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hi please write an entire fic thats just dex and nursey texting bc i just read that ask you answered and literally had to put my head in my hands oh my GOD anyway

THEBDNSJD DON’T ENCOURAGE ME!!! I’LL DO IT i love their dumb asses like

kill will 🚨💓, 2:30am
I miss you

DMN 😌, 2:33am
why are you so gay from 12-3am

kill will 🚨💓, 2:34am
You’re a dickhead
And I think it has to do with the moon

DMN 😌, 2:34am
what has to do w/ the moon?

kill will 🚨💓, 2:35am
My gay
Like gay moon phases I’m really gay when the moon is at it’s peak

DMN 😌, 2:36am
i hate you!!!!

kill will 🚨💓, 2:37am
Lie again!!!!

oh my god so i just realized i only need 6 more followers until 600, and thus only 66 more followers after that to hit 666!!

so why not a promo?

im am a Good trans lady that makes Good art and Good writing, who loves weird monsters and animals. ive got lots of cool projects coming up, most notably a monster book for my homemad rpg system, so if you are interested in that you should follow! i also occasionally post dumb jokes and semi-rants about topics nobody cares about, in addition to my sparse art and Good reblogs!

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Gliese, would you rather kiss Kit or Lapyen? (I'm sorry, I had to combine all of the buns.)


Gliese: OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU WHY WOULD I KISS KIT?? THAT’S…THAT’S JUST WRONG. IT’D BE LIKE KISSING MYSELF. EXCEPT. WEIRDER. Look, to be honest, I kind of like the guy, against my better judgment. But not like that. He’s like a dumb looking baby barkbeast that’s missing a leg; it should probably be culled but you feel bad for it and almost want to help. Or actually want to help. So no. I’m not kissing my hatchmate.

So I guess I’m kissing Lapyen again? Fine with me. Lapyen, though you will probably never know you’ve twice been chosen for smooches, on the ridiculous chance you’d ever want them, enjoy this honor.

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It's just dumb. It's like people see two games that look a tiny bit unlike if you only give them a passing glance and MUST PICK A SIDE AND DRAG THE OTHER!!! It reminds me of lot of how people acted when infamous and prototype were coming out, people are so dumb

oh my god I forgot all about that holy fuck

but yeah I don’t understand why everyone gotta fight like just shhh and play ya mideo grame

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you seriously didn't compare fucking Heath ledger with Harry Styles... you heard yourself? you even think before write that thing???? He didn't want to appeal younger audience HE FUCKING CHOSE HIM BECAUSE HE SAW HIM ACT IN BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN P, HE WAS ALREADY A KNOW AND VERY RECOGNIZED ACTOR. you're so dumb, this is why they mock us in Nolan forums and movie forums, please delete

oh my god I literally said, within the post, “obviously Harry isn’t at Heath Ledger’s caliber of acting” like I’m not sure if this is what you’re insinuating but I directly stated that Harry isn’t as fantastic of an actor as Heath, so that point is moot

were you around at the time when Ledger was announced as the Joker? I’m not trying to be condescending, I’m legitimately asking because everything I said about that was true. yes, NOLAN cast him because he saw Ledger’s performance in Brokeback Mountain and was moved by it, but OTHER PEOPLE thought it was stunt casting and that the only reason Ledger was picked was to appeal to a young female demographic due to Ledger’s status as a teen heartthrob. his roles in 10 Things I Hate About You (his most famous role besides Ennis and the Joker) as well as The Patriot prove that

also another thing I said within the post was that dumb is an ableist slur, yet you use it here. even though it seems you haven’t read my response at all, I’m going to assume you know that I said that. yet you use the word here. why would you DELIBERATELY use a word that I said was an offensive slur, are you trying to portray yourself as the most disgusting person on this planet or is that just your natural personality? consciously using a term to someone when you know they’re offended by it is a fairly low thing to do, how do you do that? knowingly offend someone with complete disregard for their feelings? are you even human

