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You began reciting his right for him as you frisked him, your hands trailing up and down, in and around his body. "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be held against you in the court of law-" before you could continue with reciting his rights your hand accidentally went a little to close. "Geez Doll I'm all for foreplay but isn't this a little straight forward" with your cheeks aflame, you continued to speak his rights and frisk him. A little more carefully.

Oh Lordy lord lord lord

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What are your opinions of the height difference in strong woman bo dong soon?

continued: Sorry about the typo in the last ask: do bong soon

Hi hiiiiiii!!!! oH LORDIE LORD. OH LORD. You’ve activated my kink™

I love height differences in general, just sign me the fuck up for them in every context. Minsoon’s height difference waS TO DIE FOR OMG !!!! She would fit so adorably into his arms, and him stooping to hug her or kiss her was just *clutches chest*

Fun fact: Park Bo Young and I are the same height so everytime she would hug Hyungsik and I’d die over their height difference, I would also just be like 

I mean he’ll probably strain his neck eventually and that’ll be the source of their arguments for the next 50 years bUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!