Sam headcanons !

I may do some more if I’m inspired :0 Also English is not my first langage so please bear with me.


- Sam is really self-conscious about his age. For the reason that he spent 13 years in prison without seeing himself age. If you sneak in the bathroom when he’s in, you’ll probably find him in front of a mirror, touching his wrinkles and muttering ’ Oh, god… it can’t be that bad..’ or ‘How did this happen..?’.

- He puts anti-aging cream in secret, but one day you find out and see the most embarrassed Sam you’ve ever seen. You reassure him by telling him that’s it’s ok if it makes him feel better but that you don’t really care about his wrinkles and actually like them. And also, because of that, he always smells good.

- He also have a lot of shampoo (his favorite being a cherry one). He actually really enjoys to take care of himself.

- He needs a lot of attention. If you have your own room for your work, you’ll have to put a couch in a corner just for him to stay with you. He’ll often sleep on it.

- He calls you baby. Nothing else. Sometimes sweetheart if he feels kind of flirty.

 - He likes to take his time and have lazy days. Back in Panama everything was rushed and scheduled. But if something forces him to stay put and not do anything he’ll hate it. He likes to have control over what he’s doing.

 - He’s very dramatic. If he’s going to bed and you want to stay awake a little longer, he’ll make a tragic pose and whine something like : ‘Well.. I guess I’ll just go. Alone. In the dark. Cold. Well. Goodbye’. If you don’t react he’ll continue until you do.

    *takes a step away* “I’m going now”  *another step* “I’m leaving…”

    And you won’t be able to resist long. (i know i wouldn’t)

- Kisses and hugs for days.

- He belittles himself sometimes. He doesn’t say it directly but occasionnally he’ll make little remarks. And you do the same. You two have very low self-esteem. Everytime one of you lowers themselves, you’ll just hug together a begin a ‘who’s the best’ discussion.

   “You’re so much better than me”

   “What. No. You’re the best.”

   “ You know you are. And even if you don’t, I do.”

- He sings and hums a lot.

- Bad jokes and puns. And you make them too. You two have the worst sense of humor. But you both believe you are very funny. However when you reunite with Nate, Elena and Sully  you understand that it’s actually not the case.

- He doesn’t like cats. You could even say he’s scared of them. He’s really uncomfortable around animals. He likes dogs though, but only when he knows them or when they are very far away.