• Draco [to blaise]:stealing things doesn't make you happy, quidditch and victory pizza with the team makes you happy!
  • Draco [to goyle]:and you, scratching Crookshanks's belly makes you happy, who'd have thought
  • Draco:and Pansy, you do not have to play dumb to get a guy, you are so smart!
  • Draco:and I don't want to take over the world with evil, it doesn't make me happy
  • Draco:I want to go to school, and be with Harry, because Harry makes me really happy
The First and The Last Time I’ll Wear White (Harry Styles One Shot)


“Well this is different,” the corners of Harry’s mouth turned up just slightly as he leaned against the doorframe with his arms crossed.

“How so?” you cocked your head to the side, playing dumb.

“The white,” he rolled his lips, “It’s very…innocent.”

“In a good way, I hope?”

“Oh absolutely,” he chuckled, “In the best way possible.”

You were laid across your king size bed, stomach to the chocolatey colored sheets with your legs kicked up casually behind you. You’d been catching up on some reading, The Great Gatsby tossed open haphazardly in front of you as you waited for your fiancé to come home from a long night out with the rest of the band. It wasn’t often that you stayed up this late for him, in fact, you rarely did, but that wasn’t what had caught his attention.

Lingerie was not anything out of the ordinary for you. You loved wearing the lacy garments beneath your clothes, and loved shopping for them even more. A new set to surprise Harry was a fairly regular occurrence–although the routine never curbed his excitement. He loved it just as much as you did.

Today was no exception.

You’d had a few extra dollars left from your last paycheck and with the hectic schedule, you’d barely gotten any further than a quick make out session on the couch in nearly two weeks. It was a perfect excuse for a little Victoria’s Secret investment. You’d spent your whole morning digging through drawers of red lace and satiny bows, before settling on something a little bit unusual.


“It’s very sexy,” he nodded, maintaing his stance by the door, “In a very sweet, school girl kind of way,” his eyes traces the curve of your back and the gentle hug of the white lace along your hips.

“I’m glad you like it,” you carefully closed the book in front of you, pulling your knees up beneath you so you could lean and toss it on to the bedside table, “Now what are you waiting for?” you leaned back, standing on your knees.

“Very good question,” he chuckled again, shaking himself out of the trance he’d been in. He quickly kicked off his boots, eagerly beginning to unbutton his flannel as he moved to climb on to the soft mattress.

He climbed on to his knees in front of you, tossing his shirt to the side as he gently placed his hands on the soft rises of your hips. You lazily draped your arms around his neck, meeting his lips in a kiss that was too sweet to pass up. You loved the way he meshed with you. From the first time his lips touched yours, it felt familiar and easy. The way he moved matched with your body in the most perfectly rhythmic way.

You took your time, letting the kisses drag out as hands innocently wandered. He helped to ease you backwards, laying you on your back as he situated himself on his side, parallel to you. His fingers splayed across your stomach as you softly tugged at the curls of his hair, coming up for air periodically as you took turns dragging your lips across one another’s collar bones and the supple skin where your jaw meets your neck.

When shivers of anticipation began to ripple across your skin, he finally advanced a little more, carefully slipping his hands around your back to toy with the clasp of your white, satiny bra. After a bit of teasing, he unhooked it with ease, never breaking the kiss as he tossed it aside.

For once, he didn’t waste any time. His hand immediately found your breast, cupping it gently as his lips moved to your shoulder. His fingers began to knead gently before he slipped his hands across to rub the other. His thumbs brushing carefully across your nipples, making them harden just the smallest bit.

His mouth eventually found its way to your chest as well, his lips latching softly on to the peak of your breast as he massaged the other gently, switching back an forth as he felt like. You slid a hand down to the waist of his jeans, hooking a finger inside and following the hem around to the front. You lightly traced his fly with your fingertips as his arousal became increasingly more prominent.

You felt him shift slightly, his hand leaving your chest to unzip his jeans. You leaned in, signaling for his lips to come back to yours, and so they did, but with an intensity that hadn’t been there before. He slid his jeans from his legs tantalizingly slow and you caught a brief glance of the tent forming beneath his briefs.

You moved your hand back to the base of his abdomen, following the faint trail of hair until you were cupping his hard-on through the thin fabric of his underwear. You rubbed up and down, moments of friction making his body tense as he kissed you more aggressively. He slid his hand along the side of your body, moving to your hip and then thigh, before gently tracing the hem of your lingerie until his palm was carefully cupping your core. With confidence and familiarity, he began to rub gently, applying pressure in all the right places.

