Nobody requested this but I’m going to do it anyways, I’ll be doing imagines/smut based on lines/songs from Harry’s album.
Inspired line- “and she feels so good.”
Setting- at home, on Harry’s couch while drinking wine. Also a little bit tipsy.

“I’m serious, why would you even go to a bar at all? It’s just pointless, well to me.” I said with a grin over taking my face looking at Harry, “well, I don’t know. I think bars are pretty fun.” He said taking a sip out of his wine glass.

“I mean I just don’t get it, you could go to a liquor store. Treat yourself with a nice bottle of wine and come home, take a bubble bath and just enjoy yourself.” I said, proceeding to take a sip out of my wine glass. “Honestly, it’s ridiculous.” I said shaking my head, wiping my mouth with the napkin in my hands.

“I mean, I do enjoy seeing you in that little navy dress you wear when we go to the bar, it just looks so good on your butt. It gets me every time personally.” Harry said, “also when you curl your hair it just looks beautiful, that’s why I like going to bars, to see you get all done up and pretty. But, I mean it was your night to choose and you chose to stay at home.” My cheeks fired up with a rosy blush, he was always doing this. Commenting about my body, the way I look. But you never truly get used to it, “stop, Harry, you’re going to make me blush.”

“Oh, I bet I could make you blush,” he said with a deep chuckle.

“I already know you can, you don’t have to prove it.” I said with a laugh. I giggled a bit, the wine making me a bit playful. My words lingered in the air for a moment, the air around the room drying up to all seriousness.

“You know I dream about fucking you?” He said, the tone of any playfulness leaving his voice. I was just speechless. I knew he joked about it, but I never imagined he would say it with such sincerity.

“I dream about how you would feel, I bet you would be tight, you never have any men in your life so that makes for an uneventful sex life. Oh, I bet you’d feel so good.” He leaned into my face, the small of wine on his lips pungent, the mixture of cinnamon wafted in with it all, was just pure intoxicating. Him, his smell, his words where all just getting to me at the moment.

“Harry…” I said, my voice almost a whisper. “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea, you know considering the fact-”

“You know I’ve never been one for good ideas, Y/N.”


Devil’s Pleasure (TG Caption)

  Travis was too good for his own good. A teacher’s pet was the literal definition of who he was. Almost all of the teachers within his high school treated him far nicer than any of the other students. If anyone even stepped out of line the tiniest bit Travis was there to snitch them out. This continued for a good while and no one was able to stop him until the day they had a substitute teacher Mr. Birgol come in to take over the class one day. Mr. Birgol was a man in his early 20s who had recently just begun teaching at the nearby elementary school. He had always wanted to teach at a high school though, so the principle gave Birgol a chance to prove himself.

   Mr. Birgol stepped into class, and sat down at the desk unpacking his things from his briefcase. The first person to walk into the classroom was Travis who was always exactly 5 minutes early for class.

   “Hello there Mr. Birgol,” Travis said, with an innocent smile. “I just wanted to welcome you to our class and hope that you enjoy your time here as our teacher for today.”

   “Ah… thank you very much,” Mr. Birgol said cheerfully as he watched Travis skip merrily into a desk in the very front of the room.

   After class began it only took a few minutes to figure out that Travis was clearly the teacher’s favorite given he was incredibly eager to answer every question thrown his way, and always had a smile on his face. Of course Mr. Birgol wanted to give other students a chance to answer so after a while he began ignoring Travis and began to get other students to answer. Mr. Birgol could clearly see the other students despised Travis as they rolled their eyes at him every time he got up to answer.

   Lunch came roughly an hour later, and Mr. Birgol was in charge to keep an eye on the students as everyone ate.

   “Did you hear about Ashley and Todd,” a girl said, chatting it up with a bunch of pompous hot chicks who had gathered at a table.

   “I know I heard they really went at it last night,” another girl’s voice murmured.

   Travis who had been sitting nearby got a good earful of what they were talking about, and didn’t hesitate to walk up to Mr. Birgol to let him know what was going on.

   “Mr. Birgol those girls over there are talking about sex which is rather irritating to me and many of the other students trying to enjoy their lunch,” Travis said, pointing over at the girls.

   “Very well I will talk to them after class, but for now could you please just move if the conversation is bugging you,” Mr. Birgol said, trying to be fair to the girls as well as Travis.

   “Well you see Mr. Birgol those girls had actually already been asked many times before to stop talking about sex, and I think everyone would see it fit if they are sent to the principal’s office to have a talking to,” Travis said, without missing a beat.

   “Sorry Travis, but I feel that would be a bit irrational since their conversation doesn’t seem to be bugging anyone else.”

   “Mr. Birgol those girls are talking about sex, and if you even bothered reading the school’s handbook you would know that conversations discussing any sexual content is strictly against the school’s guidelines,” Travis said, speaking up to try and get others attentions as if to get people to stand up with him. Instead this just seemed to cause a huge stir across the room as people started whispering to each other.

   Mr. Birgol, feeling eyes watching him, had Travis follow him back to the classroom. Closing the door, he had Travis sit down at the desk directly facing his.

   “Travis I would like you to please just ignore those girls; I feel that this shouldn’t be too much of an issue as that conversation doesn’t even have anything to do with you,” Mr. Birgol said sternly.

   “However Mr. Birgol I feel that you still don’t understand is what they’re talking about it clearly against school guidelines…” Travis said, babbling as if he was in some sort of trance.

   Mr. Birgol getting annoyed realized just how much of an issue Travis really was, and realized that many of the other students would probably get in trouble for no reason with Travis continuing to act the way he was.

   “Ok, I will go ahead and speak to the principal about this for you, and we’ll see what we can do about this issue,” Mr. Birgol said, lying through his teeth.

   “Thank you for understanding Mr. Birgol I’m sure our efforts will help make the school a comfortable environment for all our students, and will help no doubt help you become a great high school teacher,” Travis said, with a big grin across his face.

   Travis began to make his way towards to the door when Mr. Birgol pulled something from out of his desk: it was a bright red cherry lollipop.

   “Here Travis, would you like a lollipop before you go,” Mr. Birgol said, with Travis accepting it in almost an instant.

   “Why thank you Mr. Birgol, I will enjoy this lollipop and all of its deliciousness.”

   Travis began to suck on the lollipop as he made his way towards the door again. Right as he was about to reach for the door though his hand began to shake as he dropped down to his knees.

   “Ah… this lollipop… is really… mmm… good…” Travis said, trying to hold back his moans of pleasure as he began to suck even harder on the lollipop.

   His tongue seemed to stretch out a little bit as he continued to suck down hard on the lollipop. Eventually he bit down on the lollipop and once he did he screamed as a red aura took form around his body. He began to scratch his head vigorously as his hair slowly grew out longer turning to a bright blonde. He screamed when he realized his hair as grown out, and was about to confront Mr. Birgol when his face seemed to contort muffling his voice for a moment. His plump round face thinned out as it transformed into that of an angelic being with two beautiful big eyes, thick eyebrows, a petite noise, and plump juicy red lips.

   His lips trembled as he spoke, but instead of hearing his old voice it was now incredibly soft and smooth feminine voice that almost seemed to bounce off the walls. He rubbed his hand over his neck which had now shrunken down to match his head.

   Looking down at his hands he noticed that they had changed drastically. Now his hands were small and delicate compared to what they were before. They also had grown long finger nails that had been painted with a bloody red, now his fingernails almost looked like claws. He moved his eyes up his arm as that changed as well thinning out as all his muscle and fat dispersed down into the lower regions of his body. His knees shook as Travis watched in horror as his bony legs slowly began to fill up expanding to become much thicker. The higher the changes grew on his legs the thicker his legs seemed to get. His thighs were now beginning to swell up as he knees tightened even more together. He had to slightly lift up his rear end for a moment as he felt his bottom begin to expanding as well. Soon his booty had blown out becoming a perfect curvy heart. He squeezed it with his small hands; feeling just how thick it was caused him to scream a high-pitched girly scream. An audible rip could be heard as his underwear pants had come undone revealing his ass crack to Mr. Birgol. Travis embarrassed tried to cover it up but to no avail.

   The distribution of the fat finished by filling up his hips; his penis had now been crushed between his thighs which was rather uncomfortable to say the least. He tried adjusting his body to a more comfortable position plopping down on his new fat ass. His shoes had fallen off due to his feet shrinking down. Could things get any worse? Travis then felt another pressure on his body. With a loud crack his spine adjusted inward pushing out his butt even more. Another crack, and his shoulders had adjusted down becoming more round. Suddenly Travis no longer felt uncomfortable down below. Confused why this was he lifted up his pants to reveal that his dick was gone. Now all that was there was a fresh new pussy. He screamed or I suppose she screamed again. Those screams soon turned to moans though as one final change was beginning already. Travis could feel a pressure pushing the fat from her stomach higher up into her body. Grasping her chest, she moaned heavily as two perky breasts budded from her body. Letting go they jiggled down.

   “What happened to me?” Travis said, getting up slowly to avoid losing balance.

   “I’m sorry Travis, but I feel that you be much more appreciated in this form now, and will find life will go by much more swimmingly given you’ll be much more respect by your classmates,” Mr. Birgol said.

   “What are you talking about?” Travis said, getting up just to find her pants fall down revealing her virgin pussy.

   “I’m sorry, but it will be better this way.”

   Suddenly two horns sprouted from Travis’s head as her mind changed her into Tina.  Mr. Birgol was shocked to see the two horns.

