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Oh man! That glee snapchat brought back all the memories! I finished it a while ago and cried like a little baby. Have you finished it yet?


I can honestly say that as I reflect on season 5, I believe it ended up as one of the best seasons we have ever done.

Adam Anders on Glee (x)

“oh come on now”

“it’s just sitting there”

“its ivory is waiting to be tickled”

“well there is a little something that we’ve been working on”

*piano doesn’t get played during entire performance*

I will give you Samcedes, I will take away Samcedes, I will bring back Samcedes, I will make Samcedes the cutest and most epic non-couple to grace your T.V, I will break Samcedes and your heart, I will give Samcedes cute moments and then on the last three episodes I will steal away into your home and punch you in the face.

remember the glee fandom days when there were actual people who shipped the lesbian character with the male character who outed her and who genuinely thought their nasty ship was justified

the unholy trinity

starting together

ending together

but never being allowed to have an onscreen friendship with any emotional relevance in between

I can see it now...
  • Rachel:Sam, there's something I need to show you.
  • Sam:What is it?
  • Rachel:**lifts shirt and reveals her "Finn" tattoo**
  • Sam:Whoa...
  • Rachel:Y-You're the only one I've shown.
  • Sam:This is crazy.
  • Rachel:What? Why?
  • Sam:**lifts shirt and reveals a "Hudson" tattoo**