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so why watch supernatural at all? I'm sorry I've been looking at your posts about how the cast is sexist/racist/problematic in general and spn is shit and I agree with every point you made and now I feel weird for having a blog dedicated to the show (I'm kinda new)

oh man i don’t really wanna discourage you from having a spn blog! honestly the whole reason i’ve finally broken and started talking shit (this literally just happened today) is because i’m so tired of people overlooking it or defending it! you shouldn’t have to feel bad about it if you don’t act that way! plus, the only reason my blog is spn (see: mostly dean), is because i love dean with all my heart. idk i’ve been with this show for a few years now and i’ve kinda grown close with the boy. that doesn’t mean i watch the show- i stopped halfway through season 9 because i just could not stand it anymore

started watching Halt and Catch Fire today and:

1. Lee Pace is really really (almost worryingly) good at ‘beautiful and wildly unhinged adult child’

2. AMC really likes their profoundly unlikeable but weirdly compelling leading men

3. oh look another show where I just want the two female leads to run away from the bullshit sexist testosterone posturing and found their own company because they’re clearly the two smartest people in the room anyway

Just finished episode 3 of Agent Carter and I’m really liking it. I have to say though sometimes it’s hard to sit through having to watch Peggy put up with all the blatant sexism thrown in her face ffs you dumbasses Carter is a DECORATED WAR HERO WHERE ARE YOUR MANNERS YOU FUCKING IGNORANT TWATS.

Seriously though how has she not snapped and just shot everyone in the face and then called up Jarvis to help her clean up the place and then hire Sousa as her sidekick and then just run the whole department herself it’s not like anyone else would notice the difference.

Oh wait no they would because suddenly everything is running more efficiently.

Seriously though the place is filled with idiots no wonder Hydra managed to infiltrate.

Also I know that Chad Michael Murray is playing a patronising sexist douchebag but goddamn he looks good on this show.