FT 488 Coherent Thought Time

After the tears have dried and my emotions settled, it’s time for me to take a step back and reassure myself with the following thoughts about the last two chapters and my predictions for events to come.

1. Gajeel’s going to come back.

It’s not even a disputable issue at this point. If they were really going to kill of a major supporting / semi-lead character for realsies, it would be happening in front of all his friends, the entire guild, and done as some kind of self-sacrifice for the greater good. Which would actually be way more fitting for Gajeel considering the hell of a redemption arc he went through. But we only had two characters to observe his “death,” Levy and Lily, and it’s obviously for the gutpunch emotional blow of oh no he’s gone and just in time to confess his everlasting feelings of love.

2. He’s a dragon slayer.

Still very very much relevant to the plot.

3. No body = No death

Basic rule of comics, both American and Japanese.

He disappeared into a whirling vortex, y’all. There was even a name for the place he went: the underworld. There’s a door. Let me see if I can predict the project Levy will be working on. Finding a spell to open the door to the underworld and pulling him out.


Though to be honest, what shounen writer hasn’t? He’s done it in Fairy Tail, most notably after the Tenrou Island arc when we were supposed to believe all the main characters got zapped by Acnologia. Come on, now.

NOT TO MENTION, his previous series, Rave Master, which is another wonderful testament to how unafraid Mashima of putting romance in his stories. 

Anyone else who read Rave Master remember when he killed off his main character just before the last chapter after an emotional I love you with the heroine? Because I do. And even though it was as obvious then as it is now that he would come back. That emotional gut punch, man. It still stings.

(I know it was the finale and all, but come on. He wasn’t even gone for a chapter).


Since when in any Shounen Jump comic I’ve ever read does a gruff angry tough guy character like Gajeel get a big ol’ internal monologue about his feelings for their romantic interest and even confess that they had been mentally planning out their future!?!? LIKE FUCKING NEVER. We only ever saw Levy’s reactions and blushes whereas Gajeel was always cool about it. 

Honestly, I could write essays about how much I’m in love with their character and relationship development. I legitimately think it was done incredibly well, and I think it’s owed to the fact that they’re supporting character - major supporting characters, but still playing second fiddle to what will no doubt be the long, dubious, slow burn relationship of Natsu and Lucy. But because there’s no need for this slow burn that shounen manga always seem to have as a requirement for heroes and heroines, Mashima is free to explore their relationship in subtle or background moments, like when Gajeel says it’s not a crime to be in love or when he teases her about her height. 

So now I guess we have two oblivious romantic figures in Natsu and Gray, and two conscious romantics in Jellal and Gajeel.


I don’t even have the words to describe my love for this girl, the girl who was only a background character for Jet and Droy to fight over who became so popular with Gajeel that she became a major supporting character with her own romantic subplot. I just… I honestly can’t.

I have so many more feelings, but this is all I can get out and still be emotionally settled to sleep and go to work in the morning.

The Complexity of Corazon's Character

Can I just… Sorry guys, let me gush here. Because oh my god, Corazon's really fucking complex.

A lot of people just seem to think of him as only goofy and clumsy, but he’s so much more than that.

1. He’s manipulative. Except for when he’s with Law, he’s outright lied, constructed personas for himself, twisted situations to fit his agenda, misled people, and blurred the truth. (Although he does channel this flaw to noble purposes)

2. He’s violent. While Doflamingo is hedonistic in his love of violence, Corazon… isn’t. Unlike his brother, he decides to repress his urge to just… lash out at others due to trauma from his past. He understands that it isn’t the world’s fault, and, as a result, he just kind of lets that anger simmer within him while he goes out and helps others because he’s just a really good person. But when people actually anger him or actively goad him into violence, then he’s actually very violent. Like… he actually blew up hospitals after the medical staff called Law a monster. That's hardcore.

3. He’s grumpy and irritable. Like… he’s goofy most of the time (with Law, because he doesn’t allow anyone else see the real him), but whenever Law starts acting bratty, Corazon is always quick to get irritated and cranky in response.

4. Despite it all, he loves his brother. That’s why he couldn’t shoot Doflamingo, and also why he couldn’t have just slit Doflamingo’s throat in his sleep when he had many, many opportunities to do so.

