Random lineless art practise that turned into a self portrait that actually turned out pretty okay so I figured I may as well post it??? ¯\_(* ¬ *;)_/¯


having a mental illness is so wild bc like some days u just wake up like ‘oh hey look at that my body doesn’t belong to me again, let’s just… ignore that and hope it goes away lmao’ or spend days feeling every little thing like your emotional intensity’s been dialled up to eleven and then feel absolutely nothing for days or have a full on emotional crisis and want to die but you can’t feel any severity in the situation bc that’s just how things always are?? basically what i’m tryna say is it’s scary as hell and i sure as hell did not sign up for this

Oh, it’s lunch time, isn’t it? And I forgot to feed my pet~ 🕷💕

I don’t usually post things like this…but I really wanted to test what I’d look like as Muffet. So here is a super closet cosplay makeup /edited test of Muffet! Doing this may have convinced me to actually cosplay her. It would take a lot of work, but I love Muffet and Undertale won my heart! 💖