#kdramawomensweek: Day One: Least Typecast Fave: An actress you appreciate who manages to not get boxed into industry stereotypes (re: roles), someone who constantly surprises you. @undergroundkdrama

Kim Mi Kyung

She is an actress playing many different roles. Sometimes she is a loving mother, sometimes a chaebol aunt, and sometimes a hacker-ahjumma. And those dramas above are just the ones I watched, I know she has many other roles with different characters.

You love him, but he loves her - part 2

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“Y/N?” Your name was called by an all too familiar voice, and suddenly your feet were glued to the ground. Standing in line at the coffee shop you used to love, you couldn’t bring yourself to turn and see his face, after all, it had been three months. “Y/N? Is that you?” He was closer this time, and you jumped the second his hand touched your shoulder. “Hey, Lou.” You turn around to face the boy, your eyes taking in his changed features, his hair longer since you’d last seen him. His eyes were soft, letting them take you in from top to bottom. He frowns, and theres an awkward silence. “Listen, i’m sorry I never called…” You started, feeling horrible for completely ignoring all of his worrisome texts and phone calls. When you left Harry’s birthday party, you had decided you needed to get out of London for a bit. You went straight home and packed a bag to go stay with a friend who was in Paris, and that’s where you had been for the last ninety days. Calls from the boys went unanswered, and text messages went ignored. You just couldn’t bear to hear from any of them, you needed to be alone.

“How have you been?” He doesn’t care that you gave him the could shoulder, he is more concerned with how you were handling things. Louis eyes you once more, taking in your disheveled appearance. Your clothes were loose on your thin frame, something he had noticed first. Your eyes were dull, and sunken in just slightly. The sight of you nearly broke his heart. “Been alright.” You answer truthfully, and Louis doesn’t even argue, he nods solemnly. “Harry he um..” your heart jumped just hearing his name, and suddenly your eyes searched the coffee house. “He’s not here… he’s just been really worried about you. He doesn’t understand why you wont talk to him.” A lump forms in your throat, immediately feeling a pang of guilt in your heart. Harry didn’t deserve this, he didn’t even know why you were upset. “I doubt he’ll want to talk to me again, and I wouldn’t blame him.” You grab your freshly made coffee and walk over to add some cream and sugar, Louis followed. “Talk to him.” He says, watching you sip your coffee. The barista hands him his order, and suddenly his phone vibrates in his pocket. “I’ve got to go… but we’re having a big get together tonight at my place. El will be there – lots of people, and of course the other lads… You should come.” Louis is quick to extend the invitation, knowing this would be a prime moment for everyone to see each other again.

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Winter, Winter how did you perform that miracle of convicing Qrow to drop all this 'I'm a hole in light/ no one's blessing/broken mirror' ect emo crap, and give a relationship a chance to the point that he decided to ask you to marry him?

“I love him patiently,
 Although With thoughts like that never really go away, they stay with you. No matter what he’ll always feel that way to a degree. Self Loathing is hard to overcome. 

but even though I can’t make those dark cloud’s vanish, I can support him during his storms, I listen to him, as he would for me.

I’m Thankful for his strength because despite those dark feelings he chose to love me and to stay with me. It isn’t a miracle, It’s knowing how to love and be loved”

‘Mr. Robot’ Creator Sam Esmail Breaks Down Season 2 Finale, Previews Season 3
Spoiler alert: Do not read until you’ve watched the finale of the second season of “Mr. Robot.” What a long, strange trip it’s been. After a mind-bending second season of &#…
By Debra Birnbaum

Okay. That sounds so familiar—

And what’s even funnier – tyrelliot is experiencing that same “oh its platonic love!” like hannigram DESPITE the thing being TEXT on the show and the creator CONFIRMING it.

I’m like y'all who saw mr robot s2 finale: what do you hear when a friend (okay im simplifying it, dont burn me) of your friend tells you–no, confess ‘i love him’ about your common friend? 'I love him in a platonic way’?????

Sheesh. Those heteronormative goggles distort common sense so well, no?

N.E.I.G.H.B.O.R.S Pt.9 // Fanfic

Modern Friends AU // Nessian

The One With The Wedding 

A/N: Thanks for sticking with the story despite all the drama and heartbreak. I would like to apologize to those who started this story because it was a fluff story and a break from the angst. Sorry. :) 

“You don’t have to come to the rehearsal dinner. You don’t even have to come to the wedding,” Feyre says, from the vanity chair while Nesta braided her hair into an updo. “We could come up with a great excuse.” 