   “All crap… I must’ve given him the wrong lolli…” Mr. Birgol said, before being cut off by Tina’s sweet giggles.

   “Oh mama, I feel so good,” Tina moaned, as she began to fondled her breasts.

   Mr. Birgol couldn’t help but grow a boner from watching the young devil play with her irresistible body. She suddenly then glanced up at him licking her fingers. Tina slowly began to strut over to Mr. Birgol stripping off her remaining clothing as she did until she was entirely naked.  Her butt jiggled along with her breasts as she stopped in front of Mr. Birgol who was speechless cowering in his chair.

   “Is that for me?” Tina said, bending over and poking at the bulge in Birgol’s pants looking up with a devious smile.

   “Please no, you mustn’t do this… you cannot be having sex with your teacher!” Birgol said, standing up to try and take control of the situation.

   “Don’t make laugh you tease,” Tina said, licking her lips and pushing Birgol back down with great strength. “I need a big man who can take care of me.”

   Tina then commenced to unzip Birgol’s pants and pulled his long dick. She slowly began to lick it up and down. The amount of pleasure was too much for Birgol to handle as his moan uncontrollably shooting excessive amounts of cum out from his member. Suddenly he began to feel strange as he actually grew a few feet taller. His dick also grew a couple as well as his fat evaporated from his body leaving him with rock hard abs, and a sexy six pack. His glasses came clashing to the ground as his face formed into that of handsome hunky man’s. Tina continued to lick him slowly up his body until finally reaching his neck well she began to passionately kiss him. Birgol looked down at her insatiable body, and finally allowed her to take control as they began making out. Tina climbed up onto his lap, and began to slowly stroke his huge penis with her hand as they continued to make out. Their tongues slid in and out as their kisses became longer and deeper each time their lips met. The amount of pleasure caused Birgol to once again cum which spattered all over Tina’s hands. She lifted them up to lick the cum off her hands, and then leaped off of him turning around. She stood there for a moment to allow Birgol to study her sexy body. He looked up and down studying her slender curves that made her godlike.

   “I need you Birgol, I need someone that can dominate me to rule over Hell,” Tina said, in an erotic voice. “I need you to be my king, and you if you choose me I can pleasure you forever in our special little Hell with no distractions in our way.”

   Tina then bent over onto all fours allowing her butt to bubble up in the prime position to be made love to. Birgol stood up with his long dick erect.

   “Then you shall be forever mine,” Birgol said, as he sent his throbbing dick straight down into Tina who began to moan heavily as Birgol pounded her sending cum flying into her. Tina clenched her hands as she let out a long scream of pleasure. Two horns then emerged from Birgol’s head as he became her immortal lover. They passionately made love on that classroom floor for another hour before they both got up. Eventually Tina got up and materialized a tight black suit over her body.

   “Honey aren’t you going to put on any clothes,” Tina said, strutting over to the huge man jumping onto his lap.

   “We are gods Tina are bodies shall be worshipped by the mortals we shall allow them to see us nude so they can worship us properly,” Birgol said in a now deep heavy voice they shook the room.

   “Very well my king,” Tina said, with a devious smile heading over to the door. Her demon tail wagging excitedly as Birgol stood up and walked over to his queen.

   Tina leaned against Birgol allowing him to rest his hand on her butt. She giggled clinging onto his nude body as they stepped out into the world. Together they would dominate all.

Time for a story - I walk beside you

With a sigh, Felicity closed the door to Addie’s nursery behind her and strolled to her own bedroom. Pulling the blankets from the bed since it was just too warm to cover herself given the heat in the room, she shot a brief look at her watch and groaned. It was almost two in the morning already which meant she had only four hours of sleep before her alarm would go off.

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Pairing: Hyuk x Reader

Genre: Smut

Request: Got this idea from the fantasy MV, I’m not saying this is what the MV is about It’s merely my interpretation.

Isn’t it crazy? One person has the power to change your perspective on the world so quickly, leave you feeling so sick, so dark, so…damaged. He was a gambler, however he did not gamble with money, but feelings. He’d go to all costs to reach your deepest darkest desires and he relished in the fact he could ruin you in so many different ways. He sat in his study, sorting through complex papers as he smoked one of his gold flaked cigarets, running a hand through his deep auburn brown hair. Han Sang Hyuk was wealthy to say the least, he had money and lots of it, however all the money in the world didn’t matter to him so long as he and all of the people around him had a ‘good’ time. As he flicked through the contracts, books and bills on his desk he looked over at the divine picture he had of you, laying in the sexiest black lingerie he’d bought for you, a lush smirk creeping onto his porcelain like skin.

Hyuk liked to experiment with different ways to get you off, he’s what you’d call sexually experimental. There was one quality Hyuk held that both got you angry and made you feel secure, he is always right, especially in the bedroom. He knows how to make you feel so good, but he also knows how to make you feel such things as too good. It’s a blessing and a curse. When he thinks of you, how that smirk of his never seems to leaves his face. You know you’ll have to do what he says, it made you nervous, but you knew in the end that he’d leave you feeling amazing.

It was passed 7pm, Hyuk had been in his study for almost 10 hours now. The tall rose wood door seemed to shine with gloss as you reached out for the cold brass handle, with a slight twist and click the door opened. “Hyuk?” You spoke, in almost a whisper. “Yes baby?” He spoke with a very calm tone in his voice, “I was just curious as to when you’ll be finished, I…miss you” You had gone very quiet and shy, like a timid puppy. “Oh baby, I’ll be done soon I promise. Why don’t you take yourself up to the bedroom love? I’ve been thinking of somethings i’d like to try” He was very gentle in the way he spoke to you when he wanted to try something new in the bedroom. “Okay Hyukki” quietly closing the door and walking up the massive wooden staircase, the ageing wood creaked slightly as you took each step, finally reaching the master bedroom and beginning disrobe so you where left laying on the burgundy red sheets wearing nothing but your black lace bra and panties.

When Hyuk finally appeared he was sporting nothing but an opened black shirt and some fitted black dress trousers. “Did I leave my baby girl waiting long?” He asked in such a sexy yet condescending manner, “No! no…It’s alright” You spoke again, shyly like you had done something wrong. “Okay baby, let’s get started” he said as he sauntered over to you slowly. He climbed onto the bed, swinging his leg over you to straddle you, he looked down slowly from your lips to your eyes and continued to do so, ever so slowly before finally reaching your lips and pulling you into a divine kiss that both of you had desperately needed.

He took the kiss from your lips to your jaw, kissing along the defined bone before taking two fingers to your chin, tilting your head up for easy access to your neck. He nipped, sucked and kissed down your neck all the way to your collar bones making sure to leave his deep mauve markings anywhere he could find. Even his kisses where good enough to moan over no matter how much you held back, you couldn’t help the high pitched breathy moans that left your lips on no accord of your own.  “You know I hate when you’re quiet baby, don’t be shy” He spoke as he continued down your chest. “Lets get these off shall we?” rhetorical questions where Hyuk’s favourite when in the bedroom, you never did get to answer any of them as you where either gagged or too busy moaning neither of which you were complaining about.

He put both hands round your waist and pulled you up slightly, taking one hand round to your back and unclasping your bra, throwing it somewhere across the room, before he moved off of you and to the bottom of your legs where he pulled your panties off and done the same with them as he did your bra.

“Okay baby, first new thing I want to try” He walked over to his wardrobe and fished out a black box, He brought out a blindfold, a collar, hand cuffs and two long candle sticks?!! Your face instantly showed worry. “Don’t worry baby, I know it may look scary but its going to feel amazing.” He walked over to you, and placed the contents on the bed. “Sit up for be baby girl.” You did as he said, he carefully put the leather studded choker round your neck, tightening it just enough so you where short of breath but could still breath. He then brought your arms up to the top of the headboard through feathery strokes of his hands. He took the hand cuffs and wrapped them round a section of the headboard and placed each hand in, securing them before checking they weren’t too tight. “Okay baby do you trust me?…” He asked looking into your eyes with a nothing less than serious face. “Yes, Daddy. I trust you” you replied, it was then he took the blindfold to your eyes and your world became dark, although you couldn’t see anything, your other senses had instantly been heightened.

The room had gone silent until you heard the buckle of Hyuks belt, you soon felt the leather round your thighs. The material stayed slack until you heard a small buzzing sound, before you knew it Hyuk had secured your legs tightly closed with the belt, to stop the vibrator from slipping away from your clit. You began to shake with the over powering sensation, the room was filled with nothing but your moans. Just when you thought this was all you heard the sound of a match, the sound and smell of fire was not to go unnoticed.

Hyuk had bent over to kiss you, searching your mouth with his tongue as he held the candle over your abdomen, the kiss gradually began to deepen until the candle finally started to melt and for the first time you felt the painful but erotic burn of the candle wax, it could be described as nothing but pure pleasure, Lets just say the candle wasn’t the only one melting. “Oh my god Hyuk!!” You screamed out in pleasure, unable to control yourself. “I told you Daddy would make you feel amazing, wasn’t I right?” He spoke snidely.

The pleasure was too much to handle, the butterflies in your stomach got stronger and as the wax got closer to your womanhood you couldn’t hold back anymore, you came with a loud moan of Hyuks name, “Thats right baby, let me hear you” He spoke, “Oh fuck Hyuk!! I feel so good!!” those words where enough for him. He slowly undid the belt allowing you to rid yourself of the unwanted pleasure of the vibrator.

