Happy birthday to the happy and funny dwarf, Honeydew, and the man who plays him, Simon Lane!

Like with Lewis, my favourite series with Simon is Yoglabs. It highlights his character’s adorable naivety that his best friend is still a good guy. In general, I heartily enjoy listening to Simon tell stories or express his feelings on topics, and in general, I enjoy him dwarfing it up and roleplaying a dwarf in everything he plays.

I hope you have an extra sweet day sir.

Can You Hear Me?

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,868

Warnings: angst, mention of blood, mention of stitches, fluff

Prompt: Sam and the reader are taken by a wendigo. Things look scary, then scarier before they finally start looking up. 

A/N: Special thanks to @impala-dreamer for betaing. There are two prompts used in this fic and thanks to @lipstickandwhiskey for providing the prompts: “Squeeze my hand if you can hear me” & “”Do you still have your blindfold on?” His voice came from where he was dangling next to you. “Yes.” “Promise me you won’t take it off.” Both will be bolded.

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“Sam!” The voice was muffled, blocked by rows and rows of rock. “Sammy!” It was unmistakably Dean. Dean! Where was Dean? Where was Sam? Where were you?

“Dean,” you bellowed. Your voice was weak and hoarse, barely reaching the person beside you.

“Y/N?” You breathed a sigh of relief at the sound. Sam’s voice; right next to you.

“Sam!” you cried, struggling to move your arms. You pulled at the ropes, grunting when you couldn’t pull yourself free.

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24 HOURS | Jungkook

Genre: Fluff | Angst

Characters: Reader, Jungkook, Hoseok, Jin, Yoongi, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung

Plot: It was your birthday, the one day you waited for a long time after your relationship with Jungkook became official. You had everything planned, but it seemed like it was not going to go your way.

Originally posted by jungkook-gifs

Word count: 3,850

A/N: This was meant to be a drabble for ‘The Last Dance’ and a gift for my dear @taeminsgirl159​, but it turned out really long so I guess it’s more of a bonus chapter. huhuhuhu~ And also I decided to give it a name, one of its own, I felt it deserved it. ^^ I am dead tired rn so I’ll most probably go to sleep right after posting it. Hope you like it!~ 

1:35 AM

You kept staring at the clock on your phone as if waiting for a sign from him. It was exhausting, but you could not fall asleep either. You would put your phone down and bury your face in the pillow, then pick it up again only to see that not even 5 minutes passed.

Everything felt like a dream after the dance show in which you and Jungkook made everyone’s mouth drop, people were showering you with compliments, more offers came your way, and definitely more recognition. Messages and calls coming from every direction, rumors, headlines, news, pictures, they were almost overwhelming for you, a person not used to the spotlight. There were times when your relationship was on the brink of being discovered, and that put you both under great pressure. But a month or two after the heat died out and things went back to normal.

It had already been half a year since you started dating, a time filled with good and bad things, just like in any other relationship. The only thing making it harder for you was time, or better said lack of it…Meeting was hard, and most of the time it was in the studio, practicing for some event. At times he would crash at your place, making your problems shrink to almost nothing as the everything around you faded to black. In those precious moments it was just you and him. Missing him was something you were used to, but now a special day was just around the corner -your birthday- and you wanted to spend every second of it with the person you loved most. You could not stand it anymore, you had to talk to him, to hear his voice at least, so you called him. The phone kept ringing and ringing with no answer, but just as you were about to give up, he picked up.

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Kombat kids reactions to babalities.

Johnny Cage

Cassie: Oh my god! Is that how I got those baby sunglasses?!

Jacqui: *laughs* aww that is adorable!

Takeda: *snickers* I’m surprised he doesn’t have a sticker with his name on his chest.

Jin: Of course he’d be still signing autographs.

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anonymous asked:

for drunk prompts: yuuri has a secret talent for flirting his way out of traffic tickets.. also happy bday again!!

not quiiiiiiiiiite what you asked for but i love some oblivious heartbreaker katsuki yuuri. thank you!!!

“just lie back and think of england” 

Yuuri loves Victor. Yuuri is also sure that Victor can be a terrible person when he really puts his mind to it.

(And Victor Nikiforov does not do things halfway.)

There are at least three waiters following Yuuri around the Barcelona Grand Prix Final banquet, sliding trays of champagne flutes under his nose at every turn. Victor’s cat-post-canary grin assures Yuuri exactly who’s responsible.

