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Can I request headcanons of the guy's reacting to the Mc being the type of girl who likes to hug like everyone and say "I love you" is like so natural to her that she says it to everyone but the thing is that she wears revealing clothing(Thank you!😊

 Author’s note: here you go friend!!! I hope this is okay, sorry it took so long :)


  • -when he came hope and brought you lunch you were so happy
  • -you ran up to him and hugged him
  • -“I love you so much!!! You’re the best.”
  • -but when he didn’t reciprocate the hug is when you pulled away
  • -HIS FACE WOULD BE 707’S HAIR RED I realize that his hair is orange but worK WITH me
  • -“M-MC, look at your clothes…”
  • -you looked down and saw you were wearing nothing but pants and a bra because OH YEAH YOU WERE IN THE MIDDLE OF CHANGING WHEN HE CAME HOME AND OH
  • -you looked back up a the precious child and apologized
  • -bUT
  • -before you could run away he grabbed your wrist
  • -“I-I don’t, I mean, I didn’t mind…”
  • -cinnamon roll knows what he wants



  • -once again I will remind you
  • -low cut shirts are his weak spot
  • -so when you bought that EXTRA low shirt just for him, you couldn’t help but laugh
  • -you changed in the car and called his name when you walked in the house
  • -when he saw what you were wearing hIS EYES POPPED OUT OF HIS HEAD I SWEAR
  • - you ran up to give him a hug
  • -“I love yo-“
  • -but before you could wrap your arms around him he grabs your shoulders and stops you
  • -he gives you one lonnngggg up down and smiles
  • -“I like what I see.”
  • -he takes your wrist and drags back into the bedroom
  • -the end ;)


  • -the first thing she saw when you ran up to her was your smile
  • -the second thing she was that unbelievably high crop top you were wearing
  • -and when you hugged her, and her arms met bare skin she just about died on the spot
  • -when you pulled out of the hug and saw how flushed she was you put a hand to her forehead
  • -“Are you sick? What’s wrong?”
  • -“Y-your shirt, it’s so short.”
  • -you frowned
  • -she saw your reaction and pulled you closer
  • -“It’s short… and I love it”
  • -I will say this over and over but she’s just an angel and deserves the world and UGH



  • -he bought you that dress
  • -but what he didn’t know was how shORT it was
  • -and how TIGHT
  • -and how LOW CUT
  • -maybe he did know it and that’s why he bought it that sneaky devil
  • -but when you walked out and gave him a twirl
  • -he stood up and started walking toward your room
  • -you ran up to him and hugged him from behind
  • -“Do you not like it? I thought you would love it…”
  • -he spun you around and pushed you against the wall
  • -“It’s not that I don’t love it, it’s that I don’t want other people to see you in it. This dress is only for me. Got it?”
  • -he kissed your forehead and walked away, going into your closet to find you something else to wear


  • -you were running late for the RFA meeting and you had to grab whatever was closest to you
  • -the fact that the closest shirt to you was an EXTREMELY tight and low cut one was just pure luck
  • -so when you ran out to the car and seven saw what you were wearing, his jaw dropped glasses are broken AGAIN
  • -you hugged him
  • -“Sorry for taking so long, I didn’t realize what time it was!”
  • -when you pulled out of the hug you realized his mouth was still open is it stuck like that??
  • -you waved a hand in front of him
  • -“Earth to Seven??”
  • -when he came back to reality he smiled
  • -“When I saw you in that top, a little piece of me died and went to heaven. It’s a good thing you’re an angel!”
  • -you roll your eyes but love him so much
  • -he gives you his jacket
  • -“Wear this until we get home… I don’t want any of the others to get to see my angel too.”

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You have no idea how excited I am to see you writing some Skimmons stuff!! If you feel so inclined for more Skimmons...you could do Skimmons/fairy tale AU (maybe a fairytale involving wolves?) you are an amazing writer and a gift!

skjfgfjdkl oh you <333


The moon sang in Daisy’s blood no matter if it was full or not. It whispered into her ears all the things she ought to do, of bloody deeds and the wonder of just letting go but still Daisy refused to. The only time it was uncontrollable to her was when the moon was at its fullest and then she always made sure she was far enough away from a village she wouldn’t do any harm.

It was a lonely cursed life but Daisy had no choice as far as she could tell.

And then she met Jemma.

Jemma who got lost in the woods one night, who approached her in her wolf form and just talked until her voice was hoarse and the sun was just starting to touch the sky.

“You didn’t run away.” Daisy said after she’d returned to human form and stared at Jemma in wonder.

“You didn’t attack.” Jemma returned and smiled as she passed a cloak to Daisy. “Now I don’t suppose you know your way out of here?”

