oh mah gaw

oh my god guys

oh my god


assassin’s creed



my mom got a text from gamestop saying i can pick it up tuesdyasdyfasdhfdFGYAHGAWGAWGHAUGJSJGKADNVSD;JAKL AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH shaun i cannot wait to hear your beautiful stereotypically rude english voice again and also i miss pissing off civilians oh-ho yes i do i will kill all the people ALL THE GUARDS ALL THE TEMPLARS AAAHHH ASSASSIN’S CREED YOU BEAUTIFUL THING

Did anyone see the trailer for the new multiplayer THEY’VE GOT A FUCKIN CAPTURE-THE-FLAG THING HOLY SHIT I LOVE THAT SHIT AH SHIT

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that was me and my friends a couple years ago!! YES GIRL IT IS TIME TO G-O OUT THE D-O * pull them panties off on the dancefloor! *

omg yes 

“i caught her in the alleyway bobbin for apples and lemme tell u those were NOT apples and it was NOT halloween that was a man’s penis
and it must have been small bc she wasnt even chokin or gaggin on it or nothin…. and theres nothin i hate more than a man w/ a very little dick

MM GURL IM FEELIN DAT my rule is "if i can reach the base, get that dick out my face!”

YYYES GAWD there are 2 things in life that i do not want to break and thats a sweat and thats a nail but i do not give a FUCK if u break my jaw baby"