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Just spoke to my mentor teacher! I’m meeting her on Monday and we’re going to staff development day together AND OH MY GOD YOU GUYS. This is so simultaneously exciting and scary. But she used “yay” and “okie doke” in her texts and that somehow put me at ease and she seems genuinely excited AND AH THIS IS HAPPENING. 

i watched the 2012 london olympics opening cermony again bc it dawned on me i had never seen the full ceremony, i turned the tv on when all the mary poppinses were running away and i was like oh my god!!!! (i actually was in london at the time how cool)

but oh my god guys. this part right here. i can’t. i can’t words.

OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU GUYS. please be warned that this is absolutely one of those obnoxious brag posts that are the worst parts of sex worker tumblr so like probably don’t even read but I had the most amazing day. I thought I was gonna make 0 doll hairs today (except for hours banked at my str8 job) but then when i was finished at the store one of my guys (the married one who fell for me when i was 18) texted me telling me to come over (his family is away) and i almost didn’t go over cuz I was beat but i went and we cuddled and talked and then he sent me in a cab home with $170, a bunch of which had to go towards fare but whatever that’s still so good considering i was only there for an hour and didn’t have to do anything. AND THEN a guy from SA texted me asking if i could come over and it was literally 2 am and i was tired but he offered me $800 to stay with him till 6 am so i said ok and cancelled on my morning date that i had tomorrow

so I had some feelings of trepidation but the guy picked me up and took me to his place and we fucked and like abruptly in the middle he said he was tired after all and he drove me home! I thought I was gonna have to stay up all night and be dead tomorrow to earn that much money but I’m home right now!

i made a thousand dollars today and 800 of that i made in ONE HOUR im so happy this literally never happens to me this is proof that god loves the whores

oh my god guys. this morning the kraken was once again upside down and I was worried that he was dead. I was worried when I found him like that yesterday too and this just seemed to confirm it. but I set him right side up again just to give him another chance.

and I just came back and he’s climbing the glass! snail son is alive and well and I’m so relieved

So I said it before, but oh my god that episode guys. 

Steven is being haunted by everything that’s happened recently, by being unable to help everyone, and most of all, by his mother. 

Steven has always been shown to be confused about her, and worried that he won’t be able to fill her (nonexistant) shoes for the gem’s sake. But now there’s like a whole other layer to that complicated mess that Steven’s dealing with. I think he’s becoming wary of her motives and intentions, and the way the gems are doesn’t help. 

Because aside from gushing about how amazing Rose Quartz was, the gems explain absolutely jack shit about her. Steven doesn’t hear anything about her until either the gems have to, or it’s revealed by something or someone else. They never take the time to say why she did something, unless it’s about why she rebelled. And now Steven’s suffering from the fallout of her decisions. Jasper and Ruby tried to kill him because Rose shattered their beloved leader. Bismuth tried to kill him because Rose poofed her and left her in Lion, never to be found again without Steven’s intervention. 

And they still haven’t explained why she shattered Pink Diamond. Steven is left to stew with the knowledge that his mother flat out killed someone. It could have been an accident, it could have been for a very good reason, but know one has taken the time to talk to him about it. I think he’s starting to doubt her, and I think he might not  even want to follow her footsteps anymore.

Carpool Karaoke

Author: underthesebb
Pairing: reader x Sebastian Stan
Word Count: 3,876
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Idk, probably none…OH WAIT!  There’s a little section where the reader is out of her seat belt while the car is moving…don’t do that guys!

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“Yeah David. Okay, just look casual right. Right! Excellent yep, totally just lean on that rail. You should also just CLING to the rail like its the only thing keeping you up. I WANT TO SEE THE BONES IN YOUR KNUCKLES DAVID You know what would look even cooler? HAND IN YOUR POCKET. I KNOW. I KNOW GENIUS. But this is what they pay me for. Denise, listen, could you make his hair just a BIT foppier. AND I KNOW. JUST ONE STRAND ON HIS FACE. YES. SEX APPEAL. THAT IS WHAT IT WAS MISSING PERFEC.T NOW DAVIDHALF SMILE AT ME LIKE YOU KNOW YOU ARE THE SEXIEST MAN ON EARTH BECAUSE YOU ARE. PERFECTION. YOU ARE PERFECTION”