Daisy smiled and took her hand and led Jemma back to her home. It was there she learned that Jemma had a reasonable explanation for everything against the supernatural. It was there her curse didn’t feel like a burden and it was there she found out that Jemma tasted like sunshine when she kissed her, chasing away all the thoughts from Daisy’s mind.

“It’s merely a reaction you must have something of my own.” Jemma said, but she kissed Daisy again.

Daisy opted not to tell Jemma she was sure it was true love’s kiss or any other fairy tale ending, after all the moon still sang to her but it was no longer cold.

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okay oh my god so i have been trying to find your blog for AGES because i saw some of your hamilton drawings but forgot to reblog them and BASICALLY i lost the post (THIS IS UNNECESSARY INFORMATION SORRY) I love your art style sosososo much holy cow!!! it's so good oh my goodness like your line weights and how you draw expressions and hair and ELIZA and gosh okay you're just like, such goals tbh <3 have a wonderful day/week/month/year dude!!!


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Hey there, I saw that ya' seemed to be in the same predicament that I am. *stretches out falcon wings* (hey, just dropping by! Hope that's okay.) ~ motivational-young-mccree


Oh my… What a magnificent wingspan!! Do you know what type of avain species has wings like that? *her wings twitch* mine are ruby-throated hummingbirds!

Young Sirius Black Imagine

Sirius×Reader Italicized words are actions Bold words are subtitles or just names Also this is my first time posting fanfiction so I hope you guys like it **Warnings** Just some swearing but that’s really it . . . . . . Marauders Pov:

[In the library]

(Im honestly Ben Barnes trash so bare with me)

Sirius:“Prongs I swear I’m going to ask her today.”

James:“That’s what you say everyday Padfoot for the past oh I don’t know three years.I just don’t understand why you can’t just ask her you’re always messing around with other girls.”

Sirius:“Prongs,y/n is different okay she’s not like other girls.Plus flirting is easy just asking her is the problem I have.What if she says no Prongs I wouldn’t be able to take it man.”

Remus:*smirks*“I’m going to tell y/n right now that you fancy her”

Sirius:“I swear to godric I’ll kill you Moony.Don’t you dare.”

Peter:“I’ll help,This shall be very interesting.”

Sirius:“I swear I’ll kill you two, okay please Moony,Wormtail don’t it’ll ruin my life.”

Remus:“Nah It’ll fix it,if she says yes I won’t have to here you complaining about y/n but if she says no you’ll die in a hole”

Your Pov:

Kasie:Oh my merlin y/n!

Y/n:What Kasie I’m trying to do my Transfiguration homework

Kasie:Black is staring at you again she says with a giant smile on her face because she knows that you’ve liked Sirius for years now

You start to slightly blush but you snap out of it

Y/n:Kasie I’ve known him for years he’s a giant flirt he does that with a ton of other girls all the time

Kasie:Yes but you guys are like freaking bestfriends it’s ought to happen some time.Don’t you realize how much you two flirt all the time?

Y/n:To correct you we were bestfriends he stopped talking to me alot last year now we just talk sometimes

Kasie: “We only talk sometimes” sometimes my ass.You guys talk almost every freaking day and then you come to me talking about how funny he is and Sirius this and Sirius that blah blah blah

Remus and Peter walk up to them with slight smirks on their faces

Kasie:Oh hi Remus

Remus:Hi Kasie Well I have some very very important news to deliver from Padfoot over there to y/n he says pointing at Sirius

Y/n:Why can’t Sirius just come over here himself?

Remus:Well my cough friend is very nervous.You see y/n Sirius has fan- before Remus could finish his sentence Sirius came and covered his mouth

Sirius:Ignore anything my friend here just said

Y/n:Well now that you’re here Sirius thanks for the staring.You know you should take a picture it’ll last longer Doria. *you say with a slight smirk Doria was your nickname for Sirius because you would always tease him about being a woman*

Sirius:I was just enjoying the view sorry hun *he says with his signature smirk* and for the last time I’m not a woman y/n how many times do I have to explain that

Y/n:Oh you don’t have to explain it I completely understand what you’re going through it’s a very confusing time in life called “Puberty” as you say puberty you reference a rainbow with your hands and is laughing along with everyone else

Sirius:You wait y/n I’ll get you back one way or another.

Kasie:cough just snog already cough

You slightly kick your friend from under the table

Peter:I ship it just saying

Librarian:You children with your flirting and the sarcasm oh the sarcasm get out of my library now.