He removed the blindfold from your eyes, allowing you to look down and see the multicoloured wax all around your body, it did look beautiful and the way Hyuk looked at you as if you where a work of art also helped to connote that. “You’re so beautiful baby girl” He spoke softly, as he unclipped the handcuffs, followed by the collar and then sat on the bed beside you, “Thank you for being so amazing, and letting me try all my crazy fantasies.” He spoke so sincere and gently. “No, thank you for allowing me to try all your crazy fantasies” You said with a yawn. “I know you’re tired kitten, we’ve been at this for a while now! Lets get you cleaned up” He spoke as he lifted you towards the bathroom. “I love you Hyukkie” you said sleepily, “I love you too baby girl.”


anonymous asked:

So uhm, I have an idea for a short story and I think you'll be the perfect writer for this one. It goes like this: MAS have now been in a serious relationship for 2 years, when Ann (FemAce) finds out she's pregnant. How does she tell Marco and Sabo they are going to be fathers? And how will they react?

Ann stares at her flat stomach. 

She knew something was different these past few days but she wasn’t expecting to well be expecting. In her body a life was growing, has been for about two weeks now and it was odd to think about. 

She had come to terms with it, she was excited for this little baby, she just hoped her two loves felt the same. They hadn’t talked about children even if they been serious for each other the past two years.

They lived together, loved each other deeply, had a home, three stable jobs. Honestly, this was the perfect time to start a family. 

Ann herself wanted to be a mother and she thinks she is ready but were they ready to be a father? Marco is older by five years, he may be a little more prepared.

But Sabo was barely twenty-two. As the youngest of the three, he may have some concerns for this. Granted she’s only two years older than him but still..twenty-four is a better age for a family.

The freckled beauty bites her lip, ripping her gaze from her tummy to stir the pasta salsa. It’s not long before silver eyes start flickering to the clock on the wall, watching time move by at a painfully slow pace.

They will be home any minute. 

“Daddies are almost home. Hopefully, they like mommy's spagitti and meatballs. ” She whispers knowing the little won’t even be developed enough to hear her but…but she’s talking to her child. The thought alone both makes her happy beyond belief and nervous about the upcoming confrontation. 

Just then the door opens, keys rattling as one of her blonds dump them into the fish bowl by the door. She takes a deep breath to try and calm down before stepping away from the stove. 

Sabo enters the kitchen surprised to see her home before his eyes warm.He crosses the space between them to place a quick kiss on her forehead “Hi love”

“Hi Sabo.” She immediate says back leaning into him “How was work?”

“Dragon is busting my ass but other than that perfect. And you love? Why are you back from work so early?” Sabo is right to ask, she always comes home after him.  Which is why he usually goes straight to the kitchen to start dinner for everyone.

Ann’s smile turns a bit wobbly “Oh I wasn’t feeling too good so I went home early. I actually stop at urgent care.”

“Are you okay?” Sabo asks blue eyes imminently alert. He worries way too much about them sometimes and it makes Ace giggle.

“Yes, but there is something I have to tell you and Marco.” She nods stepping back to the stove. Sabo opens his mouth to say something but Ann waves her hand before he can.  “ And no I won’t tell you now. I rather he be here too before I say anything.” 

He closes it with a pout. He takes the wooden spoon from her hand shooing her out of his domain.  “Fine but when he does I get to be told first. Now go away, you’re sick. I can take over, you go rest.”

“I’m not that sick. You had a long day too the least I can do is help” She protests crossing her arms. Sabo’s lips pull into a line as he studies her. She knows he’s trying to tell if she’s lying and when he nods satisfied she smiles.

“I’m making spaghetti and meatballs. Can you make some sides for it?”

“Sure love, how about rice and boiled veggies?”

“Sounds perfect.” 

“-I told Shanks he can go fuck himself but the asshole still insists on me moving departments to join him,” Marco grumbles later that night. He rolls his fork into his noodles while his eyes twitch.

“Tell Pops he’s bothering you,” Sabo suggests stuffing his face like he’s starved. Marco grimaces as the blond speaks with his mouth full but the youngest doesn’t seem to notice.”Maybe he can move you somewhere away from him.”

“I may have to. This is getting old yoi” Marco takes a bite of his food. After he finishes chewing he adds on “But it might not even be in the same city. I would have to move, and Pops did say I may be getting a promotion soon.”

Ann takes a drink from her water. Honestly, Shanks better back off. He may be Luffy’s favorite person but if he tries to steal her Marco one more time, well Mama bear is ready for war. 

Though moving with Marco’s promotion. 

She thinks it would be a good opportunity for him and she can work at home from her computer anyway. It’s one of the best things about being the owner of Spade Co. The only problem would be Sabo’s job but Dragon was understanding. Maybe he would let Sabo take over an office somewhere else?

Not to mention this would be the perfect opportunity to find a house instead of the three bedroom apartment they live in. They could get one with a yard and their child could play in a treehouse like her and Luffy did growing up.

By the time the move would happen, which would be what a year or so, the baby would be born anyway-

Marco spits out his drink as Sabo starts choking on his food. Alarmed Ann is pulled out her thoughts as both blonds stare at her wide eyes. 

“I’m going to be a dad?!”

“Your pregnant yoi!?”

It’s this moment Ann realizes she’s been thinking out loud again. Opps. So much for a gentle reveal. “I-I yes. I’m two weeks along…”

Marco gaps like a fish. He looks like he trying to speak but his mouth won’t corporate. Squirming in her seat she turns her gaze onto Sabo- just in time to watch him faint. 


Bitch (Bucky Barnes smut)

Requested: Yes
Request: Can you write a Bucky x reader smut Where Steve is a girl but she’s Nat’s girlfriend but the reader doesn’t,so she is jealous and one day he comes to their shared floor and she gives him hickeys and rides him but doesn’t let cum and leaves.
Summary: So Steve is a girl, dating Nat, but since Buckarony and Steve are best friends, the reader gets jealous.
Warnings: smut, swearing i think?
Word count: 723

I trusted Bucky, I always had and always will. But Steve keeps pissing me off. They’re always together, always overly close and usually Nat is all over them too. I was rarely with the trio since they made me uncomfortable and weirdly even jealous.

At first we always hung out, but then I started to make up excuses to stay away. “Oh I’m sorry, I don’t feel so good” or “I’m very tired, I’ll turn in early tonight.” Or even “I already have plans today, I’m so sorry.” 

Nat obviously knew I just wasn’t in to it, but never knew nor bothered to ask why. Bucky and Steve were completely oblivious.

Sadly I was oblivious to the fact that Steve and Nat were a thing that was happening.

The particular event that drove me to a jealous rampage was when Bucky was giving Steve a piggyback ride through the Avengers tower, Bucky ended up slipping and falling so that Steve was on top of him. I walked in on the worst possible time. Just when they had fallen and it all just looked wrong.

I looked at the pair on the floor, standing In the doorway. I cleared my throat, causing them both to look at me in utter and complete shock. “I’ll leave you two at it then.” I said, walking away to my room.

Bucky tried to talk to me, he even came to my door, but I decided it was best to ignore him.

Later that evening I decided it was time for payback. I dressed appropriately of course. No bra, No panties, just Buckys huge loose T-shirt. 

Mission? Make Buck know who’s boss.

Walking to the poor soldiers door, I’m not sure if I can go through with it. Giving a light knock on his door. I hear a groan, and the bed making a light sound, as he drags himself to the door. Opening the door, his eyes widen and he lets his beautiful icy eyes wander over me. 

Before he could even comment anything, my lips were attached to his. I pushed him toward the inside of the room, slamming the door shut with my leg. Soon enough the Barnes boy was taking control. Since he was only wearing sweatpants, my hands felt the need to wander over his muscular figure. 

He pushes me on the bed, causing me to laugh a little. His lips hungrily attacked my neck, then collarbone. His hands lurking under my shirt finding my breasts.

Soon enough he became restless and pulled the shirt over my head. Our lips once again fighting a heated battle. I pushed down his pants, and he threw them on the floor. 

Being pinned to the bed was not really how I was planning on letting things play out, so I wrapped one of my hands around his neck and then pushed on the opposite shoulder, causing us to end up side-by-side.  “Fuck.” Bucky groaned as his cold metal hand slipped between my legs, grazing over my sensitive skin, causing immense pleasure to run through my body. Smiling I bite on his lower lip while smiling, then nibbling and pushing wet kisses down his yaw, all the way to his inner thighs. 

Getting on top of him, I pushed him in me. Causing a deep groan to leave Buckys lips. As he fills me up, I start moving at a fairly steady pace. Buckys hands holding me steady by the hips. As I feel him becoming more and more undone, I pull him out completely, causing a dissatisfied moan to erupt from his lungs. Once more I let him fill me. Getting my pace back to as stable I can, his hands caressing my sides and thighs. Mine and his breathing becoming erratic. As his reaching his breaking point, I just get off of him, gather my shirt from the floor and walk out of the room, as I’m putting my shirt on. His eyes full of confusion and a strange sense of fear. Before closing the door behind me, I grin evilly. “That’s what you get, for messing around with Steve,bitch.”

Getting to my room, the elevator doors open and Nat and Steve walk out, holding hands and giggling. I slam my door shut, a content smile on my face, as i fall on my bed.  

