• Joey: you know, it's kinda weird that the lusii we've seen so far are mostly just like...weird versions of animals we have on earth.
  • Xefros: whats weird about them?
  • Joey: well, like, your big lazy slothdad thing-
  • Xefros: oh you mean ted?
  • Joey: yeah, sure, ted - we basically have sloths just like him on earth, but they're all way smaller!
  • Joey: but they're still known for being really slow and having those long arms!
  • Xefros: thats aXually pretty interesting!
  • Xefros: i didnt really think there were aliens that were so similar to trolls
  • Joey: me neither! i'm actually kinda surprised!
  • Xefros: we should check out that book you have and see if you can find more cool stuff about that!
  • Joey: okay, let's see...
  • Joey: "the ARACHNIS TITANUS"...
  • Joey: this one's basically a spider, but it's...
  • Joey: wait, HOW big is it!?
  • Joey: "...the arachnis titanus is known for its striking size and its tendency to hide in extremely large caves, raising their chosen troll and eventually manipulating them to bring it food in the form of other, unsuspecting trolls."
  • Joey: "for those who encounter such a lusus, survival is nigh impossible. for those who are burdened with living alongside one, it is highly suggested that one should put the creature on a vegetarian diet before it becomes too late."
  • Joey: what the FUCK?
  • Xefros: im kinda surprised they didnt just ask them to target lowbloods!
  • Xefros: usually thats what these kinds of things say but i guess that these spider things dont really discriminate X:)
  • Joey: i think lack of discrimination is the least of our worries with that thing...

NGL I’m really surprised by Hiveswap’s E10+ rating and I hope it increases as the other acts come out like let them say fuck ya know it’s always weird when teenagers don’t swear in media especially when you’re on a violent planet helping a rebellion against a corrupt homicidal government it’s just so weird coming from Homestuck ‘fuck every line’ Karkat to ‘oh fudge’ Joey I guess? 


Obligatory Deathnote Reference

Seto Kaiba - Light Yagami

Magician of Black Chaos - Ryuk

I still havent watched Deathnote yet I still draw it. Also I couldn’t think of any monsters that really looked like Ryuk, someone should really make a list of all the duel monsters in Yugioh.

I can just imagine that Kaiba is just intentionally cruel to Joey and vice versa, almost like a game.

I suppose if Kaiba didn’t care about truely winning, he would write Yugi’s name… except the person who beat him was Atem, so I imagine he’d be really confused as to why he lost XD

 I thought this would be funny, I hope you enjoy!

tiny-smallest  asked:

"He’d have had to be pretty crafty in order to make a deal with the Devil and still come out on top." My first thought was "how ironic, that he's smart enough to make a deal with a demon and come out unscathed, and that he should turn out to be the true evil in the resulting scenario." The road to hell is paved with good intentions and all that. It looks like Joey's not just traveling down that road; he aims to rule the place when he gets there, all in the name of the greater good.



I wanted this post on YouTube too.

yugi’s shirt and leather pants: become a crop top and capris
joey’s t-shirt and jeans: become the powder-blue hell that yugi now lives in