I have been meaning to make this post for a little while and thought I would do it to address some things. This is essentially a post to say that this blog (and all of you) has been a really important source of stability for me over the last couple of years even though my presence here can be a little sporadic. 

I have cyclothymia which is best described as a slightly milder form of bipolar disorder where my mood ping-pongs all over the place but not enough to severely disrupt my day to day existence. One of the ways I have found best to deal with it is having a handful of things I can return to that allow me to feel less isolated and this blog, amongst other things, is one of them. 

This is also the reason why a) it sometimes takes me a while to reply to messages, b) why posting is off kilter and I don’t always follow through on things and c) why I hoard all the nice anonymous messages that you all send (they always improve my mood when I am in a down period). 

If people are interested, some other things I use to help stabilise my mood are: podcasts, intense house cleaning sessions, re-reading my favourite childhood books, ASMR videos (this channel is my favourite), baking cookies, surrounding myself with an unnecessary amount of candles, mood-boarding and playing the flute. 

Thank you all so much for following me and for allowing me to be a part of the eldritch community, y’all are the best. 

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Reddie as things my gf and I have said

Eddie: I’m sorry I’m so awkward around you 

Richie: Bitch, me too. The fuck? 

Richie: Hours later and I realised that was a horrible response 

Richie: I’m at my smoothest when I’m sleep deprived and depressed 

Richie: Why are you ignoring me??? IS THIS A BREAK UP???

Richie: If you were a vampire, I’ll let you bite my neck

Richie: Babe

Richie: Come baCK

I love how Harry’s parents are in many ways almost synonymous with his magical power. I love how the story is constructed in such a way that he discovers more and more of his parents as he discovers his magical and emotional capabilities. As his image of his parents is enhanced, fleshed-out, and given all sorts of caveats and nuances, so to does his understanding of magic and of the immense magical forces operating within and around him. As he learns that his father was not the faultless hero he had always made him out to be, he also learns that the very magic that had saved him as a baby also is working against him, keeping him tethered indefinitely to the man he must destroy. And at the end when he truly comes to “know” his parents (when he talks to their shadows from the resurrection stone and emulates their sacrifice by walking to his death in the Forbidden Forest) he is able to unlock and utilize the most powerful magic residing within him, the magic that enables him to survive the killing curse a second time, give protection to all his loved ones fighting in the castle, and defeat Voldemort for good. 

The artistry and depth of meaning in this series never ceases to amaze me.