oh my god guys

oh my god


assassin’s creed



my mom got a text from gamestop saying i can pick it up tuesdyasdyfasdhfdFGYAHGAWGAWGHAUGJSJGKADNVSD;JAKL AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH shaun i cannot wait to hear your beautiful stereotypically rude english voice again and also i miss pissing off civilians oh-ho yes i do i will kill all the people ALL THE GUARDS ALL THE TEMPLARS AAAHHH ASSASSIN’S CREED YOU BEAUTIFUL THING

Did anyone see the trailer for the new multiplayer THEY’VE GOT A FUCKIN CAPTURE-THE-FLAG THING HOLY SHIT I LOVE THAT SHIT AH SHIT

anonymous asked:

Have you considered ever collecting all variations of 'You were/I was (etc) curious to see what (will happen) - ' during your rewatch? I'd failed trying my personal tally, yet this seems to me such a central repeated theme in the series that I feel it warrants some merit & since you're going through the eps 1-by-1... (Also can i reiterate how much your posts give me food for thought. I mean I place the feast in my belly & I live (for them).)

Sure, that sounds fun! I don’t think we’ve hit any yet — my instinct is that that’s a purely post-scales-falling sort of comment. I’ll start calling them out and then listing all the ones that have come before, like a “Partridge In A Pear Tree” situation. Also OH MY GAW, you sweetheart! You are so welcome :)