Happy birthday to the happy and funny dwarf, Honeydew, and the man who plays him, Simon Lane!

Like with Lewis, my favourite series with Simon is Yoglabs. It highlights his character’s adorable naivety that his best friend is still a good guy. In general, I heartily enjoy listening to Simon tell stories or express his feelings on topics, and in general, I enjoy him dwarfing it up and roleplaying a dwarf in everything he plays.

I hope you have an extra sweet day sir.

Can You Hear Me?

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,868

Warnings: angst, mention of blood, mention of stitches, fluff

Prompt: Sam and the reader are taken by a wendigo. Things look scary, then scarier before they finally start looking up. 

A/N: Special thanks to @impala-dreamer for betaing. There are two prompts used in this fic and thanks to @lipstickandwhiskey for providing the prompts: “Squeeze my hand if you can hear me” & “”Do you still have your blindfold on?” His voice came from where he was dangling next to you. “Yes.” “Promise me you won’t take it off.” Both will be bolded.

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“Sam!” The voice was muffled, blocked by rows and rows of rock. “Sammy!” It was unmistakably Dean. Dean! Where was Dean? Where was Sam? Where were you?

“Dean,” you bellowed. Your voice was weak and hoarse, barely reaching the person beside you.

“Y/N?” You breathed a sigh of relief at the sound. Sam’s voice; right next to you.

“Sam!” you cried, struggling to move your arms. You pulled at the ropes, grunting when you couldn’t pull yourself free.

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24 HOURS | Jungkook

Genre: Fluff | Angst

Characters: Reader, Jungkook, Hoseok, Jin, Yoongi, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung

Plot: It was your birthday, the one day you waited for a long time after your relationship with Jungkook became official. You had everything planned, but it seemed like it was not going to go your way.

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Word count: 3,850

A/N: This was meant to be a drabble for ‘The Last Dance’ and a gift for my dear @taeminsgirl159​, but it turned out really long so I guess it’s more of a bonus chapter. huhuhuhu~ And also I decided to give it a name, one of its own, I felt it deserved it. ^^ I am dead tired rn so I’ll most probably go to sleep right after posting it. Hope you like it!~ 

1:35 AM

You kept staring at the clock on your phone as if waiting for a sign from him. It was exhausting, but you could not fall asleep either. You would put your phone down and bury your face in the pillow, then pick it up again only to see that not even 5 minutes passed.

Everything felt like a dream after the dance show in which you and Jungkook made everyone’s mouth drop, people were showering you with compliments, more offers came your way, and definitely more recognition. Messages and calls coming from every direction, rumors, headlines, news, pictures, they were almost overwhelming for you, a person not used to the spotlight. There were times when your relationship was on the brink of being discovered, and that put you both under great pressure. But a month or two after the heat died out and things went back to normal.

It had already been half a year since you started dating, a time filled with good and bad things, just like in any other relationship. The only thing making it harder for you was time, or better said lack of it…Meeting was hard, and most of the time it was in the studio, practicing for some event. At times he would crash at your place, making your problems shrink to almost nothing as the everything around you faded to black. In those precious moments it was just you and him. Missing him was something you were used to, but now a special day was just around the corner -your birthday- and you wanted to spend every second of it with the person you loved most. You could not stand it anymore, you had to talk to him, to hear his voice at least, so you called him. The phone kept ringing and ringing with no answer, but just as you were about to give up, he picked up.

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I walked into the house and made a b-line to the kitchen where I knew Cyn would be. Stepping inside, I saw that she was sitting on top of the kitchen’s island reading yet another baby book.

I couldn’t help but smile at her she was taking this thing seriously.  

She looked cute wearing one of my shirts especially seeing her small baby bump poking through it. I still couldn’t believe that I had a helping hand in that. Something so good and pure was about to come from me.

Although she refused to talk to me, Cyn had been staying in the house a lot lately, reading these little maturity books and scoping out baby room ideas. She was only four months into her pregnancy but she was already doing her best to prep for the baby’s arrival.

I sighed while looking down at the bag in my hand. I prayed that this last resort of bribery would do the trick to have her stop giving me the cold shoulder.

I was tired of sharing a bed with someone who wouldn’t even look at me

“Hey baby girl, I bought you something,” I said sitting the carton next to her.

“You can take it back” she simply said without shifting her attention from the book in her hands.

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Kombat kids reactions to babalities.

Johnny Cage

Cassie: Oh my god! Is that how I got those baby sunglasses?!

Jacqui: *laughs* aww that is adorable!

Takeda: *snickers* I’m surprised he doesn’t have a sticker with his name on his chest.

Jin: Of course he’d be still signing autographs.

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@smokesontheroof and I collaborated on this headcannon after he spent the weekend riding roller coasters.

AKA Neil and the foxes have a good day (cause dammit they deserve one).