(When had he even found time between the pairs skate and the banquet? It might be a bigger mystery than how the hell Victor’s going to pull two routines out of his (“extremely well formed, Yuuri!) ass before Russian Nationals. )

“Yuuuuuri, the champagne is even better this year,” Victor’s arms are wrapped around Yuuri’s waist, his head hooked over Yuuri’s shoulder.

“I wouldn’t know. I don’t remember last year.”

“So cruel.”

“Yes, honesty is a terrible thing to force on a fiancee.”

“I’m glad we agree.”


Yakov appears out of nowhere, claps Yuuri on the shoulder. Yuuri spills his champagne. Victor lets out a noise somewhere between a yelp and a moan.

(He might have just made Victor cry again.)

“You’re moving to Saint Petersburg.” It’s not a question.


“Do not let Victor drive you anywhere.”


(No one wants Yuuri to finish his sentences tonight. Only his champagne.)

“Yakov! I am an incredible driver. Rude.” Victor’s pouting.

“Incredibly awful. You conveniently left out the second half of that statement.” Where did Yurio come from?

“I’m suing for slander,” Victor presses the second button on his speed dial.

“You won’t have a case once they take a look at your insurance premiums,” Yakov says.

Phichit sidles up alongside Yuuri, entirely too amused. Terror instantly floods Yuuri’s body.

(This is the same look Phichit had when he convinced Yuuri to try LSD in Detroit. Yuuri’s never looked at mops the same again.)

“I wouldn’t worry about it.”

Everyone in the circle turns to look at him. Everyone except Yuuri who’s buried his face in his hands.

“Please don’t.”

Phichit ignores him.

“One of us never paid for a coffee in college. Guess who.” This is also not a question.

Victor raises his hand like he’s in class. Katsuki Yuuri is the only class Victor’s ever tried to ace.

(Yuuri refuses to say this out loud because Victor will make a terrible pun about the “ace of Japan”.)

“One of us,” Phichit points at himself and then at Yuuri, “also never had to pay a library fine. Or cover at a frat party. Or locker rental fees at the DSC.”

Victor is riveted.

(Strangely so is Yurio?)

“Yuuri’s also never paid a parking ticket.”

“I am the luckiest man alive.”

“Oh god my ears,” Victor’s head is still resting on Yuuri’s shoulder and no one’s ever convinced Victor to use his inside voice.

Detroit, three years earlier


It is.

Phichit pulls the car over to the side of the road and hisses, “Yuuri, switch with me.” Phichit has half a learner’s permit. Which means he’s taken three questions in the online DMV course.

(“Yuuri, I know enough about America to know I should never step foot in a DMV.”)

They switch. Phichit kicks Yuuri in the face. Yuuri elbows Phichit right in the balls.

“I’m so glad I’m already sitting down,” Phichit wheezes, “now push your hair back.”

“I don’t—“

Phichit grabs a tube of lube from the glove compartment and slicks Yuuri’s hair back.

“Oh my god.”

(Yuuri is taking six showers when they get back to the apartment.)

(He does not want to know why Phichit keeps that in his ( “our!”) car. They’ve already heard enough of each other’s noises through the entirely too thin walls of their apartment to last twelve lifetimes.)

“Phichit what the hell?”

“Just lie back and think of England, Yuuri.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Just—pretend you’re on the ice. And when we get home I’m prioritizing your cultural education.” He plucks Yuuri’s glasses off his face.

“License and registration,” the officer stands at the side of the car. Yuuri turns around. The officer drops his notepad.

They escape with a warning. The officer—“please call me Liam”—escorts them back to their apartment. Please-call-me-Liam stays at their kitchen table for two hours, slides no less than eleven business cards across the table to Yuuri, and brushes his foot against Yuuri’s ankle five times before Yuuri apologizes again, scoots his chair back from the table,  and retreats to his room. Please-call-me-Liam stays another hour, shooting forlorn looks at Yuuri’s door.

Phichit can practically hear the commentator’s discussing Victor’s latest free skate through the closed door. Yuuri is so predictable.

Please-call-me-Liam leaves with an overzealous petition that Yuuri “call him any time. Day or night. Especially late at night.”


“I hate all of you.”



I walked into the house and made a b-line to the kitchen where I knew Cyn would be. Stepping inside, I saw that she was sitting on top of the kitchen’s island reading yet another baby book.

I couldn’t help but smile at her she was taking this thing seriously.  

She looked cute wearing one of my shirts especially seeing her small baby bump poking through it. I still couldn’t believe that I had a helping hand in that. Something so good and pure was about to come from me.

