sleepy peter headcanons ~

-peter had the tendency to invite himself to ur apartment at ungodly hours of the night

-u’d leave ur window unlocked when u went to bed just in case he decided to crawl through at 3am or somthin

-whenever he comes in, he’s eXHAUSTED

-he’d crawl under the covers with u and trace patterns on ur back with his cold fingers!!!!!!!!

-and u’d roll over and hold his face bc he’s so so cold and u wanna warm him up~

-when he’s tired he gets sooooo clingy oh my god

-he’d scrunch his face up and be all whiny if u moved at all

-”come here…cuddle me, pleeeease…”

-”peter, i am, i- you’re suffocating me, love.”

- and !!every now and then he’d fall asleep then jolt himself awake

-then he’d tug on ur sleeve and ask if u were awake with his sleepy lil voice <3

-he’d reach out and hold ur face in his hands like u were to him jfbcdkjbj BiH

-nd u’d both just be lying there in a warm, comfy silence

-until he’d scrunch up his nose again and start being a baby

-”i’m coooold”

-”stop staring at meee”

-”come closerrrr”



-the boy’s a whiny little bitch but it’s so cute

-every now and then he’d open his eyes a lil and smile at you

-mumbling sweet things!! with a sleepy grin!!

-”you’re so pretty…so prettyyyy…”


-he NEVEr would say that when he’s thinking straight bc he’s too shy

-but he always thinks it and his filter kinda blurs when he’s tired

-and it makes you all red and nervous because he looks at you like you’re art or some shit

-”aww, pretty…pretty giiiiirl…you’re blusssshhhhing” *giggles*  BOI


-BUT…EVentually he’d fall asleep with his hands caressing your face

-you’d close your eyes and listen to his breathing slow down as he fell asleep <3333

-then the two of you would be dozin’ off together under the covers

- <3 <3

phillip hamilton things, for people who haven't or can't see the show.

-during his rap in take a break, he starts out nervous and then kid gets WAY IN TO IT, bending his knees and flexing his arms and yelling. alex hugs him and looks so proud and phillip is so pleased with himself. it’s precious.

-during reynolds pamphlet, jefferson, madison, and burr take him up front, surround him, and show him the paper. they point and say “at his own house? at his own house? damn.” out loud to him and oh my god his face, he’s shattered. you can physically see his father get taken down a peg in his eyes. I can’t even describe it. it was heartbreaking.

- I always pictured his argument with george eaker happening up close, like he pushed past a bunch of people and was up his face. but no, eaker is up on the balcony and in true hamilton fashion, phillip is making a scene and shouting at him from below. the actors in the “play” even stop to watch, and you’re like damn this really is alex’s son.

-when he’s telling his dad about the duel, alex is standing with his arms folded (and using his “dad” voice) and phillip looks so sheepish but also defiant and it reminds me so much of “meet me inside.”

-“stay alive reprise.” tore. my. heart. out. which I knew it would but jesus. no mercy. I was full on sobbing. (eliza screams at the end of it and I can’t even describe that. it’s so horrible and your breath catches in your throat and she sounds so worn down and destroyed. she’s held it together throughout all the shit alex put her through but in that moment it all comes crashing down and you can hear so much pain. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful. the acting is amazing.)


“Phil, why are you sitting in a different location?” Phil reads off of the chat accidentally. Not even five minutes into the show and he’s already seeming suspicious. Nice. Phil’s cheeks tint pink and he hopes that it goes unnoticed to the people watching. He feels like he should care more about what he looks like, especially since Dan is kneeling just out of shot, mouthing over Phil’s growing length. (prompt here)

genre: smut

warnings: public kink, voyeurism (not rly tho is it), blowjobs, deepthroating ;)

word count: 1790

read on ao3!!!

a/n: heyoooooo this was a fun prompt, i’m so happy i wrote this. i also got really awesome prompts today so i gotta get on those. i’ll keep this short, but just reminding you that i’m updating The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty tomorrow!!! get hyped!!!!!! i hope you all enjoy <3333

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Humans are Space orcs

So, here is my little contribution to the whole humans are space orcs idea, which I have been absolutely loving since I found it.

On the eleventh polar rotation of the seventh month of the earth solar cycle 2538, an event occurred that would forever be seared into the minds of everyone near a visual screen within the galaxy. The Terran United National Dominion Had been spreading its exploratory reaching ever farther. This led to conflict with many species, but diplomatic term had always been met, whether it being through full sharing of all findings, a small taxation for crossing of borders, or the humans respectfully agreeing to leave if found trespassing. However, there was one species, that found the mere prospect of the human exploration to be an affront.

