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#oh is this about mike the headless chicken??

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No, it isn’t, Arthur Schleman was the city dog catcher of Tampa in the 1910s, and he was apparently quite a character (he lost a foot in a gun accident but still regularly engaged in gunfights with his arch nemesis Mike Rose), so I was doing a search for him, and this came up. A feral rooster was killing his prize pigeons, and he shot it, came back out a few hours later, and found it still alive, so he kept it.

Ybor City still has feral roosters, btw, and this time they’re actually protected by law.

Midnight Sun, “Invitations”

“Mike Newton was the most surprising of my torments. Who would have ever dreamed that such a generic, boring mortal could be so infuriating? To be fair, I should have felt some gratitude to the annoying boy; more than the others, he kept the girl talking. I learned so much about her through these conversations—I was still compiling my list—but, contrarily, Mike’s assistance with this project only aggravated me more. I didn’t want Mike to be the one that unlocked her secrets. I wanted to do that.

The possessive way he viewed Bella—as if she were an acquisition to be made—provoked me almost as much as his crude fantasies about her. He was becoming more confident of her, too, as the time passed, for she seemed to prefer him over those he considered his rivals—Tyler Crowley, Eric Yorkie, and even, sporadically, myself. He would routinely sit on her side of our table before class began, chattering at her, encouraged by her smiles. Just polite smiles, I told myself. All the same, I frequently amused myself by imagining backhanding him across the room and into the far wall… It probably wouldn’t injure him fatally…”

I didn’t want Mike to be the one that unlocked her secrets. I wanted to do that.

I managed to lose my entire band in Tokyo once. We were in this club where they served beer in these tiny little cups and you couldn’t keep track of how much you were drinking. I was passing out and somebody nudged me and told me it was time to go. I went out into this alleyway and none of the other guys were there. So I sat down on the kerb, and the next thing I know I’m waking up again at 4am on my own in the back streets of Tokyo. I found out later my bandmates had been searching the streets for me and wondering where the hell I’d got to.
—  Mike Shinoda