Blaine bought a couch off the back of a truck because apparently the furniture I carefully chose from Chelsea’s finest flee markets isn’t that comfortable. It was a mid-century knock-off so I gave him an A for effort. But as soon as I lifted up one of the cushions I saw that the entire couch was riddled with…BED BUGS! BED BUGS! So we spent the entire night disinfecting everything, taking Silkwood showers then disinfecting everything again.

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:why didnt faberry ever happen? quinn was obviously so in love with rachel. in season one, theres a shot of quinn drawing an ugly drawing of rachel and yet she adds hearts around it? rachel always looked out for quinn, especially during the pregnancy. she gave away a pair of her panties just so the school paper wouldnt write about quinn being pregnant. in season two, in the scene at prom where quinn slaps rachel across the face, she feels so sorry afterwards. and even though shes just besn slapped, rachel wipes away quinns tears and holds her hand. like what the hell? when rachel wants to get her nose job, quinn is the only one who takes her seriously. shes the one who goes with rachel to the plastic surgeon and is supportive of rachel's decision. plus, it was quinn's nose that rahcel wanted. and in season three, quinn says the words "you were singing to finn, and only finn, right?" like she wants rachel to be singing to someone else, ie, her. how gay can you be quinn fabray? and quinn is so adamant about not wanting rachel to marry finn. she tells rachel that shes a star and doesnt need to hang onto the boys in high school, that she needs to let go and be her own person. quinn is the only person who truly recognizes rachels talents and capabilities and appreciates her drive and ambition. plus, quinn gives rachel metro passes so that the two of them can keep in touch. after giving her the passes, the two hug, and the pain in quinn's eyes is so clear. her gay little heart was in love with rachel throughout the entire series and yet it was never explored.

“What Ryan Murphy does really well in all of his shows, and he did this a lot on Glee, is that he takes issues, but he knows how to handle them in a way that’s good in humor…”

“ Nobody knows how to write for women better than Ryan Murphy. For a man, he represents women in such a beautiful way and features women so incredibly.”

-Lea Michele (x)

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