Hello! I’ve only followed you recently, so I’m not really in the loop. But, I wanted to gift you with some art! You’re a very pretty lady :3 Hope it’s ok to submit here <3 


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...I just realized Oikawa was wearing Iwa-chan's uniform (in your second newest oikawa art)....I feel very stupid....On the other hand, it's very beautiful! Actually, all your art is really good!!! Like, damn, I could look at all of these all day. They're just so good. Your art style is really great, too! Oh, and I hope the renovation's over by now. Well, hope you have a nice day! ^_^

First of all: thank you very much anon <3.
Sadly i have no idea how long renovation hell will last, but it’s WEEKEND god bless! I am enjoying the silence very much.

Also: don’t sweat about the shirt pic. Oikawa won’t be wearing it for long anyways.

Dear Matsunoimagines,

Please accept this drawing Modkara has completed for your day of love! Both ModIchi and I hope that everything will go well from now and into the future. We all love your work, so never feel discouraged! We are all here for you <3

We hope that you like this gift from the KittyMatsunos! Originally it was going to be a surprise for the actual day, but I just couldn’t wait! 
Again, ModIchi and I hope that you both accept this present with love <3

Yours Sincerely,
ModKara and Ichi

Oh my god this is so beautiful, I’m honestly going to cry–

I cant thank you enough for this amazing art and for your kind words of reassurance!! I’m so speechless I don’t know what to say, ahah! Wow, just, thank you so much I absolutely love it~ 💖💖💖

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How do you feel about Genos voice so far, panda owo?

I actually really like it! It’s something to get used to of course, it’s not perfect, but it’s not bad at all!! 

Given the fact that Genos has this VERY eloquent way of speaking with a high vocabulary as though he’s story telling/narrating, it’s quite the difficult voice to try and capture in it’s original beauty aah

Zach Aguilar is v enthusiastic, it’s so sweet, but he’s like fucking 18 years old (cute wtf <3), his voice is RAW, but not bad

my god, he’s got Genos’ GRUNTS down oh jeez… His voice is steady and sure, I’m sure he’s still warming up to his role as Genos, you can tell if a voice actor has a lot experience, bby’s still young uvu

I for one love the softness to his voice at points, very lovely u/////u

But Kaito’s voice will always be the one an only ♥♥♥

You know what?! I just noticed that 450 beautiful souls are now following me.

Oh my God, it’s almost 500 <3 It’s such a nice thing to see, especially because I’m having a really shitty day. 

I have no idea why you chose to follow me, but I love every single one of you

I love y’all so much that I want to celebrate this special moment by writing you, dear follower, a dedicated Destiel fanfic or ficlet. Just give me your prompt and I’ll do my best :)

Until then:

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I'm so glad such an amazing artist like you ships sheith! I watched voltron like 3 days ago and I'm already deep into sheith hell ahah (but almost all my friends and mutuals like /that other voltron ship/ so I feel lonely on this side cries) anyways your art is beautiful and THEY'RE MARRIED OK

oh my god I AM SO HAPPY THANK YOU! IMMA DRAW MORE SHEITH SOON BECAUSE… ;A; SHEITH FOREVER MAN. IMMA PREACH THIS SHIP UNTIL MY DYING BREATH OTL I’m still so baffled until now why it isn’t the most popular ship. D8< like CMON OTL You can’t deny Keith crushing on Shiro so hard like WHAT EVEN (because of course Shiro forgot about them so Keith is back to crushing HUUHUH). They act like a married couple I’m pretty sure they share moments behind the screen. T^T 


So I just read through your fanfic “Befriend the Man who Speaks in Hands” and I promised myself I wouldn’t cry

But I did sooo yeah

I made this for you yesterday. It’s not that great but I wanted to make something for this beautiful story that just touched me emotionally ;-;

Gaster left a message in Wingdings. But I won’t tell you what it is ;3 (unless you really can’t translate it lol)


OH MY GOD THANK YOU @violetstar264!! Oh man… that’s so neat, I love the style and how you draw the skeletons!! And the message… aw :’^) that is so sweet… oh man. thank you!! I’m so glad you liked the fic kajshdkjfjs <3 

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Whenever my nan saw a cute thing like a kitten she'd say 'It's so cute, I just wanna strangle it until it's eyes pop out!' I mean I never Really understood the feeling, BUT now Oh Gosh Muu is just so adorable I really wanna tear his little throat out~ (Also I adore your art it's so beautiful and bloody <3)

God, my mom says almost the same thing and i guess i got that from her xD 
Than you, im really happy you like it >w<!! ♥ ♥ ♥

I’ll try drawing their little throat teared someday, i like that idea, yes sir >:3c