5. He’s altruistic. OH DEAR GOD, HE’S ALTRUISTIC. I’m not exaggerating when I say that he’s one of the most selfless characters in the series. Everything he’s done has been for the sake of another person. He’s never once thought about himself-only of others. He’s just… He’s just such a good person.

6. He’s goofy. I don’t even need to mention any examples.

7. He’s quite possibly one of the best and smartest strategists in this entire series. In fact, he’s probably even a better strategist than Doflamingo! After all, he managed to trick Doflamingo both before and after Doflamingo learned of his betrayal. If it weren’t for Vergo, he would’ve managed to mold the situation at Swallows in such a way that he would effectively eliminate the Donquixote Pirates, distract the Marines, and get the Op Op Fruit in one fell swoop. And, despite being beaten into a near-coma, he was able to come up with a genius plan to help Law escape on the spot, and he was able to trick Doflamingo into believing that Law already escaped the island! I’m sorry, but he’s actually extremely intelligent.

8. He has a whole lot of self-esteem issues. I mean… he desperately wished that Law wouldn’t forget about him and he honestly thought that Law could hate him. He apparently believes that he’s so unimportant that Law would forget about him in an instant. He just… he just has lots of issues with himself.

Just… I love this. Corazon is literally an angelic character, one of the kindest and most blatantly morally good characters in the series, but he also has his legitimate flaws.

 I’m sorry, but I’m just reeling over how Oda managed to make such a perfect, complex, well-developed character in six chapters…

Dogformers Decepticon edition…took almost as long as the Autobots but, I digress.

Megatron: A Cane Corso/Tibetan Mastiff mix, he is the epitome of a gladiator, and a king unlike any before him. His long coat gives him an elegant flare but the scars on his face remain as a reminder to all who cross his path that he is not to be messed with.

Starscream: A silver and red Doberman Pinscher. Now obviously the physical appearance of the canine is suppose to represent the con, so finding out Dobbies came in this shade of grey was really awesome. But to be honest, I would have made Screamer a Doberman either way, they’re fit dogs, really fit, muscular but not too much so. And as the leader of the Seeker Armada he needed to be fierce, able to fight and not completely over the top. Oh, and let’s not forget he’s way too smart for his own good.

Knock Out: A purebred Finnish Spitz. Seeing as he’s one of the most popular TFP characters in the series ((if not the most popular)) I feel many of you will be displeased with my decision, but hear me out, my dogformers had one rule: make them look realistic. So a cherry red pup wasn’t going to cut it. All I had in my mind was “he needs to have his papers, he needs to be a champion show dog.” and that’s where I decided to role with the Spitz.

Breakdown: A Leonberger with a bum right eye, he has to be able to go up against Bulkhead the Bullmastiff and still come out clean. Underneath he’s just as big of a softie though~

Soundwave: He’s a Basenji mix. What’s he mixed with? Well that’s the mystery isn’t it? All the team knows is he is silent, he doesn’t bark or howl, he may very well have been born without vocal cords. And while he isn’t very aggressive outright, he’s super intimidating to see coming down the street at night. Accompanying him is Laserbeak the raven.

That’s all folks, remember, dogs aren’t my specialty….


Once upon a time there was an awesome circus. LE CIRQUE DU GRAND MER was its name. It was a huge circus, full of weird people, but the weirdest of them all (and also the owners) were:

  • THE SAILOR. She is a fire-eater, a sword-swallower, a knife-thrower. But amazingly enough, she is not a sailor.
  • THE MAN WHO DOES NOT FIT. He is a feline tamer and also the director. He is tall -oh, so very tall!- so tall he does not fit.
  • THE REALLY TINY WOMAN. She is like an ant. Not meaning she is really small, not at all. But meaning she can lift many times her own weight. So, so many times.

This is a new project I am working on with onone-san, a collection of short stories set in a circus. 

It’s Mace Motherfucking Windu, he can do whatever the fuck he wants Part 2

(OR: Mace Windu Unfucks The Timeline) 

Part 1 Part 3

“I have absolutely no clue if this even fits in with anyone’s personalities or characters, but funnily enough I don’t give a shit.”  -lily, who might again be concussed judging by her misspent time these past two days.

This whole time travel thing is apparently really bad for Mace’s reputation.  I mean, it’s only a matter of time before he gets caught doing something ridiculous, right?

