I get the chills when each player raises the cup #greatestsport


he’s weak

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Muck fusion (gem or otherwise idc) is just always hugging himself.

I could literally just draw fusions all day haha gem or human I have SUCH A WEAKNESS you guys


A few things you should know about Misha Collins:

•His full name is Dmitri Tippens Krushnic
•He’s from Greenfield, Massachusetts.
•He was named after his mother’s Russian ex-boyfriend
•He grew up with a single mother who was on welfare.
•When he was a kid, there were times they couldn’t celebrate Christmas were it not for a neighbor giving his mother money to buy him and his brother christmas presents. There were also times when they were homeless, and people helped them. Those little acts of kindness had a profound impact on Misha as kid, and he still remembers them today. Those acts of kindness are also the reason why he decided to start his charity.
•He married his high school sweetheart.
•He built his wife a house.
•They made each other personalized rings.
•They have 2 kids, West Anaximander and Maison Marie.
•He has a BA in Social Theory.
•He used to play the saxophone when he was younger, but he lost his stuff when their house burned down, and then he wasn’t able to get another one.
•A 300 years old maple tree fell in his mother’s yard so he made a bed out of it for his girlfriend.
•He once got arrested because he went to read a book on top of a bank because he needed better lighting.
•He likes green tea and kale.
•He has (or probably had) two turtles.
•He wore a turtle costume to his first Halloween party. It was a negative experience for him because it was handmade and done in a way he had to crawl on all four in order to move.
•He smells like watermelons and cinnamon (according to people who met him)
•He has spent several months in seclusion in monasteries in Tibet.
•He is a certified lifeguard, EMT, and motorcyclist.
•He has slept in an igloo.
•He kayaks, snowboards, bicycle tours, and runs.
•After a devastating forest fire in Los Angeles that killed an innocent tree, Misha and a band of visionary renegades gave it the Christian burial it deserves by planting it illegally in Hollywood.
•He interned at the White House during Clinton Administration.
•He made jokes on his FBI background check.
•He stole security badges from the White House and made a mobile out of them.
•He is a published poet.
•He made most of the furniture in his house.
•He does a lot for charity and uses his influence to encourage his ‘minions’ to contribute.
•He went to Haiti every summer for 3 years, to help build an orphanage.
•He dressed in drag to renew his wedding vows. In a supermarket. With a bouquet made of vegetables.
•He organized a tea party in the middle of a highway with his (amazing) friends. The cops stopped by and had tea with them.
•He does Tibetan throat singing.
•During a fitness test in high school, he was very proud to find out he was the most flexible boy of all boys who had ever participated in the this test. He later found out that his flexibility is due to a birth defect in his spine. After a bike accident, an MRI showed hat stretching too much could leave him paralyzed.
•When he was a kid, he forced himself to eat dirt because he believe it would improve his immune system.
•He posted a picture of himself naked on a horse via twitter.
•He dressed in drag at a high school party, he was so pretty his classmates didn’t recognize him and hit on him. His girlfriend (now wife) was not pleased.
•Once, he was alone at a restaurant with his son. The owner brought him flowers and wished him a happy mother’s day. And this time, he was not in drag.
•He is a Guinness World Record holder.
•He created the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen (G.IS.H.W.H.E.S), and his minions from all over the world participated in it. We made the news for making Christmas trees fly.
•He made hundreds of young women wear dresses only made of bacon. He made a calendar out of it.
•He drove a motorcycle all dressed in cheese only.
•Jared Padalecki beat Misha in Words with Friends. Misha owed $1970 and paid in coins, 4 buckets worth.

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So, I'm trans and im out to a few people. I also wear a binder and talk about it constantly but i guess people think im joking. But I just met the other FTM trans guy in my school and OH MY GOD. He is such a cutie and i don't know what to do with my little gay heart. He's been through the same things as me and he understands and i just AHH.

it’s so comforting to be around someone who understands what you’ve been through and is cute so??? please never let that boy go 

I can totally see a situation in which Dean and Cas are fighting with some kind of a monster and Dean is about to get shot/stabbed/injured but suddenly Cas says “yolo” and protects Dean with his own body 

and later in hospital Cas is laying in bed with his wound perfectly bandaged and Dean is sitting next to the bed and he’s so worried and angry and yelling “Cas what the hell man?! You could have died! D I E D! And you said fucking “yolo”! Do you even know what that means?!”

And Cas just smiles, grabs Dean’s hand and 
“you only love once”
”Cas, what are you even sayin-”
“And there’s no way I’m losing you, Dean”

And then Dean’s the one that requires medical help because suddenly he feels his face burning with red and human heart definitely does not beat this fast