not that such a thing will ever come to fruition creatively/content-wise but i have a such a vivid mental picture of 2 of my ocs (whom are essentially assassins) carrying out a mission w/ “take me out” by franz ferdinand in the background and not even as solely like.. a background, not-actually-present thing. they just have headphones/earbuds. nonchalantly blaring it

anonymous asked:

All of your happy Robron posts are making me sad about the future, and what they will go through. But damn it I love them.

Aww I’m sorry you’re sad, Anon, that sucks.

But listen. Negativity? I don’t know her. 

Iain said they’re ultimately meant to be together and so far he’s given me no reason to doubt him. Will it be all smooth sailing? Nah, of course not. Because he hates me, specifically, tumblr user Alex robertjacobsugdens, and also because Danny Miller cries very prettily. Still, I remain optimistic. 

My strategy, because I love them and I think Robert has a cursed portrait in the attic that gives him strength to make garbage life choices the more souls the show consumes, is to just enjoy the good, happy parts, and find some friends you can laugh about the garbage parts with. It will be fine. Fear not. 

The SILF thing...

First off….

EWWW SILF?  Like that one with an M?  *full body shudders*

Thank you everybody who has tagged me to do this.

Unfortunately, I see this the same as “tumblr crushes” and “follow forevers” and “favorite simmer”.  That means, I won’t do it.

I’m always so scared of missing somebody and hurting their feelings.

I love all the people I follow and their sims.  It would be impossible for me to choose just one.  If I didn’t love them so much, I wouldn’t be following them.  

I’m very picky about who I follow, all of you guys are so special to me as are your sims.