These were the Nem, a proud people Who were feared their physical prowess in claw to claw combat upon boarding a ship, which they were quite good at with their lightweight, but very maneuverable ships. They felt that the entire galaxy belonged to them, and from this belief, they felt it was their right to not just restrict humans for from going any place that was not first explored by the Nem, but to tax them for all places they had already gone. The Nem even went as far as to demand that the Human intersolar mass trading and diplomatic post that reached from the surface of their core world, to the edge of its lower orbit, a structure unlike any other in the galaxy, the Ouroboros Station, be handed over to their control.

This created a conflict that had been avoided by other species, which had agreed simply to bring a Nem crew member with them, and to give at least half of whatever they found, unless the Nem asked for more, and what they ask for was not something needed by the discovering races. The humans on the other pincer, while able to be diplomatic, and rather quite intelligent, have a special feature few other races have, stubbornness. As they continued to deny payment to the Nem, their research vessels were boarded, some killed, but for the most part simply looted, and in return a human cruiser would eradicate the stray Nem boarding scifer that was not quite fast enough. It was war, much like any other war, for after all both races were known to be warrior races.

But on the polar rotation in question, the Nem took something from the humans that other races knew never to take. They took the lives of many humans, that were not famous, nor special, but were still each one part of their own pack. On that polar rotation, a game of leg sphere, the final in a massive tournament apparently, was taking place, when a dull crack was heard through the sky. It was enough to get the attention of many people, but the “competitive sport” of leg sphere went on. It was not until the large visual screen that had been used to show the events of the game switched  to instead show a reporter that the fighters on the field stopped in their tracks, and stared up at it, slowly carrying the gaze of the entire crowd.

“I’m coming to live on Channel 12 galactic new broadcast, with a recent report that some form of projectile has just struck the…-” The reporter traled off with a look of terror in her eyes, like a vyscalky deathgrunt had just entered the room. She began again, but this time as though she had something lodged within her throat, “with a report that the Ouroboros has just been stuck by a foreign… a foreign projectile. I think I might be sick.. We go live, along with along other channels to my colleague in the news center on board the Ouroboros…”

The visual screen switched to depict a man in in a black suite, with a dark purple tie, sitting in front of a green backdrop, his head down, resting in his hands, a sign of human grief. “Keep the cameras rolling goddamn it…” with a shaky voice, “people of the earth… we have just been attacked. The Ouroboros station, from which I am reporting right now- oh god,” tears streaming down his face, he tilts his head back and puts his hands over his eyes. “From which I am reporting to you… has just been struck, and in moments will collide with the ground, killing myself, and millions of others. Oh fucking christ- no, no, keep the fucking cameras rolling damn it.” The lights now flickered, and changed to yellow hue, indicated an emergency state. “If you have loved ones within, then please, call them, as this will be your last-no, their last-chance to say that they love you.” The reporter suddenly breaks out into an uncontrollably grotesk sob, but manage a few last words, “To my little girl Susey,” choking back a tears, “I’m sorry sweety, but daddy’s not gonna make it home tonight to help you with your science project, and to my wife… Jennifer, I just want to let you and the kid know one last time time. I love y-” The transmission suddenly cut cut out leaving only the sound of static to be heard through the galaxy, as the feed had been transmitted on hyperlight links to ever visual screen in the galaxy.

Moments later, I remember overhearing a transmission for all human vessels to return to earth. This message alarmed me, as I had read in the human handbook that they humans would not give up a fight if those close to them had been harmed. What confused me further was the eagerness mixed in with the sadness that I felt from our captain, Human Jacobson, when I asked if the reason he was giving up the fight we were in with a small group of scifers was because he had pack member within the Ouroboros. He responded so quietly my atulary receptors almost did not pick up him say, “no, I didn’t personally know any of them. But God help us if I’m going to choose to follow those scifers of returning home to aid in whatever way we can.”

It was found out only moments after, that the object that struck the station was a Nem super boarder, that had the thought that it could jump out of ftl right next the the station, thus avoiding any form of security, and and take the Station by claw. This discovery led to such an anger throughout the humans, my species, nor any other as far as I know, ever expected from the humans. Offering our condolences for their losses, many different races lant their aid services to them, in rebuilding, and healing. They accepted these services, but to my confusion, they did not rebuild the lost structure, but instead cleared the rubble,took care of their death rituals, and then constructed an odd building, with the only purpose being to list the names of every being that lost their life in the event.

One polar rotation later, the massive fleet of human cruisers that had gathered around the system left, I originally thought to return to each of our individual missions. Instead, our cruiser, along with the million other headed directly for Nem space, which was highlighted in red on our star charts for us to avoid. The exchange I had with captain human Jacobson still lingers with me to this moment…

“Captain, why are our bearings pointed directly for Nem space? Should we not return to the war we were fighting with them instead of heading to our most certain demise in their home territories?”

“War? What we were doing out there wasn’t a war Xen’Chak. That was simply pest control.”

