Carmilla Season 3 Act II was Sooooo good and fulfilling and I am so happy right now and I dont want to have to go into Uni. Instead I want to rewatch it with subtitles and then curl up and watch Luke Cage and why does University have to get in the way… whyyyyy!!!

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Do you happen to have a list of rom-com FitzSimmons AU fanfics? because they're my favorite!

well, I’m not sure if you mean of my fics specifically or just in general, so I’ll answer both. :-) (forgive me, it’s been a very long day, so if your ask is actually more clear than that and I’ve missed it - mea culpa! I will be going to bed very, very shortly, haha.)

I’ve actually written a fair number of rom-com AUs for FitzSimmons, lmao, so here they are, in order of publication:
Leopold Fitz’s Diary (in progress; Bridget Jones’s Diary AU)
Rosehill Cottage (The Holiday AU)
Bright (Stardust AU)
Drive Me Crazy (1999 movie-of-the-same-name AU)

(and I originally had another couple planned for FS, too, but had to jettison them. apparently I’m weak for rom-coms. womp.)

As for those by other people, I bizarrely cannot think - off the top of my head - of any completed FS fics that I’ve read that are rom-com AUs… but to be fair, as I always say to these kinds of asks, I’m a notoriously bad person to ask for this kind of question. I spend all of my free time writing fic rather than reading it, so I’m woefully behind on what’s being published in the fandom these days. (you should see my “marked for later” list, lol - it’s a bit frighteningly long.) 

Truly, you should seek out the advice of @fitzsimmonsfic - I couldn’t guess what their rom-com tag is (I tried both #romantic comedy and #rom com, to no avail, lmao), but I’m sure they have one! they’re very organized, and much more knowledgable about the FitzSimmons fic world than I am. :-)

Alternately, you could always go to AO3 and do a search for all of the “Romantic Comedy” works in the Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons tag - like this!

However - I have begun to read He’s All That by @eclecticmuses and Jemma by @msdevindanielle, each written for @thefitzsimmonsnetwork‘s Rom-Com Challenge, and cannot wait until I have time to read the rest of both! So maybe give those a try. ;-) 

Hopefully that’s enough to tide you over, buddy!


R E G I N A ( rə-JEEN-ə ) Latin name meaning “queen.” Your parent had difficulties conceiving. Thus when you were born, healthy and screaming for all the world, they set a crown upon your head. Your parents’ heiress, they named you as they would have a son: after your father, Reginald. You were royalty and you were raised to act as such. Prim, proper, and ever the lady, you grew your hair out to fit your crown. Your mother loved to comb your hair, dress you up, treat you like a princess doll. Your father glued you to his side, determined to pass on his legacy. But you have always been a queen and queens are not meant to be ruled. You are your own ruler and conqueror and your body and life are yours to do with what you please. You are the queen, not the pawn. While once you believed in the blood supremacy that your parents preached, you leave your parents’ kingdom to build your own. You become Reggie and you find that you like her. Reggie is all that a queen should be independent, regal, commanding, steady, someone who always looked forward and upward rather than down. Reggie answers to no one other than herself. The most powerful piece on the board, you can move in any direction that you choose. 

M A R G A R E T ( MAHR-gə-rit ) English name meaning “pearl.” Your mother chose your middle name not only for its traditional sound, but also you were the precious gem of your family. You were a prize and you were pampered accordingly. But you were never meant to be a jewel that your parents could dangle to show off. You have always fancied yourself to be more of a diamond with the way that you shine, but the more that you grow, the more closely that you resemble a pearl. You may have began entrapped in a clam where it was suffocating, but once you broke free, you were beautiful.  A pearl symbolizes womanhood, purity, and spiritual transformation. Feminine is a characteristic that you embrace with pride, but never have you let anyone think that it makes you weak. You are girl almighty, you are woman, and you aren’t afraid to crush anyone beneath your heal. Women are love and you stand with them. Pure is a word that was once used to describe you, your blood pristine and dripping with magic. When pureblood was replaced with blood traitor, you began to understand that your previous beliefs were stained with dirt. Rolling in the mud with those that were considered beneath you didn’t bring a hum of betrayal through your veins, but instead warmed what for so long had been cold. You morphed into someone who’s brightest pearls were stitched into your heart rather than etched onto your expensive, designer clothes. You transformed. You became

M U L C I B E R ( MULL-sih-ber ) English surname meaning “ smelter.” A smelter extracts metal, but you have always been metal. You are not your family’s to shape and mold. If they had their way, you would have been like the Mulcibers before you: a weapon for destruction. When you began your journey, you walked a path that made your parents proud. Sorted into Slytherin, just like the rest. A master of the Unforgiveables, just like the rest. One day, you looked in the mirror, and you resolutely decided that you didn’t want to be like the rest of them. You weren’t afraid to hurt others, but you didn’t see how it was necessary to destroy others to get what you want. You were better than that, more than that, and you didn’t hesitate to prove it. No longer your mother’s doll, you shaved off your hair and with that initial cut, you took your first step and severed the bonds that kept you down. The most power you ever felt was when you learned how to say No. You were not lost but found by a family that took you in and made you their own. This was the family that you would do anything to protect. You wanted to make them and yourself proud of who you were. You lost your parents, their fortune and inheritance, but you gained your whole life. Your journey was no fall from grace; it was a leap to freedom. 

                     OUT. || When people are like “lol yea me too” when I say I love Jeremy Gilbert but @hauntedgilbert knows how emo I am for JEREMY GILBERT. OF MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE, HE IS MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL. 

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omg so today when I was leaving campus, I saw my gf's car parked in the same parking garage as me and I knew she'd be getting out of class soon so I parked next to her and waited till she got there than surprised her! I got to kiss her sweet soft lips and it was just so great and gay. I love my gf so much :')

oh my god. i have been saving this because whenever i’m sad i look at this and smile. this is the pure content we need, i love you both.