When he grew tired of the ongoing foreplay, he hooked a finger through your panties, mumbling a muffled, “Off,” against your lips. You didn’t hesitate to shimmy them down your legs. You felt him begin to do the same, his body awkwardly jerking as he struggled to kick off the briefs. “Need some help?” you chuckled.

“Shut up,” he teased, finally freeing himself of the clothing.

You immediately draped an arm around his waist, your hand settling at the slight slope of the top of his bum. He had other things in mind, however. With a strength he only used on you in bed, he scooped your body up, pulling you so you were straddling him while he simultaneously wiggled further down the mattress. Your knees connected with the cushiony fabric just below his armpits.

“C’mon, baby,” he slid his arms inside your thighs, urging you upwards.

“Oh,” you smiled, “I see what you’re doing.”

He smirked up at you, and in a mocking tone, he said, “Now what are you waiting for?”

You giggled childishly, not wasting another moment as you shifted forward. Your knees were to either side of his head and you bent at the hips, leaning forward so your hands were knotted in the pillows. Then he took control. With a swift motion, he pulled your hips toward him, letting most of your weight rest on him as his mouth delved into your core. You sighed with pleasure.

He was an expert with his tongue. Even the first time he went down on you, you were amazed with his skill. It felt like he was everywhere at once, his tongue lapping your folds gently, his lips pressing fervently against your clit. It was the most relaxing sense of ecstasy. You rocked your hips gently, just to let him know he was doing a good job–not that he needed the reassurance. He knew how good he was. That was clear from how often he asked to eat you out. He loved what he did, and he was great at it.

You rode him for while, your peak nearing multiple times, but he could always sense when and would pull away at the deciding moment. It drove you wild in the most delicious way possible, but you couldn’t remain that way forever. You were ready to switch it up.

Carefully you shifted your weight back to your knees, his signal to let up with his passionate kisses between your legs. Without saying anything, you slowly backed up, moving past his shoulders and waist until you were hovering directly over his erection. You loved seeing how much harder he’d gotten just from going down on you.

You swiftly slid a hand down his chest before wrapping your fingers around his boner. You pumped him up and down twice, listening to the soft groans dropping from his lips, before aligning him with your entrance and easing yourself down.

You began by rocking back and forth gently, settling into a rhythm as he placed his hands on your bum, wiggling his eyebrows at you. You smirked flirtatiously, but were too focused on the movements of your hips to do much else. You leaned forward, placing your hands on his shoulders as leverage to press into him further. You could feel his gaze locked on your chest as your breasts bounced gently with the thrusts of your pelvis.

You sped up slightly, bouncing up and down as opposed to grinding into him. He moved his grip so instead of both hands on your bum, he had one there and the other playing with your nipples.

“I take back what I said about ‘innocent,’” he moaned as you pushed against with with a particularly strong thrust, “You are not innocent. You’re a fucking sex-pot.”

“I knew you’d change your mind,” you laughed between breaths. You were going almost as fast as you could at that point.

He let out a guttural grunt, “You should ride me more often. This is nice.”

“For you,” you panted, “This is hard work.”

“But feels good, right?” there was a tinge of concern in his voice and you immediately felt guilty for complaining.

“Of course,” you nodded urgently, “It feels great. You feel great.”

“Good. I’m glad,” he nodded, “Because I’m getting close.”

“Me too,” you agreed, taking a hand from his shoulder and moving it to your core to rub your clit.

“No, no,” he slipped his hand over yours, “Let me.”

You quietly let him take over as you focused on your increasingly passionate pace.

“Baby, how close are you?” he pressed his hips upward, “I’m going to cum.”

“Almost there,” you sighed, pushing into him in long, strong strokes.

“Oh fuck, baby,” he grunted, “I’m cumming. I’m cum–oh fuck,” he moaned, his hips pushing against you in soft pushes.

You felt him releasing inside you as you rode him harder, your skin slapping against his as his hard cock moved in and out of you, his fingers rapidly rubbing your clit.

“Oh, oh,” you could feel it coming, “Oh yeah. Oh god. Oh, oh–” your climax hit you like a wave.

Electricity went rippling through your body, all the tense muscles and stress releasing from you as ecstasy tore through you. Harry pulled you down, his lips enveloping yours as you bucked against him, letting sloppy moans fall from your lips against his.

It was bliss.

When the last buzzes of pleasure had escape from your fingertips, you lowered yourself against his chest, kicking your legs up behind you to rest against him. His breathing was a slow steadiness that helped bring you down from your high. His fingertips etched intricate patterns across your lower back.

“That was so good,” he mumbled in awe.

“Isn’t it always?” you teased.

“Of course, of course,” he sighed, “I just can’t believe I get this for the rest of my life. I mean you as a whole. I love you. But I won’d mind having sex that feels like that for the rest of my life.”