“If that was pest control… Then what are we about to go do?”

To this a crease formed between captain human Jacobson’s brows, as what I have heard to be a human sign of anger, or thought. He said two words back to me.

“Pest extermination”

Within two cycles, or found a half earth solar cycles, the Nem empire had not just shrunk, but had been entirely eradicated. Before this, I thought that many of the things in the handbook about why humans were to be feared had been simple misunderstandings, or even maybe just false statement put in the human handbook. But, after the event that I not just witnessed, but took part in, I know now why humans are registered as a warrior race.They also proved to all other species one thing, and that was that if the galaxy belonged as a whole to any of us, it was they humans, and thank our ancestors that they are not like the Nem in their desire to prove it.

Submitted by: @argoth-synclare

anonymous asked:

And how long does it take for the Sheriff and Stiles to figure out Peter is a werewolf once they're in full-on mothering mode on him. Like they're both nosy detective types I'm guessing it took them 5 seconds to realize that something is up. Only of course they don't talk about it because Stiles is a child so they're both poking at Peter trying to figure out what's off about him much to Peter's annoyance and maybe slight amusement (he'd be more amused in different circumstances).

It’s Stiles who figures it out first, because, of course, Stiles is ten. Werewolves make perfect sense. Stiles isn’t stymied by the fact that they’re not supposed to exist. 

John takes a little longer, but Peter catches him looking at him sometimes with a slight frown creasing his brow. He’s confused. Things don’t add up with Peter Hale, and John’s a good cop. There is no way that Peter should have full movement back. There’s no way he should have the only minimal scarring that he does. And it’s fading day by day. 

He catches John going though his kitchen cabinets on at least two different occasions, and his bathroom cabinets on three. 

“What?” he asks. “Looking for the source of my  miracle cure?” 

“The doctors are baffled, Peter,” John tells him. 

From the couch, Stiles grins, delighted. 

“Well, then,” Peter says, deadpan. “So am I. Baffled. Utterly.” 

“Dad!” Stiles announces. “Peter’s a werewolf!” 

John sighs and rubs his forehead. “Stiles, Peter is not a werewolf.” 

Stiles looks at Peter. Peter smirks. 

John continues to watch Peter like a hawk, because not only does he want to know exactly how he’s healed so fast, he’s smart enough to know that Peter is a total liar when it comes to claiming that he has no idea. Really, the whole thing could have dragged out for years except for Stiles, and the brat’s annoying habit of diving headfirst into danger. Danger, in this case, being a mountain lion. 

Peter acts before he thinks. Gets between Stiles and the mountain lion, and roars. It’s not until the mountain lion is fleeing back into the cover of the woods that Peter becomes aware of John’s frantic thumping heartbeat. And aware of the fact that somehow during the standoff with the mountain lion, he’s transformed into his beta shift. Well, that explains John’s panic. 

Peter shifts back. 

“Dad,” Stiles says. “Peter is a werewolf.” 

“Well, fuck me,” John says. 

“Thanks for the offer, John,” Peter tells him with a smirk, “but your kid’s right there.” 

It’s a conversation that John takes great joy in reminding Peter and Stiles of, ten years later, when they go on their first date. 

“Ah,” John says with the most fake wistful sigh in the world. “Just think, Peter, of how different things could have been. Instead of dating my son, you could have been his step father by now!”  

“Oh my god,” Stiles mutters, his face bright red. 

Peter, naturally, is a total gentleman. He takes John’s ribbing in the spirit in which it’s intended, and doesn’t at all mention how he’s pretty sure he can get Stiles to call him daddy by the end of the night. 

John might be Peter’s best friend in the world, but that would probably be crossing a line, right? 

offlikeadirty-shirt  asked:

please write more bruce wayne !!! 😩🙌🏽

And here some more Bruce Wayne ;) : 

Warning : slightly sexual I guess, and langage maybe. 


(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


Beach Bod’  - Bruce Wayne x Reader

You hated sand. You just couldn’t stand it. It got everywhere, it iritated your skin…it was just awful. So, obviously, when your family FINALLY could get all together, you decided a day at the beach was a good idea. Alfred made a nice pic-nic, and you all left for a secret spot you knew, where, even though it was a wonderful summer day, you knew there wouldn’t be anyone. You had a nice family lunch made of Al’s great sandwiches and salads. You bitched about sand getting in your food, and your sons and husband just kept mocking you for your grumpiness. You were the one who always smiled usually, and also, you suggested you should go to the beach so…But still, fuck sand.

At the present moment, your boys, Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian, were trying to drown their father. How cute. Of course, they were not really trying to drown him, they were just having fun…you hoped. You had to give Bruce credits though, he was alone againts four teenage boys very much in shape, and still managed to keep his head out of the water. It was nice to see all of them relaxed, laughing, splashing each others and not actually trying to kill each other or brooding.