Nesta shook her head, “No, this is going to kill me but I think I would regret it if I wasn’t there for him. I would want him to come to my wedding if it was reversed.” 

Feyre reached up to grab her sisters hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “You know there someone out there for you, right? Cassian just wasn’t the one,” she states. 

Nesta smiled at her sister through the mirror in a reassuring way but she knew Cassian was the one. She knew she had missed her chance and she was going to have to live with that the rest of her life. 

“Feyre, Nesta, it’s time to go. We wouldn’t want to be late,” Rhys yells from downstairs. Nesta finishes up her sisters hair quickly and they make there way downstairs together. Rhys seems surprised to see Nesta ready but quickly composes himself again. “Darling, you look stunning, as do you Nesta.” 

“Thanks Rhys,” Nesta replies, everyone stands around awkwardly so she gestures towards the door. “Are we going?” 

The car ride is silent. Rhys and Feyre sit up front quietly whispering to each other and Mor, who is usually talking, is either staring out the window or down at her hands. 

“I am glad you all came,” Cassian says, but he’s looking directly at Nesta when he says it. Since that morning in her apartment, she slowly stopped helping with the wedding preparations, glancing around the room she assumes Claire must have finally helped since it was everything Cassian said he didn’t want in a wedding.

“We wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Rhys says, clapping his friend on the back before guiding his wife to where they were assigned to sit. Mor had already disappeared. 

“You look great,” he says, stepping closer towards Nesta. “I didn’t think you would show up.” 

“Why?” Nesta asks sweetly, forcing herself not to add one of us actually thinks we’re friends.  “I wouldn’t want to miss your big day especially since I help with some of it. What cake did you guys decided to go with? the Lemon vanilla?” 

“No, actually, I went with the chocolate mousse,” he says, and she raises an eyebrow in surprise. “I figured I should have at least one thing I like at this wedding.” 

“You don’t seem that thrilled. It’s the day before your wedding night, you should be beyond happy,” she says. Cassian doesn’t have time to reply because Claire comes up next to him and snakes her arms around his waist. 

“There you are, Cassie, I was wondering where you ran off too,” she smiles, leaning up to kiss his cheek leaving a bright red lip stain, when she turns to Nesta, Cassian discreetly wipes at it trying to get it off. “Nicole, right? Cassian’s neighbor? I am glad you were able to come. We didn’t know if we were going to have a seat for you since your just a neighbor but Cassian here really wanted you to be here.” 

“Thanks, I appriciate it,” she says through clench teeth. “I should probably go find my sis-,”

“Your single, right?” Claire asks, Nesta nods before flickering her eyes towards Cassian who looks just as confused as she feels. “My cousin is here and I think you two would be perfect. I have to introduce you to him. Hes right over there.” 

Nesta follows where Claire is pointing and sees an man, who’s probably in his forties. He’s short, stout, and balding. “You two would look so cute together,” Claire says before perking up when a tall blonde fellow walks through the door. “Oh that’s my boyfriend from highschool! I wanna go say hi!” she announces before exiting the conversation. 

“I’ll make sure she doesn’t introduce you,” Cassian says. 

“I should go find my seat,” she says, walking away from Cassian before he can say anything else. She needed a glass of wine before having another conversation with anyone else. 

“Thank you all so much for coming,” Claire says into the microphone. It was only the rehearsal dinner but you would think it was the wedding since it seemed everyone had been inviting. “I should call it a night so I can have all the beauty sleep I need before the big day tomorrow.” 

“You’re always beautiful,” Cassian calls out to her, she puts a hand on her heart and mouths “I love you.” Nesta rolls her eyes and turns back towards the open bar, holding up her empty glass and waits for the bartender to fill it before taking a sip. 

When Rhys and Feyre found her she was already on her fourth glass. “Oh Nes,” Feyre says, taking the glass from her sisters hand and putting it out of her reach. “Is this where you were the whole night?”

“No, in the beginning I talked with Cassian and his lovely bride to be,” Nesta replies with a roll of her eyes. “What does he see in her?” 