Hope you all like this ! took me a while to write because of some personal issues. Tell me what you think :D

With love,

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Morty getting, like REALLY badly hurt trying to protect Rick, and Rick Is just a sobbing mess because he doesn't want morty to die

Morty hurled himself through the portal, blood pumping, wheezing and falling to the floor of the garage. Rick fell in after him, albeit with a little more grace than his grandson, barely laughing as the portal closed behind them. 
“Heh, w-wh-what d’yknow, /Morty/, we fucking made it.” Rick let out a relieved laugh and looked over at his grandson, still crumpled in a wheezing ball on the floor. Rick rolled his eyes. “C-cmon, Morty, don’t be such a pussy, g-goddamn.” 
Morty let out an audible gasp and tried to stand, hand over his ribs, when Rick  noticed the pool of red on the ground underneath him. Morty stood, taking his hand away, revealing the bullet wounds he hadn’t noticed until now, looking to Rick desperately. 
“Oh, geez, Rick.” Morty fell forward a little bit, face paling as the taste of blood in his mouth became more apparent. “Oh-oh, oh Rick, I don’t feel so good.”
Rick went forward to Morty, panic setting in as he realized just how much blood was soaked into his yellow t-shirt, the size of the puddle soaking into the linoleum making his heart race. Rick shook his head, grabbing Morty just before he fell and sweeping an arm across his workbench, clearing it to make room for Morty’s limp body. 
“Fuck, okay kid, you gotta stay with me, a-a-alright? Just stay with me here, it’s not that bad, alright?” Morty looked up at Rick with half-lidded eyes as he was putting together something glowing into a hypodermic needle, plunging it deep into Morty’s arm. Morty felt tired. He wanted to sleep. He batted Rick’s hands away weakly, trying to turn on his side. 
“G-goddammit Morty, you fucking piece of shit, you /stay with me/, alright?” Rick’s vision blurred, /fucking tears/, he wiped at them with his sleeve before pointing at Morty’s side with a piece of machinery, praying it wasn’t too late, /please god let him live/. The machine let out a screeching noise and a purple light, effectively stopping the bleeding and closing the wounds. Rick stepped back, watching the color come back into Morty’s face, watching the literal life come back into his grandson. Rick let out a relieved breath, tears still in his eyes, Morty’s eyes half lidded but still so fucking concerned for anyone that wasn’t him, lifting a blood-soaked hand to Rick’s face, trying to comfort him. 
“’s-okay, Rick, I’m okay.” Morty nodded and blinked his eyes shut, losing consciousness. Rick closed his eyes too, just for a moment, and kissed his grandson on the forehead, something that just he could have, tasting the sweat on his skin, feeling the artificial blood he had pumped back into Morty’s veins, calm, if just for a moment.  

[Mark] Teacher’s Pet (Chapter 93)

All Chapters

We stumble inside our bedroom, lips firmly attached and hands roaming over each other, breathless giggles of trepidation escaping the both of us, excitement, desire and love everywhere between us.

I back her up against the door and she pushes my jacket off my shoulders. I take it off, as her hands move from my shoulders to my neck and my hair as she kisses me passionately. I reach down and undo the tie of her wrap dress, and in a blink of an eye she’s half naked before me in nothing but her laced lingerie.

I run my hands down the curves of her gorgeous body, feeling her soft skin under my hands. Her back, her ass…god her ass, so soft and full.

Abby reaches up for my tie and loosens it with impatient hands, her dancing rolling against mine. I grab my tie and take it off before placing it over her eyes. She smirks as I blindfold her, her hands traveling down my torso.

I take a moment to look at my woman, half naked, blindfolded, turned on, pregnant and devastatingly beautiful. I want her so badly.

I haven’t been inside her for weeks, I’m craving the feeling of being inside her, making her come, making her mine. The thought of finally having her after weeks of unfulfilled longings drives me insane.

I bend and pick her up, wrapping her legs around my hips as she curls her arms around my neck, her lips finding mine in a steamy kiss. She kisses me hard, her fingers twisting in my hair. I carry her to the bed and lay her down, crawling on top of her, our lips still firmly sealed, my tongue exploring her hot cavern.

My lady loses no time. She pats my chest until she finds the buttons of my shirt, and proceeds undoing them rapidly. I let her be, running my hands up and down her sides and her thighs. She slips her greedy hands under the material of my shirt and runs her fingertips across my chest.

Her touch sends sparkles of electricity throughout my already crazed body. Her hands head south, sliding down my torso until they find my belt. Still kissing me, still blindfolded, she dexterously undoes my belt, and unzips my pants. Then I feel her hand on my hard cock, stroking me through my boxers. It’s a feeling I’ve grown unfamiliar with. I hiss, her touch feeling like the sweetest burn as she palms me through my clothes.

My lips move from her soft lips to her jaw, and her neck, then the spot right behind her ear. She sighs, squeezing my cock in her hand and making me moan into her ear.

She hooks her fingers in the waistband of my boxers and tugs, letting my erection spring free. She wraps her hand around the band of my throbbing cock. Mmmh….skin on skin.

I kiss her down her neck as she slowly starts to jerk me. I trail my tongue down between her collar bones, around the swell of a soft breasts, tracing the outline of her laced bra.

I slip hand inside her panties, finding a hot, wet mess between her thighs. Oh, she’s already wet for me, as always. My fingers graze her lips, and it’s her turn to moan, her fingers still gently stroking my cock.

I part her lips with my middle finger, gently parting her lips. I hiss, feeling how hot her pussy is. What I’d do to her sweet fuck hole… The thought is mouthwatering.  She purrs, throwing her head back against the pillows. I nibble on her throat, kissing her pale and delicious skin.

She keeps jerking my cock, her thumb running over my head. God, that feels good. I can’t wait to be inside her. I want to make her crazy, crazy for me, bring her to heal and make her feel good. I pull away from her, denying myself the pleasure of her hands on me and take my shirt off. I peal her panties off, sliding them down her legs. Then I grab her by her hips and flip her over, getting a great view of her hot ass that I can’t help to give a slap to.

“Ah!” She squeals, making me smirk. I run my hands over her ass, palming the roundness of it. My baby has such a banging figure.

“Ass up.” I order. She obeys instantly, kneeling and lifting her glorious ass in the air. I lean in and kiss her butt cheeks in turn, parting them with my hands.

I trail my tongue up her cleft, and she moans loudly, pushing against my tongue. I taste her silky salty arousal, licking and kissing her. God, she tastes so good.

I lick her up all the way to her asshole, and her toes curl in pleasure.

“Yes.” She moans. I swirl my tongue around her right ring of muscles, again and again, round and round.

“Oh, yes.” She breathes. She loves it when I play with her little pink hole. I play with a pussy too, stroking her clit up and down, feeling her getting more wet by the second. He breathing heaves, and she balls her fists around the bed sheets.

God, she’s getting so wet.

I keep moving my tongue in fast circles, my thumb circling her other entrance, teasing her. She keeps moaning, louder and louder, her breathing growing laboured and heavy. She pushes her ass back against me, asking for more, and I’m only too wiling to give. I push a finger inside a pussy, gently stretching her out for me. She cries my name out, and I know she’s close. Her insides tighten around my finger. I move it in and out, slowly, and I feel her starting to shake around me, her small cries getting louder.

I don’t want her to come yet. I want her to come when I’m inside her. I pull my finger out, making her groan in frustration, and  lick her juices off of me. I kiss her beautiful ass once more,caressing her gently. She purrs, pushing back against my hands. I pull away from her and grab her ankles, pulling them towards me so she’s laying flat on her stomach. I want to take her from behind.

I take my pants off and crawl back her waiting form. I trail open mouthed kisses up her spine, grabbing one of her knees and pulling her leg up to the side. She arches her back, lifting her ass in the air, opening up for me. Blindfolded and vulnerable, she still trusts me enough to please her. And that is exactly what I’m going to do.

Straddling her, I guide my impatient cock to her entrance, running it along her slit.

“Please.” She begs impatiently. God, this woman is my weakness. I lean in and drop a kiss onto her shoulder, before slamming into her. She cries out, her back arching furthermore. The contrast between the frustrated state I’ve been for the past weeks and the burning heat of her insides send waves of pleasure throughout my body.

God, she’s so tight, so wet and warm, so warm she’s burning me. My fingers dig in the flesh of her ass, my teeth sinking  down into the skin of her shoulder as I try to stifle my reaction.

“Fuck.” I mutter. I feel like an alcoholic after his first glass of ten years. God, she feels so fucking good. But I need to calm the fuck down or I’m not going to last a minute.

“You’re so tight and warm and wet for me. God, I’ve missed this.” I whisper in her ear, she hisses in response, writhing impatiently. I slowly withdraw, hovering over her entrance, before pushing myself back in. We moan in union. I rear back ad sink back in, her warmth engulfing me.

“Oh, yes.” She breathes, lifting her head. I kiss her behind her ear and she tilts her head to the side, granting me access to her neck.

“You’re so beautiful.” I whisper in her ear, before kissing her down her neck, slowly moving my hips and guiding my hard cock in and out of her. I curl my hips, the head of my cock meeting that keen spot of hers.

“Oh, fuck.” She whimpers, her voice trembling.

“Again?” I propose.

“Yes.” She replies, trepidation in her voice. I repeat the same movement, raring back and curling my hips upward to make her feel better. She gasps, mewling softly.

“You feel so good inside me.” She groans. Oh, do I? She feels so good around me. I like knowing I please her, no matter how talkative her body is. I like to hear her tell me she feels good, that I’m the only one who can make her feel that way.

I gently pull out, and surge back inside her, harder and deeper. I pick up speed, the friction between our bodies growing in intensity.

“Yes, harder. God, yes.” She moans, keeping her back arched. I go even faster, my hips slapping against her ass as I start to pound her down onto the matters. God, that feels so good. She’s getting so wet. Her walls start to tremble and shake around me, gripping me even more tightly.

