The Sound of Sexism

I’m a Sound Engineer and work in a few different areas of sound. After leaving an almost exclusively male college with some top lads, my career has been riddled with sexist comments. 

  • I’ve been told I carry a longboard (my mode of transport) for show and that I’m too weak to hold a boom.
  • Equipment companies always look for a lad to sign off on stuff when they know I’m head of my crew.
  • I’ve had actors say I’m a pain but have got great tits when they’re in for ADR. 
  • OH! And of course the worst ones “Hey, love, can you make us some teas? Our engineer must be running late, ta.” No, I’m here. I’ve been here for an hour, y'all are late.
  • “So, are you here for experience/are you an intern/are you an assistant?”


rose-of-pollux replied to your post “pills are already working, so, blame them for this post even tho Harry…”

The thing about Harry is that (from what I’ve seen) he’s definitely a hero, but one of those “Oh, alright, I’ll do the thing even though I realllly don’t want to” heroes, and is more or less an upstanding, good person. The reboot makes their main character (I am reluctant to call him Napoleon since he’s nothing like Napoleon) an anti-hero in every which way they can. It shows.

Well, yes, Harry has some decency and he is never extra unpleasant to people he deals with (but still, he is pretty unpleasant and he is NOT Napoleon Solo @vintagetvfan). He is sexist, not sympathetic, sulky looking etc. He is a different character. And that’s ok, because that’s who he’s supposed to be.

Now, the one from the reboot is not only antihero, he’s also unable to establish contact with people he’s got to work with, even if he doesn’t like them. And that’s just plain stupid if he’s supposed to be not even a good, a half-decent spy.

The newest episodes of SU were amazing. Not only were the episodes artistically stunning (holy fuck the gem cluster) but also did they include yet again the small but oh so important things I love this show for:

This show takes stereotypes and crushes them to the ground. You see how a mama melon joins  the fight and papa melon stays with the kids. They do this in such a grand way. Completely without making either party look weak and also without the sexist assumption that the mom should stay with the kids. 

And it teaches great morals to kids like solving conflict by talking and not destroying/fighting. Steven shows so much compassion to the cluster who only acts out of fear and confusion. In the end they are both rewarded. I mean just how this show generally shows how important kindness and reaching understanding by talking is, is amazing. When you read or watch the news you see so many people struggle not only with themselves but with an always moving and sometimes hateful world; whole societies that reject them. In times like this it’s so important to have shows who show us that there is another way. That yes, we can exist together in a peaceful way if we dare to speak and others dare to listen to our words.

I just have a lot of feels about Steven Universe okay

Why the fuck are people so pissed at Hey Violet?! What the hell did they do!? Honestly what is wrong with this fandom nowadays? Everyone is hating on literally anything relating to 5SOS. Luke’s got a girlfriend? Fuck her she’s a bitch and is using Luke for his money. Show me the receipts, the proof. 5SOS signs a new band to their record label in attempt to help them live they’re dream just like they do? Well fuck them I don’t have a good reason other than one of the band members may or may not be dating Calum. Oh look Ashton decides to acknowledge some guys fans, WHICH LITERALLY NEVER HAPPENS, and is called sexist for it? This fandom full of teenagers, TEENAGERS, are acting like complete children. ( I realize there are younger fans too but a majority of the 5SOSFAM does consist of teens. ) GROW UP. Idk where I was even going with this but it’s all ridiculous. Why can’t we just support these Aussies instead of hating on them for literally EVERYTHING THEY DO!??? Literally they do one thing and people find a way to manipulate the situation and make it into something MUCH bigger than it really is. Just stop. Support the band. If you don’t have any nice shit to say then don’t say it at all. Message me if there is any misunderstanding or if you think something I said is wrong. Don’t be all like “first of all bitch” Let’s just spread some love ok? This didn’t make any sense at all but I’m just so tired of everyone hating on dumb shit and just sending hate in general.

Surprised I haven’t seen any of you idiots complaining about the new episode of South Park yet. Oh that’s probably because pc principal is exactly what Tumblr would be like if it was a person. It’s also spot on with the Bruce Jenner thing. Go South Park for pissing off all the cry babies on Tumblr just by showing them how they act and look to everyone else. :)

*Nudes of multiple female celebrities are released to the internet*

Media: This is the most sexist and misogynistic thing that has ever happened! This just shows how much women are hated in society and how much men feel entitled to women’s bodies!

*Nudes of multiple male celebrities are released including Justin Bieber’s*

Media: Omg look at all these sexy men! Thank you whoever released these nudes oh yeah I would love to get a piece of them!!!!


So, a doubly-whammy here:

Leigh Alexander - our favorite alcoholic hate-monger, who we see on the left being quite willing to exploit white men for the website she works for - is now seen on the right demanding payola to appear on a TV show that says it would usually not pay guests to appear.

“Oh you white men better work for free - but if you want me to appear for free? that’s sexist”

I guess if one standard is good, then a double-standard is twice as good.

…oh and this “Trial and Error” show is looking to have people come in and talk about gaming, with both people who think gaming is sexist and not sexist, but they don’t want to attract “a certain gaming gang” - I wonder who they’re thinking of

and ofc I got this off 8chan’s /gamergatehq/ so they have been quite thoroughly found out already

Let's be honest.

Shonda is an unattractive, overweight black woman. No one in the white male-dominated television world can critique her honestly without being accused of “not appreciating” her “genius” because they’re sexist, racist, or fatphobic. Same with Lena Dunham. Everyone has to perpetuate the “oh aren’t these ugly girls so brave and smart to be unattractive and vocal in a world that only values female appearance” spiel to look politically correct. If Shonda were conventionally attractive, white, or a man, ABC would have canned her ass after S2. Sleepy Hollow replaced their show runner like it wasn’t shit. Because realistically it shouldn’t be. But no one can say boo to Shonda so we have to stomach her shit.