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ALSO i thought of her being a guest star on random shows. like a cooking show? you're making food for dva. She is so ARROGANT but charming. "I really liked the dish!" "But you pushed all this stuff to the side?" "Oh yeah. I don't like that stuff, so i dont eat it." and maybe she sits there and everyone knows that she doesn't really cook for herself that much, but she'll sit there and tell you your salmon is dry. way too dry.

I’m loving this oh my god,,dva can pull off “arrogantly charming” so well tbh

after all, she’s #1

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4 for the bias ask :))

bias meme .

4 : Why I love my bias so much

oh god okay

cracks knuckles

let’s start with his beauty. like he’s literally so pretty it’s breathtaking. from his cute lil nose, to his pretty eyes, to his sharp ass jawline, to his pretty lips and radiant smile. even his forehead kills me. and his thighs?????? i’m a slut for legs like god bless his fucking leg muscles. i don’t understand how so many people can say he’s unattractive. i just don’t see it. and he definitely doesn’t look like a horse. those jokes lowkey rly bother me bc i know they bother him even if he goes along with it. after a time or two, it just gets really old and demeaning and isn’t funny anymore. but anyway i’m rambling now so i’ll move on.

his personality. not only is he beautiful on the outside, he’s even more stunning on the inside. i’ve never seen such a caring individual in my life. he’s so sweet and soft, he would lay down his life for a random hobo on the street if they needed it. you can’t find many people like that anymore, so that really makes him a gem. and he’s so cute like you can’t help but smile anytime he’s around because he radiates happiness and sunshine. not to mention he’s scared of literally everything, like how fucking cute can you be let me protect you my smol child.

his talent. again, i don’t understand how people can say he’s not talented enough. he has more talent in his pinky fingernail than most people i know have period. his dancing is mesmerizing, i literally just sit and watch fancams and stuff on a daily basis just to see him dance. he can sing, he has vocal chords straight from the gods. and on top of that, he taught himself to rap because it was asked of him, and even though he didn’t rap until a few years ago he’s so extremely good at it??????? and great at writing lyrics???????? like his dance and the way he raps are the initial thing that caused me to fall in love. it’s amazing. i mean have you seen boy meets evil????????????? i felt like my entire world imploded because it was so unbelievably fantastic i couldn’t handle it. my breath was taken. and he’s not bad at acting either, i love watching him in their serious mvs, like,,,,, he’s truly perfect.

and he works his ass off for everything he has. especially with how much people hate on him, he has a lot on his plate and he tries extra hard to impress everyone, nothing is just handed to him. he goes without sleep and practices until his feet start to crack because he’d rather work?????? and get better?????????????? just for us?????????????????????? even tho half of us don’t even deserve that thoughtfulness and dedication????????????????????????????? like,,,, i just can’t fathom how he exists.

i could go on forever but i’ll stop here. i just really love jung hoseok with every single fiber of my being and every inch of my soul.

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Fave thing about Dustin?

ok Dustin is overall just a cutie i love him so much but my favorite thing about him is his personality he’s so funny like when eleven was gonna get dressed in front of the boys his reaction gets me every time, “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD” LMAOO

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okay but im so glad that this little checkers guy is an emperor bc i was worried that hes just going to be like this helpless shy dude whos going to snap and stuff but with this hes a fucking edgelord loser and i l o v e this

sAME I AM SO FUCKIGN READY FOR THIS LITTLE SHITBAG MY GOD. like before i wasnt sure if i cared as much about him (bc out of the all the chara designs, whilst i did Love His, it didDN’T STAND OUT AS MUCH) but now

now oh noy 

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If each Batfam member recieved 1 superpower (which they couldn't refuse), who would get what?

this is hard, since their whole… Thing is not getting superpowers. And are these randomly assigned? Or are they “they can choose one superpower”? Because I think most of them would choose stealth or mind reading at this point, tbh, but if we gotta give ‘em things that’d fit their personality/randomly…..