“Oh, fuck.” I moan against the skin of her neck. Her moans grow louder and higher, her fists balling around the bed sheets.

“Oh, yes!” She cries out.

“Are you going to come?” I ask her, pounding her harder and faster, dirty wet noises of my cock sliding inside her slippery pussy filling the room.

“Yes!” She replies breathlessly. I want to feel her coming around me. It’s a feeling I haven’t felt in weeks. I keep going, feeling her clenching around me, watching her unraveling and falling apart.

“Come for me, babydoll. Let go.” I growl in her ear. She screams my name as she lets go, Her juices come out gushing out of her as her walls start to ripple violently. I ride her orgasm with her, the feeling of her tightness and her warmth sending hotshots and sparks of electricity to my very core. A sensation I never want to lose again. She’s mine. This woman is mine forever, and I’m never letting her go again.

She collapses on the bed, breathless. I didn’t know she would come so easily. Maybe she really did miss me. Slowly, I pull out of her. My cock is glistening because of her hit juices, and it’s dripping all over the bed. Mmmh… I love it when she comes hard like this. She’s drenched.

I flip her over so she’s laying on her back and part her legs, wanting to look at her beautiful peach. She’s all pink and swollen, still glistening. I kiss my way up her body, trailing kisses up her stomach, between her breasts, up her throat and her neck. My lips find hers, and I kiss her passionately, pushing my tongue inside her mouth and exploring. She moans, submitting instantly, letting me possess her mouth as I pleas. I reach down and play with her clitoris, my fingers sliding effortlessly against her soaked skin. I coat my fingers in her wetness and reach further down, smearing her juices all over her asshole. I press my fingers against her tiny ring, making it all slippery. Then I push a fingertip inside her, and she shudders against me.

“Aaaah…” She breathes against my lips. She grabs my arm, her nails digging into my skin.

“It’s okay, baby.” I whisper against her mouth, pushing my finger further inside. She’s dryer here and tighter, but it’s still making her feel good.

“I can’t wait to be in here.” I murmur, loving how much power this gives me. She mewls in a begging manner, her mouth falling open.

“Do it.” She moans, despair and need in her voice. “I want it. I want you.” She begs. I know she wants me, I can see it. She’s breathless, her face flushed, her legs open wide in such a welcoming manner, but she’s not ready.

I’m not done preparing her for anal intercourse. She won’t take it well, and I want it to be as painless as possible for her.

“You’re not ready yet.” I whisper in her ear, pulling my finger out of her. She groans disapprovingly.

“I am. I can take it. Please.” She says breathlessly. She’s still shaken up by her orgasm, it’s blurring her mind and making her too wild. I want to make her come again.

I sink two fingers inside her and she whimpers, biting down on her lower lip and throwing her head back.

“Oh, god.” She gasps as I start to move my fingers around, rubbing this tender spot of hers om the front wall of her vagina. Her back arches off the bed, her toes curling again. I press my thumb against her swollen clit and circle, making her cry out.

“Mark!” She yells, her hips starting to buck against my fingers, her legs starting to shake. She writhes, her insides gripping my fingers tightly , more juices gushing out of her. She’s coming again already.

She begs as I keep torturing her, moving my fingers inside her, stroking her clit. She comes and comes, crying out my name over and over again. She falls back onto the bed, breathless.

God, that was so hot.

“You come so easily.” I observe. That’s new. She gets wetter and comes faster than usual, and that’s fantastic.

“Oh, god.” She breathes, her voice shaking. She writhes, still restless because of the aftermath of her orgasm. I gently and slowly caress her clit, wanting to ease her back down. She closes her legs around my hand, whimpering softly. She thinks she’s had enough, but I’m not done with her.

I part her legs and lay between her thighs, the head of my cock nudging her entrance.

“I can’t.” She whimpers, but doesn’t resist me.

“Yes, you can.” I counter. She may be tired and shaken but I know she has more to give me. And I have a lot to give her yet.

I reach around her head and undo the knot of her blindfold, uncovering her eyes. She blinks her eyes open whole I brush her hair out of her sweaty forehead. She looks up at me, her face flushed, her eyes piercing blue and blazing, her hair spread out on the pillows, her skin glistening with sweat. She’s so fucking beautiful.

She smiles a to me. She gives me a small yet warm smile, taking my face between her hands.

“I missed you.” She says to me, her eyes shining with sincerity. She missed me.

She pulls my face down and kiss me slowly, wrapping her arms around my neck and running her hands in my hair. I sink into her, pushing my cock inside slowly. She’s ever wetter than before, burning hot and oh so ever welcoming me. Mmmmhh…

“Oh…” She gasps, her mouth falling open. She curls her fingers in my hair, pulling gently as I push my cock all the way in. Her chest rises and falls as she breathes heavily.

“I missed you too.” I whisper against her parted lips. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of her, of feeling her, of making her feel good. She throws her head back against the pillow, her muscles gripping me tight, her wetness sliding up and down my cock as I thrust in and out of her. My lips linger on the skin of her neck, my tongue darting out to taste it.

“You’re so fucking wet.” I whisper against her skin, slowly pulling out and gently pushing myself back in. She moans, her hands sliding down the back of my neck and my shoulders.

I curl my hips, making sure to go as deep as I can in slow, measured thrusts.

“Oh god, Mark.” She moans. That’s it, say my name…

I reach up and feel her soft breast, palming the roundness of it. I gently pinch her nipple, rocking my hips slowly. She pants, her hips bucking up to meet mine, adding more friction. Her greedy hips sway, moving in slow circles. I groan, the feeling making my cock twitch impatiently.

“That’s it.” I murmur appreciatively. “Fuck me back, baby.”

She keeps moving her hips, greedily and desperately. She’s as desperate as I am.

“Faster.” She breathes, her hands sliding down my back, her nails digging into my skin. I don’t oblige, wanting to make it last, wanting to make her crazy for me.

“Please, faster.” She begs. But it’s torture. I want to pin her down and make love to her so hard, until we both can’t walk straight anymore. I bury my head in her neck and nibble on her creamy skin, distracting myself from the pulsating mess around me.

“Oh, god.” She moans, her hips moving more greedily. She rides me from the bottom, making it impossible for me to control myself. I grab her thigh and dig my fingertips into her skin, my hips moving on their own, faster, unable to endure the torture anymore.

“Oh, yes!” She cries out, racking her hand down my back. She wraps her legs around me, holding me close, her hips moving frenetically. She’s going to come again, I know it.

“You’ve got one more in you, don’t you? You’re going to come for me again."I murmur into her ear.

"Yes. Yes, please.” She begs. I can feel it now, this huge tension in between us threatening to explode, all the tension from the past weeks, all the unfulfilled longings, all this craving, everything we’ve both had pent up inside us. I need to let go now.

Her legs stiffening, she starts scratching my back, making me moan loudly.

“I’m coming. I’m coming.” She warns, her walls clenching around me.

“Fuck.” I moan, pressing my forehead against her, staring into her eyes, watching her beautiful face contorted by pleasure.

“Oh, Mark!” She cries, her whole body going stiff as she arches her back. I kiss her throat as her orgasm takes over her, her walls gripping me like an earthquake. Her orgasm propels me over the edge, and her names rushes out of my throat in a desperate plea as I pour everything I have inside her, losing myself and finding my soul in her.

After a moment of utter bliss, cries and I love you’s, Abby grabs my face and pulls my lips down to hers. We kiss reverently for moments, hours maybe, as I keep gliding in and out of her, easing the both of us down from our highs.

I’m sweating, she is too, but she’s mine. Under my spell. I made love to her, for the time that it lasted I owned her, but she owned me too. I feel complete.

“God, I’ve missed this.” I sigh against her lips. She sighs in content, looking up at me with her magnificent blue eyes. I gaze down at her, my eyes searching on her face, and I’m still amazed by how beautiful she is everytime my eyes glide cover one of her features.

She’s mind blowingly beautiful, and she’s mine. She’s mine, and pregnant with my baby.

“Penetrative enough for you?” I enquire, remembering my first duty. She wraps her arms around my neck and looks up at the ceiling, feigning reflection.

“Yes, sir.” She says playfully. I like it when she calls me ‘sir’. That might be a thing to try one day. Wait, what am I saying? It’s so sexy though…

I roll my hips, just to feel how wet and full of my semen she is. I moan.

“Why are you still hard?” She asks playfully, a point of wonder in her voice. God, I am. Fuck, I am. I haven’t had enough of her.

“Because I want to fuck you again.”


Abby’s POV

After another session of rough and dirty fucking, Mark and I go clean ourselves up in a bubbly bath.

“I forgot to ask I your day was.” He murmurs, pulling me close to him. My head lulled against his shoulder, I run my hands up and down his thighs.

“My case study is actually me, ten years ago.” I tell him. “And blond.”

“What do you mean?” He chuckles, his lips nibbling at my ear.

“She was raped.” I explain. He kisses my cheek, wrapping hims arms around me.

“I suppose you feel connected to her.” He says quietly.

“I do. But she’s way stronger than I am. She just doesn’t see it.” I reply.

“Did you tell her you’ve been there too?” He mumbles against my skin. I shake my head.

“I would’ve cried. For sure.” I snort, making him chuckle.

“I can imagine that.” He says. He grabs a bath sponge and coats it in soap and foam, before running it down my back.

“You know, it made me think about Thany. I need to tell her about Liam.” I confess, knowing it’s a sensitive subject. We haven’t talked about it for a while, but I remember he wasn’t pleased with me seeing Thany again.