Although she refused to talk to me, Cyn had been staying in the house a lot lately, reading these little maturity books and scoping out baby room ideas. She was only four months into her pregnancy but she was already doing her best to prep for the baby’s arrival.

I sighed while looking down at the bag in my hand. I prayed that this last resort of bribery would do the trick to have her stop giving me the cold shoulder.

I was tired of sharing a bed with someone who wouldn’t even look at me

“Hey baby girl, I bought you something,” I said sitting the carton next to her.

“You can take it back” she simply said without shifting her attention from the book in her hands.

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@smokesontheroof and I collaborated on this headcannon after he spent the weekend riding roller coasters.

AKA Neil and the foxes have a good day (cause dammit they deserve one).

Part 1 of 3 

Part 2 Part 3  The art

  • It’s after a winning streak that Dan has the idea to pack the gang up and head to the nearest amusement park. 
  •  She breaks the quiet with a huff and everyone looks up from stretching.
  •  “You know what? We deserve to have some fun. Neil- you ever been to an amusement park?”
  • Nicky’s eyes go wide and he grins, “YES DAN! I like where this is going!”
  • Neil  glances around the circle and shrugs, “No.” 
  • “Remind me to check this off our ‘Give Neil Josten his childhood back’ list” Allison adds and then she gasps, “Oh we can check this off Kevin’s too while we’re at it.”
  • Kevin glares at her, but Allison waves him off. “We are doing you a favor, Day.”
  • Matt’s smile is all teeth, “Don’t they have height restrictions for roller coasters? What about-,” he gestures to the twins.
  • Aaron shoots him a dirty look, “The limit’s 4 feet, asshole.”
  • “Yeah and how tall are you again?

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anonymous asked:

Your little girl can't fall asleep unless she's holding onto someone ear. She also sucks her thumb. One day, you come home late from working and running errands for yourself and Sebastian. You walk into the living room and find your babygirl asleep on her daddy's chest, left hand holding onto Sebby's ear and right thumb in her mouth. Sebastian is asleep,arm cradling her to his chest while he's sucking the thumb of the other. You sneak a picture, but forget the flash is on, and he wakes in a daze

oh my god the ear holding is so cute my heart 

Daddy Thursday™

More Than a Few Writing Tips

There’s so many things I want to share, where do I begin??

Well first, I want to wish you success in all of your endeavors! It’s hard to write, and I congratulate you for the courage to start creative writing, and I really do hope for your success! But more importantly, I hope that you can love it as much as I do and more!!

OK! I’ll just warn you that this is a long post. A really long post.

Let’s begin!

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Sanity |Part 1|


To be perfectly honest I don’t know what kind of AU you can call this, I guess a university AU but that isn’t the focal point. 

Description: Amara lives a normal, boring, repetitive and utterly mundane life. Until she moves to one of the richest cities in the whole world with her two best friends. She hopes for the best until she meets adorable, nerdy, kind and undeniably handsome, Taehyung and completely embarrasses herself. Amara believes she is incapacitated of being loved or in love, or so she thinks?. As her life settles in the big city, her demons come back to haunt her. Will her demons throw her back in the obscurity of darkness or will she be surrounded by new light?.

Genre: Fluff, Angst, comedic moments and some mature themes

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

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Happy Birthday

Summary: Aidan gets you a birthday present.

Pairing: Aidan/You

Rating: Fluffy Fluff

Word count: 800

Inspiration: @imagine-aidan (x)

(Cred to Owner)

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Discussion time :) 

In all the bookish photos we see, whether it’s here on Tumblr or on other platforms, all the books are in pristine condition. Sure, it’s lovely to see them like that :) But what about the books that have had accidents happen to them? That show signs of wear and tear, signs of being read over and over again, of being borrowed and loved by many people?

I see a lot of people getting so worked up over how others treat their books. “Oh my god, you dog ear your pages? You dropped your books or spilled something on them?? You cracked their spines??? You monster!” But the truth is that nobody has any right to judge anyone else over how they take care of their books. It makes me so sad that the book community sometimes clings to this shallowness and makes others believe that only people who have perfect looking books are true bookworms. Because it couldn’t be further from the truth. You are allowed to treat your books however way you want. Read and live the way you choose, not how other people tell you to :)

*featuring my copy of The Sky Is Everywhere, which has a corner that was chewed by my puppy
* mug by the amazing @bookwormboutique (a gift from Luana @introvertedbookworm24, who is literally an angel, thank you so much <3 )