WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED IM SCREAMING…a couple days ago i received a mysterious package and i assumed i had forgotten about something i bought but turns out, it wasn’t my purchase at all… 

Can i please take a moment to express how much I appreciate every single one of you…i’m literally crying tears i dont think anyone understands how much this means to me, whoever it was that bought the watercolor pencils, i hope you know that i’ve been having one of the worst months to date, and this truly uplifted me in the heavens,  i swear i only put up the wishlist because an anon asked and i never ever expected anyone to look at it, but this is legitimately making me cry and it’s made my entire day–please dont waste your hard earned money on me i swear im a smol person who doesnt deserve an ounce of the love you guys give me!!! 

it’s not even the pencils it’s just the kind of wholehearted love coming from you guys, always messaging me when i’m stressed or down everyday and always encouraging me more than i do myself ;; i dont know how to react to such a selfless action, i wish i could do something in return because i havent done anything to deserve this kind of love! i usually dont receive gifts, even on my birthday, but i will love these like nothing else <3 @ anon whoever it was, thank you so so much please tell me who you are i want to do something in return, my angel!!