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Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz <3


and oMG i remember coming across ur aAMZINGLY CUTE ART when u still had the url of roogi anD I FELL IN LOVE W UR ART AT FIRST GLANCE??? i love ur style so mucH criES ON MY FACE

Send me a book recommendation and I’ll tell you something I love about your blog!


Bix Approved.

I just feel like the rest of Raijinshuu would hella cheer for Freed and Laxus

the signs and kisses

aries - the “i want to fuck you so hard” kiss
taurus - the hold your face kiss
gemini - the sleepy, good morning kiss
cancer - the “hey do you wanna make out” kiss
leo - the movie date night kiss
virgo - the drunk kiss
libra - the soft and gentle kiss
scorpio - the “oh my gosh i’m so happy” kiss
sagittarius - the first date kiss
capricorn - the wrap your legs around them kiss
aquarius - the “i love you so much” kiss
pisces - the “midight talk” kiss

can we take a minute to appreciate zayn with blue eyes



































but lets be real hes perfect with any color eyes























and thanks for crying over zayn with blue eyes with me. 

“Ghosts are real, that much I know”

Edith often when writing her book “Crimson Peak” would feel an all too familiar presence, one that would help her to remember, to feel, to love.  


The Ruins – The Sound of Silence, Ch.10, by the lovely @abadtime~

(Fullsize here)

When ABT approached me with this wonderful commission, we had a lovely discussion about the ruins in Undertale and how it could be depicted in fanart/how it hasn’t been depicted much. (as far as we two have seen, anyway.) With a little research and some references from the game, this image came about. Click the read more for more info if you’re curious about the architecture choices for this piece!

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my Moomin dress arrived! oh gosh I love it so much!

from Frockasaurus on Etsy which is too perfect for words I mean good grief it’s a shop for dresses with a dinosaur in a tutu as the motif what are you even waiting for go check it

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Am I the only one who loves Hansol & Naktas relationship? Nakta is always seeing if Hansols ok in the corner of his eye Hansol always bursts out laughing at anything Nakta does They feed eachother and hug when needed They don't act over the top (fan service) They just seem to have so much love and respect for each other

ANONNIE YOU ARE DEFINITELY NOT THE ONLY ONE TRUST ME!!!! i lovelovelove hansol and nakta’s friendship a lot it seems so good and sweet oml i could probably talk abt it all day long

 like nakta taking up chicken herding so hansol can catch one

or being a great and supportive person in general like friend goals tbh

also this!!!!! 

gotta protect the lovely Tall Boy

*ttoba screams in delight*


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR LETTERS! I am in heaven right now, oh my friggin’ gosh! 8u8

I’ve compiled all the answers into one post bcz it’s pretty long, haha!

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OK so I was kind of on the right track with my predictions, the play was inaccurate and Steven went to Pearl for an accurate version

This episode was cute, I loved the main message (its important!). I’ve been pretty lukewarm on Jamie before now but I quite liked him in this episode, he was very earnest and sweet and I liked how Steven encouraged him and listened to his insight (Steven thought the story was so cool with just the 50 foot guy with no flaws, but once Jamie explained that all people are flawed so a good character is flawed, he was receptive and agreed that that would make for a much better story)

I liked getting the backstory of the town, more or less. We already knew the Gems were there before but its interesting to know they drove people away (probably because of all the monsters) but eventually relented and let people stay.

oh gosh though, Pearl’s excited shouting like an overenthusiastic mom when Steven said his first line was waaay too cute.

Also, giant woman! The one from the temple statue no doubt. It was just a cardboard silhouette but its still cool to see they were involved. Plus, since they’re teasing us with that it might not be long until we actually get to see the temple fusion

And of course the main message of the episode, especially in regards to the story arc - people have flaws, a good character struggles, and watching a character struggle makes for a much better story than if a character is never wrong. 

Golden Hearts - Dean Winchester x Reader (Single father AU)

Dean Winchester. Single Father of two amazing twins. Love of your life. Your boss and… teacher?

“I’m telling you Sam-” Dean breathed out a chuckle “She’s amazing!” he couldn’t fight the grin at the thought of your image.

“And the girls- gosh they love her so much! And she- she is so good with them. You should just see her. Mary had made a total mess of the living room when she was helping Sammy brush her teeth but- but instead of being angry she just cleaned it up!”

Sam chuckled shrugging softly “Sounds great then.”

“Oh she is, Sam! And- and it’s not that but she- she is literally so great with everything. All of the things she loves she just- she is so gentle and caring and-”

“Everything to make her a good catch huh?” Sam smirked, raising an eyebrow at his brother “Why do sound pretty smitten huh?”

“I’m- I’m- No, Sam I am just stating facts. You should- you should see them all three. Man, I’m telling you she’d be a wonderful mother one day. And- and it’s not just the kids- If you saw her how interested she is in class and eager to learn, especially when it comes to all the biochemical stuff. You know how I even hated those.”

“Wait- what?!”


THIS IS A SNEAK PEEK. Focusing mainly on the Single Father part with this story, when it comes that is, but we will get a few sneak peeks of the (not so big mind it) age gap, the whole proffesor stuff and all. Those sweaters are just asking for it.

CYaRon! is actually the most precious and innocent subunit

Just look at how pure their songs are compared to the other subunits.


