They kiss for the first time in the bunker’s kitchen. Dean shuffles up wearily beside Cas in front of the coffee pot, and mumbles, “Morning.” His hand doesn’t reach the cabinet pull before Cas taps his shoulder and slides him a mug, already filled, and Dean thinks nothing of leaning over that extra inch.

They kiss for the first time during a stakeout, huddled together because the engine makes too much noise to let the car idle, and it’s not forty degrees tonight. Cas’s breath is warm against his cheek and when he whispers Dean’s name, it comes out like fog that Dean chases to its source.

They kiss for the first time on the hood of the Impala, watching the stars, while Sam politely looks away; inside a locked bathroom door, gauze covering the worst of Dean’s injuries and a bruise blooming on Castiel’s jaw; lying on a motel bed, Netflix forgotten on the laptop between them.

Their first kiss is in Maine, in Michigan, in Kansas, in California; in a greasy spoon over breakfast and broken down on the side of a highway. The kiss is tender and frightened and heated and chaste; long and lingering, and over too fast. 

So many times, Dean has imagined kissing him. They could have a second, a third, a lifetime, if he could get past the first.

The best thing ever just happened.

So I’ve gotten my brother addicted to Supernatural. He’s catching up pretty quick (at season 8) but some re-runs from season 1 are on. It’s the episode Route 666 where Dean is talking to Sam about Cassie.  At one point Sam says “you loved her.” My brother just piped up and said, “No. Dean loves Cas!”

I’m laughing so hard and am so proud of him it actually hurts XD

A day off is coming and I already know I’ll be deadly tired.Why is the Internet so frigging addicting? I was supposed to finish commission at 2 am and then go to sleep. Well it’s 5:20 here now and I still get to get up at 9.

Plans for today:

- therapy in the morning

- doing shopping (I actually got a list lol)

- sending all the things I have to send (2 commissions and some documents for the bank)

- love my kitty :3

- teach one of my students. I just got to know that he got A from English just the day after I taught him. I’m so proud of him!!

….I’ll need a whole lotta coffee. Again.

P.S. If you have a spare time and ship Destiel, you might want to check the destiel rp blog I run with Heather. I think I’ll start a blog for rping Dean alone too, since she got herself a Cas one rofl :D So maybe I’ll be able to test my charm as the older Winchester - soon ;)

i just thought of a great angst filled destiel au: @ryokogirle @superkittycas

ok so what if we have endverse!punk!cas who’s an addict and has no boundaries. and then we have dean who’s also an addict but does have boundaries(no homo). 

and they somehow both end up in the same AA group and dean doesn’t think of him at first but after a few run ins with each other outside of the group, dean realizes that his boundaries rule might make an exception for this guy and they kinda start having sex despite the strict rule of starting relationships in AA but cas is like “we’re not in a relationship; its just sex” and well he’s pretty persuasive so they keep hooking up anyways. but then they make a mistake by hooking up at dean’s house and soon enough dean’s brother, sam finds out and dean is all “please dont tell i really like this guy please” and sam agrees but the whole point of the group is not to have sex and eventually he spills the beans and dean hates him for it. so dean and cas are forced to seperate and dean hits an all time low, almost killing himself and wakes up in a hospital. 

the first person he sees his cas and the first thing cas says is “well apparently casual sex does count as a relationship, sorry” and dean is just like “?????” bc he has no clue with what happened for the past 24 hours except that his brother betrayed him 

then eventually dean and cas realize that they love each other and both drop the groups bc all they need is each other 

  • Roses are red,
  • Your eyes are blue,
  • I'm sorry if this isn't good cause I'm not a poet,
  • But Cas,I love you.
  • #I read this poem in Dean's voice #I want this to happen #Oh my Chuck,Destiel!!