Y/n:But Miss we didn’t even say anything sarcastic-

Librarian:Out! Go now! Don’t make me escort you all out.You’re lucky I’m not in a detention giving mood

you try to hurry and grab your things as everyone else except for Sirius leave heading towards the great hall

Sirius:Here I got your books already.I’ll carry them for you,I mean we don’t want your poor little back to die of stress do we hun?

Y/n:Thank you, but I can carry my own books thank you very much.

you say trying to grab your books after walking outside but Sirius took advantage of how short you were compared to him and made you reach for them.

Y/n:Sirius come on that’s no fair.

Sirius:Admit that I’m not a woman or else.

he says smirking obviously enjoying seeing you struggle.

Y/n:HA you wish.Go ahead carry my books then bish and you wouldn’t dare do anything to me I already know you Black.

Sirius:Oh really now y/n? Is that a challenge?

Y/n:No Sirius don’t please I was only joking.

Sirius:Hey you asked for it.

he puts the books down on the wall and hugs you from behind with an iron grip while you squirm trying to get free

Y/n:Godric Sirius you’re going to kill my non-existent soul

Sirius:That’s the point and you are rather cold.I’m just doing my job and keeping you warm.

Y/n:Well you are rather warm but can you let go people are staring

Sirius:No never.Why?Are you embarrassed about being seen with me hun?

Y/n:No but I don’t know,people will get the wrong idea

Sirius:Oh I see how it is y/n,You don’t want to be seen with me.Get on my back.


Sirius:Just get on my back

you reluctantly get on Sirius’s back

Y/n:What the hell are you going to do?

Sirius:Oh nothing… much

Y/n:Godric Sirius I swear don’t-

Before you could finish yout sentence Sirius started running around

Sirius:Isn’t this great *he says already knowing that you hate it*

Y/n:I swear Sirius put me down now! The only good that comes out of this is that I’m now taller than you

Kasie:Look Remus

she says pointing at you and Sirius laughing

Remus:“Ha Padfoot’s got this for sure.”

James:“I hope he does anyway”

Peter:“It gets quite annoying hearing him complain about how he didn’t get to talk to y/n all day sometimes”

Remus:“Yeah but hopefully Padfoot will finally settle down a bit”

they all start laughing

James:“I don’t think he’ll ever settle down Moony”

Kasie:“Awe he’s putting her down”

Your pov:

Y/n:“What the hell?! I was tall for once in my life bish!”

Sirius:sighs “y/n we need to talk and I’m still taller than you” *he says patting your head*

Y/n:Okay… also bish stop it’s no fair that you can mess with my hair but I can’t mess with yours"

Sirius: “Godric this is alot harder than I thought it would be ”

Y/n:“What are you talking about…Doria?”

you say with a cheesy smile and laughing

Sirius:“That… godric that smile”

you start to blush a bit

Sirius:“Okay when I say this you have to promise me one thing”

Y/n: “okay what?”

Sirius:“That we’ll still be friends afterwards”

Y/n:“What the hell did you do Sirius?”

Sirius:“Well…um…nothing yet but-”

Y/n:“Dude just spit it out already.You used to be able to tell me anything but you’ve been a little distant lately and it hurts you know”

to your suprise Sirius starts to lean in and he presses his lips against yours you kiss back but after a few seconds he reluctantly pulls away

Sirius:“I’ll take that as a yes for going to Hogsmeade with me on a date then love”

he says with a giant smirk in his face and you nod then he grabs your waist pulling you in closer to him and he leans in this time with a slower more passionate kiss


Remus:“My soul is now revived.What did I tell you Prongs I knew he’d do it.”

James:“I’m just suprised it took him that long”

Peter:“Let’s go mess with them???”

Kasie:“Yes let’s go”

they all walk over to where you two are snogging

James:COUGH “Hello there Mrs and Mr Black”

you two pull apart and you start to turn a bright shade of pink

Sirius:“Can’t you see I’m busy Prongs”

Kasie:“Ha I knew it would happen”

Peter:“I mean it was quite obvious Padfoot fancies y/n”

Remus:“My soul is so alive right now I’m suprised I’m not dying right now”

James: “You mean like fangirling Moony?”

Remus:“YEs exactly”

Y/n:“Well um Do you guys want to go eat now?”

Remus:“Of course if you turn down food from someone that’s just sad man food is food”

Y/n:“Wow this is such a SIRIUS situation”

Sirius:“No not the puns please y/n please.I swear you have a very Punny problem.”

Kasie:“Godric I’m leaving before y/n starts reciting puns”

Y/n:“Oh you’re going to Alpaca your bags Kasie?”