Many thanks to @royalpinkzeppelin for betaing and talking me through this one and hanging on when I was typing out loud and making strange metaphors.  Also, the pun on Mace’s name is his.


Edit: some paragraph breaks added where I just noticed they were missing x.x

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guess who ? 

it’s javis.  from that one pon game (if you haven’t played it check it out it’s a+)

my bby.

i really really liked this guy. I liked the whole game in general. a+ 

A really stagnate (but explanatory) reference of the Aequis character I’ve been working on. I think the actual design art will be more dynamic, like the earlier studies I’ve posted. But this will give you an idea of the type of color/level of detail I’ll be putting into upcoming designs. (Oh gravy, what am I getting myself into?)

I’m just calling him “Shirk” for now, because that’s what he does. He’s got more important things to look into.

I’m going to be testing colors for the first five designs between commissions today. There’s going to be a special one in the mix. Stay tuned!

so here’s my commentary for the first dub episode of MHA

  • little Izuku sounds like he inhaled way too much helium 
  • little Bakugou would sound adorable if he wasn’t beating the snot out of little Izuku
  • i really enjoy Izuku’s teen voice 
  • not sure what to make of Kamui Wood’s voice yet, but i suppose it fits
  • lmao i always laugh when Mt. Lady fucking steals Kamui Wood’s spotlight 
  • Mt. Lady has some sort of accent? it kinda adds to her character a bit
  • Bakugou sounds like such a little shit i can’t not laugh at him whenever he talks
  • no really i’m laughign so hard with every bit of dialog this kid speaks
  •  oh my god you’re not that cool Kacchan sit down
  • ”I’ll be more popular than All Might himself!!” not with that attitude. my poor, delusional son
  • ok what the fuck Bakugou literally blows up Izuku’s desk and threatens him and the TEACHER DOES NOTHING
  • like goddamn the entire class mocks and bullies this kid and the teacher just stands there and says nothing 
  • fuck you you shitty teacher
  • i really like All Might’s dub voice
  • oh my god Bakugou sit down you’re not that cool
  • i love my son but by god he is a dick in the beginning
  • even Bakugou’s lacky friend is like “man he’s got an ego”
  • ”My dreams have turned into fish food.” #relateable
  • little Izuku’s voice is super cute
  • Inko sounds super duper sweet i love it
  • Izuku imitating All Might’s laugh is the most adorable thing ever
  • the scene where the sludge guy tries to take over Izuku’s body will always and forever be disturbing and horrifying on many, many different levels
  • kinda wonder if we’ll ever see the sludge dude again. idk
  • All Might has just the right amount of hilarious hammy bravado in his hero form
  • All Might sounds so fucking dorky i love him
  • ”Stand back!!” All Might says, as Izuku clings to his leg
  • ”WE’RE FLYING!! IF I LET GO NOW I’LL DIE!!” “…….. OH. THAT’S A GOOD POINT!” god i love you Toshi, you fucking dork
  • god i love the music during the scene where Izuku asks if he can still be a hero even without a quirk
  • too bad his dreams are about to be crushed. i can already hear the record scratch

anyway apparently only the first dub episode is available for free streaming on FUNi’s website so i guess this is the end of my commentary for now


Original request from a lovely anon:  Request ma friend? A Steve Rogers x Reader imagine based off of Satisfied from Hamilton. The reader meets Steve and introduces him to her sister bc the reader isn’t sure if he really likes her. The sister and Steve get married, and the reader is happy for them, but feels regret.

A/N: Oh man, negl, I teared up when I listened to the song for the first time and thinking about the request and I nearly cried writing this. It was definitely a tough one for me to write, but definitely a great request, so thank you! I hope you don’t mind, I changed the story up a little from the song to fit the character(s). I highly suggest listening to the song for the full effect.

Pairing: StevexReader

Word Count: 1665

Warnings: Angst

“A toast,” I say, rising to my feet, lifting my champagne flute. “To the groom!” I turn my body slightly to the happy couple at the end of the table. “And to the bride, my sister.”

My words are met with praise and smiles from the crowd of people in the hall. Steve and my sister smile at me from their seats. She’s clung to his arm and he’s relaxed in his current state. As I sit down I see them lean in and kiss and I feel another piece of my heart chip away.

“Is that who I think it is?” Eliza says, tugging on the sleeve of my blazer.

