“Sam,” you backed up farther into the room as Sam stepped in. He looked like he hadn’t slept in weeks. There were dark circles under his eyes and he had his arm in a sling. “What–what happened?”

He was staring at you with a desperate look, drinking in the sight of you, grateful that you were in one piece. “Demons.”

You averted your eyes. “Oh, God. Sam, I’m sorry. Crowley said–” but he held up a hand to stop you and your voice stalled out.

“I don’t care what you did or why you did it. I am in love with you. And I’m here to take you home.” The tears shining in his eyes and the strained look on his face were breaking you down.

You crumbled and sank into him and immediately he was kissing your forehead and the top of your head, holding you as best he could with his uninjured arm.


Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader
Rating: General Audiences
Genre: fluff, slight humour. 
Word count: 6,459

Summary: Your best friend Taehyung comes crashing into your life one day and boy is he cute. 

A/N: Alright so here’s my attempt at a fluffy scenario! Nobody asked for this, and I wrote it at 4 am, but I hope you guys enjoy nonetheless!

- - -

T-minus ten minutes and counting. Your day was soon coming to a close, and you were more than excited to get out of the office and finally kick off your weekend.

You impatiently tapped your pen against your notepad, eyes glued to the clock while you counted down the seconds. Why did the last few minutes always seem to drag by? You let out a soft sigh, forcing yourself to tear your eyes away in hopes that time would speed up without the added pressure.

“Oh my god!” You press your palm to the left side of your chest where your heart was racing from being startled. Your supervisor stood at the side of your desk with a bored expression, and a fat stack of folders in her hands.

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harlotvonquinn  asked:

i appreciate that Oswald still wanted eds friendship despite ed rejecting him. it show a true virtue in Oswald despite his flaws. i have had so many so called guys friends that wanted more than friendship which i rejected because i just wanted their friendship because that how i felt only if they acted mature as Oswald. i mean yes what he did to Isabella was immature but i felt he redeemed himself when he told ed he still wanted his friendship. i thought it was sweet of him.

i am so glad they didn’t make Oswald a douche and have a sissy fit and try to destroy ed for not returning his feelings or enfourceing it on ed or pull up the victim friend zone card or made ed feel bad you know shit like that and i have been through shit like that. i respect how Oswald cherish their friendship despite his fuck ups (cough Isabella) thats why this serios is tearing my heart out. i really hope that episode 14 thing is true

Yes. Oh my god I definitely feel this. Like, one of the big things that grabbed me was when Oswald noticed Ed’s discomfort (even though he wasn’t sure what caused it) he practically snatched his hands away. 

Like, you’re clearly uncomfortable, I WILL STOP TOUCHING YOU. 

Oswald in this episode just… Like oh my god. Clearly he was yearning, and hurting, and terrified. But the sheer amount of respect he had for Ed’s feelings was so incredibly portrayed. 

I feel like people reference this a lot too. Like how Oswald killed Isabella not knowing how deeply it would hurt Ed. To bring back season 2, when Ed told Oswald about killing Kristin the first time, he was giggling. 

When he mentioned feeling sad at first, it was a passing moment of, “yeah that happened. now I’m great. Murder is cool.” 

Obviously he knew Ed would be sad. Let’s not forget “Poor Ed will be devastated.” But I think in a way it speaks to how Oswald sees Ed. 

Ed, for a lot of his interaction with Oswald, has been a steadfast constant. There, understanding and capable and clever. He has been Oswald’s pillar of strength for too long, and now Oswald assumes that’s how he’ll always be. 

But now he knows better. He’s seen a wider range of Ed’s reactions and emotions, and he’s respecting them.

It’s driving home the idea of Oswald’s love for Ed growing. To me anyway. Like, at first it was because Ed was a caring, affectionate, flattering person in his life. One of the few people to treat Oswald well out of genuine admiration the only?

But Oswald is growing, and his love is evolving. He treasures Ed as a person, and that’s why even if it’s not romantic, as long as Ed is in his life, it’s more than enough. For better or worse, we’ll see where it takes us. 

#24 — You're dating another member

#24 — You’re dating another member

“Luke stop!” you scream out in laughter. Luke just grins and continues tickling you. Tears of joy steams down your rosy cheeks and you manage to push Luke away. Even though Luke knows he can just “attack” you again, he lets you go… this time.

“Oh… my God!” you scream and sit up, catching your breath, “you know I am ticklish as fuck!”

“That’s why I enjoy doing it” Luke chuckles before he moves closer to you again on the couch and places his arm around you. You smile and snuggle closer to him, forgetting that he just made you go through “hell”.

“If they kiss I am going to puke, no kidding”

Luke and you look up from each other and see Luke’s bandmates stand in the doorway to his room. All in black jeans and looking like punk rockers, but everyone knows they’re just like kids on the inside.

