Your Bringing That Back? - Alex Summers Imagine

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Request: can you do an older brother Hank McCoy walking in on you making out with Alex Summers

Warning: making out, name-calling

Pairing: Alex Summers x Reader 

Word Count:694

A/N: I know that isn’t actually Alex, but I mean look at that little shit he is absolutely gorgeous 

You never imagined that you Y/N L/N would be given the opportunity to show what you can do. You see you and your older brother Hank were mutants. Being a mutant wasn’t easy, especially when you couldn’t tell anyone. Not even your parents knew. But everything changed after you met Charles Xavier (a.k.a Professor X now). Charles and the rest of the first X-men came up with the brilliant idea to make the mansion into a school, a school for mutants.

None of you ever thought “Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters” would turn out to be a success, let alone have so many kids attending. It was so incredible to see so many kids and their mutations, everyone could be themselves without anyone being judgmental or rude.

As for the rest of you guys, some of you became mentors or teachers or just left in general. You loved being around kids so you decided to be a teacher. All the kids gave you their undivided attention, they enjoyed learning new things from you. If there was anything you loved doing, it was helping them control their gifts.

Today was like any other day, You woke up early, got ready for your class, taught lessons, then went back to your room for some needed sleep. You loved your job, but it was exhausting at times.

Your class ended early today because of it being Friday, which usually gave you time to rest. You opened the door to your room and took your heels off. You plopped down on your bed ready to have the nap of your life. Just as you were about to close your eyes there was a knock at the door

“Come in” You looked up to see your boyfriend Alex.

“Hey Y/n” He walked up to you and gave you a tender kiss

“hmm…Hi” You gave him a soft smile

“How was your day?” He placed a hand on your waist, slightly leaning over you.

“It was tiring, but overall my days been good…great now actually” You ran a hand through his blonde locks.

“oh yeah?” He smirked


“How much more great can your day get if I did this…” Alex leaned down and started leaving wet kisses on your neck

“A-Alex” You felt absolute bliss. Alex always knew how to get your heart pumping even with the slightest touch.

“Want me to stop?”

“No, god no I’ve missed you too much”.

“I’ve missed you too Y/N, we never have any time together”

“Tell me about it”

“I mean with all the classes, work, and all the students to mentor there just isn’t enough tim-” You placed your lips roughly against his.

“You talk to much” You over rolled and straddled his lap. Alex responded immediately, running his hands up and down your sides.

You proceeded taking off your blazer and blouse, Alex’s eyes darkening by the second. He rolled you over him now being on top.

“You’re wearing to much clothing” you breath out as he attacks your neck again.

“lets fix that shall we” He pulls his shirt over his head, his abs now in your view. You raked your eyes up and down his body.

“Like what you see”

“mhmm” You grab him by the neck and pull him down towards you.

You guys were in a full heated make-out session that you didn’t hear someone enter the room.

“Hey Y/N do you think you can look over these revie-” He stops mid sentence.

“Oh my gaw–Hank, don’t you knock!” You scurried to put on your blouse.

“Oh god my eyes…” Hank averted his eyes from you and glanced at Alex.

“Alex” Hank salutes and gives an embarrassed smile.

“Bozo” He smiles amused.

“And I’m Y/N, Hank get out! You exclaimed while ushering him out the door.

“Right sorry, I’ll be going now”. He hurriedly walked out.

You shut the door and actually lock it this time. Your back facing Alex.

“Well–that was something” Alex shook his head. You turned around and faced him

“Bozo, really? Your bringing that back?” You queried.

“He’s still a bozo” He shrugged.

Hope you liked it :)

Scream and Shout

{Continued from here || @imptasm}

Still feeling a little sheepish, Danny laughed, rubbing the back of his neck as he drifted back enough to comfortably address his onlooker. “Kinda the high-strung type? Can’t really relate, but everyone’s got their moments, I guess.”

He floated up until he was closer to level, grinning and offering a hand. “Name’s Phantom. Love the hair.” Seriously, pink flames? Rad as hell.

Briar gestured in a so-so fashion. “Kinda more like he has like incredibly bad anger issues. So like every moment he’s having a moment!” She laughed, which to some would sound incredibly obnoxious. And was. “Like oh my gaw-sh! You’re the Phantom of this universe? You’re like, sooooo so so much youngerrrrr then the one I’m from!!! And my name’s Briar!! And also thank you!!! I rub potassium chloride in it everyday to get it like this!! ”

She shook the offered hand while beaming brightly, and it was only then that she spoke, “He reaaally doesn’t like it when I infect people.”


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assassin’s creed



my mom got a text from gamestop saying i can pick it up tuesdyasdyfasdhfdFGYAHGAWGAWGHAUGJSJGKADNVSD;JAKL AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH shaun i cannot wait to hear your beautiful stereotypically rude english voice again and also i miss pissing off civilians oh-ho yes i do i will kill all the people ALL THE GUARDS ALL THE TEMPLARS AAAHHH ASSASSIN’S CREED YOU BEAUTIFUL THING

Did anyone see the trailer for the new multiplayer THEY’VE GOT A FUCKIN CAPTURE-THE-FLAG THING HOLY SHIT I LOVE THAT SHIT AH SHIT

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Have you considered ever collecting all variations of 'You were/I was (etc) curious to see what (will happen) - ' during your rewatch? I'd failed trying my personal tally, yet this seems to me such a central repeated theme in the series that I feel it warrants some merit & since you're going through the eps 1-by-1... (Also can i reiterate how much your posts give me food for thought. I mean I place the feast in my belly & I live (for them).)

Sure, that sounds fun! I don’t think we’ve hit any yet — my instinct is that that’s a purely post-scales-falling sort of comment. I’ll start calling them out and then listing all the ones that have come before, like a “Partridge In A Pear Tree” situation. Also OH MY GAW, you sweetheart! You are so welcome :)