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As a person actually from Australia I'm so down with the universe just being so confused and horrified by humans, like: "you remember the snakes on the aestroid beside the Foii sector?" "Yeah?" "We sent a crew of humans to eradicate them and instead they tamed the snakes and now we can't kill them because the humans are ATTACHED"

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oh look it’s wagging its tail!!!

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cute Voltron story to help with the salt: I was cosplaying Keith today with a shiro I had met there, and it was the point of the con in which I had chucked off all my cosplay and the shiro had taken off her wig and top piece of her armour, so another friend had put the wig and armour on bc why not. And a little girl wandered up to us and was like, "are you shiro?" to my friend, and they looked at each other and was like,, kinda??? And I was like! Oh I was just in Keith, do you want me to (1/2)

(2/2) it back on? And the little girl nodded and waited for me to put my cosplay back on (the wig and jacket) and after I did she looked really happy and was like KEITH!!! and her mother thanked me for doing that,,, just thought you’d like that story?? Sorry for it being in parts

This is… so wholesome? Oh my god. 

The Thickness of Blood

You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist, even when it’s your mother.

Prompt for my 250 celebration: This is a prompt written for the lovely, amazing @mccoymostly​ who asked for:

“You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist.” Any character

I first wanted to write this from Leonard’s POV about his relationship with Jocelyn and then decided to not do that. There’s loads of stuff about that out there. You know whose relationship we don’t read about? That between Jim and his mom. So, here it is…


Jim has always considered his relationship with his mother difficult.


Whether that’s because she sees George every time she looks at him or because he blames her for leaving him to do her job is not quite determined.

Fact remains that Jim spent the majority of his childhood without both his mother and a biological father present. Instead, his brother and him were left to be raised by a stepfather who had hardly qualified for the job.

So when they’re docked at Yorktown for a week for some much needed repairs and shore leave, he doesn’t let his mother know even though Jim knows she’s around.

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DYKA: Yu-Gi-Oh! 01

As Yu-Gi-Oh! The movie: The Pyramid of Light was being released in America,

Beckett’s unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh guide asked its fans to vote for who they would want in a live-action movie. 

The top results included Jim Carrey as Joey, Johnny Depp as Marik, and Keanu Reeves as Kaiba.


This is beyond words.

twins? no tripplets ? no uh oh god


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Ok final question I promise: As a Bee Shipper, LMFN worries me bc Jeff said he originally thought of it as a sort of From Shadows 2, but eventually moved away from that line of thought in writing. What do you think about another Blake song being a duet in terms of what it says about her relationship with Sun compared to Adam, especially considering Blake compared Yang/Adam last volume as both being "someone very close to" her.

Oh, its no worries! I love asks and discussions on this~

Hmm, that’s a good question. I’m very interested in it. Adam and Sun obviously have a lot of parallels and severe differences. Sun is kind of the chaotic good faunus Partner while Adam is the chaotic evil faunus partner in my eyes. Adam wants to make the world pay with blood for their wrong doings. Sun thinks the white fang “Are a bunch of jerks and freaks” and obviously now wants revenge on them for Blake and now himself too. You could say ALL these same things about Yang, but Yang now has her own story against Adam and shes not really a dependent part of Blake’s as far as the white fang stuff goes so I wont be mentioning her from this point on. But the key thing with Sun is he grew up in a place that’s not discriminatory against anyone but the weak, essentially. So when he met Blake and has heard about all she’s went through and now has seen what they’ve done, hes pissed. Adam on the other hand, has experienced discrimination his whole life, and has really known nothing BUT that. ((obviously Blake too by the way she acted when her team discovered her faunus heritage)) The other differences they have is their relationship with Blake. Adam, from what we’ve seen and heard, is very angry controlling, power hungry and abusive to Blake. But Sun is very happy, patient, laid back and would literally do anything for Blake. So we’re seeing two sides of Blake’s white fang coin with From Shadows and Like Morning Follows Night. Sun represents the good, Adam represents the bad, and that’s shown when Blake holds up the old White Fang flag and then looks at Sun in the V4 finale. 

