Nobody requested this but I’m going to do it anyways, I’ll be doing imagines/smut based on lines/songs from Harry’s album.
Inspired line- “and she feels so good.”
Setting- at home, on Harry’s couch while drinking wine. Also a little bit tipsy.

“I’m serious, why would you even go to a bar at all? It’s just pointless, well to me.” I said with a grin over taking my face looking at Harry, “well, I don’t know. I think bars are pretty fun.” He said taking a sip out of his wine glass.

“I mean I just don’t get it, you could go to a liquor store. Treat yourself with a nice bottle of wine and come home, take a bubble bath and just enjoy yourself.” I said, proceeding to take a sip out of my wine glass. “Honestly, it’s ridiculous.” I said shaking my head, wiping my mouth with the napkin in my hands.

“I mean, I do enjoy seeing you in that little navy dress you wear when we go to the bar, it just looks so good on your butt. It gets me every time personally.” Harry said, “also when you curl your hair it just looks beautiful, that’s why I like going to bars, to see you get all done up and pretty. But, I mean it was your night to choose and you chose to stay at home.” My cheeks fired up with a rosy blush, he was always doing this. Commenting about my body, the way I look. But you never truly get used to it, “stop, Harry, you’re going to make me blush.”

“Oh, I bet I could make you blush,” he said with a deep chuckle.

“I already know you can, you don’t have to prove it.” I said with a laugh. I giggled a bit, the wine making me a bit playful. My words lingered in the air for a moment, the air around the room drying up to all seriousness.

“You know I dream about fucking you?” He said, the tone of any playfulness leaving his voice. I was just speechless. I knew he joked about it, but I never imagined he would say it with such sincerity.

“I dream about how you would feel, I bet you would be tight, you never have any men in your life so that makes for an uneventful sex life. Oh, I bet you’d feel so good.” He leaned into my face, the small of wine on his lips pungent, the mixture of cinnamon wafted in with it all, was just pure intoxicating. Him, his smell, his words where all just getting to me at the moment.

“Harry…” I said, my voice almost a whisper. “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea, you know considering the fact-”

“You know I’ve never been one for good ideas, Y/N.”


Bitch (Bucky Barnes smut)

Requested: Yes
Request: Can you write a Bucky x reader smut Where Steve is a girl but she’s Nat’s girlfriend but the reader doesn’t,so she is jealous and one day he comes to their shared floor and she gives him hickeys and rides him but doesn’t let cum and leaves.
Summary: So Steve is a girl, dating Nat, but since Buckarony and Steve are best friends, the reader gets jealous.
Warnings: smut, swearing i think?
Word count: 723

I trusted Bucky, I always had and always will. But Steve keeps pissing me off. They’re always together, always overly close and usually Nat is all over them too. I was rarely with the trio since they made me uncomfortable and weirdly even jealous.

At first we always hung out, but then I started to make up excuses to stay away. “Oh I’m sorry, I don’t feel so good” or “I’m very tired, I’ll turn in early tonight.” Or even “I already have plans today, I’m so sorry.” 

Nat obviously knew I just wasn’t in to it, but never knew nor bothered to ask why. Bucky and Steve were completely oblivious.

Sadly I was oblivious to the fact that Steve and Nat were a thing that was happening.

The particular event that drove me to a jealous rampage was when Bucky was giving Steve a piggyback ride through the Avengers tower, Bucky ended up slipping and falling so that Steve was on top of him. I walked in on the worst possible time. Just when they had fallen and it all just looked wrong.

I looked at the pair on the floor, standing In the doorway. I cleared my throat, causing them both to look at me in utter and complete shock. “I’ll leave you two at it then.” I said, walking away to my room.

Bucky tried to talk to me, he even came to my door, but I decided it was best to ignore him.

Later that evening I decided it was time for payback. I dressed appropriately of course. No bra, No panties, just Buckys huge loose T-shirt. 

Mission? Make Buck know who’s boss.