  • Strawberry Trapper: You can’t run away, my target~
  • Torikoriko PLEASE!!: I’ll use magic words to make you my captive ♡


  • Guilty Night, Guilty Kiss!: Hey there, wanna dance with me? I know I’m irresistible. ;)
  • Tokimeki Bunruigaku: I’m trying to figure out these emotions. Want to…help me with my research? ;)
  • Yozora wa Nandemo Shitteru no?: i’m a horrible person because i hurt my best friend, oh gosh i feel so guilty about it and now i just wanna stay up all night and cry while looking at the stars…why can’t i just be honest with myself im sorry im sorry im s o rr y

hellooooo! If you wouldnt mind could you please write a one shot where the reader runs into her ex one day, and he’s really mean and bitchy about their breakup and dean stands up for her, getting all protective? (theyre dating) Thank you sweetie, it would mean so much! I love your writing by the way, I’ve been reading your one shots for like two hours haha :) xxx

Oh gosh you are too nice. I’m so glad my writing kept your attention for so long!

You and your boyfriend, Dean, look at the shelves of a small gas station, taking note of all the different kinds of junk food that will do just perfectly for your long trip to the next hunt. Dean fills a small basket with beef jerky, chips, and pie before heading to the checkout line.

As soon as you glance the sign for the restroom, you realize that it would be a good idea to make a pit stop before you hit the road. “I’ll be right back,” you pat Dean on the shoulder and he looks at you in a flash of confusion, “I’m just gonna go to the bathroom while you buy this stuff and then I’ll be right out.”

“Ok,” he nods, “think of me?”

“Of course,” you wink before turning and heading towards the bathroom. It’s absolutely disgusting inside, but you’ve peed in worse conditions. You squat uncomfortably above the toilet seat, trying to avoid it’s dirt-covered plastic seat. When you get out, you see that Dean has already bought everything and is waiting patiently right outside the gas station door.

“Well would you look who it is,” you hear a familiar voice from behind you and you turn to see a sneering face.

“Chris?” you stutter in surprise, “What are you doing here?”

“As if the open road is all yours,” the man glares maliciously and you take a step back. “What are you doing here?”

“I’ve been on the road for awhile now,” you shoot back, trying to maintain your confident persona, “ever since I left the little town we grew up in.”

“Ever since you dumped me for that plaid covered pervert,” he smiles contemptuously, looking down on you. “Speaking of,” Chris continues, “Where is that drunk now?”

“He’s right out there waiting for me,” you glance back toward where Dean is standing, hoping to let him know to come in and help you out, but his attention is directed somewhere else.

“Uh huh,” Chris mocks, “Sure he is.”

“And he’s not a drunk,” you add, “or a perv, or a jealous creep.”

“Shut up,” he threatens, “you know, maybe if you get down on your hands and knees and beg, I’d take you back.” You notice that with every word he says, he has been taking a step towards you and the distance between the two of you is growing thin.

“As if,” you look back again towards where Dean was standing and find that he has moved.

“Where’s that boyfriend of yours now?” Chris taunts as you begin to grow uneasy.

“Who’s this?” a comforting presence appears behind you and you relax. The last thing you wanted was for Chris to get handsy as he always did. That was one of the main reasons you broke up with him, he didn’t know to keep his hands to himself. Well that and when Dean rolled into town you lost interest for anyone else.

“No one,” you say, daring Chris to contradict.

“Well then we best be on our way,” Dean wraps a warm arm around your waist, gently rubbing his thumb on your hip and you immediately feel better.

“See you around,” Chris looks down, not daring to meet Dean’s fiery eyes.

“Hopefully not,” Dean mutters and you smile as he leads you out of the minimart. When the two of you reach the Impala, he places two hands gently on your hips and looks deeply into your eyes, pressing your back up against the car door.

“Mine,” he says solidly, kissing the tip of your nose.

“Yours,” you respond and press your lips firmly to his, “All yours.”


8 & 16: Seductive Kiss & French Kiss (the last anon ask was a good idea, so I did my best trying to combine them. They are young adults now, about 20-21. WARNING: SUPER CHEESY)


It was quiet that night. There was a gentle breeze that blew through Cat Noir and Ladybug’s hair as they sat atop the Eiffel Tower. Ladybug rested her head on Cat shoulder, eyes closed, slowly drifting in and out of thought. It was then that Cat cleared his throat.

“How long have we known each other, Mari?” he inquired.

Ladybug lifted her head off of his shoulder and began to ponder. “Oh gosh,” she thought out loud, “how many years has it been? Well, we met when we were about 15, right? So I would say about 5, maybe 6 years. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

“You’re right,” Cat answered. “But we didn’t start dating until a year or so after we met. Hmm, you took a lot of convincing.”

Ladybug folded her arms and gave Cat a confused smile, raising an eyebrow. “If I remember correctly, kitty, I asked YOU out!”

“Oh, yes! That must have slipped my mind,” he chuckled. “But saying yes was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Ladybug laid her head back on Cat’s shoulder, reminiscing the past. “Looking back, I couldn’t have imagined this is where I would end up. But here I am, present day, sitting on top of the Eiffel Tower with Cat Noir, who turned out to be my teenage crush Adrien, as my boyfriend.” She sighed softly. “Life is strange.”

“Speaking of the present,” he interjected, “I, uh…have something for you.”

“You know, you really should stop spoiling me like this,” she teased.

“Ahh, but you deserve to be spoiled, princess.” He stood up, offering a hand to Ladybug, asking her to join him. “But…I was hoping to give this gift…to Marinette.”

She tilted her head in confusion, but honored Cat’s wish. Ladybug closed her eyes and released her transformation, reverting back to Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Tikki flew from her earrings and landed in Marinette’s cupped hands. Cat soon followed, dropping his transformation and reverting back to Adrien Agreste. Plagg was released from the ring and landed on Adrien shoulder, a sly smile on his face.