“But I don’t have her number.” I add quietly. Mark says nothing, continuing to wash me reverently.

“I’m sure you have it.” I press, making him sigh deeply. He turns me around, making me face him.

“You know I don’t like it.” He says sternly. I nod.

“I’m going make an effort, I’m going to give you her number, okay?” He says. “But I want you to promise me you’ll bring Jacob with you.”

I nod again, surprised by how easily he gave in.

“You’re carrying my baby, so I’m in my right to be extra overprotective. But I don’t want to suffocate you.” He murmurs.

“Thank you. I appreciate that.” I reply, taking his face between my hands and putting foam all over his cheeks. I lean in and kiss him chastely.

Mark pulls me close, parting my thighs and placing my legs on either side of his. He wraps his arms around me, kissing me tenderly, and I curl my arms around his neck. He gazes into my eyes, his shiny with sincerity.

“I am going to be a better man, Abigail. And I’m going to be okay. For you, and for our baby.” He says to me. My heart swells. He’s made so much progress in such little time. This baby is a real blessing.

“Do you have an idea how much I love you?” I ask him.

“I’m getting there, Abigail.” He replies, running his nose down mine.

“No.” I counter. “We are getting there.”

He smiles and puckers his lips, asking for a kiss I grant him gladly.

“I admire you, you know?” He says to me, making me frown in confusion.

“I can’t imagine the strength it must have taken you to keep your promise, stay despite my attitude. You stayed when there was no hope left.” He murmurs. He reaches up and runs his foam coated knuckles down my cheek.

“You’re so strong, Abby. So brave and loyal.” He says.

“A warrior.” I murmur.

“Yeah. A warrior.” He smiles.

“I thank god everyday for making you come five minutes late into my classroom.” He says.

“Why do you always insist on the fact that I was late?” I pout.

“Because you were.” He says adoringly.

“You came too late, Abigail. I don’t know how I survived without you.” He murmurs, making the sappy side of my heart melt in a puddle of jelly.

“I love you.” I murmur.

“I love you too.” He replies before kissing me. He looks down between our bodies and smiles.

“And I love you already, little intruder. I love you, peanut.” He says to my belly. I giggle, pulling him closer and hugging him tightly.


The next morning during breakfast, I ruffle through our cupboards, trying to find some brown sugar. In the back of one, I find a jar of brownish jam. I look at the tag and giggle.

“Look what I found.” I say to Mark, who’s just entering the kitchen, look as sexy as ever in a dark grey suit. He looks up at me and looks at the jar, frowning.

“Peanut butter?”

“Baby butter.” I correct, all puns intended. He snorts, shaking his head. I think I’m going to love pregnancy.

“You’re stupid.” He says, walking up to me, holding a yellow post-it.

“I wrote Nathany’s number on this.” He days more seriously, waving the paper in front of my eyes. As I reach up to take it, he pulls it away from my reaching.

“Promise me you’ll be careful.” He orders quietly.

“I promise.” I reply.

“Good girl.” He praises, sticking it on my nose. I smile, taking t off and glancing at her number.

I can’t imagine how I’m going to tell her. How do I do I say that? And I haven’t talked to her in weeks, she probably winders why I haven’t tried to reach her sooner.

Hey, my fiance fired you because your boyfriend raped me.

She’s going to have a seizure. Poor girl.


Later in the morning, I find the courage to call Thany. Shes seems happy to hear from me, and that relieves me. She’s such an easygoing person. We agree to meet at a cafe during my lunch break.

I am astonished as I watch Jacob sit behind me while I wait for Thany to arrive. He grabs a newspaper and and goes on stakeout at the table behind me. He’s really acting like a bodyguard.

I don’t say anything, but I don’t have to to know that Mark asked him to do this. I turn to him.

“Officially, are you my driver or my bodyguard?” I ask him. Jacob doesn’t look up at me, keeping his eyes on his news paper.

“Mr Tuan must have really liked his surprise, he gave me a promotion.” He says quietly. Since he’s not looking at me, I make a grimace and stick my tongue out at him.

Still without looking at me, he smiles, shaking his head. I giggle.

“I like you a lot Jacob, do you know why?” I muse. He looks up at me, giving me a questioning look.

“Because you’re one of the few people who can see past the tyrannic asshole Mark is.” I tell him. Jacob smiles humbly.

“He’s a good man. He loves you a lot.” He murmurs.

“I know.” I reply, before turning back around.

A couple moments later, Thany walks in. She’s as gorgeous as ever, wrapped in a tight, knee-length skirt and a fluid top.

“Thany.” I greet her, rising and going for a hug.

“Hi.” She gushes, hugging me tight. She pulls back and holds me at arms length, scanning me from head to toe.

“You look different.” She observes. Why dies everyone say that?

“Do I? You look gorgeous.” I reply. She smiles at lets me go. We sit down in front of each other and order some drinks.

“I’m sorry I haven’t reached out to you earlier. I’ve just had a lot on my plate lately.” I tell her.

“It’s okay.” She coos.

“When I called you, I didn’t know if you hated me for not calling you or because of Mark did or if you didn’t mind.” I explain.

“I don’t hate you, you bitch.” She jokes, making me laugh. I love how she never gives a fuck about anything.

“Your fiance is a great person. I mean, he was cold, but I could tell he didn’t want to fire me just like this. He was very generous.” She says referring to the money and the new job in another office he gave her. I shift uncomfortably.

“But he never told you why he fired you.” I murmur.

“When I saw the check, I honestly didn’t care anymore.” She gushes. I try to smile, but fail.

“He knows you.” I tell her.

“Does he?” She asks frowning. The waiter comes with our drinks and serves us, leaving me time to get my thoughts in order. When he leaves, I take a sip of my drink moistening my dry mouth.

“A long time ago, he was friends with your boyfriend.” I trail off.

“Li?” She says.

“He remembered your face from a picture he showed him when you first started dating.” I explain.

“He fired me over that?” Her face is a knot of confusion. I shift again.

“He doesn’t want anyone related to him around me.” I say quietly.

“Why?” She asks. Oh, shit. There we are. Why? Well, because he raped me. I’m nit going to say that am I?

“He…well…I don’t…” I stutter, fidgeting with my straw. I sigh, closing my eyes.

“There’s no good way to say this.” I tell myself.

“Say what?” Thany retorts.

“Liam raped me. When I was 16.” I blurt out. My eyes widen is surprise. Did I really just-

“Excuse me?” She utters. Oh, now I said it. I wince.

“That’s why they’re not friends anymore, and that’s why Mark fired you.” I say quietly. She stares at me, her mouth hanging open. She keeps looking at me for a long moment, her expression one of utter surprise.

She closes her mouth, her eyes narrowing.

“I see.” She scoffs, her attitude changing. She brushes her hair off her shoulder.

“I wasn’t mad at your fiancee for firing me. With his money, I went on vacation for a weekend. It’s all good, no need to find a lie.” She says to me. My mouth falls open as I gape at her. What?

“I’m not-”

“I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but it’s unnecessary.” She cuts me off, grabbing her purse on the floor.

“Thany.” I call, holding a hand up to stop her. She comes to a halt, putting her purse on her knees.

“Why would I lie to you?” I ask her. She sighs and says nothing.

“We’ve bonded so quick, and you already told me you weren’t mad. Why would I lie to you?” I ask.

“Well, I don’t know!” She retorts. “Liam never went to jail, so-”

“Because his father and his grandfather are in the police.” I counter.

“Papi Welsh is an amazing person, okay?” She hisses. I shrink, shocked by her animosity. Thany…

She sighs, fishing in her bag furiously.

“I do not want to hear any more of this crap. I liked you, Abigail.” She mutters, pulling out her wallet.

“I really did.” She says, dropping a bill on the table before storming off. I stare at her furious figure as she stomps away.

I turn around to look at Jacob, who, I assume, saw everything, and he gives me a surprised and questioning look. I shrug, clueless. I have no idea went on just then.

Thany doesn’t want to believe me, and now she hates me. Well fuck. But I’m not going to chase her. I’ve warned her at least.


On my way out of work, I receive a call from Mark.

“Hello.” I say as I pick up. My sad little mood lightens immediately.

“Hi.” He says.


“How did it go with Nathany?” He asks me.

“She didn’t believe me.” I reply. “She paid for my drink and left.”

“Well, she’s stupid. But polite.” He retorts. Maybe she’s stupid. Maybe she’s not the person I thought she’d be. Actually I’m kind of disappointed with her, but she’s gone and out of my life now.

“I don’t give a fuck anymore, now I’m glad she’s away.” I mutter.

“Are you angry?” He asks.

“No. Maybe.” I mutter, making him chuckle.

“She chose not to believe you, but at least you warned her. Don’t get upset, it’s not good for the baby.” He says seriously, making me smile.

“Look who’s being all fatherly.” I tease.

“Hurry up and come home. I miss you and peanut.” He says, and I can clearly hear his smile in his voice.

“I’m on my way.” I reply.

“Good. Love you.” He says.

“Love you too.” I reply before hanging up.

On the way home, I think abiut how I’m probably never going to see Thany again. At least I warned her, I got that off my conscience. But I feel like I’m turning a page. Now that I have peanut and that Mark knows, I feel like I have too much to care about to still think about Liam and what he’s done to me.

I have a small baby growing inside me and years, decades of parenting ahead of me. I have a wonderful wedding coming uo, and I have this man waiting for me at home. My man, who’s in his way to recovery, who I love more than anything, who is also thrilled about this baby and who’s in for the rest of my life.