Walking to the poor soldiers door, I’m not sure if I can go through with it. Giving a light knock on his door. I hear a groan, and the bed making a light sound, as he drags himself to the door. Opening the door, his eyes widen and he lets his beautiful icy eyes wander over me. 

Before he could even comment anything, my lips were attached to his. I pushed him toward the inside of the room, slamming the door shut with my leg. Soon enough the Barnes boy was taking control. Since he was only wearing sweatpants, my hands felt the need to wander over his muscular figure. 

He pushes me on the bed, causing me to laugh a little. His lips hungrily attacked my neck, then collarbone. His hands lurking under my shirt finding my breasts.

Soon enough he became restless and pulled the shirt over my head. Our lips once again fighting a heated battle. I pushed down his pants, and he threw them on the floor. 

Being pinned to the bed was not really how I was planning on letting things play out, so I wrapped one of my hands around his neck and then pushed on the opposite shoulder, causing us to end up side-by-side.  “Fuck.” Bucky groaned as his cold metal hand slipped between my legs, grazing over my sensitive skin, causing immense pleasure to run through my body. Smiling I bite on his lower lip while smiling, then nibbling and pushing wet kisses down his yaw, all the way to his inner thighs. 

Getting on top of him, I pushed him in me. Causing a deep groan to leave Buckys lips. As he fills me up, I start moving at a fairly steady pace. Buckys hands holding me steady by the hips. As I feel him becoming more and more undone, I pull him out completely, causing a dissatisfied moan to erupt from his lungs. Once more I let him fill me. Getting my pace back to as stable I can, his hands caressing my sides and thighs. Mine and his breathing becoming erratic. As his reaching his breaking point, I just get off of him, gather my shirt from the floor and walk out of the room, as I’m putting my shirt on. His eyes full of confusion and a strange sense of fear. Before closing the door behind me, I grin evilly. “That’s what you get, for messing around with Steve,bitch.”

Getting to my room, the elevator doors open and Nat and Steve walk out, holding hands and giggling. I slam my door shut, a content smile on my face, as i fall on my bed.  

Hope you all like this ! took me a while to write because of some personal issues. Tell me what you think :D

With love,

@torontofc - Remember July 27, 2013? Rainy, rainy day at BMO, we’re playing the Crew, and they scored an early goal and held us at 1-0 for forever and then we scored 2 goals late (Osorio and Wiedeman, IIRC) to come from behind and win it 2-1?!

I’m having flashbacks, man. We’re in Columbus and it’s not raining (and we got the goals a little earlier this time than in that last one), but… oh man. I feel so good. <3


Pairing: Hyuk x Reader

Genre: Smut

Request: Got this idea from the fantasy MV, I’m not saying this is what the MV is about It’s merely my interpretation.

Isn’t it crazy? One person has the power to change your perspective on the world so quickly, leave you feeling so sick, so dark, so…damaged. He was a gambler, however he did not gamble with money, but feelings. He’d go to all costs to reach your deepest darkest desires and he relished in the fact he could ruin you in so many different ways. He sat in his study, sorting through complex papers as he smoked one of his gold flaked cigarets, running a hand through his deep auburn brown hair. Han Sang Hyuk was wealthy to say the least, he had money and lots of it, however all the money in the world didn’t matter to him so long as he and all of the people around him had a ‘good’ time. As he flicked through the contracts, books and bills on his desk he looked over at the divine picture he had of you, laying in the sexiest black lingerie he’d bought for you, a lush smirk creeping onto his porcelain like skin.

Hyuk liked to experiment with different ways to get you off, he’s what you’d call sexually experimental. There was one quality Hyuk held that both got you angry and made you feel secure, he is always right, especially in the bedroom. He knows how to make you feel so good, but he also knows how to make you feel such things as too good. It’s a blessing and a curse. When he thinks of you, how that smirk of his never seems to leaves his face. You know you’ll have to do what he says, it made you nervous, but you knew in the end that he’d leave you feeling amazing.

