F2F: Gimmie the deets {Foggy/Kate}

Foggy hadn’t seen kate in a few days, so he was happy to spend time with her. Plus, pancakes? Who could turn down pancakes? Certainly not him, and certainly not when his stomach had been growling all morning. Smiling and pulling on jeans and an old coumbia t-shirt, tying up his hair (which he hadn’t noticed getting longer) he stepped out of his room and waited for Kate, sending her a message that he was ready. 

Seeing her round the corner he waved and grinned broadly. “Hey there sureshot!” He said happily, greeting Kate with a hug. “Long time no see, but i’m glad we’re going out for pancakes. I hope this place has all you can eat, because i’m starving” He laughed a little, grinning as they began to walk out of unity. 

My mum just asked if she can come stay with me for a few days??? No??? She does not need to know what goes on at my house oh my god gimmie 50 feet