So, I guess that’s my thoughts on it. Her relationship with Sun and her relationship with Adam are her two sides of the coin for the both songs.♥

Yang and Adam have their own thing going on right now since he took her arm, and Yang not being a faunus doesn’t fit with Blake’s white fang story, even though Yang and Adam are comparable to Sun and Adams thing, its now Yang’s story. 

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You forgive yourself for being human by remembering that every other person trapped on this beautiful, terrible planet is also human. And that we are all so flawed that these flaws in themselves help define us as a species. And that these flaws are okay. The first thing you learn when you start to draw is that there are no straight lines in nature. There is no one way a tree will grow, and I've seen some twist extrodinarily. You are human. Breathe. Forgive yourself for existing. It's okay.


Pinkie and Josh PART 2

Request: Could you write something where the reader is neither in Scotts pack or the chimera pack she’s neutral but both seem to wonder why her hair is always down and team up to find out why when they do they have find out she’s and elf and think her pointed but small ears are cute? And maybe when josh touches them the tips turn red because she likes him

A/N: This is going to be a mini fic, based on the request above (with additional twists)…

Warnings: none in this chapter


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The Most Popular Girls in School
  • Cameron Van Buren: Oh hey, Brittnay, I didn't smell you there. How's your chlamydia circus doing?
  • Brittnay: Oh, it's fucking gone thanks for asking! How's your fucking cock-eyed nipple?!
  • Cameron Van Buren: It's looking both ways. I heard you farted in biology and it smelled like your dad's dick.
  • Brittnay: Heard your fourth abortion was free. Gotta love those free punch cards!
Fancy Dinner Turned Dirty (Xmas Shot #3)

Type: One Shot | Imagine About Ross 
Warning: Sexual Cotent
Word Count: 1114

I always wanted to do things the right way in life, graduate high school and go to college and then get a job. I wanted to make sure that I was in control of my own life but sometimes life takes a turn on its own without anyone knowing. I got through college pretty well but then I meet Ross and things changed, I fell in love with him and we moved in together and started our life. Maybe it wasn’t the right way of doing things but I wanted to be with him every second of every day, that’s how much we were in love with each other. Both of our parents was against us moving in together but there was nothing that was going to stop us from being together, maybe they didn’t understand how much we cared about each other. It seemed like right after I moved out of my parents house I moved in with someone else, I couldn’t be by myself because I hated it so moving in with Ross just made more since to me. “Babe?” he asked as he came upstairs. “Yes?” I said as he came to sit next to me. “We have a dinner to go to” he said. “Why?” I asked. “My parents have a Christmas dinner every December and I cant miss it” he said .”Then go” I said. “No im not going without you so we both are going” he said. “Fine I said as I rolled my eyes. “Babe please, I know they have said somethings that were crossing the line but this means a lot to me” he said. “Ill go for you Ross” I said as I looked at him.. “Good” he said as he kissed me softly. “But if someone says something wrong im leaving” I said. “I wont let them ok?” he said. “Ok I trust you Ross” I said. “Good now lets get dressed” he said. “Oh its tonight?” I asked a I got up. “Yea its tonight” he said as he grabbed my hand. “Oh ok” I said. “Im sorry that I sprung this on you babe” he said. “Its ok I have a dress” I said. “Good because its kinda fancy” he said. “Yea I know your parents” I said as I walked into the closet. “I love you” he said. “Oh you will make this up to me” I said. “I know I will” he said. We both got dressed and we were leaving in the car as night started to fall. “You look amazing in that dress” he said as he focus on the road. “Thank you” I said as I grabbed his hand. “Cant believe your mine” he said. “Well its true” I said with a smile. He dropped my hand and moved his hand to my legs, slighting moving it up as we stopped a red light. “What no panties?” he asked. “Of course not, pantie lines are not cute” I said. “That is true but I can do this” he said as he moved his hand up my leg finding my clit with his thumb. “Oh really” I said with a slight moan. “yea” he said as he started to add pressure to my clit as he moved his thumb. “Watch the road” I said. “I am but I can do this as well” he said with a smirk. I laid my head back as he continued to rub me, soon we got to the restaurant and I was on the edge of having a climax. “Ross please” I begged. He leaned over and started to suck on my neck as he continued to rub my clit allowing me to finish before we got out of the car. “You ok?” he asked as he held me up. “You make me weak in my knees” I said as we walked. “I know” he said as we got to the table. Ross let my hand go as he hugged his parents and they hugged me which surprised me, maybe they came around. “This is a nice restaurant” I said as I sat down next to Ross. “yea we do this every year” His mom said. “Wow its nice” I said with a smile. Ross moved his hand back on my leg but I grabbed it as I gave him a look to stop, I could tell from the way he looked at me that tonight was going to be one hell of a night. We ordered our food and we continued to talk as he slowly moved his hand up my leg, I grabbed his hand and leaned over to say something to him. “Ross stop we are out in public” I said. “Hasn’t stopped me before” he said. I pushed his hand away once again but he moved it back to my leg, while I was talking to his parents he moved his hand up my dress and back to my pussy. I was already wet from the car ride, he moved his thumb back against my clit and started to rub it. I took a deep breath in and tried not to moan as I was talking to his parents, I grabbed his arm trying to stop him but that just made him add more pressure to my clit. “So how are you guys doing?” Ross’s Dad asked. “We are doing good” I said with a deep breath. “Are you ok?” his mom asked me. “Yea im fine” I said as I tired to keep my moans back. He continued to add pressure to my clit, moving my legs further apart as he pushed two fingers inside of me. “How is collage?” she asked. “its good im almost done with it” I said. “That’s good so what are you studying again?” she asked. “Im studying to be a nurse” I said still trying to hold back my moans. He continued to move his fingers into me and adding pressure to my clit, knowing that I was close to a climax he started to move them faster. I climaxed against his hand and it was the more intense orgasm that I had because I couldn’t moan or move, I caught my breath and continued the conversation. “Good girl” he said into my ear. “Bad boy” I said into his. “Told you ill make it up to you” he said. “Thank you” I said. We finished dinner with his parents and we went back to our place and once we got into the house it was on, he stripped me down and had his way with me. It was one hell of a night and boy did I love the ride. 