Random Superpower Generator says for Bruce:

“Your powers are near-invulnerability to physical damage, learning the complete history of an object by touching it, teleportation, and camoflaging your body.”

…now that’s just fucking OP right there. He’d hate it and love it at the same time. It makes solving shit so much easier, but………. oh my god it’d take the fun out of it for him

he’d also be fucking miserable touching anything in his house.

Generator says for Dick:

“Your power is super navigation skills.”

…I think he’d take that pretty well.

It’d def help when he was younger and kept getting kidnapped and shit. “Dick! Where are you!?” “ehh….. take a turn at the Kmart on 5th and there’s a little rundown place. I’m in the basement on the fourth room from the staircase.” Boyo’s life just got so much easier.

Generator says for Jason

“Your power is altering your appearance.”

Now i’m just laughing. Can you imagine how much of an asshole Jason would be with this power? Mad at Bruce? Changes into his younger form. Mad at someone else? Change into their face and speak in their voice and mock them for it. Mad at himself? Turn into the Joker and…..

Oops. Got too dark there.

Generator says for Tim:

“Your powers are controlling earth and shooting energy beams.”


“what makes you qualified to be Robin?” “eh. [SHOOTS ENERGY BEAMS]”

“Hey guys this is your new leader Tim” “hi tim” “hi guys [earth rumbles] shit sorry that was my stomach”

Generator says for Steph:

“Your powers are super speed and super intelligence.“

pls let Steph be adopted by Mr. Allen now

pls imagine Steph decking Tim at 50 miles per hour

Generator for Cass:

“Your powers are controlling water, eating anything, and seeing through solid objects.“

I feel like Cass would like this one. She makes water dance to soothe herself on rough days, or just entertain herself. It’s like drawing or video gaming for other people. Sometimes she uses them as dance partners. It’s funny to see through people’s (her siblings’) clothes and tell them what color underwear they’re wearing.


She would love munching on shit ok.

Everything is edible?

Eat all of it.

She’d love it.

Generator for Damian:

“Your power is manipulating light.“


damn, the generator is good today.

This boy’s been an assassin living in shadows his whole life. This power would a) hide him from others and make him a more fierce rumor, and b) make him do the metaphor thing where he’s all evil and shit

but it’d also give him his own power to change that.

Like Damian, it is a problem which is also a solution for itself.

But like, also. It’s a lot easier to draw and paint when you have proper lighting, so he prob uses it more for that, when he’s not brooding like his father.

He just doesn’t think about it as much when he’s doing that.

all the new blunt force trauma art you’ve been posting reminded me of something i drew a while back of johnny&the gang, including a future todd design that ive now realized is probably inaccurate. i have no idea why i didn’t submit this sooner!

please no i started screaming silently and entered a coughing fit looking at these oh my god these are so fucking nice i love them so much these make me so fucking happy i cant even express it in words that group photo is… making me emotional tbh its so sweet and happy and looking at it feels so magical??? holy fuck…you have made my whole fucking week with these i wish i had something more meaningful to say but all i can manage right now is that these just make me feel so happy looking at them these are so special and feel so alive and make it feel like these characters have been worthwhile… thank you so much these are so wonderful these characters look so fucking cute in your style i love phoebe’s big smile and johnny’s even bigger smile (god he is melting my heart he looks so happy it is destroying me that’s so sweet) and this todd is so fucking cute!!!! i LOVE that short haired todd actually wow it’s incredibly cool to see other people take their own shot at creating alternate looks for these characters i really really love it. he looks great <3 thank you so much im gonna cry im so happy

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my headcanon is that reinhardt is messing with lucio, like what would be the most cringeworthy thing to possible tell this music-loving, rebellion leading, kid? "oh yes the power of music is great. Did you know hasselhoff sang a song that literary TURNED THE BERLIN WALL INTO DUST, its a true fact, i was there"

…Oh my god, this makes so much sense.

Lucio is just dying inside while Reinhardt is trying to keep a relatively straight face.