It was passed 7pm, Hyuk had been in his study for almost 10 hours now. The tall rose wood door seemed to shine with gloss as you reached out for the cold brass handle, with a slight twist and click the door opened. “Hyuk?” You spoke, in almost a whisper. “Yes baby?” He spoke with a very calm tone in his voice, “I was just curious as to when you’ll be finished, I…miss you” You had gone very quiet and shy, like a timid puppy. “Oh baby, I’ll be done soon I promise. Why don’t you take yourself up to the bedroom love? I’ve been thinking of somethings i’d like to try” He was very gentle in the way he spoke to you when he wanted to try something new in the bedroom. “Okay Hyukki” quietly closing the door and walking up the massive wooden staircase, the ageing wood creaked slightly as you took each step, finally reaching the master bedroom and beginning disrobe so you where left laying on the burgundy red sheets wearing nothing but your black lace bra and panties.

When Hyuk finally appeared he was sporting nothing but an opened black shirt and some fitted black dress trousers. “Did I leave my baby girl waiting long?” He asked in such a sexy yet condescending manner, “No! no…It’s alright” You spoke again, shyly like you had done something wrong. “Okay baby, let’s get started” he said as he sauntered over to you slowly. He climbed onto the bed, swinging his leg over you to straddle you, he looked down slowly from your lips to your eyes and continued to do so, ever so slowly before finally reaching your lips and pulling you into a divine kiss that both of you had desperately needed.

He took the kiss from your lips to your jaw, kissing along the defined bone before taking two fingers to your chin, tilting your head up for easy access to your neck. He nipped, sucked and kissed down your neck all the way to your collar bones making sure to leave his deep mauve markings anywhere he could find. Even his kisses where good enough to moan over no matter how much you held back, you couldn’t help the high pitched breathy moans that left your lips on no accord of your own.  “You know I hate when you’re quiet baby, don’t be shy” He spoke as he continued down your chest. “Lets get these off shall we?” rhetorical questions where Hyuk’s favourite when in the bedroom, you never did get to answer any of them as you where either gagged or too busy moaning neither of which you were complaining about.

He put both hands round your waist and pulled you up slightly, taking one hand round to your back and unclasping your bra, throwing it somewhere across the room, before he moved off of you and to the bottom of your legs where he pulled your panties off and done the same with them as he did your bra.

“Okay baby, first new thing I want to try” He walked over to his wardrobe and fished out a black box, He brought out a blindfold, a collar, hand cuffs and two long candle sticks?!! Your face instantly showed worry. “Don’t worry baby, I know it may look scary but its going to feel amazing.” He walked over to you, and placed the contents on the bed. “Sit up for be baby girl.” You did as he said, he carefully put the leather studded choker round your neck, tightening it just enough so you where short of breath but could still breath. He then brought your arms up to the top of the headboard through feathery strokes of his hands. He took the hand cuffs and wrapped them round a section of the headboard and placed each hand in, securing them before checking they weren’t too tight. “Okay baby do you trust me?…” He asked looking into your eyes with a nothing less than serious face. “Yes, Daddy. I trust you” you replied, it was then he took the blindfold to your eyes and your world became dark, although you couldn’t see anything, your other senses had instantly been heightened.

The room had gone silent until you heard the buckle of Hyuks belt, you soon felt the leather round your thighs. The material stayed slack until you heard a small buzzing sound, before you knew it Hyuk had secured your legs tightly closed with the belt, to stop the vibrator from slipping away from your clit. You began to shake with the over powering sensation, the room was filled with nothing but your moans. Just when you thought this was all you heard the sound of a match, the sound and smell of fire was not to go unnoticed.

Hyuk had bent over to kiss you, searching your mouth with his tongue as he held the candle over your abdomen, the kiss gradually began to deepen until the candle finally started to melt and for the first time you felt the painful but erotic burn of the candle wax, it could be described as nothing but pure pleasure, Lets just say the candle wasn’t the only one melting. “Oh my god Hyuk!!” You screamed out in pleasure, unable to control yourself. “I told you Daddy would make you feel amazing, wasn’t I right?” He spoke snidely.