“Tikki, Plagg, could you give us a minute?” Adrien asked.

Tikki looked up at Marinette, hoping for an explanation, but she only shrugged her shoulders.

“Of course,” Plagg replied. “C’mon, Tikki, let’s leave the two love birds alone.” Marinette saw Plagg whisper something in Adrien’s ear, but she couldn’t make out what he said. Whatever it was, it made Adrien turn a slight shade of red. The two kwamis floated away, soaring down the base of the tower. When they were finally out of eyesight, Adrien grabbed both of Marinette’s hand, squeezing them lightly.

“Adrien,” Marinette murmured, “what’s this all about?”

“Marinette,” he started, “being with you has changed my life. You’ve made me the happiest guy alive. You are the most extraordinary person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.” Suddenly, Adrien was down on one knee. Letting go of one of Marinette’s hands, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a little black box. Marinette froze in place as Adrien continued. “Would you do me the incredible honor of being my lady…forever?”

He opened the box with his thumb, revealing a beautiful engagement ring. The main gem was a stunning red garnet stone, with two smaller black stones on either side. The band itself was blackened gold. It was the colors of a ladybug. Marinette felt goosebumps rise on her arms and a shiver go down her spine. She couldn’t believe this was happening. The love of her life was asking her to marry him. Was this real? She wasn’t sure. Her vision became blurred from the tears that were forming in her eyes. She was unable to speak for the longest time. Adrien got up from his kneeling position and wiped the tears from Marinette’s eyes.

“Marinette?” he hummed as he put the small box back in his pocket.

“I…I…” she sniffled. Her heart was racing and her face was burning. “Why?” she finally managed to utter.

“Why?” Adrien repeated, “Because you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. That’s why!” Adrien wrapped her arms around Marinette, holding her tight. “Does my lady require a little…persuasion?” he purred softly in her ear.

Adrien let go of his grip on Marinette and placed a hand on her cheek, stroking it lightly. Without warning, Adrien pressed his lips against hers. The kiss was soft at first; it reminded Marinette of the first time she kissed Cat to release him from that spell so many years ago. But then it became more intense. Adrien was tugging at and biting her lower lip, becoming more and more lost in their kiss. She knew what he wanted, and she obliged. She licked her lips opened her mouth wider, inviting him to get closer. She could feel his lips form a smile as he slid his tongue past her lips and teeth. She returned the favor, and soon, they were both engulfed with passion. Marinette was on her tip toes, forcing herself onto him as she started to pull his hair, praying this moment could last forever. Adrien’s hands ended up gripping her side and back, pressing her up against him. He turned and ended up forcing Marinette against a panel of the tower. The kiss lasted for what seemed like an eternity, but then it ended. They both unlocked lips breathless. Adrien took his hand and placed in on Marinette’s chin, making her look up at him. She felt like his eyes were staring into her soul. She smiled up at him and threw her arms around him.

“Yes, Adrien!” she squealed. “Yes, I will be your lady. Now and always!”

He embraced her, tears now falling from both of their eyes. He let go and pulled the black box back out of his pocket. “Shall we make it official?”

She nodded. He pulled the ring from out of the small box and slid it onto her finger. It glistened under the lights of Paris. They embraced one more time, both feeling like the luckiest person in the universe.




Hi everyone! It’s been so long since I made a follow forever but it has been exactly an year since I started editing! And recently I also hit 10k+ and I’m like “Oh my gosh! Woah! How?!?! ━Σ(゚Д゚|||) My blog is so lame ;A; ” I’m kinda speechless and overwhelmed, I’ve really never expected this so thank you so so much everyone! (╥︣﹏᷅╥᷅) At first it was hard and I wasn’t really confident, there were cheerful times but also sad ones but I met so many wonderful people here that helped me in many ways and made my Tumblr experience so enjoyable! 
Here I wanted to thank my friends and all the amazing people who run these lovely blogs for brightening up my dash with amazing posts everyday, for inspiring me with their stunning graphics and for supporting me in a way or the other!
Happy holidays and good luck to those who are still studying or working! You can do it! I love y’all and stay awesome~ 
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Preference 8: Sports

oh my gosh this wasn’t requested but i thought that i should make a preference about the sports each boy would play and it sorta has a somewhat love story to them i guess. so this could turn out really bad but it might be good so idk lets just see where this goes

N A S H: Golfing. It started out as a joke one day playing mini golf. He turned out to be amazingly good at it, it was odd for him and everyone else was quite surprised, so one day he took a trip to the nearest golfing course to try out actual golf. As he went through the course by himself he started to realize how easily it came to him. So, he came back. The next time he came back and he went to  pay the money and rent a golf cart, there was a girl at the counter, he knew her from school. They never really spoke much, but they both knew each other. He mumbled out what he needed and payed the fee, she gave him the keys and he left her. This became a regular routine until one day she spoke up saying, “My father, he runs the courses and he could help you some, if you wanted,” blushing at her own words. He accepted. With the help of her father, he got better and better. Then one day Nash came to the counter and the girl wasn’t there. He kindly asked the elder lady where the girl was, somewhat disappointed you weren’t there. The lady responded that you weren’t there today. With that he went on with his usual business. As he was on the courses he ended up running into you. He watched you, trying to hold back his laughter at your failed attempts of playing golf. Quietly, he walked up behind you, asking, “Would you like some help?” Blushing, you nodded as he wrapped his arms around you, telling you how to correctly do it. After he helped you finish the course he smiled at you saying, “You’re cute when you’re concentrated.” Blushing once again you mumbled, “You’re always cute.” Smirking he said, “Well then I guess since we’re both cute we must go on a date.”