The boys finally came up with a strategy the four of them together to be able to duck their father’s head in the water. Dick held onto one of Bruce’s leg, while Jason was holding the other. Tim used Damian as a battering ram, and threw him as hard as he could in his father’s chest.

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Going with Harry to tape the BBC Radio 1 interview with Grimmy (Fluffy af)

Or when you have to keep secret that you filmed a video question for Harry…

“Nervous?” you ask before taking a large bite of toast with butter and jam.

“It’s just a normal chat with Nick,” he wipes the crumbs from your lip before you can swat his hand away, adding, “I’m just nervous for it to air.”

“Yeah, too bad we can’t be on the beach with Nicky when that happens,” you smirk from your perch on one of the tall stools by the breakfast bar.

Harry smacks your thigh lightly from his seat next to you, nearly spitting out his tea. “You know he hates when you call him that,” he tilts his head to the side as his body shakes silently with laughter.

“‘S’why I call ‘im that,” you say with a mouthful of jam.

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“What are you doing?”

“Shhhh,” Sherlock’s blunt nails scraped up, up, up the back of John’s head. Up and down, just as he’d been doing for the past ten minutes or so. 

“It’s just going a bit numb now, s’all,” John explained, a yawn distorting the last of his words.

He felt Sherlock shimmy closer, his hips pressing up against John’s warm bum. “It’s… the human scalp, melanin… your hair is fascinating. I’ve counted sixteen distinct colors,” came Sherlock’s whisper, the words wrapped in awe.

“Well that’s,” another yawn punctuated John’s speech. “Hair for you.”

“I would love to discover the genetic breakdown of your hair, I would love to trace this all the way back through your ancestors,” and Sherlock scratched down John’s scalp again, leaned in, pressed a kiss below his ear.

“Is that… I don’t… is that meant to be sweet?”

Sherlock was quiet for a moment. “I’ve no idea, is it? It’s true.”

John emitted a huff of a chuckle, “God, you’re a nutter.”

“Mmm, but you’ve chosen to copulate with a nutter, so what, pray tell, does that make you?”

“Go to sleep.”

“I love your hair,” Sherlock rumbled right into John’s ear.

“Oh god,” John pressed his face into the pillow, his words coming out muffled and thick with lethargy. “I love you, now go to sleep.”

Seeing as today’s my birthday, I thought, why not eh? XDD

I manipulated the request a bit, but it does have the apologetic fluffiness you were looking for~

-Ad Bloo~



  • You and Yoosung were having a grand time at an outdoor café, talking about anything and everything.
  • And then suddenly, one of your coworkers spots you and greets you.
  • Yoosung was quietly sipping his smoothie as he watched the two of you interact.
  • This boy was feeling bitter that his date had been interrupted.
  • Your coworker then wishes you a belated happy birthday, apologizing for not being present at the party your friends had thrown for you.
  • Both of you flinched and you quickly explained that it’s fine before shooing him away. Yoosung could feel the blood draining from his face.
  • He had forgotten your birthday? When did this happen? Is he talking about last year or something?
  • As soon as the coworker left, he asked you all these questions.
  • When you told him that yes, your birthday had passed but it wasn’t a big deal and you never did anything anyway.
  • “MC, NO!!” He was so gloomy and flustered, telling you that they could have done something special to change that.
  • For the rest of the date, he kept buying you something at every stop you made.
  • Stop it Yoosung, you don’t have this much money to spare.
  • When he dropped you home, he presented you one final gift he had bought when you weren’t looking.
  • “I’m going to make all of your future birthdays so special, that you’ll be able to remember them even when you get old.”


  • You were quite sour that he, of all people, forgot your birthday.
  • One day, a parcel had arrived for you. You weren’t home, so Zen had to receive it for you.
  • It was wrapped in heart gift wrapper and was even accompanied with a flower bouquet.
  • He could hear warning bells go off on his head, but decided to wait till you came home to find answers.
  • When you did, he waited until you had fully relaxed to bring up the present.
  • Seeing your face light up only made his heart sink even further. “Jagi, Who is this from?”
  • The smile fell, and your face had become unreadable. This cause him to panic even further.
  • After finally wrangling the present from him, you both finally open it to find an assortment of stuff your family had sent you.
  • Zen was very confused. “Why did they send you all this?”
  • “Maybe because THEY remembered my birthday.”
  • His mouth fell open, and you had to restrain yourself from laughing at him.
  • ‘Oh my god, what?!!”
  • His face was filled with anguish, bemoaning and apologizing over and over for forgetting your birthday.
  • You stayed stony or a while, but just as you were about to forgive him he presents you a delicate little charm bracelet.
  • You could not believe your eyes. “I know it’s not much, but I was ready to give this to you on the perfect date I had planned… I didn’t realize that it was gone before I knew it…”