Remus:“No just no stahp please”

Y/n:“Okay,okay let’s go"you say laughing while everyone starts walking to the great hall

(And that’s the end I’m debating on writing a second part or not and I know this was trash but I’m trash so oh well)

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Non-watching Watching anon here again. Just watched the episode where we learned about John leaving Dean in that boys' home farm place to teach him a lesson for two months and I just want to cry now. Okay, fine, I did cry. When he tells Sam that it was it was his own mistake that got him him left there, my heart broke. Hello more abandonment issues. And then when he chose to leave because he saw Sam in the car, more tears. Oh Dean.

*wraps you in blankets*

*serves pie*

*cries with you*

oh dean :(

My heart’s breaking on your behalf, because oh the things Dean’s about to go through, too.

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( please never stop rambling about erwin smith, the fact that you have such a passion for him makes me glad. i just really, really like people who care /that/ much about their muse... ok, bye now )

oh my god i couldn’t stop if i tried ?? like i’ve never been this attached to a fictional character in my life, there’s just so much to him and there’s so much depth to his character, how could i not ramble ?? i’ve been writing as him for a little more than 3 years i think and every day i just gush about how intelligent and innovative but also realistically flawed and abstract-thinking he is ?? he’s not one of those characters that magically puts everything together somehow, like you can legit follow his mentality if you really look for it and see how brilliant he is both militarily and practically and how he’s given up his entire life, his humanity to unlock the truth about the titans so the entirety of mankind doesn’t have to suffer anymore ?? erwin smith wasn’t just some random asshole like a lot of people love to write him off, what we’ve been given by isayama through the small snippets of his backstory and the brief insights to the workings of his mind are, in my eyes, an inspirational and influential character in the universe he exists, and even in my life personally ?? 

listen i could write you a whole book but hdjkdlkdkj i don’t want this to take up like the whole first block of everyone’s dash lmao ,,, but thank you, i’m so glad that i seem to be doing him justice ,,, even if he’s d**d, he’s still really important to me !! 

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are you still dating that one guy? i hope you two are doing okay

oh no lol, we broke up all the way back in february
appreciate the concern tho !

Clumsy Luck

Okay everyone, here’s today’s Seventeen scenario! I hope you all like it, and please look forward to Thursday’s reaction! Also, please feel free to send in some requests! <3)(Gif used is not mine: credit to the owner(s)!)

Originally posted by wonyeols

        “Oh my gosh! I-I am so sorry!” You stuttered to the boy now on the floor before you. This day was turning out to be just WONDERFUL. First, you dropped one of your notebooks in a puddle on your way to school. Then, you were almost late to class. After that, you accidentally ended up ripping part of your favorite jacket on a stupid doorknob. And now, you had run into someone, knocking them over. And not just anyone. You had knocked over Lee Jihoon, or as some people called him, Woozi. Your crush. Your face was burning as you looked down, eyes darting from his face to the floor repeatedly.

        “It… It’s fine,” he replied, his eyes mimicking yours. After a moment of standing there like a statue, you knelt down to help him gather the books he had dropped. Your eyes, glued to the ground, didn’t see his gaze, locked onto your face, watching the way your lips pursed together, how your lashes cast a shadow on your cheeks when you blinked, how your eyes seemed to sparkle as they darted from paper to paper. He managed to shake himself from his trance and began to help pick up his things.

        “I just… I wasn’t paying attention and it’s just been a long day and-” you began to babble nervously. According to your friends, your crush on him was painfully obvious. They teased you about it almost non-stop, and if they could see you right now, they would have been laughing like crazy. Your thoughts, overrun with thoughts of your friends teasing, stilled when you felt something soft brush your head. You blinked and glanced up, seeing a hand retreating. A hand belonging to Jihoon. When your eyes met his, he cleared his throat quietly before looking down, continuing to pick up papers and notebooks.

        “You… Had something…” He mumbled, grabbing the last of his belongings and standing.

        “O-oh. Thank you,” you said woodenly, your mind still reeling. You stood up carefully, and held out the papers you had gathered towards him, biting your lip nervously. Your eyes were on the ground, so you didn’t see the smile that curved his lips as he reached out and took his papers… All but the very bottom one. He hurried off without a word, not even giving you time to remind him of the paper he had left behind. You were about to just slip it into your folder, hoping to give it back to him another day, when you caught sight of your name at the top of the page. Beneath it was a simple message:


        Meet me in the library after school. I’ll be at a table in the back.


(Okay I hope this was okay! I just kind of started writing and… This happened… Anyway, I hope you liked it, and please send in some requests! <3 )


Favourite Movies → Meet the Robinsons

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”                                 - Walt Disney

don’t ask me what are they doing because i wouldn’t know how to answer that question. lets just admire that this is kuroken