“do you even think before you talk” I’m so puzzled that you can type these words and not realize the hypocrisy? literally the content of this ask is comparable to the sound that a toilet makes when you flush…yet I somehow have fucked up. you realize that it would’ve been much easier for you to have not sent this ask at all than for you to have sent it

anyway, my opinion of you? not very high. I’ve explained myself in case you were genuinely confused as to any points I made in my post, but please know that you choosing to hide behind an anonymous option means that your opinion means very little to me. it probably means very little to you, too, or you would’ve said it in person but alas, you know that the words this ask contains are worthless, so you’re on anon. this is my blog and comments are noted, but know that anonymous hate literally doesn’t affect me at all. like, I’m chill and you seen very pressed which has caused you to lash out. I hope you’re not like this all the time because idk how you’d sleep at night

please reconsider the way you speak to others (with me, if you’re hateful I’m hateful back) because you have to know that the words you speak have consequences and it’s lucky for you I’m not easily affected by these things. you’re lucky you didn’t hurt me but by the looks of this ask you’ve hurt others emotionally before and I hope you feel remorse for that so great that you can’t look yourself in the mirror until you apologize. basically, stop being shitty. I fail to see what you gain from it

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ok PLEASE do ds9

@deepspacememes friend i have been WISHING someone would ask me about ds9 holy shit

  1. my beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world fave: KELAS PARMAK oh my god. my serpentine summer child. queerplatonic love of my life.

  2. my trash-shit fave: garak hoooo boy why do you make such dumb decisions you’re so desperate for love and it pains my soul

  3. my I love to hate them fave: p much every female klingon villain they’re just a+ spot on and could easily throw me around the room ok i love to hate them all

  4. my I hate to love them fave: the female changeling is worming her way into my stone cold heart just fuck no please

  5. my I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire non-fave: enabran tain don’t know if i even spelt his name properly because i have no time for shitty fathers who manipulate their kids and try to kill them and put them in danger for their own gain ok bye

  6. my I didn’t care about them either way at first but the fandom makes such a big deal about them now I can’t stand them non-fave: dukat oh god he’s not on the same level of hatred as tain but he’s such a SHIT and ziyal deserved a father who both cared for her and didn’t put everything she cared about in danger

  7. my I could take them or leave them kinda non-fave: quark. i’m sorry. no.

  8. my I will go down with this ship and I won’t put my hands up and surrender, there will be no white flag above my door. I’m in love and always will be fave ship: garak/bashir/parmak, especially w/ queerplatonic parmak it just warms my soul dear gods please let garak and bashir resolve their pining and let my serpentine summer child be haPPY

  9. my dirtybadwrong fave ship: i don’t really have a terrible ds9 ship, but i have a huge number of gross kinks about switch!garak/bashir (we’re talking bondage, humiliation kink, watersports, sadomasochism, petplay, the whole shebang). also i can no longer ship odo with anyone seriously knowing that he could turn into an infinite number of sex toys saVE ME

  10. my they’re cute together and I dig them but I’m not all that terribly invested kinda fave ship: ziyal/ezri oh god they both deserve So Much Better and they’d get on so well, espec if ezri didn’t join with dax like they can go be happy together ok

  11. my I didn’t care about this ship either way at first but the fandom makes such a big deal about it now I can’t stand it non-fave ship: bashir/jadzia pls leave them be she’s already said no like a million times

  12. my MAKE IT STOP non-fave ship: kira/dukat like omg GO AWAY
Arrow 4x21

okay so this might belong in last episode but whatever, but how does rubicon make any damn sense.

the mechanism is neither explained nor does reversing that mechanism to fire nukes even begin to work in any way I could imagine.

okay I’ll try my hardest to suspend my disblief

“100% unhackable”

this technobabble is hurting my head

of course they gave malcolm a new hand

okay this drama is dumb af

“there are no small lies” because… all lies are equal?

fuck this episode is pretty unbearable rn

“give up your dreams so you don’t have to tell an inconsequential lie” wtf donna

fuck I recognize this guy but I can’t place him

oh god the technobabble again



in previous episodes, they could all barely take brick

also thought: why aren’t they worried about thea yet

this rivet jacket is weird

wow finally felicity shirking her responsibilities actually has consequences

oliver is the watch dogs guy rn

“we can copy the processors operating code wirelessly” that makes zero sense on so many levels

lol quinten just shows up??

this is really really hard to watch, this technobabble is the worst

wait you’re not going in malcolm?

fucking up everything malcolm goddammit

“Star City data center” what a thing

“the president asked me if the fate of the world is resting in the hands of an IT girl, a criminal, and two guys in halloween costumes” lilah++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

“you’re not a pawn, you’re a queen. get it?” kek

lol @ that flip to go down a step or two

lonnie calling thea “mommy” is SUPER weird

lol @ those spin kicks


you’re really not killing people still, oliver?

that guy entered that room like he was just SOMEWHERE ELSE when the nukes were about to launch.

except these missles don’t use GPS

but why let facts get in the way of your dumbass plot

that was actually clever given the fantasy world framework that this happened in

lol obvious trigger is obvious

okay so taking stock: even if they stop darkh, Russia just nuked America. Yeah, we know it wasn’t their fault, but what will the American public think? If the president refuses to act, would congress impeach? Even if not, the next president is almost certainly a warhawk. This is a serious upset to the status quo that I’m not convinced they’re going to actually follow through with.