“Calm down, Michael” Calum pats his back and Michael rolls his eyes as they enter the room.

“I-I didn’t know you were coming over” Luke says to the boys.

“I was bored and then Calum called me and asked if I wanted to hang out, I said sure and then we called Michael and then we ended up here” Ashton explains as he sits down next to Luke on the couch.

“Oh” Luke nods and then he realizes his arm is still around you. With the reddest checks you’ve ever seen on that boy, he pulls quickly away from you and looks down at his feet. You just smile. He is so awkward and adorable.

“You’re not happy to see us?” Michael sits down next to you, “were you going to do some naughty things with your gorgeous girlfriend?”

“N-no!” Luke shouts quickly, “I… Uhm… Michael!”

“Come on! Don’t bully him in front of her, Michael!” Ashton chuckles.

“Yeah and don’t hit on his girlfriend in front of him” Calum adds, “Even someone like him can fight you know?”

The boys, including Luke starts to laugh, but you are in deep thoughts now. Does Michael think you’re gorgeous? Or did he just say it? And why are you blushing? You really don’t know, but for some weird reason you can’t get the moment Michael called you gorgeous out of your mind.

“Something wrong?” Michael asks you. You turn your face towards him and find yourself get lost in his green eyes. A few seconds pass before you realize how close you two are. You can almost feel his breath on your soft lips. Rapidly you nod and look away while your whole body is on fire.

“Anyway” Ashton says, “as you may know, I told you guys a few days ago that we should do something fun together before we travel the world. I know we’re going to see each other every single day on tour, but there’s always going to be many people around and media watching, we should do something, just the four of us before we go”

“I agree” Calum smiles as he sits down on the small table in front of the crammed couch.

“But I promised to spend the rest of the time with Y/N” Luke tells the boys and looks at you with an adorable smile.

“Then Y/N should join us!” Ashton suggests and throws his arms up in the air.

“I don’t mind” Calum chuckles.

“Yeah…” Michael mumbles and you look at him again, “I don’t mind”

Minutes later, it was decided. You are going to join the boys on a trip. You’re going on camping for a few days and already leaving the day after tomorrow. To be honest, you are really excited, but at the same time…nervous? You don’t know why! Is it because you’re going to be alone with four other guys a few days in a forest? No. You know them all too well and Luke is your boyfriend! Maybe it’s because you’re not too fond of the forest, especially at night? No, it can’t be. You know nothing bad is going to happen and they all swore to take good care and protect you if anything happens. Maybe it’s because of Michael? Wait, no way…

You’re standing outside your home, ready for one of the boys to pick you up. You’re wearing sunglasses, your favorite shorts and a checkered shirt. Your bag is packed with everything needed for two nights and some secret snacks, which you’re not going to share with the boys. You’re happy that you’re going to share a tent alone with Luke. It would be awkward if everyone slept in the same tent and you’re the only girl… or maybe it would be like a dream come true, but only if one of them wasn’t boyfriend. No wait… what are you thinking?

You physically slap yourself. Why are you thinking like that?

“What are you doing?” you look to your right and see Michael drive up next to you. Embarrassed, you look down at your feet. Is it possible that you slapped yourself like a mad person right in front of Michael?

“I- don’t know” you answer him and get ready to get in the car.

“Sit next to me!” Michael says, “The others have driven already”

“What?” you say confused and get in the front seat next to Michael.

“Well, you see I overslept and apparently so did you” Michael explains, “that’s why they left and told me to pick you up and drive us to there. We also need two cars if something happens, so…”

“I am confused” you say, “I overslept you said?”

“Yes, check the time love” Michael smirks and starts to drive. You look at the time in Michael’s car and get it. Your phone died last night and you forgot to charge it and you weren’t going to bring it with you anyway, so it lies uncharged at home. That’s why you borrowed your mom’s watch and with your luck, it’s one hour late. But wait. Did Michael just say love?

“I guess you’re right” you mumble and look out from the window, “how far is it?”

“Uhm” Michael mumbles, “It’s going to take about two hours”

“Oh” you feel your checks slowly heat up and your stomach take a backflip. You’re going to spend two whole hours alone with Michael. No, why are you thinking like this again? Luke is your boyfriend and you get existed of the thought of being alone with Michael? Something is definitely wrong with you.

“Why are you smiling like that?” Michael suddenly asks you.

“I-I don’t know” you say, not realizing you were smiling. Michael chuckles.

“You’re so cute”

“Why are you saying that?” you quickly ask him, but regretting it. Michael looks over at you and your eyes meet.

“What do you mean?” he answers you and looks back at the road again.

“Y-you’re kind of… I don’t know…” you mumble, “just forget it”

“I am flirting you mean?”

Wow, it’s like he can read your mind.