Feyre shushes her quickly looking around to see if anyone heard her while Rhys put her arm around his shoulder and helped her off the stool. She pushes him away gently, “I’ve had three and a half drinks. I am not drunk. I wouldn’t get drunk here.” 

“Do you want to stay at our place tonight so you don’t have to be alone?” Feyre asks. Or across the hallway from Cassian. 

“No thanks,” she retorts. She wasn’t a child she didn’t need to be looked after. “Can this day get any worse?” she exclaims, when they exit the building and its pouring down rain and remembering how far away Rhys had to park since we were late. 

“Why don’t you stay here and I’ll go get the car,” Rhys suggests. 

“Oh no, its okay. I love walking in the rain anyways,” Feyre says, taking her husbands hand.

Nesta scoffs, and rolls her eyes. “Well, I’ll be staying here where it’s nice and dry.” 

Feyre seems conflicted but a tug from her husbands hand has her leaving the building. Nesta leans up against the wall, staring out at the rain, waiting for the familiar car to pull up. “Ma’am,” someone says. She turns to see a janitor standing in the hallway. “I need to close the building.” She raises an eyebrow and looks out at the pouring rain before turning back towards him with an expectant look. “Sorry, ma’am,” he shrugs. 

She frowns, shooting a glare his way before exiting the building into the pouring rain. At least she wouldn’t have to stand outside for long, hopefully. 

“Nes?” she turns to see Cassian. “I am glad I ran into you. You left your purse inside.” He holds it out for her and she takes it gratefully. “Did you have a nice night?” 

Small talk. Their relationship had come to small talk. He sticks his hands in his pockets and looks at her. “Yes, it was great,” she replies with a smile. Smile through the lies. “How about you? Ready for your big day?” 

Anyone else wouldn’t have seen his smile falter but Nesta did and it gave her hope. “I just want to be married,” he replies. Married to who? Nesta can’t help but ask herself. “Well, I should be headed home. Do you need a ride?” 

“No,” she says quickly. Hurt flashes across his face so she adds, “Feyre and Rhys are driving me home.” 

“I can just take you. We live right across from each other,” he retorts. 

“I am actually staying at their house,” Nesta says, she wasn’t going to but it was the only thing she could think of on the spot. He nods, before giving a slight wave and turning on his heel. “Wait, can I ask you something?” 

He pauses, “Yeah of course.” 

“Why are you marrying Claire,” she blurts. His eyes widen in surprise. She’s surprised by it herself but she doesn’t try to take it back just stares at him waiting for an answer as they both stand there in the pouring rain with the only light a street light.

“Because I love her and I want to get married,” he replies smoothly. 

“So you just want to get married?” she inquired, raising an eyebrow accusingly. 

“Yes, but I want to get married to Claire. Why? What are you trying to start, Nes?” he asks. 

“I am not trying to start anything,” she retorts, turning towards the parking lot and hoping to see Rhys and Feyre so they could save her from this conversation. “I just want to make sure you are making the right decision.” 

“And you bring this up the night before my wedding?” he scoffs, kicking at a nonexistent pebble. 

“You know whats crappy? That after everything we’ve been through together you only think of me as your neighbor. It sucks. Do you know why it sucks so much? Because I think of you as so much more. I love you, Cas, and to you I am just your neighbor who knocked on your door at four in the morning for sugar.” 

He gaps at her and shes taking in quick breaths, her shoulders lifted from shoulders. “How selfish can you be, Nes?” She freezes, selfish? “It’s the night before my wedding. I am getting married in a less then ten hours and your telling me you love me?” 

She opens her mouth to speak, the angry tears rolling down her face and mixing with the rain. He shakes his head and the look on his face makes Nesta shut her mouth. “Do you know how long I have loved you? How long I waited for you to return my feelings? Two years. Now here you are telling me you love me the night before I am going to get married to someone else. That’s so selfish. Nesta. You should have just kept it to yourself.” 

“Kept it to myself? You would want me to never tell you that I love you?” Nesta asks, taking a step back as if his words had forced her back. “You would want be to live in silence the rest of my life?”

“Yes! That’s why your selfish! The whole world doesn’t revolve around you!” he yells, running a hand through his wet hair in exasperation. “I can’t have you here.” 

