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  • spell your name with song titles!

all star - smash mouth
new perspective - panic! at the disco
girls - the 1975
holy grail - jay z
arabella - arctic monkeys
royals - lorde
american idiot - green day
drunk in love - beyonce

  • why did you choose your url?

bc i’m sebastian stan trash tbh with u

  • what is your middle name?

mair. it means mary in welsh and idk man i like it tho it’s cute. 

  • if you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?

probably a dragon? jesus, i love dragons. 

  • favourite colour?

grey, black, blue. i find it difficult to choose between those.

  • favourite song? 

oh god. does mozart’s violin sontana no.32 in b-flat major count?

  • what are your top 3 fandoms?

i’m trash for a lot of things but marvel, harry potter and the 100 most of all.

  • why do you enjoy tumblr?

i don’t lmfao. nah, just kidding. it’s cool bc u get to make friends w people u would never usually meet and they have similar interests and that’s great ya know?

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anonymous asked:

omg Darby are you stuck in AP study too XDD gahh I have an AP calc exam in like 4 days and guess who's screwed D: why did Bangtan have to comeback right before my exam OTL


My exam is on the 12th– thank goodness otl otl otl. But oh my god AP calc sounds so difficult I don’t think I would ever be able to take it!

Study up and be an emotional wreck at the same time?? 20 minutes studying 5 minutes for Bangtan? otl study hard and pass that exam I believe in you <3

- Darby

ok i was outside walking in my muddy gross backyard and i noticed that in the corner by the fence the rain had totally flooded out the small box i buried my (deceased) pet hermit crab in back in grade 7. so i picked up the box, it was covered in like. tiny snail shells and weird bits of dirt like land barnacles or something adn so i had to bury it again right??? oh my g-d. but again the place was flooded so it was difficult to dig a hole?? it was just a small muddy hhole full of water????? i ended up opening the thing up to peek @ the shell and then the box wouldnt close so i like. sunk the half open box in the small squelchy pit in the corner of my yard in the rain. i was in my pajamas and ankle deep in muddy water. at like 4pm on a monday 

it was a wild time

constantquibbling​ | continued from x

        They both just B R E A T H E D & waited for the
     panic to pass and the air to return. In her heart 
  she felt blessed—– felt g r a t e f u l  but oh—-
         OH, how difficult she found it to comprehend just what
           she had witnessed. Often, she’d fought the walkers with
            blade a prayer, but THAT——– 

     That moment shook everything she had always KNOWN.
          Beth sucked in a breath when those fingers curled around
             hers, and she couldn’t help the BREATHLESS RELIEF that
                curled around her heart. 

                                        “ M’right behind you! What—
                             I am so sorry, I don’t know your NAME