I feel like my mindset is slowly changing to another chanel. Liam and the memory of him has no effect on me anymore. He doesn’t matter. Mark and peanut are all I have now, all I need.

When I come home, I find Kate preparing dinner for me and Mark. I figure he called her back now that he feels better. When I ask her if she was bored of doing nothing for three weeks, she tells me she’s had a great time in good company. Her and Grayson got really close, and even if she refuses to admit it, I think her and Grayson was love at first sight.

I find Mark in his office, on the phone. He’s taken his suit jacket off, along with his tie, left with a white shirt with the top two buttons undone.

“No, that’s not necessary. Focus on the shipyard, I want numbers.” He says down the phone as he sees me, smiling widely. Not wanting to interrupt him, I mouth a “Hi” as I make my way inside.

I circle his desk and he welcomes me in his lap, wrapping an arm around me.

“The last five years to start. Yes.” He says to his interlocutor. I pepper kisses across his cheek as he speaks, breathing his heavenly scent. He smells so good.

“Wait a minute, Jimmy.” He says to his right arm before cradling his phone against his shoulder. He looks down at me, smiling fondly to me.

“Hi.” He murmurs. “How’s my baby mama doing?” He asks, running his hand up and down my back, making me grin.

“Good. How’s my baby daddy?” I ask sweetly.

“Better now. I missed you.” He murmurs. I curl my arms around his neck and kiss him passionately, all my love fore him surging out in an uncontrollable torrent. I pull away from him, leaving him breathless.

“What was that for?” He breathes, smirking playfully.

“I missed you too, that’s all.” I shrug, running a finger down the side of his neck. He kisses my nose.

“I just have to finish this call, and then I’m all yours.” He says. Oh, you bet you’re mine darling.

“I’ll stay here.” I declare, burying my face in his neck. He grabs my ponytail and pulls, tilting my head back and making me look up at him.

“Are you okay?” He asks, frowning. I nod, shaking my hair out of his grip and snuggling closer to him.

“I like hearing you talk about your work.” I murmur.

“Are you sure?” He asks. “I’m going to TPS report you so hard, it’ll leave you cross-eyed.” He teases.


Two wonderful weeks have passed. Between wedding planning and pregnancy, I’ve been having the time of my life. Mark is an awesome pregnancy caregiver, even though I don’t have a lot of cravings except for sex and shrimps.

He has the habit of talking to peanut everyday before bed, telling my tummy about his day. The only bad point is that Mark has been very light on the BDSM flavors in our sex life.

He hasn’t tied me up since forever, he hasn’t spanked me, and he hasn’t denied me any orgasm.

The wedding is coming very fast. Soon Capucine and Alexandre will be here and we will tell everyone about peanut. I can’t wait to tell all my family, and I can’t wait to finally marry my man.

Today I am at work, checking my notes between two appointments. I hear a knock on the door, and when I allow the person to come in, I see Stephany, the timid and discreet receptionist walk in.

“Miss Kraige.” She says, her face flushed.

“Yes?” I reply, looking up at her.

“Someone is there so see you, but she’s on your list of proscribed visitors. I tried to get her to leave, but she won’t.” She stumbles over her own words, fidgeting with her fingers nervously. The poor girl is panicked.

“List of proscribed visitors?” I ask, rising from my seat. List of proscribed visitors?

“Yes.” She nods. I frown, confused.

“I have a proscribed list of visitors?” I ask her, incredulous. Since when?

“Mr Tuan gave it to me.” She replies.


Oh no, he didn’t. He did not do that. A wave of anger sweeps through me.

I try to calm my boiling insides by taking a deep breath. I pinch the bridge of my nose and count to five. Once I’m done, I’m smooth my dress down and look back at her.

“Can I know who’s on that list?” I ask her.

“Dr Lecter, Liam Welsh and Olivia Russet.” She replies. Of course, it doesn’t surprise me at all.

“And who’s here now?” I ask. She swallow, terrified.

“Olivia Russet.”

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Oh. Oh... <_< >_> I don't feel so good after playing Gingiva. Himmler... <_< Oh well. I have another question. Assuming that the Nomad had enough Lucidity to escape the Magistrate, and assuming that he is indeed of the male sex, if Gingiva and the Nomad had a child, what would it be?

Something like this.

anonymous asked:

I just thought of something but I don't usually talk about this stuff so I'm super embarrassed! Uh okay so soulmate au with the a/b/o dynamic and the omegas self lubricate, okay? Okay so Omega!Derek and Alpha!Stiles are friends with benefits with secret feelings and pining. Only it's a soulmates thing that when you're with your mate, the Omega slick is sugary sweet and Derek knows it so he won't let Stiles rim him cuz he thinks he's gonna leave and OH MY GOD I FEEL SO EMBARRASSED GOOD BYE

Oh my god, no, don’t be embarrassed. This is the cutest and I wish I had the time to write a full fledged fic for it. 

But just imagine, okay? They’ve been best friends since kids and neither of them wanted to go through their first heats and ruts with strangers or alone, so they made a pact to always be there for each other until one or both of them found someone else they wanted to spend them with (both, of course, silently praying the other never would find anyone else because, yes, you guessed it, they are in love with each other.)

The dorks. 

There are different ways of recognising if you are someone’s soulmate depending on the pairing. Two alphas, for example, will find themselves going into rut the first time they kiss; whereas a beta and an omega will develop soul marks the moment they touch. Soul mates are rare and don’t happen often but when they do happen both parties just know. Every pairing, that is, except for Alpha/Omega pairings. Alphas and Omegas who are attracted to each other’s sex have always operated first and foremost together on a biological level since the dawn of time during heats and ruts and therefore if a soul bond is present it can only be detected through an Omega’s slick. (Shhh, just go with it.)

So, cue Derek realising that not only is he in love with his best friend- you can guess for yourself how he reaches this discovery, that’s a whole other story- but also his soulmate, and isn’t that just his luck: Stiles is literally perfect for him, a gift from the universe to him, and Stiles only sees him as a friend. Awesome. Just fantastic. (Because, you see, just because someone is your soulmate doesn’t mean they have to love you, or even like you.)

But of course Derek is the least stealthy person ever. Stiles may flail and bang into doors just about every other day, but he knows how to keep things hidden. Derek, on the other hand, isn’t so good at keeping secrets. He’s good at avoiding people, but when someone calls him out on something he has major tell-tale signs and unfortunately for him, Stiles has been cataloguing those tell-tale signs since they were four. 

So, of course, when Stiles tries to do is favourite bedroom activity- aka. rim Derek like a dying man at an all you can eat (out) buffet, excuse the terrible pun- and Derek tries to stop him by saying he has “decided to give up rimming for Lent”- seriously, his family aren’t even religious- Stiles instantly knows something is up. (And not in a good way.) (I don’t know why Derek’s slick is only sugary now, maybe it’s a full moon thing or a “after the first time a heat and rut happens at the same time” thing.)

Cue an awkward shy conversation which somehow ends up with Derek straddling Stiles’ lap- because his traitorous body just can’t stay away when they’re naked- and a serious amount of slick coating Stiles’ thighs as a result every time Stiles’ hand so much as cautiously, nervously, brushes Derek’s face, trying to figure out what is wrong. 

Eventually, Derek scrambles away because he can’t do it, he can’t tell Stiles because he knows Stiles and Stiles will try to love him and stay with him when he finds out, even if he doesn’t want to. Even if he is in love with someone else, Derek knows he’ll put him first because that’s what Stiles always does. He’s stupidly, stubbornly loyal. 

Cue Derek huddled up in the bathroom, trying not to cry, and Stiles entering two minutes later, his thighs practically aglow with slick, his fingers and- oh shit- his mouth coated in it. 

Derek expects a sympathetic smile, a pity hug maybe. What he doesn’t expect is for Stiles to fling himself at him and cry thank fuck before kissing him breathless, unable to stop smiling as he practically wrestles Derek to the floor in order to try and get access to his ass because you have no idea how good it tastes, Derek. Please, please let me. 

And, just, you know, cheesy love confessions and happily ever after. A wedding under the full moon maybe. You know, the usual. 

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The sick s/o trying to be tough was adorable! Can you do it for the rest of seventeen? Thank you so much, I love all of your stuff!

og request: you’re sick, but you’re trying to be tough about it and they notice!

vocal unit ver -> (x

Seungcheol/S.Coups wouldn’t let you act at it for long, he’d just shake his head and probably lift you into his arms or onto his back and you’d be like “Wh-Why?” and he’d just be like “Don’t try to trick me, we’ve been dating long enough for me to easily feel when something is wrong.” You wouldn’t even protest because you’d see the concern and hear it in his voice so you’d just let him take you back home. 

Wonwoo can be rather aloof about things like this, but when you start grabbing your head or sitting down a lot, he’ll notice something is wrong and he’ll ask you straight up if you feel sick. If you say you don’t, he’ll still tell you he’d rather you two end your date our whatever early because even if you say you don’t feel sick, he’s not going to drag you around when you’re obviously in a bad condition. He’ll take you home and sort of be like “Lay down and get some sleep…..don’t do anything today, promise me…”

Mingyu can get wrapped up in himself sometimes, but he would be one of the first to notice that you’re not feeling ok. Since you haven’t told him yet, he’d probably be a little more clever and would be like “Oh, I don’t feel so good, let’s go back home!”. When you ask him why, is everything ok, he’ll just take your hand in his and and then touch your forehead with his other hand and be like “I should be asking you the same thing, huh?” 