The pleasure was too much to handle, the butterflies in your stomach got stronger and as the wax got closer to your womanhood you couldn’t hold back anymore, you came with a loud moan of Hyuks name, “Thats right baby, let me hear you” He spoke, “Oh fuck Hyuk!! I feel so good!!” those words where enough for him. He slowly undid the belt allowing you to rid yourself of the unwanted pleasure of the vibrator.

He removed the blindfold from your eyes, allowing you to look down and see the multicoloured wax all around your body, it did look beautiful and the way Hyuk looked at you as if you where a work of art also helped to connote that. “You’re so beautiful baby girl” He spoke softly, as he unclipped the handcuffs, followed by the collar and then sat on the bed beside you, “Thank you for being so amazing, and letting me try all my crazy fantasies.” He spoke so sincere and gently. “No, thank you for allowing me to try all your crazy fantasies” You said with a yawn. “I know you’re tired kitten, we’ve been at this for a while now! Lets get you cleaned up” He spoke as he lifted you towards the bathroom. “I love you Hyukkie” you said sleepily, “I love you too baby girl.”


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Morty getting, like REALLY badly hurt trying to protect Rick, and Rick Is just a sobbing mess because he doesn't want morty to die

Morty hurled himself through the portal, blood pumping, wheezing and falling to the floor of the garage. Rick fell in after him, albeit with a little more grace than his grandson, barely laughing as the portal closed behind them. 
“Heh, w-wh-what d’yknow, /Morty/, we fucking made it.” Rick let out a relieved laugh and looked over at his grandson, still crumpled in a wheezing ball on the floor. Rick rolled his eyes. “C-cmon, Morty, don’t be such a pussy, g-goddamn.” 
Morty let out an audible gasp and tried to stand, hand over his ribs, when Rick  noticed the pool of red on the ground underneath him. Morty stood, taking his hand away, revealing the bullet wounds he hadn’t noticed until now, looking to Rick desperately. 
“Oh, geez, Rick.” Morty fell forward a little bit, face paling as the taste of blood in his mouth became more apparent. “Oh-oh, oh Rick, I don’t feel so good.”
Rick went forward to Morty, panic setting in as he realized just how much blood was soaked into his yellow t-shirt, the size of the puddle soaking into the linoleum making his heart race. Rick shook his head, grabbing Morty just before he fell and sweeping an arm across his workbench, clearing it to make room for Morty’s limp body. 
“Fuck, okay kid, you gotta stay with me, a-a-alright? Just stay with me here, it’s not that bad, alright?” Morty looked up at Rick with half-lidded eyes as he was putting together something glowing into a hypodermic needle, plunging it deep into Morty’s arm. Morty felt tired. He wanted to sleep. He batted Rick’s hands away weakly, trying to turn on his side. 
“G-goddammit Morty, you fucking piece of shit, you /stay with me/, alright?” Rick’s vision blurred, /fucking tears/, he wiped at them with his sleeve before pointing at Morty’s side with a piece of machinery, praying it wasn’t too late, /please god let him live/. The machine let out a screeching noise and a purple light, effectively stopping the bleeding and closing the wounds. Rick stepped back, watching the color come back into Morty’s face, watching the literal life come back into his grandson. Rick let out a relieved breath, tears still in his eyes, Morty’s eyes half lidded but still so fucking concerned for anyone that wasn’t him, lifting a blood-soaked hand to Rick’s face, trying to comfort him. 
“’s-okay, Rick, I’m okay.” Morty nodded and blinked his eyes shut, losing consciousness. Rick closed his eyes too, just for a moment, and kissed his grandson on the forehead, something that just he could have, tasting the sweat on his skin, feeling the artificial blood he had pumped back into Morty’s veins, calm, if just for a moment.  