M A T T: Football. He loved it. Every single second of it. Until the day you showed up at one of practices. You’re older brother was on Matt’s team and he was in charge of you on the weekends and since he had practice, you were forced to come along most of the time. You would just sit on the bleachers or under the tree, on your phone or doing homework or just watching the players. That’s when Matt started not being able to focus. How could he not watch you when you looked so pretty, just sitting there? Exactly, he couldn’t. With each practice you were there, he started to like you more and more. But he never could have you because you were one of his friends little sister. Once games started Matt started to get a little too into games, trying to put all his feelings into it and try to forget his feelings for you. One game he got too too into it and it ended with him missing a pass to him and them loosing the game. He stormed off the field in rage and your brother screamed at you to go after him. You nodded before running after him screaming his name. Just before he reached the locker rooms he whipped around and looked at you. You could see the tears forming in his eyes. “What?” he basically growled. “Don’t cry,” you whispered, whimpering in guilt. “God,” he laughed, looking up, clutching his helmet tighter in his hands. “You’re so oblivious.” “What?” you asked. “I’m not just pissed off because of the game, but I’m pissed at you. It’s your fault I missed the pass because I get too into the games to try to push away my feelings for you,” he explained, getting louder. “You like me?” you questioned. “Yes and it sucks cause you don’t feel the sa-” He was stopped by you pulling his lips to yours. As you pulled away, you mumbled, “I think you’re the oblivious one here.” “Shut up,” he smiled, pulling you back in by your waist for another kiss.

H A Y E S: Football. Like Matt Hayes loved football and enjoyed it a lot. He was the school’s star player and popular and everyone liked Hayes. All the girls wanted to be with and all the guys wanted to be him. You were no exception. You were different in the sense that you had a crush on him before he became popular. While he was a flirt, he was still a kind gentlemen that was very caring. So, when he was leaning against your locker one day you were surprised but weren’t at the same time.“Hey, y/n,” he smiled as you did your code. “Hi, Hayes,” you blushed. “So, you coming to the game tonight?” he questioned as you got out your books. “I dunno,” you mumbled, shutting your locker. “You should come,” he said smoothly. “Why?” you asked. “Well it’s the final game before the championships and if we don’t win this game we don’t go to the championships, and I need a good luck charm,” he smirked. “I’ll consider it,” you smiled, glancing at his eyes. “I’ll make you a deal. If you come to the game and I score a touchdown, you come on a date with me, if you come and I don’t score a touchdown then you can chose whatever you want to happen to me,” he bargained. “Deal,” you said, rushing off to class. After school you walked home and fixed your self up a bit and headed back for the game. Throughout the whole game Hayes would look at you and wink. They were in the last quarter with thirty seconds on the clock. Your school had the ball and were somewhere on the field. They were running to score a touchdown when someone got blocked, they threw the ball to Hayes as he ran and and scored the winning touchdown. The whole school screamed and jumped up in excitement. Hayes ran towards the bleachers, ripping his helmet off and throwing it on the field. Smiling, you ran down the bleachers and hugged him tightly, him twirling you around. “I owe you a date now don’t I?” you smiled, giggling. “You do,” he smirked. “How about you come to get pizza with me?” “Now?” you asked. “Yeah, now!” he smiled, grabbing your hand and heading towards the locker room to get his stuff.

S H A W N: Wrestling. He was a rather quiet one, kept to himself most of the time, besides when he was pinning people down wrestling. He wasn’t super big or buff but he had strategy. That’s what made him so good. Not to mention he had some muscles on him too. Tonight you were supposed to do concession stands to sell snacks and drinks tonight. You weren’t looking forward to it since you feared someone getting seriously injured, especially Shawn. Your feelings for him would make you care a little extra about him. You had ten minutes to get ready for concessions. Not wanting to look too horrible and not wanting to over do it you decided on some skinny jeans and a sweater and boots, tugging your hair out of a ponytail and letting it cascade down. Fixing up your makeup, you hurried out the house and headed back to school. Luckily you made it there early to see the wrestlers chatting in the gym. As you walked over to the concession area you felt a couple eyes turn to you, glancing towards the wrestlers, you eyes locked with Shawn’s. On instinct, you blushed and glanced away. “y/n!” you heard someone scream. Whipping around, you saw one of Shawn’s friends smirking at you. “Shawn thinks you’re hot!!” he yelled across the gym as both yours and Shawn’s faces turn red. Putting your head back down, you scurried off to the stand and started to act busy. After a couple minutes you heard someone clear their throat, a very familiar voice spoke up, “Uh, y/n?” Your eyes met Shawn’s. “W-what would you like?” you mumbled. “I wanted to say uh sorry for my friend,” he said, awkwardly scratching his neck. “Oh it’s fine,” you blushed. “But you are pretty,” he blurted out. “Thanks,” you mumbled, messing with your hands on the counter. “C-could I take you out after my match?” he asked. “Yeah, I would like that,” you smiled. “Mendes! Get over here!” the coach screamed. “See you after,” he grinned, jogging off. Biting your lip, you returned the smile. Shawn was the final person to wrestle. He was walking up to his opponent when one of his friends yelled, “Win it for y/n!” Shawn’s cheeks reddened as you let out, “Let’s go, Shawn!” His smile only widened before the referee blew his whistle for them to start. Within the a couple minutes, Shawn had him pinned and he won the match. Everyone erupted in cheers as you heard them scream, “y/n is officially the good luck charm!!” “She’s my good luck charm,” he said, walking towards you with a smile. “Honestly, I felt like I had to win in order to be able to kiss me at the end of the night cause maybe I earned it or somethi-” Without hesitation you reached over the counter and pulled him to you and kissed him. Pulling away you said, “You definitely earned it.”