“Uhmm yes” you answer him, embarrassed. What if you’re just overthinking? Then this ride is going to be totally the worst thing ever.

“Actually” Michael mumbles, “I think I am”

“B-but” you’re shocked. Michael admits he is flirting with one of his best mates’ girlfriend?

“I know” Michael sighs, “it’s weird and I should just stop”

“No!” you shout without thinking. It just slipped from your lips and you quickly cover your mouth with your hands. You can’t believe you just said that and it must be impossible to be a more terrible girlfriend than you. Suddenly Michael pulls the car over to the side and stops. You two just sit there in silence for a few minutes before the most unexpected thing ever happens.

Michael looks over at you and you look at him. Seconds later, you feel yourself get dragged towards him. Your lips crash hungrily and you feel Michael’s warm hands on your waist. He lifts you up and places you on his lap and the open mouth kisses begins. You’re feeling alive as you mess and tug at Michael’s hair, pressing yourself more and more into him. His hands are feeling you up and down and in the end landing on your bum, squeezing it. You moan his name and he just smirks before your lips continue to kiss each other rough. You’ve both been wanting this for a long time now. A really long time.

But the thought of Luke comes slowly into your mind.

A/N I hope you enjoyed ;) This was part 1 and thank you all for reading x

Mistakes, part 11. (Neymar imagine)

Double update :)
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‘Calm down, there’s nothing to be stressed about..’ Rafa starts, but I make a sound somewhere between a moan and a sob and stand up, trying to figure out what I should do next.
‘No there is.. I mean, it’s something to be stressed about. And N-Neymar is still not awake.. Oh God..’ I sob, and Rafaella stands up hugging me. My life seriously can’t get any worse. What the hell is wrong with me, how could I forget about my period? How could I sleep with Neymar without protection, and why didn’t I take the pill whenever I had to? I wish I could rewind to two months ago and start over, because I would do so many things differently than I have now.
‘What am I supposed to do now?’ I sob, and Rafa doesn’t seem to mind tear stains on her shirt.
‘We’ll figure something out, don’t be sad. If he was here now, he would be happy.’ That doesn’t help because Neymar isn’t here, and that’s my fault too. This is so, so fucked up. The doctors said there might be a chance he never wakes up, and if he does they’re not sure how long it will take. A month? A year? Several years? If that happens I’ll have to take care of a child on my own, at the age of 18. I won’t be able to go to castings or film movies, so I won’t have any money left by the time the child is maybe 1 years old.. I am so fucked.
‘First things first, we need to go to a gynecologists. See if the test isn’t lying, and if everything’s ok with..’ She hesitates. ‘The baby.’ My lip trembles, and my voice is shaky but I’ve cried enough. I’ve been sad and mad, and miserable and angry but right now I need to be brave and suck it up.
‘Okay.’ I take a shower, put on some clothes, but I have no idea where to go. If I go to a regular hospital everyone will know, and I can’t let that happen. There have been some rumors about Neymar’s accident, but nobody knows for sure if it actually happened. Rafa calls a friend who recently had a baby, and when we’re sure she won’t say anything we’re on our way.

‘She’ turned out to be a ‘he,’ so by the time I’m in my chair I’m blushing heavily and I hope he won’t notice. Everything seems to be fine, and he tells me what I already know. The baby is about 8 weeks old, and If I wanna have an abortion I need to do it quick because from 16 weeks on it will be hard to remove the fetus. I make another appointment for another check up in two weeks, and all I can wonder is if Ney will be able to come with me.
‘That wasn’t so hard?’ Rafa says, when we arrive back home.
‘Ney always told me you wanted to get married and have kids.’ I sigh, and collapse on the couch.
‘Yeah, get married and then have kids. Not get pregnant, get my boyfriend in a car accident and then finding out about it.’ I look at her.
‘Not being sure if he will ever wake up.’ She looks at me with compassion.
‘First of all, he will wake up. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, he will.’ I want to say something but she’s first.
‘Second, he’s you fiancé. Not your college boyfriend.’ She winks at me, and I smile. Yes, he’s my fiancé, not my boyfriend. Even though he doesn’t know yet..
‘Should I tell your parents?’ I ask, and she nods.
‘The sooner the better. They might not react as calm as I did, so you should prepare for that.’ She says, and I gulp. Neymar senior, and Nadine have always been nice to me but Neymar told me they weren’t happy when they found out Carol was pregnant. And now I won’t have Neymar to support me with telling them. I look into the eyes of my sister in law, and I’m glad that at least I have her.