“What?” she asks softly, her voice cracking silently. “Cassian, I am sorry. I shouldn’t-”

“Just don’t come tomorrow, okay?” he says, before turning and walking away. Nesta watches as he leaves and with every step he takes she feels her heart break a little more. 

“You coming?” Feyre yells. She turns to see Feyre and Rhys looking at her in concern and realizes she has been staring at an empty sidewalk in a daze. She gets into the car and puts her seatbelt on quickly. 

“I am going back to your place,” she says. Rhys and Feyre share a look but they don’t mention the crack in her voice or the sniffling they hear the whole way home. 

Not Mad, Just Annoyed


The sound of another alarm jolted you out of the sleep you were just about to drift back in to.

“Joseph Graham Sugg!!” You groaned as you pulled the blanket over your head hoping the sound would turn off by itself. 

When it didn’t, you tossed the duvet off of your body and left the room, not even bothering to find and turn off the source of the alarm. 

“Where you going love?” Joe asked once you made it into the hallway, his vlogging camera in hand. 

“To bed. Turn that off.” You said pointing towards your shared room as you made your way down the stairs and to his guest bed room. 

The time was currently 5:45 in the morning and all you wanted to do was have one day, just one day, where you could sleep in and cuddle up next to your boyfriend like the two of you had done when you first started dating, but recently he has found a new target for his pranking which involved him not leaving his own flat. 

“Joe quit it please.” You said after you had snuggled into the guest bed hearing his footsteps on the wooden floor. 

“Oh come on love, its only a prank.” 

“Yeah a prank that involves waking me up on my day off.” You said tossing a pillow at him. He had ditched his camera so he was luckily able to catch it.

“Not a very successful prank.” You heard him mumble as the bed dipped down beside you. “You know, you’re not very fun to prank.” 

You laid in silence for a little bit, your back turned to him as you tired to drift back to sleep. Once again, you were moments away from blissful sleep when his voice brought you back to reality.

“Are you mad at me?”

“No, just tired.” You said quickly, hoping he’d get the message and leave you alone. 

You felt a hand run up your back before moving up to push the hair that had fallen out of your messy bun out of your face. A pair of lips came in contact with the now exposed skin and you snuggled into the bed even more as you were finally able to drift back off to sleep. 

You woke up to an empty bed a few hours later. You weren’t sure if you Joe had even fallen back asleep next to you or not honestly. You sat up in bed as you stretched and redid your hair before starting your quest for Joe. 

That quest didn’t last very long as you caught a glimpse of him sat at his desk looking at his laptop in the next room. 

“Did you not go back to bed?” You ask as you made your way into his office. 

“No, I tired but I couldn’t. I decided to film a few gaming videos and now I’m looking through some old clip I can upload for tomorrows video.” He said spinning around in his chair, opening his arms up for you to sit on his lap.

“Sorry about that.” You said leaning your head on his shoulder. 

“No love, I’m sorry. Honestly I’m surprised you haven’t broken up with me with all the shit pranks I’ve pulled on you.”

“Me to.” You said sarcastically.

“You are mad aren’t you?” 

“Annoyed is a better word. I really don’t like it when you mess with my sleep schedule.” You said sitting up to look at him. 

“I know, I’m sorry.” 

“You don’t sound too sorry. I’m sure in a few weeks you’d decided to wake me up early on a Saturday and shove a camera in my face.”

You watched Joe frown at your statement, catching the sadness in his eyes before he moved to look down at his keyboard. You hadn’t meant for it to come out so harshly like that but when you first started dating Joe, you realized that the only way to get through to him was to be honestly and sometimes blunt.

“I didn’t mean for it to come out that way, its just this constant pranking is exhausting and my reactions are getting more and more harsh. A prank here and there is okay and I know thats what everyone wants to see but its a bit much dontcha think?” You said trying to bring his attention back to you. 

“Yeah I saw that this morning so thats why I decided to stop filming. Ugh, I’m sorry Y/N really. Please don’t hate me.” He said as his eyes flickered up to meet yours before moving down to watch his fingers aimlessly traces shapes on your leg.

“Joe I don’t hate you, and I’m not mad.” You said lifting his chin up so you’re eyes met again. “I’m just slightly annoyed” You smiled. 

You leaned in to kiss him, letting your lips linger for a moment before pulling away. “Okay, come on.” You said getting off of his lap and taking his hand in yours as you turned towards the door. 