6.20 thinky-thought-ficlet.

Imagine the boys at home, once the case is all wrapped up.  They’re in the kitchen, cooking a late dinner.  Usually it’s a practiced dance, no words needed. Steve presses his hand to the small of Danny’s back when he passes by to get to the fridge; Danny brushes his thumb over the vulnerable skin of Steve’s wrist, when he hands over the saucepan of pasta.

But tonight, Steve is out of sync.  He’s distracted, he’s wincing, and Danny’s done pretending that everything is okay.  

“You’re hurt,” he says, and his point is proved when Steve awkwardly sets the saucepan on the bench, as though it’s too heavy to hold.

Two steps across the kitchen, and Danny is deeply nestled in Steve’s personal space, fingers questing under the hem of his shirt.  Normally he’d dedicate time and attention to the cut of Steve’s hips, the trail of hair leading down, down, down - but tonight, Danny’s focus is medicinal.

“Babe.”  He sighs, because this is what he gets for trusting Steve to report any and all injuries - a bruised partner.  Steve’s chest is a canvas of deep red and blue.

“Well, it worked,” Steve says mulishly, but he shuffles closer to Danny’s warmth, clearly enjoying the gentle caress of caring hands.  “The vest took a lot of the damage.  I iced it earlier, but-”

“-But you’re still black and blue.”  Danny drops Steve’s shirt back down, leaning forward to press a kiss to soft cotton - right over Steve’s big, bruised heart. “Forget about me,” Danny says, “we need to keep that suit for you.”  

He snuggles closer, taking care not to elbow any tender skin.  “Dinner first, because I can hear your stomach rumbling.”  As if on cue, a gurgling noise interrupts him. “As I was saying,” Danny continues, pulling back to give Steve’s stomach a pointed look.  “Dinner first, then bed.  Sit, sit, sit and be still.”  He settles Steve at the kitchen island, but it doesn’t take long for the protests to begin.

“I can help,” Steve grumbles.  “You’re going to put too much cheese on things.”

Danny waggles a sliver of carrot at him.  “Hush, you.  Do not speak to me of cheese and pasta and things you don’t understand.  If you’re good, I promise to do anything and everything to make you feel better.”

Steve is good.

 a slightly more adult addition, under the cut.

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