• Friend:We need to hook you up with someone.
  • Me:Please do.
  • Friend:ok, My boyfriend has single friends?
  • Me:Your boyfriend is a car enthusiast truck driver, I'm not sure any of his friends are looking for a butch queer nerd.
  • Friend:... fair point I guess... well, we could start by actually sitting someplace other than the furthest corner of the bar.
  • Me:uhhhmmm ew I don't want to meet THESE people.
  • Friend:... get a hobby??
  • Me:That would require human contact. I work with assholes, I don't need to weed through another bunch.
  • Friend:... Have you... tried tinder??
  • Me:Yeah but it made me anxious, I barely chat with any of my friends, let alone strangers.
  • Friend:ok let's not hook you up with anyone.
  • Me:Sorry.

I have concerts in London and the 10th and 13th of April, so I shall be staying in London over that weekend. And which Studio Ghibli film just happens to be playing at the Prince Charles Cinema that weekend? Only my favourite that I have been desperately wanting to see on the big screen for years, Laputa: Castle in the Sky! Some things in life are just meant to be. ^____^

Train to London: Booked.
Accommodation: Booked.
Laputa: Castle in the Sky: Boooooooooked!

As A Psychology Major, I Have Two Sides of Myself

There’s the one that grew while taking Psychology classes, following the methods of how to properly deal with problems for a successful relationship between people. It’s calmer, soother, and scientifically proven to be the best method for both parties. 

Then there’s the batshit-crazy bitch that goes “F the textbooks” and scream my lungs out if people are rude-ass or I’m so done with their shit. 

kapag may nagddrama na iba, ginagawa ko lahat ng makakaya ko para intindihin sila. pero kapag ako na, wala. sana intindihin niyo naman ako kahit minsan oh. tangina kasi eh, kahit bestfriend ko, wala na din. di na din ako magawang intindihin. pagod na ko shet ha ha ha ha 

sometimes its really annoying to hear my friends or family say that i spend too much time on internet and blah blah blah but then when i try to just talk with them or something they treat me like shit…

sooo sorry but it makes me rather spend time on my happy internet than with people who are just rude