“What are we doing?” He asked as he let you pull him away from his desk. 

“Going to get changed so we can film a video, a proper video.” You said looking over your shoulder. 

“Can I do your makeup?” You heard Joe’s voice shift back to its normal cheery tone as you made your way up the stairs. 

“Only if I can do yours!” You turned around and smiled knowing that he won’t be up for it. 

“Looks like we’re doing a Q&A then.” He said rolling his eyes as he finished climbing the stairs.

Imagine secretly dating your favorite turtle. It’s his first relationship and he’s not really sure how to go about telling his family.

Imagine Leo being nervous.
His family’s approval means a lot to him and he wouldn’t know what to do if they frowned upon your relationship.
What if they didn’t want him getting attached? What if they thought that you would be too much of a distraction?
He’d visit you secretly and would hope that you understood his situation. He sat on the roof with you, looking down at the city.
“I just don’t want them to hate this, to hate us. I want them to be happy that I’m happy, Y/N?”
“I understand. But you can’t keep it a secret forever. I don’t want something like that.”
He looked away and said
“Believe me, I know. I’m just afraid that it will be different because I’m the oldest.”
“Leo…your family loves you. Maybe they’ll be surprised but I’m sure that they won’t be angry.”
He looked at you a smiled.
“How come you always say the perfect words?”
“It’s a gift.”
He kissed you gently, closing his eyes and getting lost in the feeling. He felt your arms wrap around him as you pulled yourself closer, your chests pressing against each other.
“Well it ain’t a secret now.” a familiar Brooklyn accent said.
You both pulled away and saw Raph grinning at the two of. Leo stared at his brother like he had a third eye and wondered how he hadn’t noticed him.
“R-Raph! What are you doing here?” Leo said.
“Sensei asked me to check on ya. Wanted to know what was takin’ so long.”
He looked between the two of you and said
“You wanna tell, big blue? Or should I?”
“I’ll tell Master Splinter. Just give me a minute.”
Raph walked away and Leo turned back to you.
“I’ll call you later, okay?”
He kissed you quickly and jumped after his brother, disappearing into the night.

Imagine Raph being a little selfish.
Growing up in a sewer, he had to share what little he had with his brothers. He wasn’t bitter about it but it did cause him to treasure what was his and his only. Including you.
He just couldn’t help but think about his brothers spending more time with you, simply because you’re dating. The very thought would make his throat tight and his fists clench.
He’d go over to your apartment a lot, whenever he could, and just enjoy being with you.
“It’s just ridiculous, Raph. Your brothers have never hit on me or anything before. Why would they now?”
“I dunno. To mess with me, cause they think I ain’t enough for ya. ‘sides, I like that it’s just us. None of my brothers, just you an’ me.”
“It is nice when we’re alone. But it feels weird to be sneaking around like this. We already have to be careful up here. I’d rather be honest with your family.”
Raph grunted and looked away.
You leaned your head on his shoulder and said
“I won’t force you to do anything. I just want you to know how I feel on the subject.”
“I know that ya right…can we do it later?”
“Thanks, tiger.”
He kissed you and enjoyed the feeling of the two of you alone but together.

Imagine Donnie being unsure,
On one hand, he knows that his family will probably be happy for him. Master Splinter likes you already and will most likely feel that you’re a good choice.
His brothers will probably tease a little bit but be all around accepting. So why is it so hard for him to tell them?
Why can’t he tell his family that he’s met the love of his life who, thankfully, loves him too? What is it that he’s so afraid of?
Donnie would mostly text and Skype you, smiling at your replies and saving the pictures you’d send him in a little file.
The conversations would be long, going on for hours until you fell asleep or his phone died. He’d be texting you one night, talking about possibly telling his family.
“Donnie, whatever you choose I’ll support you. But I’m pretty sure that they’re starting to figure it out.”
“Most likely. My brothers are smarter then I give them credit for. Besides, it’s hard to keep a secret like this.”
“I know. My sister’s know that I’m eating someone but there’s no way I can tell them. We can at least be honest with your brothers.”
“You’re right, dove, you always are. But I’m afraid that they won’t approve or that they won’t support us. If I found out that my brothers didn’t like us as couple and didn’t believe that we’d last, I’d be pretty upset. I just love you so much, Y/N.”
A few seconds after sending the text, he heard a knock on his door. Looking up, he was surprised to see Leo standing there.
“Uh, hey, Leo.”
“Hey, Don. Just came to tell you that you should double check who you send a text to.”
Donnie blushed as Leo turned to leave. His brother paused and added.
“By the way, Mikey says that he’s been shipping it from day one.”
Donnie buried his face is his pillow as Leo closed his door, smiling to himself.

