• Friend:We need to hook you up with someone.
  • Me:Please do.
  • Friend:ok, My boyfriend has single friends?
  • Me:Your boyfriend is a car enthusiast truck driver, I'm not sure any of his friends are looking for a butch queer nerd.
  • Friend:... fair point I guess... well, we could start by actually sitting someplace other than the furthest corner of the bar.
  • Me:uhhhmmm ew I don't want to meet THESE people.
  • Friend:... get a hobby??
  • Me:That would require human contact. I work with assholes, I don't need to weed through another bunch.
  • Friend:... Have you... tried tinder??
  • Me:Yeah but it made me anxious, I barely chat with any of my friends, let alone strangers.
  • Friend:ok let's not hook you up with anyone.
  • Me:Sorry.

I have concerts in London and the 10th and 13th of April, so I shall be staying in London over that weekend. And which Studio Ghibli film just happens to be playing at the Prince Charles Cinema that weekend? Only my favourite that I have been desperately wanting to see on the big screen for years, Laputa: Castle in the Sky! Some things in life are just meant to be. ^____^

Train to London: Booked.
Accommodation: Booked.
Laputa: Castle in the Sky: Boooooooooked!

I can never keep track of my bonnets

It’s either bonnets or socks that I can never keep track of. I have about five bonnets, all different colors that I misplace all the time. Then when I do find one, it happens to be an over-stretched bonnet (🙄). One time, I was tired af, my hair was laid, and I could not find a bonnet for the life of me. I didn’t feel like looking, and I was desperate af so I took out a pair of panty-hose and put half of head in one leg and that was my bonnet for the night. I’m Deadass, that’s how real the struggle was. But it worked like a charm so 💁🏾