“Me neither,” you shook your head weekly.

“And the white set,” he yawned, “Definitely a keeper.”

“Really?” you joked.

“I expect you in those after our wedding. No excuses.”

“But what if I find something nicer?”

“No excuses.”


I think this is the most romantic and smutty smut I have ever written. I hope you like it.

xoxo B


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Post got too long xD What about Little Things and Hartwin? (takeanotherpieceofmyhartwin)



because that one time eggsy forgot to take off his glasses before bed and harry was his handler at that one mission (he insisted) and well now, harry would have to speak to eggsy about that but for the moment just let him enjoy nonsensical eggsy. 

i cry.

siriusisinnocent asked:

Your opinion on Snape?

oh gosh, where do I even start with this character? Okay, I’m anti-snape. He’s so damn problematic like wow this grown ass man bullies, harasses, and abuses children on a daily basis for years just because he’s bitter about his school boy crush on/creepy obsession with lily evans not working out??? Fuck that. nah he literally only helped harry and was on dumbledore’s side because voldemort killed lily. If voldemort hadn’t, snape would’ve still be on his side. what the fuck. He is undeserving of a redemption arc ugh he’s so gross. he actually mentally abuses children because of some dumb ass grudges that he holds against their PARENTS like honestly? Leave the kids out of your personal problems; they did nothing to you! He hates neville solely because if he had been the chosen one, lily wouldn’t have been killed..I MEAN?? it was completely out of their hands what the hell snivellus oh and he is such a dick to harry just because he looks like and reminds him of james?? WHY ARE YOU SO CHILDISH AND IMMATURE GOOD BYE i don’t feel like talking about this person anymore

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Royal Compliment Day: Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth II, and Prince Charles

Prince Harry

Oh, there’s plenty of compliments I can say about Harry. But my favorite thing about him is his personality. He seems like he can make anyone around him feel comfortable and at ease because he’s so down to earth and fun loving. He’s just so good with people and you can really see how awesome he is whenever he does his tours or interacts with children. I tend to like people like that because I’m really introverted and awkward sometimes, so when I’m around someone that has a personality like Harry’s, I tend to come out of my shell a little bit. :)

Queen Elizabeth II

My favorite thing about HM is that she’s so dutiful. I feel like she has always taken her role as Queen seriously and done the job with respect and dignity. Like she’s almost 90 and she’s still working hard. HM is an inspiration tbh.

Prince Charles

K, this might seem a little superficial, but I love Prince Charles’ fashion sense. The man can wear a suit and wear it well. I can’t even imagine him in jeans and a t-shirt because he’s always sharp and I am so here for it.

Thanks for the ask! :)

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Hey, I just wanted to say that I absolutely loved your fanart of Harry and Draco, so much that I ordered an iPhone case with your art on it. It's genuinely very beautiful, I can feel the emotion of the characters, I don't know how to explain it, I just honestly love it so much! You're an amazing artist! Never stop drawing!! *hugs and kisses*

Oh-MY-GOD -pls remind me again y i don’t have my stupid shop up and running already because at times like this i die a little inside D:> it’s not your fault though friend, thanks for the hugs i really need them rn

Me: *is excited about drag me down, harry in Cheshire and the possibility of larry coming out*

Mum: you seem happy what’s up?

Me: oh, nothing

Mum: there must be something, you’ve been smiling at your phone all day

Me: well I don’t want to tell you because you’ll tell me that liking 1d is stupid, not to get so obsessed and basically insult the thing that makes me happiest. I don’t want to be made to feel dumb and like a ‘typical teenager’ for supporting 5 boys who deserve all the love they get.

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( * ░ &&. — over there? oh, that’s just salem harris, a twenty year old sophomore majoring in creative writing. they’re always listening to that dumb song pure imagination by fiona apple so loud you can hear it coming out of their headphones! if you ask me, i think they’re totally sardonic, but i guess they can be adroit when they want to. you think he looks like tyler joseph? i guess i can see it. [ morgan // she & her // cst ]

welcome to school, tyler joseph salem harris !! we’re so glad to have you join us at reno university. you have 8 hours to get to class or you’ll be late.

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( * ░ &&. — over there? oh, that’s just andre knox clarke, a twenty year old year two majoring in psychology. they’re always listening to that dumb song wild babe by cruisr so loud you can hear it coming out of their headphones! if you ask me, i think they’re totally condescending, but i guess they can be alluring when they want to. you think he looks like harry styles? i guess i can see it. [ j // her, she // est ]

welcome to school, harry styles andre clarke !! we’re so glad to have you join us at reno university. you have 8 hours to get to class or you’ll be late.