| Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

A lil gouache painting of Hana and Mai inspired by Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol!!
I really love Chasing Cars and had an idea to draw this ^-^

so vault 70. dwellers from there founded new canaan after they left the vault and oh boy. their vault story sure is good

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Can you please do some headcannons of lydia or stiles being jealous?

So I think that Stiles, as a person, isn’t actually very jealous. More insecure. Jealousy implies entitlement, and I think he’d have a rough time considering himself as a person who is entitled to anything from Lydia. 

Lydia however. Oh my god. 

I feel like sometimes she gets possessive in general and then there’s this part of her that gets all catty. Like, she knows that Stiles would never cheat on her– both of them know, I think you kinda have to know that in order to be with someone with full trust– but there’s something about her that just sort of enjoys laying claim on what’s hers. 

It’s like… she and Stiles took so long to fall in love, to get together, to get to the level of intimacy and comfort that they have. So Lydia has absolutely no problem with just going up to him and laying claim. 

  • She’ll see him talking to a girl at a party and just walk up to him and kiss him
  • Or if the situation is slightly less dire, she’ll grab onto his arm and place her head on his shoulder and introduce herself to the girl with this sugary sweet smile on her face that makes Stiles quietly crack up because she can be totally cutthroat when she wants to be
  • Sometimes they’ll walk out of situations and he’ll be like “you know it might have been faster to lick me to claim me?” and Lydia’s like “But what if I messed up my lipstick in the process?” and Stiles nods very seriously like “yeah that’s a fair concern.” 
  • Sometimes she’ll see him talking to some girl on campus or at the grocery store and she comes up to him and says something obviously couply. Like “Honey did you remember to grab food for the dog?” or “So, hey, last night was amazing.” 
    • And the girl will walk away looking all disgruntled and Stiles will be like “Uh, you stayed home studying last night,” with this knowing smirk and Lydia just shrugs and goes “hmmm” with this small smile on her face until Stiles leans down and kisses her and grabs her hand to walk away. 

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Some girl at my school decided to free bleed on her period. blood does not freak me out at all but to see someone leaving blood stains on chairs and tables deliberately grosses me the fuck out. free bleeding is extremely unhygienic for you and everyone around you. she thankfully got called to the principal's office and got it taken care of.

Oh my god that’s fucking disgusting. I feel so bad for you. I hope nobody got sick from her.


Jimin’s high note still gets me so deep in my feels. >.<
Oh god I’m so in love someone help.

some of my favourite things dan says to phil

  • i am proud to call you my friend
  • you’re next to me in my life
  • we’re real friends!
  • phil lester
  • what th-phil
  • you spork
  • any other harmless silly insult
  • stop bullying me
  • “i hate you” or any variant of, said in a voice which implies the opposite
  • that’s not true!

It’s colourful, it’s black&white

it’s spontaneous, it’s researched

it’s goofy, it’s serious

it’s simple, it’s complex,

it’s childish, it’s mature

it’s vintage, it’s modern

it’s funny, it’s thoughtful

It’s unique and special and different and beautiful,

it’s SO HARRY.

It feels like breathing for the first time after years underwater.

*bursts through the door wearing a cape* THEY SAY WE’RE LOSERS AND WE’RE ALRIGHT WITH THAT *punches clock* WE ARE THE LEADERS OF THE NOT COMING BACKS *plays air guitar on the roof* BUT WE’RE ALRIGHT THOUGH *swings on chandelier* YEAH WE’RE ALRIGHT THOUGH *flips table*


smart and smooth way to avoid giving speech by choi seunghyun


                     abuse them, & and even playthings can bite

“I wasn’t the only one, but I was the most popular, and perhaps the most defenseless, because the people I loved were so defenseless. To make themselves feel better, my patrons would make presents of money or jewelry, but I found a much more valuable form of payment.”