It’s December 25th, and I’ve decided to meet up with one of my only close friends, David. He flew to London with some other friends of Neymar to visit him, so we decided to get coffee together. It’s been five days since I found out about the pregnancy and I was able to get used to the idea. I’m still scared, but I told Neymar’s parents and they reacted with compassion and I couldn’t be happier with that. I sigh, and look outside. All those people outside, not knowing that the girl who’s sitting in the small café’s life has fallen apart. I flinch when I feel a hand on my shoulder, and a big smile appears on my face at the sight of David smiling at me. I stand up and hug him, a little longer than normal and he sighs.
‘Long time no see.’ I chuckle
‘It seems like everytime we decide to meet up, I’m in some kind of trouble.’ I say, the sadness clear in my voice.
‘He knocked you up, didn’t he?’ David says, and my jaw drops.
‘Everyone in the nt knows, I don’t know how but they promised to keep it a secret.’ I groan, and put my head on the table in front of me.
‘If they know, who else knows?! My career will be over before it has actually started.’ I say. David reaches for my hand and I take it. I look up, and fight against the tears. How the hell did they find out?
‘You’ve got our support, and his family’s. You’re not alone.’ I nod and smile, but it’s christmas and I’ve never felt so lonely before. Even though everyone says I’m not alone. The one person I need is in a coma, and I wonder what will happen if he never wakes up.

When I get home, I hear Davi talk to someone. For some reason I know it’s not the maid, so when I walk towards the living room and see him with the phone in his hand I wonder who he’s talking to.
‘My babysitter is home, but my daddy is in the hospital.’ He says, and my heart breaks. I rest my hand on his head, and he looks up.
‘Who is that?’ I ask, and he hands me the phone. I frown.
‘Hello?’ I hear the person on the other line sighing, and I sit down.
‘Is this mr Santos’ girlfriend?’ I recognize the doctor’s voice.
‘Y..yes it’s me.. Is he awake?’ I hold my breath.
‘Miss I’m sorry to inform you-’ I wanna drop the phone, I wanna act as if this never happened. But I keep listening, and I’m not sure if this news is better or worse than I expected.
‘Mr Santos had an internal bleeding close to his brains. As you know we had an option to do an operation, with the chance of hitting a nerve and-’ ‘Yes.’ I interrupt him. I know. They didn’t do the surgery because it was too risky.
‘Well, if we didn’t do anything about the bleeding he’d die. So we called our best surgeon, and your boyfriend is in surgery at the moment. We already informed his parents, but we thought you needed to know it too.’ I gulp, and bite my lip. Fighting against the tears.
‘What are the chances?’ I ask with a shaky voice, and he sighs.
‘We’re not sure. The brains are a very complex organ, so it turns out differently with each person..’ I take a deep breath, and I see Davi look at me from the kitchen. His eyes are worried, and I feel my heart break again.
‘I’m on my way.’ I say, and hang up. From now on, it’s a matter of praying and hoping everything will go well.
‘We’re gonna visit daddy.’ I say with a trembling voice, and Davi seems to notice how sad I am because he hugs me tightly. If anything bad happens tonight, I will take care of him. I will make sure he, and his little brother or sister have the life Neymar wanted for them. We get into the car, and I drive to the hospital.
‘Please Neymar.’ I whisper to myself.
‘Don’t let us down now.’



After they had been walking through the darkness for a while now, side by side, Gilbert suddenly started crying.

Not with any noises, just tears that streamed down his cheeks and dropped off his chin. He quickly used his right hand to cover his eyes but the tears didn’t stop, of course not.

Alice on his right side looked up at him surprised.

“Oi, Seaweed-Head! Why are you suddenly crying?!”, she blurted out in her always direct manner and Oz could hear a bit concern in her voice, weak, but definitely there. 

He must have realized…

… Oz thought to himself and watched the expression of his servant.

But instead of the deep sadness he’d expected to see, Gil looked more determined than ever. If it weren’t for the tears, Oz wouldn’t even have suspected that there’d be something wrong. But those drops of salty water continued to fall and Oz could only try to imagine the pain his servant must feel right now.

Ten years must have been a long time. A very long time to get used to the presence of someone, to them being just there. Even if Break had annoyed his servant, Oz knew that Gilbert had liked that man, had considered him a mentor.

Maybe, no, of course, even a friend. 

His actions at Isla-Yuras party had proven just that. 

And now he had to leave that man behind. Had to let go of ten years full of memories and precious moments and feelings. There hasn’t been a ‘Goodbye’ and Gilbert had just realized that.

So even if Oz himself felt that crushing loss tugging at his nerves, he knew he had to push that back to the deepest corner of his mind. He would have time to grieve about it later. 

Just as Gilbert had time to break down later. Now was only the time for silent tears.

So in another silent gesture, Oz just took the swaying left sleeve of his servant’s black coat as they continued walking further into the darkness. 

So I received a package todayis it…



Lets look through it together 


oh my god they are too adorable


look at these adorable little dorks, oh my god I’m not going to make it


….I am not ready for the Iwatobi children…..