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❛ when i die i want my heart donated to NASA so they can finally see what a black hole looks like up close ❜


“First, oh my god. Second, shut the fuck up. Third, what the fuck.” Moonbin turned to stare at his best friend. It was a good line. It really was. It was just a shame he stole it from Tumblr. “Shut the fuck up, you’re so dumb. Why are you my best friend? I need to leave, you Tumblrina.”

Oh my god and when I’m nice to people yet they go behind my back to do some shady shit. Are you fucking serious like why. Why the fuck are people so fucking dumb.

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You like both maiko and zutara but do you prefer one over the other?

[ yep yep, I like both ships. 

But I do prefer Zutara over Maiko and that for a simple reason: 
In the TV show Mai is shown as a cold person, she doesn’t really listen to Zuko even when he talks about how he feels. She shuts him off, tells him to suck it up and deal with it. ( In the comics she is kinda different and still complicated )
I like Mai and Zuko together and when I read Smoke and Shadow Zuko told her how much he missed her and she was just like: oh god why do you say that.

So idk, but I prefer Zutara because I want my trash prince to be happy and I think that Katara would have been better for him and his well being .-. 
and he would have been better for Katara as well because lbr, she would rule the Firenation with him and kick his ass when he would take dumb ass decisions. 

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*insert titanic reference here*


  • Book Snob:I'm not reading YA/genre/romance/whatever because of ;list of inane reasons that show they've read very little of what they're being snobby about;
  • Everyone else:Okay.
  • Book snob:I mean it! You can't bully me into reading it!
  • Everyone else:Literally no one is doing that. You do you, bud.
  • Book snob:Yes you are! You're talking about the books! Obviously that means you think I have to read it!
  • Everyone else:Um...no? We're talking about it, because we like it. You don't want to read it, you don't have too.
  • Book snob:I'm not reading it! You can't make me! Stop bullying me about not liking it!
  • Everyone else:Okay...
  • Later
  • Book snob:So have you read this super serious lit book yet?
  • Person:No, not very interested in it.
  • Book snob:Oh my God, WHY? Are you dumb? Do you have no taste? How can you not have not at least heard about this book? Oh let me guess, you don't read lit because you're not a serious reader etc. etc. etc.

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"A week of you doin dumb shit i say." He grins. "You got yourself a deal." And noooow hes going to switch it up a bit. Flirt for the first time ever. He looks over to the man and smiles crookedly- even if a part of him dies as he does so.

Why am I already regretting this?  

     Kathy chuckled and shook her head, running a hand through her short hair as she                    though of all the stuff he’d make her do if he would win the bet. Oh god.

           Let us begin.


072615: my first ever day together with you at 2AM in the morning, can you believe me cleaning my tumblr and preparing another one, going through all this memories, i’m laughing. oh god, i’m so dumb for not realizing and i felt bad that you have to flirt and give hints to a person who never gets any clue at all. this will be forever in my memory list, istg. it is the cutest, weirdest and shocking confession i got from someone, maybe this is why i fall and i fall hard, rip. catch me, duck. 

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"dumb snarky relationship without asshole Sam" thank god im not the only one who's fed up of this trend. like what people fail to realise is that bucky is just as petty as sam, if not worse. That's why i love their relationship because it's mutually snarky and petty, and in that sense they compliment each other so well. why is everyone trying to ruin this for me?

Lol you scared me anon, when I saw the message notification with my tag in quotes I was like “oh god I’m in trouble for something”. Thankfully not

But yeah idk what is up with this trend anyway. I saw someone else make a post about people using this meme as an excuse to paint Sam as an asshole and I was like no I don’t think so but then as I went through it, yup. A lot of the “jokes” had gone past petty to straight mean and Sam was always the one doing something. Like at least make it mutual and pretend you’re not trying to smear the character. And many of the posts just weren’t funny. Though shout out to the person who posted Bucky asking Sam to go out and Sam saying “My mom said no”,that got a good chuckle out of me.

Let my dumb children be petty together