  • Your birthday fell just a week before the coffee shop’s inauguration
  • Things were just so hectic at those times that you decided that you could always celebrate it later.
  • A few months later, the coffee shop was doing well and you two could finally relax a bit.
  • One day, an old friend from college came in and was surprised to see that you working in this little establishment.
  • You introduced Jaehee to her, and soon enough all three of you were having a jolly old time.
  • The friend asked if you did anything wild this birthday like you used to in the old days.
  • You simply joked that you had grown too old for those things now.
  • With the way you said it… Jaehee was suspicious.
  • After the friend had left and you two were closing up shop, Jaehee looked at the calendar to find that your birthday had been crossed.
  • Jaehee gasped in surprise and slapped her forehead. How could she have forgotten?!
  • Finding you wiping the kitchen counter, she bowed as a rush of apologies came bursting out.
  • You quickly straighten her up and tell her it was not her fault, but she was still feeling guilty.
  • The coming weekend, she forcefully closed down shop to have a girl’s day out with you.
  • “We’ll do anything you want to do today. Whether it be shopping, or watching a movie, anything”
  • Why Jaehee that almost sounds like a date~


  • This man is so detail oriented; how could he not know/forget your birthday?
  • But somehow he had done it… your loving husband actually forgot your birthday.
  • When Jumin was being his usual loving self in the morning, you were confused, but thought that he must have had something planned.
  • You couldn’t hold your excitement when Jumin had called you to drop by his office.
  • But it evaporated in thin air when it turns out he simply needed your opinion about event management. after all you were still the RFA Coordinator.
  • Huffing out of his office, you dejectedly made you way to the parking lot.
  • Jaehee had spotted you on the way and called out to you to wish you.
  • Seeing you so sad made her reach to quite a few conclusions
  • “Mr. Han, do you have something planned for today?” “I do have a few meetings. Did something come up?”
  • Ticked, she cancelled everything for him. “First and foremost, you need to fulfill your duties as a husband”
  • After finding out exactly what today is, fear overwhelmed him, and he did not know what to do with it.
  • He comes home with his multitudes of bodyguards bringing in all kinds of presents.
  • As soon as you came to the doorstep to greet him, he hugs you tightly.
  • “I’m so sorry I don’t treasure you enough, but please don’t leave me.”


  • 707 was grumpy. And exhausted.
  • He had just emerged from his room/office after staying there for three days straight.
  • Immediately, he sought you out and found you doing your nails.
  • He engulfed you from behind and dug his face into your neck.
  • But you push him off and not leave the room, not even sparing him a glance.
  • He tried to catch your attention again and again, but you adamantly ignore him.
  • After a lot of whining and threats for taking away his ice cream rights, Saeran finally explained what was up. “You forgot her birthday dipstick”
  • Horrified, he runs back to find you again.
  • Trails after you all day like a lost puppy. But you totally make him suffer the entire day.
  • Even Saeran pitied his obnoxious twin brother. But that doesn’t mean he’s gonna try to stop you though.
  • When he locked himself up in his room again, you almost felt guilty.
  • But you should have known that just because he was holed up in his room again, doesn’t mean he had given up.
  • Communicating through your phone, you downloaded a program that he created.
  • It was a slideshow full of pictures of the two of you, narrated like a fairy tale with seven’s voice making jokes here and there.
  • You had to forgive him after that.


  • Between all his treatment and adjustments, you didn’t really care that he had forgotten.
  • But it did sting a bit when Seven had gone all out with a cake while Saeran simply stared with a stony face before locking himself up in his room.
  • He barely came out of his room, only coming out for a moment before locking himself in again.
  • You were frantic with worry, and you were definitely hurt that he only responded to his brother now.
  • Days turns into weeks, and finally, he let you in his room.
  • His room was such a mess; you bent over to clean up when something caught your eye.
  • It was a canvas portrait of you, smiling in the park from the time when you both had first gone out as friends.
  • Tears filled your eyes as you gingerly touch the painting.
  • He wrapped his arms around your waist as he whispers into your ear
  • “I’m sorry for forgetting your birthday and ignoring you like that. But I couldn’t stand that Saeyoung made your more happy on your special day than I did.”
  • Aww Saeran baby no

anonymous asked:

They go through fertility problems before finally getting a pregnancy that sticks, can we have the story of when they discover that Yuuri's pregnant with Irina? (Have you done this one already I haven't seen it, sorry if you have, love your stories!)

Whispers I’ve been waiting for this ask.

So as mentioned before, Yuuri retires from skating at twenty-eight and begins coaching and choreographing with Viktor. Because their desire to have children is a big part of the reason why Yuuri retired, they start trying to have a child right away. This would probably be late March, after Worlds. By early May, one of Yuuri’s pregnancy tests comes back positive. 