G I L I N S K Y: Boxing. It was the only place he could beat the shit out of someone and not get in trouble or charges against him. His therapist suggested it and he tried it and now he was somewhat addicted. Instead of dealing with his anger in other, healthy ways, he pushed it off into more anger and beat the crap out of people. Boxing was pretty much his life. He dropped out of school and he left his crappy foster parents to do this. Not that he really had any other options. You knew about this background since your dad was big on boxing. One day he was explaining a match to you when you asked who Jack Gilinsky was because let’s be real, he looked insanely attractive for a boxer. Your dad gave the information he knew and then you looked him up online. It gave bare minimum but then again, there wasn’t really much to know. You had ran into him once before he got all big and that was when you were at a match that your father made you go to even though you hated this sport. You were walking towards your seat and he ran out of the changing rooms and you collided into one another. You quickly apologized and blushed when you saw it was him. He grinned down at you and said, “It was really my fault, gorgeous.” Blushing more, you looked down at the ground before rushing off. Today, you were dragged to one of Jack’s matches. You didn’t want to go since you thought this was a stupid sport. People getting paid to hurt one another was ridiculous. None the less, here you were sat front row. Jack came walking out towards the mat area with a grin on his face, looking at the crowd before his eyes landed on yours. His grin only grew as he remembered bumping into you. He did think you were gorgeous.He looked back to the mat area so he could get in. The match was an easy victory for Jack. So it didn’t last long. You were thankful as it ended. Your father made you wait until it cleared out some before you got up to leave, when you walked out, you told your dad you would walk from here since it wasn’t too far of a walk. Your dad left and you began to walk, but didn’t get very far before someone grabbed you and pulled you into an alleyway, making you scream. Most likely no one noticed since it was 10 o'clock at night and dark out. Panic went through every part of you as a hand clamped over your mouth. “Listen hear, princess, we can do this a real easy way so you don’t have to get hurt, okay?” a sickening voice whispered, kissing you neck, making hot tears roll down your cheek as you realized what was about to happen. “But if you’re not cooperative, then there’s gunna be some punishments,” he laughed, coldly, making you shiver in fear. He pressed you up against the wall and let his hand roam your body. You wiggled around and squirmed, hoping he would lose interest. “Stop moving,” he growled. “How about you get the fuck off her?” a voice said coming into the dim lighting. It was Jack. “How about you mind your own damn business?” the culprit barked. “She is my business,” Jack said before lunging at the guy and punching him in the face. You began to catch your breath as you tried to come into terms of what was going on. Then, you saw Jack get a bad punch to the face, making his lip and nose bleed. Although the man got a couple good punches, but he was no match for Jack. “C'mon, lets go,” Jack said, grabbing your hand and tugging you somewhere. “Where are we going?” you asked. “Back to my place,” he said, wrapping his arm tightly around your waist. “W-why?” you asked. “Well I don’t want to leave you alone after what almost happened and it’s around one in the morning,” you had your time way off, “so you can come back to mine for a couple minutes while I clean up and then take you home,” he explained as he quickly walked towards his place.You weren’t really taking in your surroundings as he lead you. You thought maybe you should have been hesitant, but then again he just saved you, so you would take him over being alone. “Here we are,” he murmured, turning on the lights to a decent looking apartment. He turned on the lights and that’s when you got a good look at his face, blood was everywhere. “Where’s your first aid kit?” you asked. “Uh I can do it, it’s fine,” he said. “You just saved me, the least  I can do is clean you up,” you mumbled. He nodded before holding your hand and leading him into the bathroom. He grabbed the kit and then handed it to you. You took a wet washcloth and reached up towards his face, but realizing he was too tall said, “Sit on the toilet seat, please.” He did so as you began to clean his face. “Thank you, for that,” you whispered. “You’re welcome,” he got out. “I’m sorry  you had to get injured,” you muttered. “It’s not a big deal. I’ll take a busted lip and bloody nose if that means saving you,” he smiled meekly, “Or anyone else,” he added, awkwardly. “Is there anyway I could make this up to you?” you asked as you finished cleaning him up. He stood up and nodded with a small smile. His hands eased up and down your arms as he leaned down towards your lips, capturing them in his own very softly. “A date would also be needed,” he smiled.