“Yeah, that’s Steve.” I chuckle, taking a sip of the scotch in my tumblr.

“He’s even bigger in person, and… and, uh…” She struggles to find the words.

“More handsome?” I offer.

“Yes! Handsome, that’s the word.” She exclaims, her eyes lighting up.

“Do you want to talk to him?” I ask her. Her eyes immediately light up. She is absolutely helpless.


“Yeah.” I chuckle. “He’s a really nice guy.”

“Would you actually introduce me to him?” She asks.

“Of course. I’ll be right back.” I pat her on the arm and head over to talk to Steve.

“(Y/N), hey.” He says, a smile lighting up his face. “How have you been? I haven’t seen you since, what, England, last year?”

“Yeah, it’s been a long time! I’ve been good. Work with Nick and the new S.H.I.E.L.D. really keeps a girl busy.” I smile back at him.

“You never were satisfied.” He comments. “Especially not with having to leave S.H.I.E.L.D. after it collapsed, were you?”

“Well, I couldn’t really go to work for Stark, now could ?” I shrug.

“To be fair, he does offer pretty good benefits for his employees.”

“Maybe, but one can only take so much office work before snapping, y’know?” He chuckles softly in response. “How’s work with the Avengers? Avenge anything good recently?”

“Eh, it’s the same ole work I’ve been doing since Sokovia. After the whole flying city thing we’ve been tasked with taking out the remaining factions of Hydra. Simple. Safe. Easy missions, y’know?”

“Mmm, yeah, I know.” I nod before taking his hand and leading him away from the bar. “Come with me.”

“Where are you taking me?” He asks, quickly matching my pace.

“I’m about to change your life, my friend.”

“Then, by all means, lead the way, (Y/N).” I can hear the soft chuckle in his voice.

‘I’m going to regret this’ I think to myself as I lead Steve to my waiting sister. As we approach I can see her eyes widen like they do when she’s excited. When we come to a stop in front of her a massive grin spreads across her face. I look up at Steve to find a smile stretching his lips and a soft expression in his eyes.

“Steve, this is Eliza.” I say, releasing his hand and gesturing to my sister.

“Ma’am.” He nods, holding out his hand to shake hers.

“Hello.” She says, suddenly shy. She gently shakes his hand.

“How do you two know each other?” Steve asks looking from Eliza to me and then back again, taking a sip of the drink in his hand.

“(Y/N) is my sister.” ELiza answers, finally finding her confidence.

“S-sisters?” He chokes a little on the his drink.

“Yeah.” I laugh.

“You never told me you had a sister.”

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me, Rogers.” I smile at the sight of the two of them together, but I know it doesn’t reach my eyes. They’re so perfect for each other, and I’m just letting her have him. She would back down immediately if I tell her how I feel. She deserves Steve Rogers, and I know he’ll treat her right.

“Eliza, you and I have always been together. You are, and have always been, one of the best and most important constants in my life, and I love you more than you could ever imagine. Ever since we were little you talked about marrying a prince and having a fairytale wedding and, looking around this room and seeing you two together I know you’ve finally gotten everything you’ve dreamed of since you were old enough to know what a dream was.” She smiles at me, and I can see the corner of her mouth tremble from happy tears. She really has been dreaming of this day forever and it’s my fault this is happening. “Now, Rogers.”

“Yeah, (Y/N)?” He calls.

“You better take good care of her.” I say, my voice mockingly stern.

“Or what?” He laughs, hearing the joking tone I started out in. The rest of the hall laughs with him.

“Or I will seriously kick your ass.” I say, very seriously this time.

“Don’t worry.” He says, wrapping his arm around his new wife’s shoulders. “I promise I won’t do anything to hurt her.”

I nod to them and the room erupts with applause. Bucky goes on to give his own Best Man speech after I sit down. I zone out and I don’t really pay attention to his speech, but based on the laughter from the gathering of people he was funny. My mind keeps pulling me back to the night when I introduced them. Ever since then, my life has been filled with regret. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic for the two of them, I am. I know I made the right choice. I know I did.

“Hey, you okay?” I nearly jump out of my skin when Bucky places his hand on my forearm.

“Huh?” I look up at him to find concern in his eyes. “Oh, yeah, I’m good, don’t worry.”