Vernon will know you’re not feeling good, but he’ll panic about why you haven’t told him. For a couple of minutes, he’ll have an internal struggle over asking you if everything is ok or if he should just leave it alone, but then he’d decide to ask you because your health comes first. If you tell him you’re fine, he’s just gonna give you a frowny pout until you confess that you feel sick.

Hoshi might take a while to figure out that you’re not in the best condition, but that’s only because he’s trying to figure out what you two should go do. He’ll get the hint when you’re not as enthusiastic about seeing a movie with him and he’ll just furrow his eyebrows and put his hands on your cheeks and be like “Is everything ok?” and if you try to laugh it off, he’ll know you’re faking it even more and he’ll just be like “Whatever’s wrong, you have to tell me - don’t keep me in the dark about this.”.

Jun would know you were sick the moment he sees you because he can get a good read on just about anybody. He’d at first not mention it to see if you’d tell him yourself, but when you don’t he’ll just take your hand and start walking in the opposite direction and you’ll be confused and ask what’s going on and he’ll just casually be like “We’re going to the hospital. I should have taken you sooner. I’m sorry.”

the8 would feel that something was off, but for a while he wouldn’t be able to put his finger on it. Once you cough or end up cringing at a sudden headache, he’d snap his fingers and be like “You’re sick!….Oh no, you’re sick!” and you’d just be like “No, Minghao- I’m fi-” but it’s too late, he’s already looking around for the nearest pharmacy and telling you to stay put as he goes off to buy some medicine and some instant soup for you to take home.

Dino might be the most clueless to you playing ok, but at the same time once it becomes obvious because you’re just not able to keep up with him, he’ll turn into a big frenzy of panic and apologizes because he’ll feel horrible that he dragged you around while you were in pain. You’d sort of end up feeling really bad that you tried to play tough, because Dino would try to take all the blame on himself. He’d probably rush to get you home and then be like “Should we have went to the hospital instead?? What if it’s something serious???” 

Hockey Luke - part 2

hey guys!  sorry this took so long! its a little short, but here is hockey luke part 2! Hope you like it!

part 1

You had somehow managed to avoid Luke the whole week. Even having the same classes, you would arrive last and leave first to the lecture halls, ignore calls and texts, and work extra shifts. Deep down you knew you were being ridiculous, but you hadn’t stopped thinking about Luke since the kiss, and you most certainly were not ready to face him. However, you were out of luck as you walked into a party with your friend on Saturday night.

Your friend Carly had been invited to a frat party that night, and insisted you went with her. Although you were hesitant to go, Carly dragged you out of bed, dressing you up and pulling you out of the house. “Come on Y/n! Smile! We’re going to a party!” she laughed from beside you as you sat in the car. “I don’t know Carly… parties aren’t really my thing…” you sighed. “It’s senior year and you haven’t been to a party in months! Live a little Y/n! Plus, you look really good, courtesy of me,” she giggled as she parked the car. You rolled your eyes, but you had to admit, Carly had done a good job. She had lent you one of her tight black dresses which fit your curves excellently, pairing it with black heels. You were never one for makeup, but Carly had managed to make your eyes look bolder, your cheekbones stand out, and lined your lips with dark red lipstick while still allowing you to look natural. Your normally messy friz had been tamed to the side, natural curls running down your shoulders.

Entering the frat, you and Carly immediately went to the kitchen, wanting some alcohol in your system before dancing. After taking a shot, you looked around, wondering who else was here. However, your body froze when your eyes landed on the back of a tall, blonde boys head. Luke was here. Why had you not thought about this before?! He stood standing with the rest of his hockey team, sharing beers and laughing at stories from the previous game celebration. Turning back to the kitchen counter, you poured yourself two shots, downing them both. ‘Yes Y/n!” Carly yelled from beside you. “Let’s go dance!” she pulled you off to another room, finding some of her fellow classmates. Relieved to be out of Luke’s sight, the alcohol started to settle, and you felt much less stressed. Enjoying yourself, you danced with Carly and her friends, laughing and telling stories. A couple hours went by, and the alcohol started to fade. Eager to keep having fun and not worry about Luke, you went to the kitchen and poured three more shots. Despite your mind telling you no, you drank them all, wanting to enjoy the night without Luke in your constant thoughts.

Luke had caught you running to the kitchen and watched you from afar, knowing that you were drinking far too much. Not being a party animal, you weren’t a big drinker, and you weren’t used to this much alcohol. As you swayed back to your friends, Luke followed, worrying for you. Another hour went by without you noticing Luke watching. You giggled, tripping every so often from the lack of balance. Carly had left with a boy a while ago, but you barely noticed, dancing with whoever was near you. Your curls Carly had done so well for you were now coming undone back into the poofy mess it usually was. Getting drowsy, you started to fall, your drunken state not being able to catch yourself. Before you could hit the ground however, a familiar pair of strong hands grasped you, this time not letting go. Luke heaved you onto his shoulder. “I got you Y/n, I always will. Come on, let’s go home,” Luke sighed, trying to hold you as you struggled to get down. “I don’t wanna go Luuuke! You can’t tell me what to do!” your words slurred in between hiccups. “Y/n, you’ve had too much to drink. I’m taking you home,” he told you, pushing through the crowd and carrying you to his car. Even with all your strength, Luke was much more muscular. You decided to quit fighting and let him take you.

“Oh.. I don’t feel so good,” you muttered as Luke helped you into the front seat. Moments later, you threw up on the side of the road, as well as all over Luke’s shoes and pants. “I’m sorry Luke..” You started, becoming emotional and mumbling incoherent words. “Shh, it’s okay,” he whispered, pushing fallen strands of hair behind your ear and massaging you back. “Let’s get you home.”

The next thing you knew you were being carried into Luke’s house, where he carefully placed you on his bed, helping you undress from your now dirty party clothes and lending you one of his t shirts. “Luke…” you mumbled, drowsiness overtaking you. “Shh it’s okay Y/n,” he whispered, kissing your forehead. “Go to sleep. I’ll be on the couch if you need anything.” You shook your head. “Stay..” you whined, not fully awake. Luke looked at you and sighed before disappearing into the bathroom. Just as you drifted off the sleep, you felt the bed divet and warm, toned arms wrap around you. You shifted into his touch, the alcohol making you needy. “Y/n y/l/n…. If only you knew the things you do to me…” you heard Luke mutter before drifting off into a deep sleep.

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[text] What are you wearing?

“What are you wearing?”

The voice on the bluetooth is husky, nearly a purr, vibrating in his brain and along his skin, the hairs rising with a palpable sensation. Erik presses a hand over his crotch, willing himself to last until he reaches home.

“I’m driving,” he grits out between clenched teeth.

"Surely you can multi-task, darling.” Along with Charles’ warm and lascivious tone, Erik hears the soft, rapid clicks of typing. Research, most likely, and a hot lick of fire runs across Erik’s cheeks, thinking of Charles settled comfortably at his desk, cooling tea at hand while he sorts through files and magazines and online articles—probably with a pen dangling from his lips, and ink stains on his fingers. If you were here, I’d have something a bit larger to occupy my mouth.

The car swerves and Erik curses, swinging it back into the thinning flow of traffic with a wave of his hand. “I told you—”

“I suppose I could finish off by myself,” Charles muses, and Erik grips the steering wheel with both hands, white-knuckled as he stares balefully through the windshield at the beehive hairdo driving the ancient sedan in front of him. “Since you don’t want to play.”

“Don’t you—”

”Mmmm,” Charles moans, and then, ”Oh, Erik—feels so good…” before trailing off into hitched, shallow breaths interspersed with sharp gasps.

“You asshole.” Erik has to let go of the steering wheel to deal with the erection pushing up beneath his waistband, strong and eager and painfully constricted by layers of cloth. He keeps half an eye on the positions of the vehicles around him, and devotes the rest of his attention to freeing his insistent appendage, gasping with sensation as he undoes the button and zipper of the trousers, the cloth rubbing all over. Pre-come leaks, moistening the hair and skin of his abdomen, and when Erik grips his cock and squeezes his thumb and forefinger under the head, he can’t stop the groan of pleasure and frustration, hunching his shoulders against the near-overwhelming sensation, still determined to make it home.

"I’m going to fuck you until you scream,” he growls, and has to listen to Charles laughing like a lunatic until his husband comes, howling with pleasure and mirth.

The road to the estate finally comes into view; a minute later, the gates appear, and swing open in welcome even before Erik overrides the electronic controls; and then the grand house itself emerges from the thick border of woodlands obscuring the Xavier residence from view. A light burns in Charles’ office window; and the front door is opening.

By the time Erik brings the car to a halt and steps out, Charles has wheeled himself onto the wide porch, and his smile is brighter than the dimming, fading sun. The warmth of his mind wraps around Erik, far better than the bluetooth.

Erik takes the steps in wide leaps, panting and single-minded, and when he settles himself into the rugged framework of the chair, straddling Charles, his husband smiles cheekily, takes his desperate, eager cock in hand, and drags Erik’s mouth to his as if he’d been starving for him.

I have, Charles murmurs, his mind’s voice identical to his spoken words, but imbued with love and warmth and joy that mere speech could never convey. Every day that you were gone, I missed you more. He sucks Erik’s tongue into his mouth, wraps both hands around his cock like a joystick, and sweeps caresses of love and lust across Erik’s fevered brain.

Erik answers in kind: I’m home now, the connection clear and clean after so many years, decades of learning to converse this way, to be accepting of and accustomed to and finally comfortable with this intimacy even deeper than the sweet grip of pen-callused fingers cradling and stroking his sex. It’s good to be back.

Welcome home, love.