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The sick s/o trying to be tough was adorable! Can you do it for the rest of seventeen? Thank you so much, I love all of your stuff!

og request: you’re sick, but you’re trying to be tough about it and they notice!

vocal unit ver -> (x

Seungcheol/S.Coups wouldn’t let you act at it for long, he’d just shake his head and probably lift you into his arms or onto his back and you’d be like “Wh-Why?” and he’d just be like “Don’t try to trick me, we’ve been dating long enough for me to easily feel when something is wrong.” You wouldn’t even protest because you’d see the concern and hear it in his voice so you’d just let him take you back home. 

Wonwoo can be rather aloof about things like this, but when you start grabbing your head or sitting down a lot, he’ll notice something is wrong and he’ll ask you straight up if you feel sick. If you say you don’t, he’ll still tell you he’d rather you two end your date our whatever early because even if you say you don’t feel sick, he’s not going to drag you around when you’re obviously in a bad condition. He’ll take you home and sort of be like “Lay down and get some sleep…..don’t do anything today, promise me…”

Mingyu can get wrapped up in himself sometimes, but he would be one of the first to notice that you’re not feeling ok. Since you haven’t told him yet, he’d probably be a little more clever and would be like “Oh, I don’t feel so good, let’s go back home!”. When you ask him why, is everything ok, he’ll just take your hand in his and and then touch your forehead with his other hand and be like “I should be asking you the same thing, huh?” 

Vernon will know you’re not feeling good, but he’ll panic about why you haven’t told him. For a couple of minutes, he’ll have an internal struggle over asking you if everything is ok or if he should just leave it alone, but then he’d decide to ask you because your health comes first. If you tell him you’re fine, he’s just gonna give you a frowny pout until you confess that you feel sick.

Hoshi might take a while to figure out that you’re not in the best condition, but that’s only because he’s trying to figure out what you two should go do. He’ll get the hint when you’re not as enthusiastic about seeing a movie with him and he’ll just furrow his eyebrows and put his hands on your cheeks and be like “Is everything ok?” and if you try to laugh it off, he’ll know you’re faking it even more and he’ll just be like “Whatever’s wrong, you have to tell me - don’t keep me in the dark about this.”.

Jun would know you were sick the moment he sees you because he can get a good read on just about anybody. He’d at first not mention it to see if you’d tell him yourself, but when you don’t he’ll just take your hand and start walking in the opposite direction and you’ll be confused and ask what’s going on and he’ll just casually be like “We’re going to the hospital. I should have taken you sooner. I’m sorry.”

the8 would feel that something was off, but for a while he wouldn’t be able to put his finger on it. Once you cough or end up cringing at a sudden headache, he’d snap his fingers and be like “You’re sick!….Oh no, you’re sick!” and you’d just be like “No, Minghao- I’m fi-” but it’s too late, he’s already looking around for the nearest pharmacy and telling you to stay put as he goes off to buy some medicine and some instant soup for you to take home.

Dino might be the most clueless to you playing ok, but at the same time once it becomes obvious because you’re just not able to keep up with him, he’ll turn into a big frenzy of panic and apologizes because he’ll feel horrible that he dragged you around while you were in pain. You’d sort of end up feeling really bad that you tried to play tough, because Dino would try to take all the blame on himself. He’d probably rush to get you home and then be like “Should we have went to the hospital instead?? What if it’s something serious???” 

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I just thought of something but I don't usually talk about this stuff so I'm super embarrassed! Uh okay so soulmate au with the a/b/o dynamic and the omegas self lubricate, okay? Okay so Omega!Derek and Alpha!Stiles are friends with benefits with secret feelings and pining. Only it's a soulmates thing that when you're with your mate, the Omega slick is sugary sweet and Derek knows it so he won't let Stiles rim him cuz he thinks he's gonna leave and OH MY GOD I FEEL SO EMBARRASSED GOOD BYE

Oh my god, no, don’t be embarrassed. This is the cutest and I wish I had the time to write a full fledged fic for it. 

But just imagine, okay? They’ve been best friends since kids and neither of them wanted to go through their first heats and ruts with strangers or alone, so they made a pact to always be there for each other until one or both of them found someone else they wanted to spend them with (both, of course, silently praying the other never would find anyone else because, yes, you guessed it, they are in love with each other.)

