Husband Reacts to 1D: Talk Dirty to Me

I had to apologize in advance for showing Husband this video. I knew he would hate it. But it was requested, and far be it from me to deny his fans an experience. Thanks for being a good sport, Hubs!

“Oh God. 1D Day? Is that like a gay pride festival? Do they celebrate having one penis between the five of them?”

“What the fuck is thiiiiis?”

“The people around them are not enjoying this at all. They are completely over it. I read a post on Reddit by somebody who worked with them once. He called them ‘a bunch of fucking hyena-children’ and I totally get it.”

“And Harry is putting on deodorant in the background.”

“IS HE WEARING TIGHTS?! I swear he is always wearing tights. And they’re unbuttoned. Why do I have to watch this?” (he got a look of despair on his face at this point) “Honestly, this is so creepy.”

“That poor woman. Harry seems like he’s probably exhausting to deal with on a daily basis. She’s probably thinking ‘I’m trying to get work done, and you’re shaking your fucking butterfly at me.’”

“They need to plug in their Xbox properly. They had the wrong input selected. No wonder they’re bored and dancing like idiots.”

“Those boys are THE worst dancers I have ever seen.”

Final Thoughts?

“I hate you for making me watch that.”

I call that a success.

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OH MY GOD!!! What is with his face? 

Chris looks like an offended chipmunk and for some reason in that last one he looks like a 12 year old in a beard.. that is terrifying!! Why do my Sims make the ugliest faces sometimes? It’s so funny it kills me a little.

What even are you Chris? Is it even possible to be that ugly?

I just watched the Facebook chat with Alberto and Dom. It was really good and those two are such sweethearts. Aww. And we actually learned stuff that is about to happen in season 2. So yay. So Simon moving in with Magnus. OH MY GOD YES!!!!! It will be glorious, I just knew it. (And please let there be a scene which also includes Alec because just thinking about a conversation of these three makes me giggle like a maniac.) Episode 3 will probably gonna end me with all the parabatai stuff. I am not ready!!! Flashback of when Jace and Alec first meet. NOT READY! *screams* Apparently Maia will kick ass and somebody please give Jace a hug, alright?! But what really amused me when listening to the chat was how both Alberto and Dom hestitated to put into words the “interaction” with CC. Basically it was like they all told her how they will do it and she is like…okay, hm, yeah, didn’t think of that, okay. loooool Sorry, but I really laughed hard. Correct me if I am wrong but there was not one word about her opinion even slightly considered. Awesome. Besides, Dom mentioned again that they go away from the books. YES!!!! Gawd, I am sooooo excited for season 2.

note on approaching rpers who you think are better than you:

  • first, foremost, most importantly, this isn’t a test of your writing abilities, this is just some fuckin nerd on the internet roleplaying weeby shit same as the rest of us
  • that being said, treat your rp partner like a human being, no pedestals, you’re of the opinion that theyre a better rper than you but they arent like, gods gift to writing, chill
  • that being said about that being said, lets not self flagellate either. if you think you’re bad, you’re gonna want to keep that to yourself, there’s something to be said about humbleness being cool, yeah, but the difference between “oh my god im so terrible i hope you can put up with me” and “let’s see what i can do” is a mile long gap
  • basically what im saying is like. even if you feel like you’re a shit rper, dont say it to somebody you’re looking to rp with, it puts the pressure on them to judge your writing, and they’ll probably just disconnect.

npivolumetoo  asked:

What do you think makes Joel and Ellie's relationship so special?

oh my god what a hard/easy question. it’s so hard to put my finger on it but i do just adore father/daughter relationships and it makes it even more special that ellie is obviously not joel’s biological daughter. seeing their relationship grow into what it is felt and still feels so special to me, like we got to witness something really beautiful come out of the shitty situation and world they are in. although there are issues between the two in the end, it feels like something really light in an otherwise dark world. that somebody like joel can accept and love a kid who is so much like the one he lost that he can’t even bear to think about. and that ellie was able to come to trust a (scary grumpy) stranger after being burned her entire life. it’s just so cool to see their trust and like for each other growing throughout the game!

now i’m imagining that for kiliel’s first date they go spy on bagginshield’s first date

kili’s like “okay i know we said we’d go bowling but like … there’s something we gotta do first. we’re gonna spy on my uncle and his boyfriend.” and tauriel is like “what this guy is a loser” and kili’s like “trust me, it’ll be worth it.”

and then when they show up and sneakily hide behind a plant, the plant is already full because 11 other dwarves are also spying on bagginshield’s first date

and all the dwarves and tauriel just hang out behind the plant all night and somebody brought snacks and gossip like “look! look a;lkjfas;ldk he’s gonna go for the hand-hold oh my god he’s gonna do it oh my god oh my god he chickened out jesus christ i can’t believe him give me another chocolate bar i can’t take this shit without chocolate”

which bilbo and thorin are resolutely pretending they can’t hear

oh my god, I just want some size-kink rhack fic — like seriously, Jack is wider and heavier than Rhys and yeah built, ok, and Rhys has moments where all he wants to do is touch Jack’s skin, and jesus, because then Jack’s just picking him up and fucking him hard against a wall and Rhys is howling bloody murder because it’s too much too hard and exactly exactly what he’d been expecting from Jack.

Whatever man. I think other people were more offended by that. I’m like, ‘I don’t want to be in the plot line that doesn’t work!’ Look, don’t hire Bryan Singer and then criticize him for making creative choices in his edit that will make the film good or not good. This is why you hire somebody like that. He knows what he’s doing. He called me and was like, 'So blah, blah, blah,’ and I was like, 'OK!’ And then everyone else was like, 'Oh my god, let’s go to war for you.’ I’m like, that’s so incredibly sweet, but I’m fine. [laughs] And I’ve known him since I was a teenager. It’s all good now, please stop attacking.
—  Anna Paquin on being cut from Days of Future Past