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Which parts of The Clone Wars do you dislike?


hahahahah, oh this can of worms. Well, here we go in no particular order:

  • That animation. My god, I fucking hate that ugly ass animation, who decided on that style?? Just…God, I hate it so much. (I am so picky, I know. Like, that is my major problem with Steven Universe as well - I can’t watch it because I just don’t dig that style. ANYWAY, MOVING ON.)
  • People’s characterizations are sometimes really, really OOC. Anakin being hyper aggressive and showing all the signs of toxic masculinity and almost no traditional feminine qualities? Did these writers watch the prequel movies?? Padme loving Democracy so much more than common sense or her husband? (That scene where she’s like I CAN’T GO ON VACATION WITH YOU I NEED TO DO WORK CAUSE I CAN ONLY DO MY WORK HERE. Honey, you whisked Anakin away to get married to him during a mission and the opening of a war. This is Padme Amidala, who would totally shoot her own computer while staring right at Anakin all “Oh no, I’m being threatened again, guess my Jedi Protector has to come with me to X so I can do my work safely.” Like…Padme and Anakin are in love love and they’re both EXTRA AS SHIT It’s why they’re attracted to each other.) 

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// fuc k oh my god i love them so much. the actor who plays tommy is so adorable though. and charlie & natalia are fu KCING  s ocu te. i love them. they’re all beautiful. au where tommy, carol, nancy, jonathan, & steve all get along :’( why can’t they all love each other 


OMG THIS IS SO LATE I FEEL RLY BAD BUT HERE YOU GO HAPPY (LATE) BIRTHDAY JI-MOM (also, I cannot w/ warm colours, so thats why he looks kind of dead)


xander meant the whole world to me like…i would have done anything for him OH my god. i love xander so much.

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This has nothing to do with the kink policing anon but I thought in light of all that it might entertain you: in my twenties, I was friends with a wonderful gay man who became the erstwhile Crisco King of London because it wasn't sold in the UK. He had access to it because he was a military brat. So he would get it in large quantities and resell it to all the fisting aficionados in the queer community over there.

oh my GOD, Nonnie! this message made my entire day!! i knew Crisco was well loved by the handball community but had no clue it wasn’t available worldwide. i adore that your friend was able to make a name for himself (and a few bucks!) getting it into (onto) needy fists!! haha thank you so much for sharing! i’m BEAMING over this. 💋

cc: @dollylux @saltandbyrne @homo-pink

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Hi! i just want to tell u that your posts and fics r DAMN AWESOME and your writing style is really characterful and interesting! Keep it up c: Haha i just can't wait for the chapter twelve of Picture unperfect! It really is an interesting story!

Hello! Oh my goodness, you are so sweet! Thank you so much! This makes me so very happy, you don’t even know! It’s people, readers, like you who motivate and inspire me to do the best I can to create material you all can enjoy! Chapter twelve of PU will be out shortly; I’m thinking before the end of this week, so keep your eyes peeled! :D I’m so glad you enjoy that story, and all my other writing! Thank you again anon, this truly just made my day even brighter! <3<3

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I tend to think about these things waaaaay too much (despite ~~~ identity being a construct ~~~~) so imma just dive in:

1) Cassandra from I Capture the Castle

tbh I would almost be satisfied with just Cassandra because I have never related to a character so much in my life like oh my god get out of my head but also please don’t I have never felt so understood. 

Basically her brand of self-reflective whimsical yet earnest philosophy is the air I breathe. Just… everything.

Also ‘consciously naive’. fml.

2) Briony Tallis from Atonement

lolololol the ongoing controversy that I insist exists around me relating to this character so much. Basically just… the mixture of imagination and self-awareness. Also, not overly impressed with other people’s love affairs????

3) Will Ladislaw from Middlemarch

Emotional, passionate, independent, has-so-many-areas-of-interrelated-interest-that-they-can’t-decide-what-to-do-their-phd-in, concerned with integrity, probably seen as either a lightweight or just plain weird, probably wants interpretive dance to be a valid form of communication.

Y’all saw these coming.

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