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I love your blog so much. And I love Ben soo much. This place has sort of become my happy place on the internet. Whenever I feel down, I just come here and scroll around and it never fails to lift me up. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! c: <333

OH MY, OH MY GOD. Oh my God, this is so beautiful! To know that the little work I do here means something to someone… wow. It’s incredible, really. This blog’s always helped me a lot, I’m SO HAPPY to know that it can help you too! It means so much! THANK YOU so much. Really, thank you!!!! <3

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ok i didnt get this at first i was like where is this ok so oHMYGIOD ITS YOU JSIAIIDAJHSJAJAKNA I ACCIDENTALLY FOUND ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVE AUTHOR IN AO3 AND well of course i freaked out because i thought you just did fake subs bUT THEN OOH FIC MASTERLIST I THOUGHT IT WAS A FIC REC LIST OR SOMTH AND THEN WHAT YOU WERE THE ACTUAL AUTHOR I'm JUST BLOWN away what a coincidence oh god its making me so happy rn ++ ur blog is amazing its beautiful youre beautiful may the Lord bless you thank u (ಥ﹏ಥ)

oh shit thank you for reading my fics!! aahhh thank you so much love <3 which one may i ask? :o OH MAN YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL TOO DON’T MAKE ME BLUSH LIKE THIS <33 HAHA but thats awesome, and im glad you like my blog!

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Oh. My. God. You are so beautiful. You are like... i dont even have words. I hope I will be half as beautiful as you

Aww, thank you. ^^

Though I don’t rly believe in comparing beauty, I hope you reach the point where you can love yourself and love your own body. Self image, so super hard, but yet so important. <3

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Here's something kinda cute and romantic- on my first date with my boyfriend, we saw a Shakespearean play in a cute little outdoor amphitheater. When it ended, I rested my head on his chest and said "I can hear your heartbeat." He said "Well, it's about to get faster." <3

holy shit, you literally…went for shakespeare…on your first date…that is absolutely amazing & this is straight out of some romantic movie oh my god i hope you’re so so happy together <33

send me your love stories?





nah just kidding. But just it cost me, but i don’t regret anything!

 This drawing is inspired by the series of AbderianBunny called “Impaired”, and the user Kitkat Snap drew a animatic. Seriously guys see both channels, they do a beautiful job!!! 

I draw the last drawing animatic. It was so kaskdakdaksd </3 </3!!! . Yeah, that.

I hope u all liked! :’D

The animatic by Kitkat Snap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xo8vfkzURnY 

And voice by AbderianBunny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fQ2IUOqjn8

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Imagine Billy using spells to make life that little bit easier, like there being just enough milk in the morning for coffee or the bus is delayed just enough so that his late ass wont miss it

But he does it all on the hush hush, so nobody AT ALL knows. But soon people catch on. One day Teddy’s like “How are you also so lucky? So many little things go your way! You’re like a mini Domino! You’re my little lucky char- *eyes widen at sudden realisation* OH MY GOD IT’S YOU! YOU CHEAT! YOU BEAUTIFUL, MAGICAL FIEND!!!” 

(thank you, this was cute and lovely <3)

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My mom's former hairdresser, Lysianne, is oh my god you should have seen such delightful creature in every sense of the word. She's in her 60's, a tall and slender blond, a slightly tanned skin which contrast gorgeously with her clear eyes; a warm and sexy smile and always well dressed with a beauty that leaves me everytime speechless and awkward. I have a huge crush on this adorable woman I wish I could have just for myself haha 😁 I wish you to encounter such goddess!💄👑😍

omg she sounds so perfect, agh *dies* what an amazing crush you got 😍 one day, one day we will have a middle aged woman<3

thank you dear :)

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((OOC: no worries, my friend! sending love to you<3))

Mr Greg First Thoughts

1) ugh. Marty sold THAT song? I liked that one.
2) yeah, she would have loved it.
3) oh… Oh my god. THIS IS A MUSICAL EPISODE?!?!
4) “…and don’t forget Mom!” XD
5) so the first thing he did with his money was have the “bazillionaire” card made?
6) clearly gems aren’t the only mass-produced beings
7) Pearl in a tux. <3
8) “It’s over, isn’t it?” is beautiful. But the chorus felt a bit repetitive.
9) “I was fine with the men who would come into her life now and again.” So Rose never fell for a human woman? Iiiiiinteresting.
10) “this is exactly why I brought you.” Daaammmn… THIS is how Steven is a badass. Not in fighting or protecting people. In seeing what people need to do and making them do it.
11) get the f*** out of there piano guy!
12) I don’t get the color shift. :/
13) wait. So is ALL the money gone now?