Unfortunately, at Yuuri’s first ultrasound, they can’t find a heartbeat. (I wrote a long-ass scene to do with this but then I pretty much realized that it was full of medical gibberish and crying and probably very boring, so I left that out) 

The miscarriage happens in June–and it takes awhile before Yuuri’s hormones are back to normal, in part due to stress. This is a great contributing factor to their conception problems. 

In December, Yuuri is almost sure he’s pregnant. For Viktor’s birthday, one of Viktor’s gifts is a gift-wrapped pregnancy test. 

“Have you taken it?” Viktor asks, and he’s holding it in shaking hands.

“Not yet,” says Yuuri. “I was thinking we could–it would be a nice gift, if we found out together.”

Then it comes out negative. And Yuuri cries.

“I’m sorry,” Yuuri sobs into his pillow on their bed, curled up into a little ball with Viktor trying to wrap as much of himself around him as possible. “I ruined your birthday. It was a stupid idea, I should have just taken it by myself and not disappointed you. I’m sorry.”

“I thought it was a lovely gesture,” Viktor whispers against his shoulder blade. “I love you, you know.”

“I ruined your birthday,” Yuuri sniffs again. 

“The night isn’t over, yet,” Viktor tells him.

They go out and get pretty extravagantly drunk. It’s probably not the wisest course of action, but it’s better than sitting at home, staring at the four walls and crying. 

In February, Yuuri sits Viktor down and says, “Maybe we should take a break. Just for a little while.”

Viktor closes his eyes, sighs, and nods. Because he loves Yuuri, and he knows how tired they both are.

(But a little voice in the back of his mind is saying Lilia and Yakov said they were taking a break, too. And that break lasted twenty years. And then it was too late.)

They go out for White Day, which they enjoy celebrating despite not living in Japan at the moment, and when they go to bed after a nice dinner and some dancing, Yuuri realizes that some sort of…pressure has been lifted.

“That was fun,” Yuuri whispers to Viktor afterwards, head on his chest and palm against his belly.

“Mmm, one can only hope,” Viktor murmurs back, and laughs into Yuuri’s hair. “Isn’t sex supposed to be fun?”

“It hasn’t been, though,” Yuuri whispers. “Not for awhile.”

Viktor, almost contemplative, brushes Yuuri’s hair behind his ear and kisses his forehead. “Maybe we’ve been putting too much pressure on ourselves,” he says, and reaches over to turn out the bedside light.

A month and some change later, Yuuri is standing in at store with his phone out, staring at his grocery list. He accidentally flips to his calendar app, where he’s been keeping careful track of all his various cycles, and realizes something.

He counts backwards six times, grocery basket forgotten next to him in the aisle. Someone actually taps his shoulder to ask if he’s alright, because the look on his face must be similar to that of someone who’s seen a ghost.

“I’m fine, thanks,” he mumbles vaguely, and all but runs to the family planning aisle. 

“Yuuri?” Viktor asks, when he comes in the door without so much as a hello. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine!” Yuuri calls. “I just–I need to go to the bathroom! Sorry!” He drops all his other purchases on the island counter and books it to the bathroom, more or less slamming the door behind him. He hears Makkachin whimper at the door for him. 

“Oh, that’s…that’s fine.” He hears Viktor going through the bags in the kitchen. “Did you get onions?”

Yuuri doesn’t really answer, since he’s so busy peeing into a cup–Viktor’s drinking cup, unfortunately. He dips every test he bought–eight tests of four different brands, because he is Viktor Nikiforov’s husband and being over-the-top is kind of the Nikiforov MO, also because he is not fucking around–and lines them up neatly on the counter, then tries not to hyperventilate as he sits on the edge of the bathtub and waits for the tests to develop. 

Viktor knocks on the door. “Kitten? You forgot beets. And half the other things on the list. I’m not complaining, just–is everything okay?”

“Um–just–just give me a minute!” One of the tests is starting to fade in–he knocks two others onto the floor in his hurry to grab it.

One pink line. His heart drops, and he drops with it–sinking onto the floor.

“Yuuri? Are you sick?” Viktor jiggles the doorknob. “Sweetheart? Can you talk to me?”

Yuuri, still vibrating with adrenaline, leans over and unlocks the bathroom door. “You can come in,” he murmurs, not even bothering to hide the despondency in his voice.

Viktor nudges the door open gently, and Yuuri can tell that he knows what’s happened the moment he sees Yuuri sitting on the bathroom floor surrounded by pregnancy tests.

“Oh, Kitten,” Viktor murmurs, hunkering down on the floor with him.

“I’m late,” Yuuri tells him, sniffing. “So I thought–I don’t know, I shouldn’t have even–but I thought maybe…”

Viktor sighs, and gathers the tests that fell on the floor–a pair of expensive ones, with the digital display. He glances at them and clicks his tongue, then does a double take. And a triple take.

