I just went through the anti castiel tag, to see what they say.
God, I want to punch someone in the face!!!!!;!!!!!
And those who say things like castiel is so dumb he trusted Lucifer blah blah..
Yeah. We’re so lucky Sam didn’t trusted him and didn’t go to the Cage to see if he couldn’t help. Oh and hopefully Dean didn’t make out with Amara. We’d be doomed.
And again, I can understand That you don’t like a character or some shippers, but why the actual hell are you hating on ACTORS???
Something is wrong with you people.
(and you need to stop with the stupid “Destiel fans HATE Sam” idea. I ship Destiel but my favorite Brother IS Sam. And I ship Sabriel too but that’s not the point)

  • Redeye:"Oh, uh, don't open that closet." "Why?" "I keep the Maniac's Prayers in there. If you don't inch that door open you'll go insane like THAT."
  • Lou:any lodgings in fl must have so much storage space tbh
  • Lou:like just. giant pile of dead rats in one corner
  • Lou:a weird, wobbly mass of amber in another
  • Lou:Aeolian screams hiding in the chimney
  • Gl▲d H▲tter:not to mention all the pets
  • Lou:oh god
  • Lou:the pets
  • Lou:like the weasels are enough trouble
  • Lou:but once you’ve got a tiger in there
  • Lou:not to mention all the companions you have

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oh my god this is why everyone hates you. like Zarries. why do you need to be so secretive? Are you better than the rest of us? Jesus Christ. Stop being a bitch and just tell us! I bet you all are lying again to make everyone feel bad with your dumb theories. And you wonder why everyone targets you.

i;ve never laughed so hard in my entire goddamn life

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You dismiss the opinions of anyone simply because they're of another race and they're right about something? Go ahead, block me, you're still an asshole for literally no conceivable reason. "White ppl r annoying" isn't even a meaningful thing to say, and it doesn't provide anything constructive. It's unnecessary. Block me, I don't give a fuck lmao

this is exactly why y'all are annoying, coming into my inbox and saying some dumb shit like this. you guys get so butt hurt over every single thing oh my god pls remove the stick from your ass

My script changed in November
Under starry skies
We were smoking
I was soaring
I swear I’ve never been so high
You warmed my California winter
Though frost clung to my clothes
Subconsciously I made the leap
I didn’t look below
And now I’m falling
A feeling I’ve forgotten
Terrifying and exhilarating
A hard drop awaits me at the bottom
But will you cling to me if I allow it
If I continue to pursue
Because every thought that clouds my mind
It all begins with you

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"(the way he talks about people thinking Soda is dumb vs. people thinking Johnny is dumb is so important oh my god)" what did you mean by this?

I definitely think he thinks Soda is dumb, even though he won’t admit it because he worships Soda and that would be him recognizing a flaw in Soda. But it’s always struck me how, when he’s talking about teachers thinking Johnny was dumb, he defended him. It’s not anything they’re talking about, but Pony makes sure it’s part of his narration that Johnny isn’t dumb, he just takes awhile to understand things. But when he’s asking Soda why he dropped out and Soda says “’cause I’m dumb,” even though he says “no you’re not,” that’s the end of it. He doesn’t defend Soda or have any internal thoughts about Soda not being dumb. I don’t think Ponyboy recognizes emotional smarts or street smarts as a genuine form of intelligence, it’s all about book smarts. So his response to Soda calling himself dumb isn’t “he’s not dumb, though, he just doesn’t get books and math and stuff, but he knows a lot” it’s just a(n almost instinctive) “no you aren’t” and then moving on. He doesn’t see Johnny as dumb, but I get a sense that he does see Soda as dumb.

New civil war trailer reaction...
  • Before trailer:We need to wait for Captain America Civil war to come out to see what's going on because I can't choose a team.
  • Watches new trailer:

my mom asked me the other day about what my earrings were and i was like “there question marks!” and she was like “so is there any reason why you wanted them or did you just want question mark earrings?” and i just went up and grabbed her by the shoulders and was like “yes mom there was a reason do you remember batman?” then i preceded to babble about edward for like 10 minutes and the whole time i could feel this dumb stupid wide grin on my face and in the back of my mind i was like “oH GOD I HOPE SHE DOESNT FIGURE OUT THAT I HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM” and she just went “ok” but not like i don’t understand why ok just an ok so as far as i know she’s none the wiser


I started to plan a book since 2015 called “Cruna”. At this point I am not able to write a synopsis, my story is still not written down and I never heard of anyone shorting nothing. That (and some other reasons) is why I made* the blog @planetcruna.

(* @howaitora made the blog since I have no way to do it by myself. (Thank you))

I hope my story will get more recognition and equal to this more questions about the world, setting, characters, religion, species, history, cities or plot.

My goal is to start and finish the book(s) and let the world have one fantasy story more!

So, yeah. Reblogs or follows are not necessary but it would be nice.

Have a nice day!

EAH Rewatch Day 11

Yearbook episodes 51-60

The Legacy Orchard:

  • I just don’t understand how they could just skip ahead a year why?
  • Everyone must know Cerise is part wolf by now
  • Too bad we don’t get to see any of these stories
  • Why do we even have other characters when Apple and Raven are clearly the only important characters and the only characters who are allowed to do anything.

Sugar Coated:

  • FALL!!
  • The dresses are cute the story is boring next

Fairest on Ice:

  • I adore Duchess and Faybelle and I wish we could see them interact more.
  • Why do they have to make Duchess so arrogant and dumb?

Heart Struck:

  • back to eternal spring.
  • I’m pretty sure that bow is too small for you.
  • it’s a good thing those flowers started blooming today
  • great now can Bunny and Alistair just start dating now?