The dorks. 

There are different ways of recognising if you are someone’s soulmate depending on the pairing. Two alphas, for example, will find themselves going into rut the first time they kiss; whereas a beta and an omega will develop soul marks the moment they touch. Soul mates are rare and don’t happen often but when they do happen both parties just know. Every pairing, that is, except for Alpha/Omega pairings. Alphas and Omegas who are attracted to each other’s sex have always operated first and foremost together on a biological level since the dawn of time during heats and ruts and therefore if a soul bond is present it can only be detected through an Omega’s slick. (Shhh, just go with it.)

So, cue Derek realising that not only is he in love with his best friend- you can guess for yourself how he reaches this discovery, that’s a whole other story- but also his soulmate, and isn’t that just his luck: Stiles is literally perfect for him, a gift from the universe to him, and Stiles only sees him as a friend. Awesome. Just fantastic. (Because, you see, just because someone is your soulmate doesn’t mean they have to love you, or even like you.)

But of course Derek is the least stealthy person ever. Stiles may flail and bang into doors just about every other day, but he knows how to keep things hidden. Derek, on the other hand, isn’t so good at keeping secrets. He’s good at avoiding people, but when someone calls him out on something he has major tell-tale signs and unfortunately for him, Stiles has been cataloguing those tell-tale signs since they were four. 

So, of course, when Stiles tries to do is favourite bedroom activity- aka. rim Derek like a dying man at an all you can eat (out) buffet, excuse the terrible pun- and Derek tries to stop him by saying he has “decided to give up rimming for Lent”- seriously, his family aren’t even religious- Stiles instantly knows something is up. (And not in a good way.) (I don’t know why Derek’s slick is only sugary now, maybe it’s a full moon thing or a “after the first time a heat and rut happens at the same time” thing.)

Cue an awkward shy conversation which somehow ends up with Derek straddling Stiles’ lap- because his traitorous body just can’t stay away when they’re naked- and a serious amount of slick coating Stiles’ thighs as a result every time Stiles’ hand so much as cautiously, nervously, brushes Derek’s face, trying to figure out what is wrong. 

Eventually, Derek scrambles away because he can’t do it, he can’t tell Stiles because he knows Stiles and Stiles will try to love him and stay with him when he finds out, even if he doesn’t want to. Even if he is in love with someone else, Derek knows he’ll put him first because that’s what Stiles always does. He’s stupidly, stubbornly loyal. 

Cue Derek huddled up in the bathroom, trying not to cry, and Stiles entering two minutes later, his thighs practically aglow with slick, his fingers and- oh shit- his mouth coated in it. 

Derek expects a sympathetic smile, a pity hug maybe. What he doesn’t expect is for Stiles to fling himself at him and cry thank fuck before kissing him breathless, unable to stop smiling as he practically wrestles Derek to the floor in order to try and get access to his ass because you have no idea how good it tastes, Derek. Please, please let me. 

And, just, you know, cheesy love confessions and happily ever after. A wedding under the full moon maybe. You know, the usual. 

Hockey Luke - part 2

hey guys!  sorry this took so long! its a little short, but here is hockey luke part 2! Hope you like it!

part 1

You had somehow managed to avoid Luke the whole week. Even having the same classes, you would arrive last and leave first to the lecture halls, ignore calls and texts, and work extra shifts. Deep down you knew you were being ridiculous, but you hadn’t stopped thinking about Luke since the kiss, and you most certainly were not ready to face him. However, you were out of luck as you walked into a party with your friend on Saturday night.

