• me:oh yeah, I love critiques on my work! Go ahead.
  • them:*harshly critiques my work*
  • me whispering quietly but with feeling:listen here you little shit.

i just realised i have been applying to university or south carolina instead of university of south california oh my god i am so glad i caught that the colours were similar and i thought it was usc omg that would’ve been terrible if i completed the application and sent it in thinking it was usc oh my god im actually panicking like wtf i almost made a huge mistake FUCK should i even be going to college if i almost screwed up this badly

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I can't imagine 76 smelling like anything in particular, but there's probably always a faint underlying smell of sweat, because this man always sticks to his fitness routine. maybe he also smells more like soap too, because he cares about hygiene

Dude. My man. The light of my life. THIS IS MY JAM.

But seriously, he’s probably always have that sweat smell but in the ‘manly, hot’ way not the ‘gag get away from me’ way. He also totally uses floral smelling shampoo and stuff as well because big burly men smelling of flowers is my aesthetic.

Get to Know Me

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Name/Nicknames: My name’s Lindsay, and unfortunately no one I know has much to go on with that, so I’m mostly just called Linds by my close friends and my sisters.  Although I have recently been dubbed King Arthur of my chatgroup. 

Gender: Female

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff, but I am not good at finding things, I am good at losing things

Favorite Color: It’s mainly green, but I also like blue. 

Time: 3:10

Last Thing I googled: (god damn it) Miraculous Ladybug season 2 spoilers

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Fictional Character I want as a sibling: I can’t really see any fictional character to be related to that I won’t be killed off to fuel their tragic backstory, so I think I’ll pass thank you

Number of blankets I sleep with: I don’t know, depends on the weather man. If it’s hot and humid out I’ll do that awkward half under the blanket, half on. But usually I just collect all my pillows and all my blankets and just make some weird nest. And it’s usually all on the floor by the morning.

Favorite Bands/artists: WEllll… Fallout boy, Imagine Dragons, Skillet, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Florence and the Machines, The Fray, Starset, Panic! at the Disco, Maroon 5 (maybe), OneRepublic, Marina and the Diamonds, and oh my god i dont remember the rest right now.

Dream Vacation: Maybe to the mountains like in Colorado, where I could stay at some nice wood lodge and just enjoy the nature -coughs- and wifi -coughs- and be able to see the city but maybe not be too suffocated by it? Although I might cry having to drive those mountain roads, I ain’t some nascar driver that can pull off turns like that with sweaty hands.

When did I make this blog: Back in the prehistoric ages, or in other words my freshman year of high school I think, 2012/2013 ish

How many blogs do I follow: I follow a whooping 269, woo that’s 5 less than the amount that follow me!

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(i even got porn blogs following me, I think I’ve hit a mile marker)

What do I post about: *inhales breath* well I’m a fan immersed in many genres and fandoms so I tend to post alot of stuff about the shows, animes, manga, books, etc that I’m into, but I also try to signal boost all those cool posts you’ll see that after reading you’re just like

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and life will never be the same. Then again, I also do the best to contribute myself sometimes to my fandoms and society, so I’ll post fanart of mine and maybe fanfiction and occasionally just blunders in my life I hope people can relate to. 

Do you get asks on a regular basis: 

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except when some of my … lovely special friends (you know who you are) meme the hell outta me or send me trash

Aesthetic: thunderstorms, rain, books, libraries, architecture, mountains, classical music, music in general, the smell of paint, constellations, parallels, clothing (sometimes when I think randomly I SHOULD BE A FASHION DESIGNER) and you know, sunsets

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