Imagine Mikey being shy.
He always wanted to fall in love. He had dreamed of finding the one, someone he loved more then himself and could treat like royalty.
But now that he’s finally found you, he can barely believe it. The shortest, youngest turtle with the hottest person in existence? Goofball Mikey with an awesome, amazing, totally gorgeous lover?? Crazy man, just crazy. And if he can barely believe it, what will his brothers think?
“I’m just afraid that they won’t take it seriously, Y/N. I mean, I know that I love you more then anything but they don’t. What if they’re just like, oh its not real love it’s just goofy Mikey. You know?”
You smiled and kissed his forehead.
“Mikey, I know that your brothers tease but I can’t imagine them being like that.”
“You haven’t spent the last 17 years with them, angelcakes. They don’t always mean it but sometimes…”
“Michealangelo! If your brothers think that you being in love is just a big joke, then you need to set them straight. Cause I love being all secretive and secret agent like, but they’re the only ones we can tell.”
“That’s true.”
“Ninja up, Mikey Man.”
He laughed and kissed you.
“Babe, you always saw the most awesome things. I love you.”
“Love you too.”

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Idea: Delia likes fresh flowers, and Patsy seems happy to oblige. Is this a special occasion thing, or a regular day thing? A bit of both with different kinds of flowers depending on the reason? Delia must have quite a pressed flower collection in between the pages of her books by now, but does Patsy know that?

ahhhhh this was so sweet and wow i should really take notes on how to be thoughtful from my own writing? 

(this could be set whenever, tbh, choose ur own adventure) 

Asking For Flowers

It begins accidentally.

Patsy’s always had a sixth sense about this sort of thing; she can feel it in her bones when spring has truly begun.

As she walks, the daffodil droops in her hand, until she almost forgets its presence.

“Oh, how lovely!”

Delia saunters up beside her, eyes wide with wonderment.

“You know, Pats, I don’t know that I’ve seen a flower in the wild since I left Wales.”

Patsy grins, and before she can think about what the gesture might mean, proffers her find.

“It’s yours if you want it- there’s plenty more where that came from.”


Delia looks at her like she’s just promised her a new car.

Patsy rolls her eyes, but her lips quirk in a smile of endearment.

“Yes, really, Deels, just don’t get greedy.”


After that, Patsy may or may not put a little more effort into procuring blooms from the nooks and crannies of the urban landscape.

Daisies, Chrysanthemum, and a very shyly displayed Rose- it takes a bit more time than she really has, but something tells her she’d crawl over broken glass to find flowers for Delia if she had to.

(And buying them won’t do. For one, it would seem awfully queer for a woman to be purchasing a paramour’s bouquet. And there’s something special about plucking a bit of nature’s insistance from the barren concrete landscape. Hope among the ruins, or something like it.)

She doesn’t give much thought as to what becomes of the flowers; ashes to ashes and all.

Until one evening, stood in Delia’s room as she makes up her face for a night on the town, Patsy finds herself absentmindedly leafing through the books on Delia’s shelf.

From one particularly heavy tome flutters out a shower of pressed blooms.

Months of her collections, carefully preserved.

“Oh, Delia, if I had known you were pressing them, I might have found you better specimens,” Patsy stammers, painfully aware of her inadequacy.

Delia pauses her application of mascara to look at the mess beside her, blushing before averting her long-lashed eyes to the floor.

“I happen to think they’re perfect.”

(A pause, as the unspoken courtship ritual they’ve both apparently been practicing fully surfaces.)

“I happen to think they’re perfect, because you gave them to me.”

Delia never does finish lining her eyes.

(They don’t make it out that night.)

  • Shuichi: I'm sad
  • Kaede: oh honey it's ok! I love you very much!
  • Shuichi: I wanna fucking die
  • Kaede: oh dear don't say things like that! I love you very much, and that's what matters!