Bunny + Alistair 4 Ever After:

  • obviously not
  • oh so now you can hear Brooke, Kitty?
  • and Brooke abuses her God-like powers


  • This episode is boring and just puts them back at square one
  • so also pointless
  • but Lizzie was awesome in this

Save Me, Darling!:

  • I do like the teacher’s design
  • this episode is pretty boring too. except when Darling fights the dragon

Rosabella and the Beasts:

  • I think the aardvark is cute I don’t know what this show’s problem is
  • after school?
  • Seriously just take off your hood Cerise

What’s in the Cards for Courtly Jester?: 

  • I’m not even entirely if this should be counted as canon. 


  • Yeah Cedar, can you do all the work while we take credit for it? I think it would be more interesting if Cedar was the yearbook  editor. But god forbid someone else aside from Raven and Apple have the spotlight.
  • I wonder who was competing against Lizzie in Hextreme Croquet


Did they have to shoehorn in Apple and Raven into every episode? A lot of these episodes are just boring, I do like to see other seasons though.

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18, 32, 42,

18: tell us about something dumb/funny you did that has since gone down in history between you and your friends and is always brought up. - why would you do this to me WHYYYYY oh my God there are so many stories that i could choose from

okay! here’s the (extremely hyped up) story of “caramel people”. one jovial day - a beautiful, sunshiney, glorious day - me and my good ol’ roommates decided, “hey! let’s get somma that sweet, sweet coffee, bros.” and we did just that. we piled into the car, me in the drivers seat per usual, and drove a hop, skip, and a jump away to the nearby drive thru Starbucks. now i’ll let you guys in on a little Mars tidbit - i have an unfortunate history of fumbling over my words and saying really strange things to people when distracted, flustered, anxious, existing around cute people, etc. (re: aloe pulp story) so you can already really tell where this is going. i pull up to the drive thru while asking my chums for their orders. coincidentally, all of them end up being caramel coffee type drinks! which is great. lovely. caramel coffee is the best. but as i’m giving the orders to the starbucks person, my Anxiety Brain decided to tell me that Obviously It’s Weird When Multiple People Order Caramel Drinks At The Same Time. so i thought it’d be a good opportunity to be Flirty and Funny with this person? for… whatever reason? so i said something a little like this: “haha…. yeah…. we-we’re CARAMEL PEOPLE!!!” …………. following this… this.. whatever it was, not a joke, not even remotely funny? in any way? following this phrase was just a simple, “… what?” from the speaker. queue sweaty fumbly hoRRIBLY EMBARRASSED Mars trying to explain why “caramel people” was funny when it really was truly not funny in the slightest bit while ALL MY FRIENDS START LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY AT ME IN THE BACKGROUND BECAUSE WHY. WHY WOULD I SAY THAT. WHY WOULD ANYONE SAY THAT WHAT IS THE POINT

so now at random points during my life my friends will say “yeah we’re caramel people” and it never ends just like ALOE PULP never ends and my embarrassing life never ends the end

32: tell us a story of something that happened to you after 3AM when you were with friends. - i honestly can’t even think of anything now because my brain is stuck on “caramel people” as a story, as if nothing else in my life has happened and it’s a never ending loop of horrifying anxiety and embarrassment

also i already answered 42 :x


You have been on a fucking temper tantrum all over the place like a fucking baby and this is dumb.

Why does the Fine brothers get shit for what they done (and deservedly so but anyway) BUT THIS FUCKER IS RELEVANT ON YOUTUBE? 

He is from the Coronation Street of terrible assholes!

That fucking sad clarinet from that show should be his new theme song!

*Inserts Coronation Street theme song here*

Just kidding that’s terribly unrealistic BECAUSE HIS FANS THINK HE IS A GOD OF ANGELS!

‘’Oh onision is so brutally honest’’. Oh goodness, oh heavens…

No, let’s not talk about the real issues about this guy. NOOOOOOOOOOO!


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HEEEEY I tried writing this before but tumblr's being dumb bUT ANYWAYS I need to remind you that I love you and Edan and also Kate and Clayton like idk why I just ship your oc's so hard and i'm always just over here like 🔍👀 gosh I need more in my life tbh.

Ahhhhh, Nana, you super cutie!! You’re so cute and nice! I’m flattered to hear that from you, you are so great, I love you and Yukine, too!! AHHHHH YOU DO??? OMG OMG, I don’t know what to say, omg, I’m so happy about it that those dumb doughnuts make others happy, ahhhhh ;o;



I want to show off one of my biases my followers may or may not know about… Kuhn from Up10tion! He is pretty much the definition of perfection and is so dorky and charming, how could you not love him? Enjoy these GIFS of my baby boiiiiii

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Blue/English/Teacher w/ Jin please (sorry about that 😅)


Blue: What song do you listen to when you’re feeling down?

I actually listen to Just One Day when I’m feeling down. I don’t know why but it makes me feel better…

English: How many languages do you speak?

Unfortunately I only speak English. I can speak very basic Spanish, like verryyyy basic. But that’s all. :(

Teacher: What do you inspire to be?

I’m actually wanting to do Web Design. So… that. :)

  • <p><b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>me, thinking to myself:</b> oh god here comes the crush jfc hello perfection you beautiful human being you<p/><b>also me:</b> okay okay play it cool act natural<p/><b>me, talking to my crush who's walking by:</b> haha what's up you fuckin' loser you're so dumb wtf ha okay see you later you nerd<p/><b>me, to myself:</b> nailed it<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>