blazerought  asked:

❂ What is the greatest misconception about Keith that rustles your jimmies, Sinny?

/ the pointy nose, of course. 

  OHHHHH BOy. we’ve had many discussions about many of them and it’s very hard to pinpoint one just out of all of them especially when the feelings are strong with so many topics and our poor boy is subjected to so much. whilst the amount of levels of salt we have about keith + leadership i think i have rambled about that before here and touched upon here also here + i wholeheartedly believe you can articulate the misconceptions with black paladin keith far better than me bud.  

so i think im gonna take this chance to take on the notion that keith is overtly violent by nature and in turn also cold and uncaring. especially when this behaviour is all directed towards the paladins. 

let me just say firstly this is going to be a mix of some objective observations and subjective statements. i don’t have the energy or time unfortunately to meta as much as i want to - this is going to be a casual but focused discursive analysis breaking down a few things about the Best Boy.

further disclaimer that by saying these things about keith i am not detracting anything away from other characters. but the focus here is solely keith, so yes! i’m gonna make a cut because lmAO THIS IS SO LONG. im so ready to just smash this to pieces tbh. 

word count: ~5.8K 

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