Number 10: The Devil Inside

Well ladies and gentlefish, here we are. The final 10. The home stretch is finally here and we’re gonna finish this with a bang. So lets kick this Top 10 off with one of my personal favourites: The Devil Inside.

This one, had goosebumps running up my arms the entire time. From the moment James Gillies was mentioned, I was like ‘Holy shit!’ and the plot was just so good. Everything was perfect for me in this one, and even though I still think Gillies should’ve remained dead, this was a great way to end his story arc in the show. As Murdoch said, he intended to see him hang, and he did.

But you know what I love even more about this?

There’s no Crabtree following Murdoch around, or Brackenreid overseeing it all. It is a case that’s almost strictly between William, Julia and a bit of Henry. It stretches William and Julia to their limits, emotionally. And I love it. The acting is just amazing. The guy who played Jacob Foley was phenomenal in my eyes, because he had to say everything James Gillies would say, and make it sound quite convincing. And he was very convincing indeed.

But the best part to me personally, was Henry helping out in the case. No silly mistakes that people always expect from him, no cockiness about him. He understood the severity of the case and got right onto it. He even helped to solve it by pointing out how Leonard Wright’s store was on the intersection of Robert and Wilcox, which led Murdoch to Veronica Bowden, and eventually solving the whole case and finding Gillies.

Plus, I thought it was cute how Murdoch made sure Henry took another constable with him to Leonard Wright’s store so he didn’t get killed, just shows that Murdoch really cares for his constables :)