Part 1 of 3 

Part 2 Part 3  The art

  • It’s after a winning streak that Dan has the idea to pack the gang up and head to the nearest amusement park. 
  •  She breaks the quiet with a huff and everyone looks up from stretching.
  •  “You know what? We deserve to have some fun. Neil- you ever been to an amusement park?”
  • Nicky’s eyes go wide and he grins, “YES DAN! I like where this is going!”
  • Neil  glances around the circle and shrugs, “No.” 
  • “Remind me to check this off our ‘Give Neil Josten his childhood back’ list” Allison adds and then she gasps, “Oh we can check this off Kevin’s too while we’re at it.”
  • Kevin glares at her, but Allison waves him off. “We are doing you a favor, Day.”
  • Matt’s smile is all teeth, “Don’t they have height restrictions for roller coasters? What about-,” he gestures to the twins.
  • Aaron shoots him a dirty look, “The limit’s 4 feet, asshole.”
  • “Yeah and how tall are you again?

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artiowyvern  asked:

I was imagining that lmao, and at thermique end Hobi do what he want and Namjoon is just yelling hhh


Cole Meets Thane
  • Cole: Lost, frightened on the inside. She looks and does not see. But she hears.
  • Thane: A stream of silver in the dark. A child's laughter vibrates the water.
  • Cole: It laughs, but it cannot sing.
  • Commander Herald: Oh god
  • Cassandra: Maker, my ears are bleeding. Please, no more missions with these two.
  • Garrus: I'm Garrus Vakarian and this is my least favourite spot in the Hinterlands.

Discussion time :) 

In all the bookish photos we see, whether it’s here on Tumblr or on other platforms, all the books are in pristine condition. Sure, it’s lovely to see them like that :) But what about the books that have had accidents happen to them? That show signs of wear and tear, signs of being read over and over again, of being borrowed and loved by many people?

I see a lot of people getting so worked up over how others treat their books. “Oh my god, you dog ear your pages? You dropped your books or spilled something on them?? You cracked their spines??? You monster!” But the truth is that nobody has any right to judge anyone else over how they take care of their books. It makes me so sad that the book community sometimes clings to this shallowness and makes others believe that only people who have perfect looking books are true bookworms. Because it couldn’t be further from the truth. You are allowed to treat your books however way you want. Read and live the way you choose, not how other people tell you to :)

*featuring my copy of The Sky Is Everywhere, which has a corner that was chewed by my puppy
* mug by the amazing @bookwormboutique (a gift from Luana @introvertedbookworm24, who is literally an angel, thank you so much <3 )


I still have feelings for my ex and miss him quite a lot. We broke up a few months ago. That night I got a fever so I couldn’t fall asleep, I grabbed my phone and messaged him “miss me?”. He instantly replied “have no time to”. Oh god my ears literally turned red :< I couldn’t sleep already so I felt quite resented. The night after, he got drunk go he called me, told me stories about everything in this world. Knowing that he misses when he’s drunk make me delightful as helllllllllllll :’)

More Than a Few Writing Tips

There’s so many things I want to share, where do I begin??

Well first, I want to wish you success in all of your endeavors! It’s hard to write, and I congratulate you for the courage to start creative writing, and I really do hope for your success! But more importantly, I hope that you can love it as much as I do and more!!

OK! I’ll just warn you that this is a long post. A really long post.

Let’s begin!

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Soryu Oh- “I Wanted It To Be You."

His grey suit. His slicked back hair; the smell of omelettes. The whiskey in his breath. These dark reminders of the man you once loved hit you when he said;

“I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly.”

“But it wasn’t. It isn’t me.” You reply hastily, you didn’t want to bring this heartbreak back to its surface.

Soryu approaches once more, his hand hitting your cheek. His hand was the warm to your cold, he’d always been so warm, and it strokes gently.

“I shouldn’t have let you go.” He whispers, his voice choked by an emotion you couldn’t hear. Didn’t want to hear.

This volcanic eruption of emotion was dormant, vacant between the two of you and yet…here he is, making red hot fiery lava in the pit of your stomach.

Tongue-tied. You stand motionless. But then his scent, his warmth and his figure amplified. “Haven’t you got a wife to get back to?!”

Your outburst was met with Soryu cringing. “Don’t.”

“Don’t? You have a wife.” Your voice was weak, you wanted him to touch you. Hold you.

“Let me have this. Let me-” he pulls you by your waist. The street was loosing light now, the coffee in your hand freezing.

In his arms you lean your head against his chest. You had always felt safe in these arms, this time being no exception.

“Oh god, ___” his whispers in my ear. It was starting to snow now, and the distant smell of roasting chestnuts reminded you of a Christmas that seemed to long ago.

Christmas for which the Ice Dragon kind had been the best of all. Who knew?

Inui’s smiling face.

Samejima’s competent sarcasm.


“Please don’t touch me.” You whisper and pull back from his body. He looks shocked and then coughs, stepping back.

He is married. Married to a woman he was forced to leave you for.

“I apologise.” He says scratching his neck. He sighs, and his stormy, grey eyes holds your gaze.

He was in pain, he wanted to touch you, hold you. You couldn’t let him. Couldn’t.

“Soryu, getting over you was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I don’t want to do that again I can’t go through this again. I need to start moving on-”


“-Its been a year now, a year since we broke apart. I’ve missed you, of course-” he moves forward once more, but you move back.