A A R O N: Baseball. Words couldn’t describe how much he loved baseball, he just did. So it was no surprise when he was out at the nearest field, that didn’t have anyone there, just practicing hitting off a tee. What was surprising was when you came to the same field and a boy was there. A boy you had never seen before. You came here whenever you weren’t too busy to practice softball. “Um, excuse me, but are you going to be here for much longer?” you asked, kindly. “Uh,” he stuttered out, turning around to see you, eyes widening. “Or if you are it’s fine. “N-no! Well I don’t know,” he replied. “Maybe we could share the field?” he asked. “No, it’s fine I could just come back later,” you smiled. “Or we could help each other?” he tried. “What do you mean?” you asked. “I mean, since we came by ourselves, we could use each other to practice. Like one of us could hit off the tee while the other fields, you know?” he explained. “Yeah, ok, sounds good,” you smiled. “I’m y/n, by the way,” you smiled, setting your stuff down. “Aaron,” he grinned. As you two practiced together, you laughed a lot and he helped you a lot. “You’re good,” Aaron smiled. “So are you,” you smiled. “I have a game tonight, maybe wanna come, if you’re not busy? I could take you out after, maybe?” he offered, biting his lip. “I’m not busy, and it sounds like a plan,” you responded. “Ok, I’ll give you my number,” Aaron said as you handed him your phone. “See ya then,” you smiled. After thanking you headed back home to take a shower and relax and then get ready for Aaron’s game. You threw on some shorts and a cute top and some sandals, did some makeup and headed to where Aaron texted you to go. When you got there, Aaron and his team mates were hanging out in the dugout. “y/n!!” Aaron waved, smiling. You waved back before he waved you over to him. Once you reached him, he asked, “Can we make a deal?” “Depends,” you smirked. “If I hit a home run, you have to go out on another date that I get to choose what we do after the one tonight which is in fact a date,” he informed. “And what if you don’t?” “You get to choose.” “Then we go on a date after tonight’s, but i get to choose what we do,” you grinned. “I like it,” he smirked. “Good luck, Aaron,” you smiled. “Thanks,” he smiled, as you headed towards the bleachers. It was finally Aaron’s turn up to bat. As he walked up, he glanced at you and winked. The second pitch that was thrown Aaron hit over the fence. Your eyes widened as you realized how quickly he hit the home run and was back in the dugout, everyone cheering. “y/n!” Aaron called. “Did you really?” you said in disbelief as you headed towards the dugout. “I maybe should have mentioned this guy’s easy to hit of of,” Aaron smirked. “Can’t wait for the date of MY choosing,” he winked. Laughing, you said, “Neither can I.”

J O H N S O N: Basketball. You had seen him multiple times practicing at your school gym when you were there for your after school activities. He was always alone. Never with anyone else to practice, it was just him. He was probably the best player on the team, but he didn’t get as much attention since the other players were more popular and suck ups to the couch, but Jack kept more to himself, so he was benched more often than the rest, even though he should have probably been playing every game. One day, when you were passing by, about to leave, you saw no one in the gym, but there were a couple basketballs on the court. Biting your lip, you debated whether or not you wanted to go in there and throw a couple for fun. I mean there couldn’t be any harm in it, you thought before walking in there and setting your stuff down on the ground and grabbing a ball. Lining up, you threw it towards the basket and missed horribly. Laughter burst from your lips at your failed attempt. Then you grabbed another ball and tried again. And again. And again and again and again, until your laughter stopped and frustration took over you. “You’re not lining it up correctly,” you heard a voice say from behind you. Turning around, you saw a messy haired and sweaty Jack in basketball shorts and a t shirt. “Well how do I line it up correctly?” you asked, holding the ball in both hands. “I’ll show you,” he mumbled, coming closer to you as you faced your target. Taking you by surprise, he put his body against yours and placed his arms around yours and then positioning your hands correctly. “Now point towards your target and follow through,” he whispered, pushing the ball towards the basket and it went in the basket with ease. “See, it’s easy,” he smiled. “Yeah when you do it,” you murmured. “You try on your own okay?” he said, retracting his body from yours. Nodding, you did as he told you to do and threw it towards the basket, except it didn’t come close to going in. A loud laugh left his mouth, but he clamped his hand over it to stop it. “I suck,” you state. “Let me help you,” he said, going back to his former position that was helping you before. “Hold the ball like so,” he said and showed you with his hands holding yours. “Now you see that little box right over the basket, aim it anywhere on there and it will go in,” Jack explained. He let you throw the ball but kept his hands against yours and you both watched as the ball hit the backboard and then went in the basket. “Oh my gosh!!” you squealed in excitement, turning around and throwing your arms around him. “Thank you!” you grinned as he laughed. “You’re welcome,” he chuckled as he hugged you back. Slowly, his face moved closer to yours. “Uh-I uh, um,” you stuttered out as you cheeks inflamed. “I guess you sorta owe me one for me giving you a little lesson, so I’d like it to be this,” he muttered before pressing his lips against your own, both of you smiling into the kiss.

C A M E R O N: Lacrosse. You went to his school’s number one rival team. Both of your school’s hated each other and the student’s hated one another also, except for you. You thought it was dumb to hate a whole school population based on some rivalry between two schools over a lacrosse team. Luckily, you weren’t the only one, not that you knew that the opposing team’s star player felt the same. Today was the game where your two school’s would go up against one another  and your teacher’s all agreed to give extra credit to whoever came to the game tonight and you had to  since you wanted as close to a perfect average as you can get. So here you were, sitting in the stands with a book in hand as you continued to read the required chapters for next class. Your gaze didn’t come up until you heard screaming and not in a happy way. As you looked up, you saw the two players, one from the opposing team and one from your team. It was brutal and no one tried to put it to a stop. Until one guy from the opposing team ripped  off his player and pushed him towards his other players. “This is fucking ridiculous!” he screamed. “People hurting one another for some stupid fucking title and trophy? You can’t even be associated with someone from the other school without everyone wanting you dead. This is beyond idiotic and stupid. If I think a girl from your school,” he gestured to my school, “is pretty then I should be able to fucking say it. And I do. Hey girl! You in the white shirt, hair down, cute face, reading Romeo and Juliet,” he said, pointing to you, “you’re really pretty! Wanna go on a date?” he screamed. Your face turned red as you nodded slowly. Some gasped, some were too shocked to say anything. “Great!” he grinned. “Well can we finish this game so I can go on my date or?” he smirked at the referee as everyone was dead silent. Your blush didn’t cease as you looked back down and continued to read. Not wanting anymore attention drawn to you, you just read and didn’t look up until you saw a shadow over you. “So, you ready for our date?” the boy’s voice questioned. Looking up your eyes met lovely brown ones. The boy had tan skin with brown hair and he was just beautiful. “I’m Cameron Dallas, by the way,” he smiled. “I’m y/f/n y/l/n,” you smiled. “You think the whole school rivalry is stupid?” he questioned. You nodded. “Well I guess that just makes you absolutely perfect,” he grinned, holding your hand. You gave him a confused look just before he began to explain. “You come to a lacrosse game and don’t even watch, you sit there and read and don’t talk to anyone else. Then you accept my date even though I’m the star player of your rivalry team and you didn’t see my face so you weren’t just going for looks. And you think this school thing is stupid. You’re my dream girl,” he rambled, winking at the end. “Well, how bout we go out on that date to see if you’re my dream boy,” you blurted out, not realizing how flirty you were being. “Oh, I already know I am,” he grinned, holding your hand and helping you up. “We’ll see,” you giggled.