Your friend Carly had been invited to a frat party that night, and insisted you went with her. Although you were hesitant to go, Carly dragged you out of bed, dressing you up and pulling you out of the house. “Come on Y/n! Smile! We’re going to a party!” she laughed from beside you as you sat in the car. “I don’t know Carly… parties aren’t really my thing…” you sighed. “It’s senior year and you haven’t been to a party in months! Live a little Y/n! Plus, you look really good, courtesy of me,” she giggled as she parked the car. You rolled your eyes, but you had to admit, Carly had done a good job. She had lent you one of her tight black dresses which fit your curves excellently, pairing it with black heels. You were never one for makeup, but Carly had managed to make your eyes look bolder, your cheekbones stand out, and lined your lips with dark red lipstick while still allowing you to look natural. Your normally messy friz had been tamed to the side, natural curls running down your shoulders.

Entering the frat, you and Carly immediately went to the kitchen, wanting some alcohol in your system before dancing. After taking a shot, you looked around, wondering who else was here. However, your body froze when your eyes landed on the back of a tall, blonde boys head. Luke was here. Why had you not thought about this before?! He stood standing with the rest of his hockey team, sharing beers and laughing at stories from the previous game celebration. Turning back to the kitchen counter, you poured yourself two shots, downing them both. ‘Yes Y/n!” Carly yelled from beside you. “Let’s go dance!” she pulled you off to another room, finding some of her fellow classmates. Relieved to be out of Luke’s sight, the alcohol started to settle, and you felt much less stressed. Enjoying yourself, you danced with Carly and her friends, laughing and telling stories. A couple hours went by, and the alcohol started to fade. Eager to keep having fun and not worry about Luke, you went to the kitchen and poured three more shots. Despite your mind telling you no, you drank them all, wanting to enjoy the night without Luke in your constant thoughts.

Luke had caught you running to the kitchen and watched you from afar, knowing that you were drinking far too much. Not being a party animal, you weren’t a big drinker, and you weren’t used to this much alcohol. As you swayed back to your friends, Luke followed, worrying for you. Another hour went by without you noticing Luke watching. You giggled, tripping every so often from the lack of balance. Carly had left with a boy a while ago, but you barely noticed, dancing with whoever was near you. Your curls Carly had done so well for you were now coming undone back into the poofy mess it usually was. Getting drowsy, you started to fall, your drunken state not being able to catch yourself. Before you could hit the ground however, a familiar pair of strong hands grasped you, this time not letting go. Luke heaved you onto his shoulder. “I got you Y/n, I always will. Come on, let’s go home,” Luke sighed, trying to hold you as you struggled to get down. “I don’t wanna go Luuuke! You can’t tell me what to do!” your words slurred in between hiccups. “Y/n, you’ve had too much to drink. I’m taking you home,” he told you, pushing through the crowd and carrying you to his car. Even with all your strength, Luke was much more muscular. You decided to quit fighting and let him take you.

“Oh.. I don’t feel so good,” you muttered as Luke helped you into the front seat. Moments later, you threw up on the side of the road, as well as all over Luke’s shoes and pants. “I’m sorry Luke..” You started, becoming emotional and mumbling incoherent words. “Shh, it’s okay,” he whispered, pushing fallen strands of hair behind your ear and massaging you back. “Let’s get you home.”

The next thing you knew you were being carried into Luke’s house, where he carefully placed you on his bed, helping you undress from your now dirty party clothes and lending you one of his t shirts. “Luke…” you mumbled, drowsiness overtaking you. “Shh it’s okay Y/n,” he whispered, kissing your forehead. “Go to sleep. I’ll be on the couch if you need anything.” You shook your head. “Stay..” you whined, not fully awake. Luke looked at you and sighed before disappearing into the bathroom. Just as you drifted off the sleep, you felt the bed divet and warm, toned arms wrap around you. You shifted into his touch, the alcohol making you needy. “Y/n y/l/n…. If only you knew the things you do to me…” you heard Luke mutter before drifting off into a deep sleep.

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Oh. Oh... <_< >_> I don't feel so good after playing Gingiva. Himmler... <_< Oh well. I have another question. Assuming that the Nomad had enough Lucidity to escape the Magistrate, and assuming that he is indeed of the male sex, if Gingiva and the Nomad had a child, what would it be?

Something like this.