“-but you’re married now. I need to find someone. I need to find love again. I can’t do this, you can’t do this.” you say softly. Reaching up to his 6ft, you stroke his cheek gently and smile sadly at him.

“God, no ____, I need…” Soryu was grimacing, his face in pain and his voice choked. He didn’t want this life, he had wanted you. It should have been you.

“What do you need?”

“You.” A tear escapes his eye and you wipe it away, despite knowing you had them in yours too.

You hug him, feeling the strength in his muscle, the passion in his blood and the kindness in his heart. “Find me in another life, Dragon. Find me.”

//Part two perhaps?
Hourglass (Austin Carlile)

(A/N: Hiya peach! Sorry this took so long but I hope you enjoy it! It started to take an angsty turn so I had to make a U-turn real fast but I think I saved it lol. Thanks for requesting!! :*)

You missed it, sometimes; how much his smile had brightened your day and how much your life just felt so much more complete when he had been by your side.

But that was high school, you were older now with a promising career, and he had one as well. His band had taken off, and part of you was glad. That had been the reason for your break up after all; you had wanted stability, and all he looked at was the chemistry. You couldn’t handle that, neither could he.

The other half of you was bitter. How dare he be successful without you, when all you had ever done was support him and then he decided to leave, with or without you?

You kicked at the sand beneath your feet, letting your anger go with the grains flicked into the sea. That was more than five years ago, you had to let it go. When you really thought about it, it wasn’t worth it.

But still, that one, teeny, tiny part of you liked to see what he was up to. You’d noticed that his band was in town and considered going for a split second, but you figured it was not worth your time. Hell, he probably didn’t even remember you.

A “thunk” on the back of your calf made you turn around, noticing first the Frisbee that had hit your leg. You reached down to pick it up, grasping your maxi dress in one hand, before you straightened up and got ready to throw it back.

“Oh my god,” you heard, ears twitching at the voice. You heard that voice In your dreams sometimes. “(Y/N)? Is it really you?”

Turning, you almost dropped the Frisbee when you saw Austin in front of you. The newest pictures hadn’t done him justice, and he was so much more handsome than you remembered.

“Austin?” you whispered, not fully trusting your eyes. What luck; you couldn’t tell if you were nervous or excited. “I can’t believe it!”

“Me either,” he spoke. He hesitated for a moment before grabbing your hand, giving it a slight tug. “Come on, let’s go catch up!”

“But, your friends,” you tried, not really complying. Austin shrugged and yelled to the guys that he would be back, flipping the Frisbee to them.

“Come on, (Y/N),” he pleaded, turning slightly to face you, setting sun at his back. “Besides, I… missed you.”

He missed you? Impossible, no calls, nothing, for five years. You scowled and tried to pull your hand away, becoming slowly bitter.

“I’m sure you missed me,” you snarled, this incomprehensible rage bubbling to the surface. “Let go, Austin, it was nice to see you again.”

Shaking yourself free, you stomped down the beach, Austin giving a disgruntled yell and running backwards to keep up with you. Stalking forward, you ignored him, his pleading looks, and low sighs, but you couldn’t ignore when he started talking.

“Remember when you set off a stink bomb in the cafeteria? And I took the blame?”

“Remember when you got the golf cart onto the roof of the school for the senior prank and I had to break all the security cameras in the school?”

“Remember that one time we hit black ice and I flipped the car but I accidentally grabbed your boob in the process and that was the farthest I got before you punched me?”

“Remember when you said you wanted to make it work but you couldn’t stay with me to do so?” You snarked, stopping to give him a death stare. Austin let out a whooshing sigh and looked up at you from beneath his lashes.

“Unfortunately,” he spoke. He wiggled his toes in the sand. “I regretted it immediately. Still do. And…and you’re the girl who I now realize I was so deeply in love with in high school.”

The waves hit the beach hard, matching your heartbeat. A confession was nice, but you were a woman scorned. “So what changed?”

Austin threw his hands up in desperation. “Ambition, dreams, goals became meaningless without you. All things that should have had you in them. I can’t say sorry enough. But…”

Austin moved closer, and you couldn’t step away from that sincere, smoldering gaze. “(Y/N), can I show you just how much I missed you?”

You couldn’t stop your hands; they fisted in his shirt, his hands immediately flying to your waist. Just like old times. Titling your head up, you flicked your eyes to his lips and hummed out, “Make it quick, before I change my mind and throw you in the ocean.”

Austin’s laugh was still reverberating in his chest when his lips pressed to yours, slow and endearing. He wasn’t rushing, like the last few kisses you two had shared. He wanted to hold you close, closer, and show you just how much of a mistake he had made.

When you two parted, he took your breath with him, and you barely were able to muster out. “Wow, I’m convinced.”

Chuckling, he swooped down for another kiss, with the waves lapping at both of your heels and sun just touching the ocean, allowing for your shadows to meld together, like they were meant to be.

my mom passed out from laughing at her own joke oh my god i said my ears were ringing and she said “so answer them” so she started laughing and all the blood rushed to her head and she blacked out and i think that’s all you really need to know about what goes on in my house