fake-magical-girl  asked:

Wait, is today Caleb's birthday? Cause today's my birthday. And Tina Fey's birthday.

His birthday was on Tuesday - May 16th! He is (will be/would have been) 18. We’re still in November of 2016 in the podcast (and March in the Instagrams, idk timelines got messy) so that’s why I let the day pass without any mention! 

Edit: oh my god also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


hello everyoneeee ( ・◡・)♡ I have been doing a lot of follow forevers lately but baaah, who cares! I decided to do this one since a while ago I hit another thousand followers, which is absolutely mindblowing???!!? I can’t believe so many people can stan my annoying ass?!!? ok but like seriously, I don’t know how to thank you all for always being so nice, reblogging my stuff, tolerate my weird obsessions and kinda understand my exaggerated tags(: Oh also my birthday is really soon (sept 22 :-)) so this had to be done, alright???!!.

I will list some really cool people that I follow here, which honestly was hard af to choose bc you all are so :/ I follow a bunch of people so please don’t be mad or sad if I miss you ok, bc I still love u a lot.  ˗ˏˋ Plus: ˎˊ˗  Excuse my shitty edit and, I confess to have no idea if some of you follow me back lmao sorry.

I guess bolded are faves 

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