Disney animated feature of Tallahassee on its way! Not really but we can dream, right? I tried to make this look like a fake screenshot from a Disney movie haha, not sure if I succeeded but it’s the best I can do right now!

Scene suggested by the-lady-swan :)


Sometimes he has such a stereotypical ‘bad boy’ look to him, like the kind that would whisk you away on the back of a motorcycle into the sunset.

Then you could go hang with his rocker buddies, drink, and get into some debauchery at three in the morning.

Hasn’t he been in a movie with this premise yet? If not he should be. I’d watch it lol

Happy birthday, bunny! Btw, do you remember Jean’s birthday gift? Marco’s a better singer, but anyways - here’s Jean’s song and it fits him so well IMO!

I like simple songs with pretty words
I tried poetry but it’s just no good
The pages get lost besides I’d much rather sing to you

I like living life with you by my side
You’re a smart kid with a beautiful smile!
And oh God those Technicolor eyes