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This whole Ingrid thing and people being scared to come out makes me laugh. Why do people act like coming out as gay is so damn hard? Just say "I'm Gay" and leave it at that. People are so damn dramatic.

Because being gay is still not accepted by a huge portion of the worlds population.  And no, it’s not a simple “Just say it” situation. People have been thrown out of their house, beaten, raped, and harassed to the point of suicide because they either came out as gay or were outed by someone else.

Another example of why it’s so hard for people to come out is comments like the ones below. And these are tame compared to most comments that are made when someone comes out.

“I’m not buying this for some reason. I guess she is in love with Hannah hart and is bi. But gay? Noo.”
- “Totally agree! This is all to dramatic, she looks like shesbperforming a dramatic reading”

“why do people still make a big deal about this its not the late 90’s any more no one cares. if your gay be gay or what ever stop making a big deal over it.”

“Gross and disgusting. ….unless she is going to be one of those hot gay chicks that only make out with other hot college dorm room chicks. Also, she is a shitty actress.”

“Who cares? Keep all the pussy you can eat for yourself. Really…who cares…..”

“This is just so… so sad. How this world sees something like “coming out and being gay” as a heroic act or something you have to celebrate or “be proud of”. It’s just NOT NORMAL. The Bible says that homosexuality is a sin! It’s NOT funny then. NOT to be confused though, God still loves EVERYONE (including gays). & dont say that is her nature, or that she was born that way, because It’s NOT true. Since the beggining God perfectly created a MAN and a WOMAN. NOT lesbians, gays, trans, etc. God will judge all people’s actions (including mines). And the Bible can assure you that homosexuality will be one of those actions. “

"Why are you sharing you personal life with us? We dont care, enjoy your life.”

“f@g lol”

“Funny what people will do for attention on the internet these days.”

“very, very bad acting.   yep, to be a gay is a most popular trend in our stupid times. why it is so necessary to shout for the whole world  :"i`mgay!!11i`mgay!!!!!”? maube heterosexual people shold start making “coming outs”  screaming  ``i`m hetero! oh, i feel so good,i`m shaking wright now…oscar ceremony tears” )    so false and stupid.“

“2015… people still having a hard time saying they are gay… thats not brave. its pathetic that you took this long to admit it.”

“Being gay today isn’t any different than I am WHITE..   so.. no offense, but WHO THE FUCK CARES..”

“Unsubscribed and told all my female friends to unsubscribe too. I honestly, can’t stand the LGBT Community. judgment Day is around the corner have fun you need Jesus.”

“kill yourself please”

“OMFG………..WOW……….Who cares…………Seriously we dont care if you are gay…….wont change anything about you :)”

“Who gives a fuck at this point ”

“I don’t understand why people make this a big deal these days I mean it really isnt. She acting like she won the Olympics or something. 10 years ago I could expect this reaction but today it’s almost like the standard to claim that ur gay… jeez just the other day I claimed it and I aint even gay lmao”

“Obviously a publicity stunt”

“This is the worst trendy trend ever. What an over actor too. God, this is so incredibly gay. If you just went online or watch movies, you’d think 90% of the human population is gay.”

“So, why is this even news? Why is it important to say? It’s no different to saying "I have two eyes” or “I breath oxygen”. It’s just a part of who you are. It’s not really a big deal. Some people are gay, some aren’t. Nothing to get worked up over.“

"This seems so fake.”

“Wait is she serious ?”

“About as genuine as Pam Anderson’s knockers.”

“FAKE as fuk”

“How to get views and be famous on YouTube: Step One: Make a "coming out” video Step Two: Profit”

“Omg so overdramatic.”

“It’s a joke?”

“Sick of people “coming out’ just to get special attention. I wish the entire world was gay so I could ‘come out” as straight and have everyone thinking i’m special and shit. Yur gay - woo-woo. If it were 1985, yes it would be big news. !995, yes big news. 2015?! Who cares?“

So stop acting like coming out as gay is no big deal and isn’t hard for people to do because it sure as fuck is whether you want to admit it or not.