“You know you can’t lie to me.” He says, leaning back in his chair, following my gaze to the happy couple and then back to me, realization suddenly evident in his features. “(Y/N)…”

“I can’t do this.” I whisper, quietly excusing myself from my seat and heading out to the hallway to escape the room.

To my dismay, Bucky followed me from the room. He quickly catches up to me and spins me around, his hand gentle on my shoulder.

“(Y/N), what is wrong?” He asks. “Do you love Steve?”

“Don’t say that so loudly, James.” I hiss. “Someone’s going to hear you and then we’ll both be screwed. Every single member of my family is a gossip. No one’s safe.”

“Alright, fine.” He leads me down the hallway, around the corner, down another corridor and finally stopping after turning yet another corner. “Are you in love with Steve.”

“I-I…” I stutter.

“You are.” He says, his shoulders falling.

“I’m the one who set the two of them up, you know that, right?” I say quietly. “I made the right choice.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“Do you see how happy they are in there?” I smile at him sadly. “They love each other so much and I helped make that happen. I made two of my best friends happier than I’ve ever seen them before in my entire life and here I am,” I gesture to the space around me. “Close to tears because I did something good for someone else for once.”

“That doesn’t mean you made the right choice.” He whispers, running a thumb over my cheek and pulling a tissue from the inner breast pocket of his suit jacket and handing it to me. “It only means you made a good choice, and those are two completely different things.”

“Still gives me no right to be hung up on someone else’s husband.” I let out a watery laugh, gently dabbing at the tears on my face and at the corner of my eyes to preserve my makeup. “What am I supposed to do?”

“(Y/N)?” It’s Eliza.

Shit.” I hiss, working harder to fix my face because she soon rounds the corner where Bucky and I are “hiding”.

“There you are.” She says, slowly approaching the two of us. “Hello, Bucky.”

“Eliza.” He nods to her and turns back to me. “I’ll see you back in there.”

“Alright.” I respond. He dips his head to us before heading back to the reception.

“What are you doing out here talking to Bucky?” Eliza asks as soon as Bucky’s rounded the corner.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry.” I smile at her, trying to convince her that I’m alright. “Just a little nervous about you being married.”

“Why are you nervous?” She laughs.

“You’re all grown up now, kid.” I chuckle. “You’re married and happy. Now I’m going to be the bitter old single lady at all the family dinners”

“That’s what you’re worried about?” She raises her eyebrows at me.

“Have you not met any of our family?”

“That is very true.” She grins at me, finally believing me. “Hey, you could go out with Bucky!”

“Now you’re the one setting up the dates?” She shrugs, wiggling her eyebrows slightly.

“Learn something everyday, (Y/N).” She says. “Learned that from you.”

“I thought you grew out of using my own words against me.” I reach out and pull her into a brief hug. “Don’t worry about me. Go back in there and be sickeningly in love with your husband.”

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Of course.” I nod.

“I love you.” She says, suddenly very serious.

“I love you too.” I respond, equally as serious. “Now go. It’s your party. Go enjoy it.”

“Okay, but don’t stay out here the whole time. You are the maid of honor.” I nod to her. She seems satisfied and goes back to the reception hall.

When she’s gone I slide down the wall, my face in my hands, trying to keep myself from messing up my makeup too badly.

Steve was right about one thing. I’ve never been satisfied.


part 2

Thank you so much for reading! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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Okay I just really love Vision. Okay. I always go on about how much Bucky and Steve are my favourites, but I’ve lied to you all, because Vision is my number one with a star next to his name. Steve and Bucky are close seconds, but oh boy my love for Vision will surpass even my love for food.

He’s so smart and sweet, and he’s so enlightened and rational. His character is just a breathe of fresh air, and I can’t WAIT to see how his relationship with Wanda develops because I ship them SO HARD. I also can’t wait to see how his character is fit into infinity war too. I’m just really super duper excited about Vision.

God bless Vision.

I am so pumped on Star Wars Rebels, you guys, you don’t even know! The latest episode brought in the Inquisitor character, and, I’ll admit, I was skeptical about this guy! I mean he had a really silly looking lightsaber and how does he fit into the canon? Who cares about canon, this guy’s an incredibly bad dude! I love how intimidating he is and how suddenly the good guys are definitely feeling way in over their heads. Oh, it raises the stakes in the best way!  So good.

anonymous asked:

are any of your characters a nerd for anything (pokemon, yu gi oh, etc.)? i feel like luca would be a cat nerd..