T A Y L O R: Motocross. He couldn’t get enough of it. He loved the speed and how free it felt just on this bike. He knew it was risky and dangerous but that’s what made him love it even more. Over the years he had gotten pretty good and only wanted it more. Lately he had found some different motivation. You, his cousin’s best friend. His cousin, along with most of his close relatives, came to almost all of his races, but recently his cousin had been bringing her friend that was just drop dead gorgeous to Taylor. Ever since she started to come he felt the need to be the best he could be plus some. He practiced extra in hopes of doing better than usual. Today was his final race for this season and he had to do outstanding so he could have the confidence to ask you out. Normally he was confident but he just thought you were too out of his league. Today he would be racing against the top Motocross racers all over the country. You were sat in the crowd, nervous since you thought this sport was really dangerous and you didn’t want Taylor to get hurt. “y/n, quit worrying. He’s a big boy and he’ll be fine,” she smiled. “And if he gets hurt I’m sure you could make it better,” she smirked, joking you about your crush on him. “Shut up,” you grumbled, turning to face the racing area. The announcer started to announce who the players were and all that gibberish before the race actually began. Out of nervousness, you clutched onto your friends arm as you watched Taylor zip across the course. You were too focused on him to look at what place he was in. The whole time he was racing it felt never ending. Your friend was trying to say something but you weren’t listening as you watched his bike go up and down and turn, then slowing to a halt after he crossed the finish line. “OH MY FUCKING GOD, HE WON!” his mom screamed and your friend screamed something else before your friend tugged you down to go congratulate him. All his family members hugged him and said their words for congratulating. You were the last one and Taylor grinned at you. “Great job,” you smiled, going in for a hug which he responded to by wrapping his arms around you. “I promised myself if I won that I would do something,” Taylor said after pulling away. You looked up at him waiting for him to go on. “y/n, would you l-like to maybe, like- ya know what, screw it,” he muttered before he placed a hand on the back of your neck and brought his lips to yours. His whole family cheered along with the rest of the crowd as Taylor and you kissed. “I was trying to ask you out on a date,” Taylor murmured softly against your lips. “A date with you sounds nice,” you smiled while nodding before kissing him on the lips again.

J A C O B: Auto Racing. The speed is what he craved. He loved the ability to go at ridiculous speeds and not get pulled over. He felt free when he was driving that fast. You two met when you were at the stadium, watching him race. You lived close to it and your best friend was the son of the man who owned the stadium, so you were allowed in whenever. You wanted to try it so bad. It looked so fun, but your parents would never let that happen. After a few laps he eased to a stop. Climbing out, his eyes immediately laid on you, since you were the only other person in the stadium. “Hey!” he screamed at you with a smile. “What’s a pretty girl like you doing here on a Sunday morning?” he laughed, his smile only widening at your blush. “I dunno, I like watching races,” you yelled back, shrugging. “Hmm, why don’t you come down here?” he hollered. Without a word, you got up and headed down towards the area to get on the track. As you got closer and closer you a little more nervous, he was quite cute. Ok really cute. “I’m Jacob,” he smiled. “y/n,” you grinned. “Pretty,” he complimented, smiling. “Thank you.” “Now, why are you here?” Jacob asked, curiously. “Well, I like watching cars racing cause it just looks so fun and-” you began to ramble but stopped when Jacob’s smile increased. “You ever tried before?” he asked. You shook your head no. “C'mon,” he grinned, sliding in with ease. “What?” you asked in confusion. “Slide in,” he smirked. “Uh, isn’t this dangerous?” you questioned. “Not if we don’t go too fast and buckle up. The belt will fit around us both,” he reassured. “I don’t know you,” you said. “You don’t, nut trust me, I wouldn’t want to hurt a pretty girl like you,” he smirked. “Look, doll face, I can see it in your eyes that you want an opportunity to go fast, and here’s your chance.” Exhaling, you slid in and Jacob pulled you onto his lap, buckling up. “You ready?” he asked. You nodded as he pushed the peddle. After a few laps with you squealing and Jacob laughing at you, he came to a stop and you two slipped out. “That was so fun,” you breathed, grinning. “You’re so cute,” he chuckled at your excitement. “How bout we go get some lunch? I’m starving,” Jacob offered. “Sounds a little less fun..” you trailed off. “But I’d love to,” you grinned as he pushed you lightly. 

