Hey! Look! Listen! My fave, Thomas Sanders, hit 8M on Vine and I couldn’t be happier for him!! You have really come a long way, Thomas and I couldn’t be more proud of you! You totally rock everything you do and I seriously can’t wait to see what other incredible things you’re gonna accomplish! Love you!!! ❤️✌🏾️😁 #LegendOfZelda #artingitup

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      “Oh hey there, chief! A pleasure meeting you here back in Eterna, say, I actually had a question for you! You know how you allowed Flint to have a Lopunny, Steelix, and Driflim? And how you allowed Aaron to have a Drapion? And How you allowed Walker to have an Octillary? And how Candice to have a Medicham? Yeah, I was thinking, could I use a Gallade in my gym? It can know my special move “Grass Knot” as well as “Leaf Blade”!”

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((Hey, I've seen your last post and I'm really sorry to hear that. I have something I want to tell You: Don't lose all your hope. I know things might not be going well for the both of us, but don't feel discouraged. It's way too early to give up. Oh and.. I know a person that looks up to You and really cares about You. They wanted Me to tell You that they hope You'll feel better soon and to have a good day. - Zirius

Aw man, thanks ♥ that really does mean a lot. I feel better than I did the last two days. I’ve actually been pretty sick the last two days, and I’ve been in the midst of a lot of life-changes, so things have been stressful.

I’ve always been the one that’s had to put my happiness aside for those of others, or… I’ve always felt like I needed to. I’ve always put that pressure on myself, to try and keep people happy, because I want them to be happy.

But honestly, some people seem to enjoy being miserable. And when they constantly come to me and use me as a shoulder to cry on, and blatantly ignore me when I come to them for help, well – it really makes me question the validity of the friendship.

It’s been a struggle my entire life. I know who my friends are, and I know who truly cares for me, and wishes the best for me – but so many people have used me. It’s made me bitter and mistrusting, and closed off from people. I try to be friendly, because at the heart of my personality, I am open and friendly. But I can NOT continue to put my own well-being on hold for people who refuse to offer me the same courtesy. 

You have to give respect to get it. And from now on, I’m not going to pressure myself to help every single person I see. People can take care of themselves, and if they attempt to make others feel obligated to help them, or go to others for sympathy in a roundabout and passive-aggressive way, then fuck it. I want nothing to do with that kind of shit. I want honest, genuine, communication. I can’t be constantly trying to provide for people. I’m a person too, dammit.

From now on, I focus on my own happiness and the happiness of those who haven’t taken me for granted. I only have enough energy to go around, and I refuse to continue to give it to the people who don’t give a shit about me. For my own sanity and well-being. I can’t keep what I’ve been doing up.