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funny/embarrassing stories :)

okay so I can’t swim, at all, right? and I remember when I was 15 I went to the beach with a few friends and a boy I liked and we decided to jump in the water but the waves were like huge and it brought  me down and I couldn’t get up for shit and I could swear I was like dying in the deep ocean and I feel someone’s pushing me up by the hand. It was the guy I liked and turns out it was really just shallow sea. Never felt so embarrassed. lol


Hi guys I know i’m super late, but i fell asleep b/c it was midnight over here, and i might as well put this out there

so anyway i’m emily and pretty lame, and a really big cloud and dog enthusiast. I just turned 17 on the 19th and am from Taiwan. I follow from @meowzaa 

I know my tumblr isn’t full TD, but they’re the first group that consequently got me into other groups, so i like to think that they were the OG.

Yeah so i’m relatively new to kpop in general, i only got introduced earlier this year. Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming!

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IM LAUGHING SO HARD I WAS THINKING WHAT KINDA MUSIC KARAMATSU WOULD BE INTO, I THOUGHT AT FIRST IN LIKE REALLY COOL SONGS, ROCK N ROLL AND STUFF BUT THEN I THOUGHT LATINO MUSIC FROM THE EARLY 2000S AND I LAUGHED SO HARD BECAUSE HE WOULD THINK THIS IS SO COOL watch?v=_XDyjrab6HM omg just this song was so cool when i was a kid but now is so lame chayanne even dress like Karamtsu i hate this, this is so lame, Karamatsu is so lame i love him

Oh my god yes, Latino rock Karamatsu is so great

He’d totally dig the amazing guitar instrumentals for sure, but he’d also love the passion of Latin music as well. “It’s as if with every strum of the guitar, the raw emotions of the music are making their way into my heart and resonating with my lonely soul, lifting my spirit into the sky, and carrying me on the winds of destiny~”

…Or something like that.

I feel like one of these days I’m going to be super out of the loop of Internet humor. And my kids are going to think.im super lame and roll their eyes at me when I ask what stuff means.

Oh my god I’m not ready for this. My children are so small and pure right now. I’m not ready for the sass yet.

I’m not ready to be 40 and trying to stay relevant with my kids.

Fuck I need to just take a nap. Damn.