This Week on Fucked Up Lives & Dumbass Decisions
  • Patterson: my first boyfriend was killed by a Russian spy
  • Jane: I killed my first boyfriend and then burned the body and my second boyfriend arrested me
  • Patterson: my second boyfriend was a terrorist mole and tried to kill me
  • Tasha: I helped frame our boss for murder... I helped cover up another murder... then I stole evidence from the cops... oh and I intentionally put a bullet through Jane
  • Kurt: I'm sleeping with Nas
  • Reade: I stood by as a man died and did nothing... also I helped the killer run away
  • Roman: excuse me? Where am I? Who are you people? And why do I have a gaping hole in my shoulder?

SO I JUST FOUND OUT SOMETHING AMAZING AND I CANT EVEN!!!! I took a trip to Rome last Christmas and toured several different monuments/museums etc and happened to see this statue while walking through the Vatican. I tried to ask the guide who it was but they were going too fast for me to properly ask. I was reading a factoid about Ancient Greek Hellenistic and ancient Roman sculpture when they mentioned this same statue! His name is Antinous and he was the Greek lover of Roman Emperor Hadrian. After he died, Hadrian deemed him a deity and formed a cult, even naming a city after him! Because he was so beloved, his images and statues are highly preserved. He’s so beautiful oh my god. I fell in love with this statue in real life not even knowing his name but now that I’ve realized just who he is I am even more enamored by this beautiful testament to ancient love.