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my postcards in the sky album post. omg. i am so scared. 

before we get started, just a note: this post will be concerning the 8 new songs on the album. there are 16 songs total, 8 of which were released earlier this year in 2 eps. i have separate posts for each of those eps where i talked about my song feels in great depth and i doubt anyone wants me to do THAT all over again. so. just the new stuff. or rather the new new stuff since it’s all pretty new.


postcards in the sky.
your heart is like a map of scars
but it still carries the love
the pen and paper’s in your hands
catching all that you think of
throw your words into the world
what you feel and you’ll be heard
postcards in the sky.

oh how i love this song, let me count the ways!!! honestly this is my favorite new song. just the first beat has a huge smile starting on my face, it feels so hopeful and loving and true. i can’t say enough about how happy it makes me. it’s not about a perfect world, but a real world where we can choose to share our hearts (scars and all) and find joy and recognition and love. it is so transcendent. it’s like the ultimate david archuleta song. like how is he gonna knock it completely out of the park on the very first song of the album??? how do you follow that up?? also this song has the distinction of hosting perhaps the best lyric i’ve ever heard: FEAR IS ONLY LOVE TURNED COLD. fear is only love turned cold. when i heard that line i was like boom, it’s over. blown away. you guys. i really love this song. i mean. really.


upset with me.
deep breath with me here kiddos because this song is not easy. it’s jagged and genuine. uncomfortable, if that’s even possible with that amazing voice singing and doing ridiculous things with a note and melody. because sonically this song is so so soooo well done. lyrically it slices right in. i’m not even joking when i say i had to stop listening to the album after this song. my heart was racing and i felt hollow in my stomach. it is unspeakably beautiful and striking. i just sat in complete silence for about 10 minutes after listening the first time. then i hit replay and listened again. i feel this song on such a deep level. you cannot listen and not be affected. 

if i’m not enough
to show you who i am
after all i’ve done
then it’s too tough for you to understand.
i’m taking back what’s mine
we both sacrificed
gave everything we had
but i don’t have to give you my life.

i know you’re upset with me
but you can’t keep hurting me.

i’m not sure what i’m running to
for now it’s something i needed to do
i need to keep me safe from you.
you still can’t see.
why can’t you see.

painted eyes reaching for the sky
as we reach the moon
busting clouds, oh you scream so loud
so i hide from you.
i never said a word to you
so i hide the truth.
what did i do.
what did i do.

[there’s that deep breath]. what to say. the fact that david is willing to be this vulnerable and open is breathtaking. of course i had immediate thoughts about what (who) i felt he was talking about in this song. i still do. but the more i thought the more i thought… this is probably an unpopular opinion but i hope people don’t ask david for the specifics behind this song. not because i don’t want him to share if he wants to but because i don’t want him to feel he has to give out everything of himself. some things are his. some details belong to him. maybe he’ll be fine sharing but i won’t ask it of him. this song alone is so much. sometimes it’s like baby birds eating mama bird alive. i don’t even actually know what i’m saying jfc but just i can’t contain all my feelings and this song honestly touched me on such a deep level and i see so much of david here but also see that he belongs to himself. i’m saying this wrong so i hope something of my thoughts are making sense. this is the song i was most afraid to talk about because my feelings are so complex about it and i didn’t want to say it wrong but there’s no right way to say it. just. i think this is one of the most brilliant and raw songs i’ve ever heard in my life. genius. nothing about genius is comfortable. so. yeah.


waiting in the stars.
DISNEY MOVIE SONG. legit you guys. we so needed this after the last song and david says, here, let me sing you my very own disney song to soothe your heart and it does it does does doessssss this song is so precious and uplifting and it has a driving beat and a power note and fun chorus and i am so jamming to this on many roadtrips and screaming YOUR STORY’S WAITING IN THE STAAAAAAAAAAAAAARS because yes. yes. i cannot stop smiling. i love this. listen to this happy song omg your life will thank you. why is david not a disney prince yet. it defies logic. 

dodging all the sticks and stones
scared a word might break a bone
but if you stand and hold your own
you will see you’re not alone.
i know it gets hard sometimes
to live with a heart of light.

don’t let, don’t let it fool ya
this life’s got more for you, yeah
your story’s waiting in the stars.



this song is so preeeeeettyyyyyyy omg perfect voices. it’s a duet! with a girl named madilyn paige who has such a lovely voice and it melds really well with david’s. it’s a love song. a sad love song. a sad beautiful lost love song. 

there must be some kind of reason
we keep changing through the seasons.
it gets harder to believe in
the reasons why we start 
when we just break each other’s hearts all over.


cracks of heaven.
i think if you’ve lost someone close, this song really speaks to you. i immediately thought of my dad when i heard it. not gonna lie, i cried a little. david archuleta why you gotta sing my heart when i didn’t even know the words were there?? the sentiment is so lovely, that we never really lose someone because they’re with us in everything around. i’m trying not to get emotional typing this up right now but that’s clearly a fool’s battle. 

i thought this empty house would be more quiet
but i can hear your voice whisper loud.
i close my eyes and it’s like you’re still here with me.
without you i thought it would be a ghost town
i was afraid my heart would stop.
it hurts from missing you
but what gets me through is knowing, knowing

i’ll see you in the morning light
i see you in the midnight sky
i feel it
everywhere around me
never have to say goodbye.
it doesn’t matter where i go
i feel you in every memory i hold
until i see you again
through the cracks of heaven.

😭 ❤️


shine a light.
DISNEY SONG, PART 2! omg. david archuleta is the master of real life disney songs and it makes me so so sosoooooooooo happy. this is such an earworm and i find myself singing random lines from it throughout the day. it’s just like love and hope and persistence realized in song form. the high pulsing tone in his voice in the chorus has me like YES THAT’S CLASSIC DA. hello. 

you’re gonna fall but that isn’t all your story.
some day you’ll rise and then you’ll realize
there’s more we don’t understand
and hold in our hands.

the good is never gone
it’s the dark before the dawn
shine a light


aiming for hope.
confession: i’m still working on this one. i know several people who said this song is their fav on the album but i just haven’t really connected with it yet. it’s gorgeous, has some very nice string work going on and david sings it very well but i haven’t been able to get into it. i’m sure this will change completely when he sings it for me live. HAHAHA. (legit).


a little goes a long way.
you guys, this is almost a little like a country song! maybe just at the beginning. and a bit in the chorus. lol. it’s uptempo and head bobby and cute! a nice way to close out the album!! it makes me smile.

take a moment and just step back
before you give yourself a heart attack
you been too worried about what you lack
time to breathe and get you on track.

there is a fire that’s trying to light
a little spark to get through the night
could be enough to see a new day
cuz a little goes, a little goes, a little goes a long way



so. this album. wow. it’s so good. i have to keep reminding myself it’s not just the 8 new new songs. it’s 16 songs released this year. a 16 song album that charts a huge part of the story of david. where he learned so much about himself. it’s fully amazing to listen to all the songs and know it’s all coming from a place of genuine feeling. i’m so impressed with what david has created. slow clap forever.

faves from the new 8: postcards in the sky, waiting in the stars, upset with me, shine a light.

faves from the other 8: other things in sight, say me, someone to love, invincible, up all night.

i can’t encourage you enough to check out this album. david has so much to say and he does it so beautifully. my awe is real. 

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