“Yuuri,” he says carefully. “Did you look at all of them?”

“No,” Yuuri sniffs, swiping the tears of his cheeks somewhat fiercely. “I didn’t want to–to see all of them say negative.”

“Yuuri.” Viktor sets the two digital tests in front of him, and then reaches up to the counter to retrieve the other five. He lines them all up in a careful line.

Pregnant. Blue plus sign. Blue plus sign. The word YES–

“Oh my God,” Yuuri says, searching through them. “Oh my God. Viktor.”

“Where’s the negative one?” Viktor asks, eyes roving frantically along the floor. 

“Here.” Yuuri hands it to him, shaking now for a totally different reason.

Viktor holds it close to his face, and if Yuuri didn’t already know that that man loved him he would have at that moment–you have to love someone to willingly put something with their pee on it that close to your face.

“Look, look.” Viktor holds it out to him, and points to the spot where there might be a very, very faint pink line. “It’s early yet. It’s faint, but it’s there. They’re all positive. Eight positives. Yuuri. Yuuri.”

“Oh my God.” Yuuri presses his face into his hands. “Oh my God. Viktor, oh my God.”

“I know!” Viktor brushes his hair back, kisses the side of his head. “I know! Yuuri, oh baby, please don’t cry. Shh, don’t cry.”

“I’m crying because I’m happy!” Yuuri wails, feeling ridiculous with tears streaming down his face, a grown man huddled on a bathroom floor just sobbing his eyes out.

Come to think, this might be Yuuri’s first happy bathroom cry.

“We’re going to have a baby,” Viktor coos to him, head resting on his shoulder.

Yuuri wrings a hand, hiccuping. “What if I–”

“Don’t,” Viktor says. “Don’t think about that. Remember what the doctor said? Most people go on to have perfectly normal pregnancies after a miscarriage.”

“But I’ve been having so much trouble–”

“That was stress. And hormones. And maybe other things, but it doesn’t matter now because you are. You are pregnant. There are eight tests here telling me that you’re going to have my baby–and I have complete faith that they’re right.”

Yuuri stares at him, eye still swimming in tears. He sways forward until their foreheads are pressed together, and grabs Viktor’s hand to push it up underneath his shirt, pressed warm against his belly. 

“Who should we tell?” he murmurs.

“Let’s keep it to ourselves, for now,” Viktor whispers back. “You know me, Yuuri. I’m Russian. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t tell anyone until your water broke.”

Yuuri, who a year ago thought Russian pregnancy superstitions were pretty extreme, can’t disagree with him. 

When Yuuri announces to his and Viktor’s students and he won’t be skating for awhile, the look Lilia gives him across the rink is disturbing levels of all-knowing, but Yuuri figures that it doesn’t really jinx anything if the person figures it out themselves–and has as-yet undiscovered superpowers aiding them.

“I think Lilia just smiled at me,” he whispers to Viktor as he leans against the boards, watching their students warm up.

“Pregnancy brain,” Viktor tells him gravely, but there’s a joviality to his voice that’s hard to miss. 


Warnings: Swearing and smut.

A/N: Here’s part 2 to It Hurts . I hope you guys like it! 

The car ride home was you crying, Alex not knowing what to do, and your heart breaking as you thought about losing Jeff. Your brother helps you inside and you’re glad that your dad isn’t home. He would only make this worse, hounding you to find out who hurt his little girl.

“Go back to the party,” you tell Alex. “Go have fun.”

He protests, worried about you. You assure him that you’ll be fine. “I just… I just want to be alone for a little while.”

  He’s still hesitant, but finally he agrees. “Alright,” he sighs. “Call me if you need me, I mean it. I’ll come home.”

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This little thing was inspired by a conversation with @josteninski a couple weeks ago based on THIS Post and a little fun with the boys was born :P


Even: you’re so cute i could just eat you out

i meant up 

;) no i didn’t

It’s almost involuntary the Isak’s knee comes up under the table, hard enough to shake the lunch trays sitting atop it and certainly hard enough to contain the ever so manly squeak that escaped.

“You okay?” Jonas raises a bushy brow.

Isak grits his teeth, glaring at Even from out of the corner of his eye, “Just fine.”

“O-kay.” Jonas shakes his head and turns back to his conversation with Magnus and Mahdi.

Isak leans in closer to Even, cute, like a lover or a boyfriend would, and then whispers, “I’ll kill you.”

The teasing little bitch responds with a simple peck on the forehead and then he’s joining in on the conversation, keeping perfect time with the comments bouncing between the boys. 

Isak’s phone buzzes again.

Even: do you remember our shower this morning?

did you tell your first period teacher that you were late because you refused to get OUT before you got OFF?