D I L L O N: Soccer. You didn’t care for it. You didn’t love it but didn’t hate it, but your younger brother absolutely loved it. None of you r family really cared for it so it was surprising how much your brother loved it. He was very serious about it, so he wanted to get a trainer to have practices with to get the best he could be. Your parents didn’t object since they thought it was amazing how much he dedicated himself to it. They found a good trainer and he started going. Usually your parents took him, but somehow you got stuck with driving your 11 year old brother to his training and got convinced to stay and wait there. Your brother stretched some before a boy around your age, maybe a little older came jogging over to him in soccer cleats, shorts and a tank top. From where you sat under a tree, he looked pretty attractive. Not wanting to stare, you pulled your phone out and started to go through different social media before you got bored and started to play the minimal amount of games you had on your phone. You didn’t look up until you heard someone scream, “WATCH OUT!” but it was too late because you were already smacked in the face by a soccer ball, making you fall fully back. “Holy shit, I’m so sorry! Are you ok?” your brother’s trainer said, leaning down over you. Slowly nodding, you started to sit up but felt a slight pounding in your head. “It’s fine,” you mumbled, sitting fully up. All you could see were his insanely pretty eyes. “I’m so sorry, it was a total accident,” he said. “NO IT WASN’T!” you brother piped up, running over to you. “He did it on purpose cause he didn’t know how else to ask you on a date,” he grinned evilly. “y/b/n (your/brother’s/name), it was supposed to be a secret!” he whined. “You could of just ya know walked up and asked me on a date like any normal person,” you murmured, holding your head. “But you’re pretty so I woulda messed up,” he argued. “Don’t think it could be much worse than hitting her in the head with a ball,” you laughed lightly. “Hey!” y/b/n said with a smile. “Why don’t we cut this lesson short so you two can go out on a date?” he smiled. “I have to drive you home,” you reminded. “No, Mom is supposed to pick me up,” he said. “Wait if she was supposed to pick you up then why did I have to sta- oh you little,” you said as realization hit. Your brother planned this out. Well part of it. “You’re welcome,” he smiled. “Oh and his name is Dillon. He would introduce himself if he wasn’t staring at you.” “Well, Dillon, let’s go drop this matchmaker off so we can head on our date,” you shook your head as you stood up. “Wait so we’re going on a date?” Dillon asked. “I couldn’t say no after all that,” you giggled as he grinned back, rushing to grab his and your brother’s stuff and hurrying to get in the car.

S A M: Hockey. His mother was an ice skater and his father was a former hockey player, so he had grown up on the ice basically. Ever since he could remember he and his dad were on the ice and he was being taught how to play. So, when he lost his father, he devoted a lot more time to playing, wanting to be the absolute best to make his dad proud. To go as far as good and make it big for his dad. He was a rough player, but he had never done anything to be taken out of the game or be penalized. So nothing serious. That’s how he wanted it, he couldn’t afford to be taken out for too long. He avoided getting too angered by blocking everything out besides any screams telling him what to do or where to pass and where the puck is. So when he went against his nature one time it wasn’t pretty. Usually he would just get in position and watch the puck before the referee blew the whistle, but this time a name caught his attention. y/n. The one person besides his family he had grown to somewhat love. In school, he didn’t like to draw much attention to himself, so no one ever took much notice to his love life, so his secret love for you had been kept a secret all throughout high school. You always ended up being in his classes so he couldn’t ever get over you. You had never really talked to him yet Sam still found himself head over heels for you. So when he heard one of the players from the opposing team talking about you, he couldn’t help but to listen. “y/n, is such a loser,” one guy laughed. “But she’s hot as fuck. Like if I got the chance I’d bang her anywhere,” another confessed, smirking at the idea. As they went on and on, Sam felt anger boiling through him as the referee blew the whistle. Without hesitation, he charged at the one saying all the dirty things about you and shoved him to the wall before attempting to punch him everywhere. The next thing he knew, he was being ripped off the guy and shoved off as the referee called time to get both players cleaned up. Sam’s only friend, rushed over and asked what happened. Sam explained, still angry. Since Sam caught the player off guard, he didn’t really have any injuries. “Sam, you’re on the bench for the rest of the game,” his coach barked, harshly. Sam nodded before taking his seat away from the other players. His friend rushed over to you to tell you what happened, knowing that you liked him since it was quite obvious. Your face went red and you got nervous as Sam’s friend pushed you over towards Sam. “Sam,” you mumbled, making him glance over to you immediately, since he knew your voice form anywhere. “s/f/n (sam’s/friend’s/name) told me what happened,” you murmured, looking down at your feet. “And I j-just wanted to say thank you,” you blushed, seeing him stand up to lean over the short wall keeping you two away from one another. Sam bit his lip, nodding at your words. He looked down at you. “Cause I mean you stood up for me and-” “It pissed me off cause I like you, so I don’t wanna hear another guy talk about you like that, and it’s just sorta rude,” he explained, not fully realizing what he said. “Oh shit,” he mumbled. But before he could mutter out an apology, you grabbed him by his uniform and pulled his lips to your own. Sam instantly grabbed your hips and kissed back, grinning into it. Maybe he didn’t mess up.



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Your art extends 20 years into my life and fills it with happiness *wipes tear* thank you so so so much for blessing us with your adorable precious art ☆☆☆☆☆ have a good day!!! *furiously attempts to like and reblog all drawings*

oh my gosh!! you too, though!! I really adore your art also - you have the absolute cutest doodles!! keep up the great work!! and I hope you have a super great day!!! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*