too.
Please don’t take on this burden alone. You are still a kid in many ways and you need to remember that, if only on occasion. When you have free moments start hunting for jobs (if you wanna DM me and talk further I could even help you hunt!)
Talk to another adult, whether that be a grandparent or aunt or uncle or someone at school, find someone who you can talk to in person or who is at least in close proximity to come to your aid if a situation arises where that is necessary.

I hope this helped maybe a little? You can do this. You’re mom and dad can do this. I will be one hundred percent sending positive vibes and strength your way. I believe in you, big love my friend xx

okay so i’m not writing up myr’s full mental illness headcanon because i’m actually terrified to do so for my own reasons but something that myr has a serious issue with because of it is her sense of self. so she steals things from people a lot. not physical objects but personality traits she likes or habits or things like that. she doesn’t have much of an idea of who she is/what she wants (is she an optimist or a pessimist? does she want to die or live? is she a good witch or a bad witch? etc.) so she takes things from people who she feels do know what they’re doing with their lives. the list is as follows;

  • she paints her fingernails green because sally bowles in cabaret also does.
  • her accent is very similar to sibyl’s from downton abbey
  • myr’s walk (when she can control it, she often twitches or trips involuntarily) is ripped directly from how her mother used to walk
  • her love of blond/e hair isn’t actually her own preference, but there was a girl in her muggle school who wouldn’t talk to her because she wasn’t blonde and myr’s wanted it ever since
  • she picked up her hair-twirling habit from a hufflepuff girl in her potions class. myr can’t remember her name now
  • her father, when nervous, would rub his hands together and myr picked it up like virus
  • her aunt shelby was absolutely obsessed with the color lavender. her passion was veryyyy easy to tap into and myr’s favorite color above navy and green is lavender for that reason


She had to grow up too fast.

[Mercedes, feisty and joyful and terrified, the girl who became a queen her country could be proud of]

cover: sushes


Sweet Ophelia - Zella Day / Oh My God - Cults / Build It Up - Kero Kero Bonito / When Will I Change - Best Coast / Carry On - Couer de Pirate / Venus Fly - Grimes / Gun - CHVRCHES / I Will - Sky Ferreira / Under Attack - Mamma Mia / Baptized by Fire - Spinnerette