CAT NERD lmao he will grow up to be the crazy cat man.

Now that you mention it I can def picture Papaya playing Pokemon Go haha its such a fun happy game he would love to drag Luca around to explore!

Reese would play it too of course to “fit in” and he would get competitive AF with it. 

Enoch…well he’s not really a nerd about it but he’s into fashion? Kinda? He’s always changing his mask up and his coat was very expensive. Maybe he’s quietly snooty about what people wear omfg  

Oh my god there’s just….there’s just so much to say about “And the Fangs of Death”. About how incredibly strong the writing was. I mean, it’s even the simplest of choices, like the choice to have Flynn leave Eve a letter rather than telling her all of that stuff himself. It seems like such a meaningless decision, but really, each one of those options creates a totally different character, and the letter just fit so well for Flynn’s character. And Flynn’s character development, how he was leaving in season 2 to where he was in Final Curtain to how he is leaving now, how the circumstances and attitudes and choices have changed, to see him go on that journey. THE WRITING FOR THIS SHOW IS JUST SO AMAZING AND AS BOTH AN ACTOR AND A WRITER THESE TINY CHARACTER CHOICES ARE CONSUMING EVERY OUNCE OF MY MIND WITH THEIR BRILLIANCE

anonymous asked:

Headcanon that lance gets sick really badly. He's trying to keep smiling for the others and wants to laugh, you know, because he's the type of guy who laughs a lot. His coughing gets so bad that any laugh triggers an intense coughing fit, and after two days of this he can't bring up a smile anymore.

OH MAN. yknow i live for the moment when the character can’t keep up the “i’m fine” facade anymore, especially if they have the type of personality that lance does, all energetic and bouncy. ahh

junkrat being not actually perused by bounty hunters fits my view of junkertown perfectly and is so in character. he’s very bad at hiding that he found something valuable. but he’s bad at hiding everything, so it wouldn’t even come off as suspicious. like, ‘oh he probably found a big hunk of scrap he’s trying to keep for himself.’ no one in junkertown would really think too hard about it.

but junkrat… he’d start looking over his shoulder. he’d start planning, because he’s always planning, even though he never goes through. never remembers most of his plans, anyway, and he’s got so much to keep him busy that it hardly matters. but this is different, he’s got a secret and everyone knows and they’re all acting casual, sure. but they– if he lets his guard down– what are they whispering?– no, he’s gotta make a plan and stick to it, this time.

so that’s how he ends up hunting down the biggest toughest enforcer with the meanest reputation and promising him half the world. maybe he caught roadhog off guard, but he’s sure bounty hunters are breathing down his neck. could be anything, any number of them, could be the whole town! that’s why he picked a guy with a bike, see? they’ve gotta book it, make for safety, lie low.

aaand then of course, with roadhog around, he has someone to help him keep track of his plans. and with a little help, and a little focus… well, junkrat starts earning an actual bounty. he’s not so scared with roadhog on his side, though.

anonymous asked:

AHH OKAY SO I JUST REMEMBERED I thought about a Fantastic Beasts au right when it came out, and I immediately thought RIGHT after I saw it that taekook would fit (tae as Newt !! And kook as Goldstein) and Jinmin too!! (Jin as Jacob and Jimin as Queenie) and the only authors I thought would ship both were you guys so I thought I'd bring it up !! Lol anyway, I'll take the time to say I love you guys for writing amazing stories 💕💕💕

us too!!! we both saw the movie last week and have also been crying about a fantastic beasts au!!!! especially cause we ship newtina really hard!!! plus hufflepuff taehyung has always been near and dear to our hearts, and newt is such a lovely character that we could see taehyung fitting so so well, oh my gosh, he would be such a great mum to all those creatures sob. we’ve been very blessed by @noranb for drawing taeguk in fantastic beasts (here) and lots of crying happened about it i assure you ‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚

actually i didnt think too far about which otp i would see as jacob/queenie (we were very busy screeching about the i’ll catch you! newtina scene you see) but the more i consider it, the more i am unbearably charmed. like. all seokjin wants is to open a bakery and jimin as a legilimens is s o m u c h. holy crap. i am bamboozled. thank you for sharing!!! and for enjoying our fics!!!! –nikkumeul