Isak drags a hand over blood red face, cursing at the gods for having such an… effective boyfriend. 

And then Even’s hand drops to Isak’s thigh.

Holy god this was not happening.

Isak bolts up from the chair, glaring at Even’s subtle pout, “Fries anyone? I’m starving, so I’m going to go get fries.” 

“Ayeee,” Magnus raises his hand, “I’ll take some. Thanks man.”

And Mahdi with a simple, “Ditto.”

Isak nods and lightly smacked Even in the back of the head when he too opened his mouth. Jonas just looks back and forth from Isak to Even and hangs his head like he didn’t even want to know what was going on.

“I’ll come with you,” Even slides up smoothly from his chair, “After all it might be.. hard for you to carry all of the fries by yourself.”

“Do you know what’s really hard, Even?”

Jonas coughed loudly, “I’ll take fries too, thanks guys.”

Even turned a pointed gaze at Jonas, lips curling up at the end, “You okay, Jonas? You sound awfully stiff.”

Jonas breathed through his nose loudly and Isak couldn’t help but bump his hip against his boyfriends’. But the look on Jonas’s face was too much to leave alone (also if Even had set his sights on making Jonas cringe, then that means his erm- hard situtation would resolve itself momentarily.)

“Oh no,” Isak feigned a frown and beant down to brush against Jonas’s forehead, grinning at Jonas’s attempts to swat him away, “You look like you have one… throbbing headache.”

“Oh my god,” Jonas put his face in his hands, “Go away. You two deserve each other.”

My boyfriend reacts to Yuri On Ice - Part 2

Hello to everyone! My guy is very proud he kind of became famous on tumblr (that’s what he said, lol), so he’s willing to keep watching the show and openly react to it for you - full truth: he loves it and can’t stop watching.

PS: Do not fuel him too much, he started to be to too conceited.

Episode 4:


“Okay, no seriously, two minutes into the episode AND HE’S ALREADY NAKED.”

“This is pornography!!!! Cover your eyes!!”

“Mila is hot though”

“The eyeliner game is strong with this Lilia gal”


“Nice hair Yurio”

“He even sleeps naked what the hell”

“Anyway talking seriously, if someone wakes me in the middle of the night and finds me naked it’s not gonna end so innocently”


- he basically died from laughter when Yuri touched Victor’s hair -


“Minako clearly is on crack”

Episode 5:


“This yellow/red head dude needs to chill. And see a dentist”

“Victor Nikiforov is awakward 99% of the time he’s awake”

“Minami is staring at Yuri’s ass. It’s so clear.”


“But do you find him attractive? What if I buy a suit? Would I be attractive?” (<3)

“Yuri surely finds him attractive”

“Is that a stuffed dog with Kleenex inside? Where did he even find it”


“Oh wow Yuri’s costume is sparkling”


“This is getting me emotional, jesus fucking christ”

“Oh wait it’s Victor’s internal monologue?”


“Victor hugs him anyway so cute”

“… Oh nevermind”

“Yurio needs therapy”

Episode 6:


“I have a serious question. How many scarves and coats does Victor own”

“How can Minako afford so many plane tickets??? What the hell WHY ARE THEY ALL RICH”

“I love Yakov seriously”




“And here he is naked again!!”


“He’s clearly flirting holy fuck”

“Victor talking with girls, he coulnd’t care less am I right”

“… Phichit lost all his virility with this costume”



“Yuri’s monologue is so passionate”

“Even Phichit is slightly worried”

- he laughed through the entirety of Georgi’s programme -

“DUDE CHILL” - laughter keeps going -

- he laughed louder when it came to Chris’ turn -

- he needed to pause it when Chris’ ass was on full screen -

“Phichit’s got a crush on Yuri that is for sure”

“Yuri’s mom is so pure and nice”

Stay tuned for part 3 tonight or tomorrow 

Part 1 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

- this anime is the only thing he’s talking about - 

Take a Ride with Me, Baby

Take a Ride with Me, Baby by evansrogerskitten

Dean Winchester x Reader 

Dean has rebuilt a  cherry red 1954 pickup. He convinces his girl to take a ride with him one summer evening. 

Warnings: Smut, of course. Language. Fluff. Dean being way too adorable and sexy. WC: 1610 On AO3 Photo credit: Clif Kosterman ig

Happy Galentines Day! ♥

The loud, repetitive honking made me laugh, as I looked through the living room window. I was surprised to see a classic red truck parked out front, Dean hanging out of the door.

“C'mon, baby. Get in the truck.” Dean hollered at me through the open window. The light of a summer sunset was fading  behind the houses across the street.

I walked down the driveway to the 1954 pickup, it’s cherry red paint shiny from the recent wax Dean had applied.

“Sweetheart, I only have her tonight. Take a ride with me.” Dean pleaded, his hand beckoning me.

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